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God's known by simple faith, by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's the only way. God in you, and He brings you a son of God, changes your nature. And the very same thing, God the Creator Who made all things and spoke the world into existence by His Word, that same Spirit in you, you believe everything God says, and there's nothing impossible, if you believe it.

You won't stand back to one little creed and say, "I don't believe, accept that. I can't believe God will do this. I can't believe." You limit God by your unbelief. That's it.


Could you imagine going out here and telling a pig, say, "Now, looky here, Mr. Pig, I'm going to tell you, you're wrong." Why, you could wash him up and put him on a tuxedo, if you wanted to. That wouldn't do no good; he'd go right back to the mud puddle and wallow again. It's his nature. He's a pig to begin with. And every man, every unregenerated person, no matter how good you try to be, how good you think you are, you are a sinner by nature, until God changes your nature. Amen.

Now, that's right. We don't like to say that. "Oh," you say, "I wear the best clothes in the neighborhood. I got the best car. I have the best..." That doesn't have one thing to do with it. If the nature's not... "I never told lies. I never..." That still hasn't got anything to do with it. It's no merits of your own, but it's the unconditional election and calling of God. And salvation is the merits of Jesus Christ, and nothing that any individual could do. God, by His love saved man. Not what man could do, there's nothing you could do about it. You couldn't even have a nature to long for God, because you're a sinner. So no man has sought God at any time. But God has sought man.

"No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him first. All that comes will have Everlasting Life. I'll raise them up at the last day. He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (not will have), hath (present tense, right now) Everlasting, Eternal Life, and shall not come into condemnation, but's passed from death unto Life." Because you have believed, not intellectually, but from your heart.



how different things look when you get saved and look at God in His nature out there. That's right.


Oh, my. God in His nature, watch Him in His universe. Just in a moment, how He can take us, no matter how hard the trial is, just hold on to His wings, and He'll bear you away. Watch God in His birds, and how He cares for it. Watch God in the sunset.


If God could give a duck enough instinct to dodge the cold and go to safety, how much more ought He give His church with the baptism of the Holy Ghost to trust God. God in His nature, God provided a duck with instinct. God provided you with the Holy Spirit. He's your Leader. He's here now tonight to save you, to heal you. God in His nature, in His universe...


That's where I found God, when a little boy. I seen Him in His nature. You can see God in His nature. Look in the trees; look in the birds; look in all--at whatever you want to. Look at a flower. No man with a right--with his right mind could look in--right in the face of one of those great calla lilies and say there is no God.



So the thing that men and women has got to do now, is get their nature changed. God changes a man's makeup, changes his nature, makes him a new creature in Christ. I know you believe that.


And one of the doctors said, "Well, I tell you; I find this, that the greatest power in the world is not the atomic bomb, but a believer in contact with his Maker." It changes the whole attitude, changes his mental, it changes his habit, it changes his body, it changes his nature, everything.



Oh, it's the new birth. They're afraid of that. The new birth is like any other birth. It's a mess. I don't care what kind of a birth it is, it's a mess. If it's in a pigpen, or if it's in a barnyard, or in a pink decorated hospital room, it's a mess. So is the new birth a mess. It'll make you do things you didn't think you'd ever do, but out of that mess comes life. Hallelujah. That's it. Out of a mess comes life. Life comes out of a mess. Life comes out of death.

Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone. But as long as it dies and rots, then out of that rotten mess comes forth life. Until a man or a woman is ready to die to theirselves, die out to their creeds, die out to their own ideas, and out of that rotten mess bring forth a new birth of glories and shouts and praises of God that makes him act different, changes his nature, changes his life, changes his motives and changes his objectives...


In Joel 2:28 He promised that in these last days there would be a latter rain poured out upon the people in the last days. I think the Greek word there is "kenos," which means that "He emptied Hisself out," not in the way that we would say, like something was inside of somebody that had emptied out, but He poured Himself out. He changed His en morphe. He--He changed from what He was to what He is. He never changes His nature.

But on the day of Pentecost He changed Himself from being the Son of man to the Son of God. He came, not with the people, He came in the people (See?), the same God to carry His ministry on through in this great age.


You say, " Well, I started to be a Christian one time. Everything begin going this way, and that way, and I thought, `My, I was better off the other way.'" You never did come to God, brother. If you ever really come to God, and got a taste of the heavenly gifts of God, partakers of His Divine nature, why, you could no more become a sinner again, unbeliever, than a stalk of corn could become a cocklebur. That's right.


Look at it, bruised, wounded, tore, opened up His side with a Roman spear in order that by the Holy Spirit we could be baptized into His body, partakers of His Divine nature. You get it? Then you become a partaker, after coming into His body, a partaker of His Divine nature: Christ's nature in you. How can you cheat, steal, lie, backslide, proselyte, everything else with the Divine nature of Christ in you? It's impossible.


I think today, that great men has swept this nation back and forth, Jack Schullers, Billy Grahams, many others has went over, and over, and over, and over through the nation, and go right back the same year, and find the same group that he preached to just as far deluded in sin as they ever was. Because man can save you, when man can only make an altar call, but it's your individual, personal faith and trust in God to plunge beneath the Blood, and to be filled with His Spirit, and by become a partakers of the Divine, not a partaker of the church, a partaker of the Divine. The Divine nature changing your own vile nature into a nature that loves God, who believes every Word that He said is the truth, and accepting it as your own personal gift from God.


