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1077-68 Yes, the Holy Spirit uses these people as it's appointed by His own Divine wisdom. But the first thing...

Now, what? Let me just give you a little twister here just a minute. I'd say, "How many has the Holy Ghost?" All of you raise up your hand. I'd say, "All right, I'll see if you have." The Bible said that they that had the Holy Ghost sighed and cried day and night for the abominations done in the city. Now, how many hands would go up? How many of you can't rest at night, so full of joy and the power of God, and so sad for the people that's lost, that day and night you weep and cry for the abominations? You won't... See? Who would be that in the city? How many of that's in the church? That's what the Bible said the Holy Spirit evidence was.


1079-82 So get Christ in your heart; that's a real... Christ and the Holy Spirit's the same thing. Holy Spirit, "Christ" means "the anointed One." And the Holy Spirit is that Anointing, and you are the one that's anointed. See? And it's Christ in you anointing you. See what I mean?

Then you got the right thing. Then He can use you to anything He wants to use you in, 'cause you're in the body and subject to any of those gifts. But see, to have one of the gifts outside of the body, it would do you no good. "Though I speak with tongues of men and Angels, have not charity, it profit me nothing. Though I have faith and can understand all the mysteries of God, profit me nothing. Though I give my body to be burnt as a sacrifice, give all my goods to the poor, though I have faith to move a mountain, I am nothing." See? Don't depend on those things. The Holy Spirit is a Being; It's God, God in you, the Person, God, that's lit your whole entire being. You're changed; you're a new creature. Any little thing that's wrong, He'll tell you that's wrong, then quit; don't do it.


195 Now, notice. Now, He, He was this Word. Now, after this, He was tested. Jesus' testing. Now, we're going through these.

See, it doesn't reflect the Word when anybody says, "Well, that was for another age," 'cause the Bible said He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. How the Holy Spirit in you could say that you are a filled with the Holy Ghost?

Now, can I hurt you a little bit? Is it all right? Raise your hands. You won't be mad at me? If you do, you have to be.

How can you women, with bobbed hair, tell me that you're filled with the Holy Ghost? One Word. "Oh, I spoke in tongues." That don't make any difference. I've seen witch doctors speak in tongues, interpret, shout in the spirit, dance in the spirit.

How can you men call yourself the head of the house, and let your wife wear shorts and carrying on the way she is, call yourself Christians?

How can you pastors ever face God with