Mostly are poor people, people who's been dejected and rejected by the world, people who's been throwed out of churches because that they believed God to be God; but they have been filled with His Spirit. They are one in purpose; they're one in heart. Who are those people? Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, orthodox Jew, all together, they become one. Not one to a creed, not one to a denomination, that's the working of the Devil through intellectual conceptions, but the working of the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God in you. And God sets on the throne of your heart in His control room, controlling your emotions, and controlling your powers, controlling your conceptions, and making you one with Him in fellowship and in love. And God fills you with love. He fills you with power. He fills you with the Spirit. He fills you with His own Divine Nature, and He changes your carnal nature into His Nature. Then, in this, you become a new creation in Christ.


That's the way it is with Christ. See, we've got to be so in love with Him till when we ask for something, and He doesn't give it to us, that doesn't shake us a bit. See, see? Why? And the only way you can do that is become partakers of His Divine nature. Then you'll understand the reason He can't give it to you: partakers of His Divine Nature. And look here: "having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust": escaped it. See who it is to? It's to the church. Them who are in Christ has been exalted above these things, not be exalted himself, but Christ brought him up.


Now, these people are--are... Peter is saying here how that we must be partakers of His Divine nature. Now, each one of us are trying to grow into the stature of God.



Now, holy God could not condone sin. So nothing could touch the mountain where God was. Then God was made flesh and dwelt among us in the form of Jesus Christ His Son, His creation. Then that Son gave His life, and the Blood cell of God was broken that the Life might come out of the Blood to us. Through that Blood we are cleansed. And now our blood, our life, which came by living through sexual desire brought our life in the world; the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us, changes our nature by sending upon us the Holy Spirit; then we become into the Divine nature of God; then we become a dwelling place for God.

43-4 FUTURE.HOME JEFF.IN V-3 N-5 64-0802

Now, the Divine Architect has designed a new City where He will live with His Bride, just to Her touch. No wonder the apostle said, "Eye has not seen; ear has not heard, or neither has it ever entered the heart of man..." Let's see if we can proge into it just for a moment; see what it's going to look like. The Divine Architect has designed this for His beloved. See? Oh, what a place it must be when Divine nature, a Divine Architect has a-designed it for a Divine attribute that's been Divinely predestinated by a Divine God, Who--Who is the Author of Divine Life.

97 LET.US.SEE.GOD SAN.JOSE.CA V-14 N-2 59-1129

Everywhere you look, you can see God, if you'll just look into His nature.



May God help us as I read some of the Scriptures now. Over in the book of Hebrews the 11th chapter, we will begin and read the first three verses. Listen very closely, because my words is just the words of a mortal. They will fail. But God's Word will never fail. It's always true.


Now, in the 13th chapter of Hebrews, I wish to read from Scripture, 'cause no service is complete without the reading of God's Word. My word will fail, everybody else's word will fail, but God's Word will never fail. Hebrews 13:10-14.


Now, I want to read just a little bit of the Word first. My word will fail, but God's Word will never fail.



Now, now Jude said, "I want you to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints." Now, if we're going to have to turn back... [Brother Branham coughs--Ed.] Pardon me. And if we can find out... Now, I want to put this to you right now before we get further along. If we can find out what kind of a faith that the early church contended for, I believe we should contend for the same type of faith today. Don't you think so? Times change, people change, but God is unchangeable. He never changes. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. He wrote His Word; it's a blueprint. The builder must build to the blueprint; there's nothing else.


I do solemnly believe that with all my heart, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's called in the Bible, "The Alpha and Omega; He that Was, Which is, and Shall Come." That makes Him the same yesterday, today, and forever. "He that Was, He that Is, and Shall come," just the same. He never changes. We change; time change; but God never changes.


For He has proven His Word to be the same. He would vindicate the Word today, as He vindicated It then. He would condemn, fiercely every denominational system in the world, if He come on the earth today. That's what He did, the first place. That would be the thing He would hit, That's exactly what He hit when He come the first place. As He did then, so would they do for this time too. And He did then, for He never changes His Word. He never changes His system. It's always the same, It's the anointed Word each time, for the age. That's right.


When you see the fall of the year before we have frost or anything, and the leaves fall from the trees, you say, "Well, autumn is near." How do you know? Because the leaves are falling. Nature is getting ready for it. Every year is the same.

He also gives us a sign in the changing of the weather. You can go out and watch, like He said, "You see the sky is red and lowering, tomorrow will be foul weather." And He never changes it. He always warns us. You can take, feel the air begin to get damp, a long time before the storm, and watch nature all play in with that. It's a sign.

107 PARADOX BAKF.CA V-22 N-5 64-0206M

Never does He omit or change His way. God never changes His system. Do you know that, brethren? Sure, you do. He never changes His system. He always keeps it going in continuity, the way He started.


And then God always sends someone on the scene: a prophet. And this prophet... God never changes his system. He never changes his ways. He always does it the same way. He always has. He must do it this time. And through this, God works and vindicates that Word, as I spoke to you last night. God doing His own interpretation. God needs no one to interpret the Word to Him; He interprets it Himself by vindicating it, making it real. And when God says He'll do a certain thing, then He does it. There's no more question to it. That's the way He does it.


That's the way Christ always does it. God never changes his program. The way He does it the first time, that's the way He does it every time. He made a decision in the garden of Eden, when man was lost, to save him by shed blood. That's the only place He'd ever meet a man. That's the only place He's ever met a man since, is under the shed blood.

38 VOICE.OF.THE.SIGN TUL.CA V-22 N-12 64-0214

Now notice, God never changes his program. He never has to take his words back. His first decision is perfect.

57 VOICE.OF.THE.SIGN TUL.CA V-22 N-12 64-0214

God never changes. He always does it in the same way. The coming of a prophet is a sign that God is ready to speak. Did you... Now, search the Scriptures. See? The Bible says, God said Himself, He did nothing until He revealed it to his prophets. That's right. He does it through them, because it comes to them that's his servants, you know. All right.

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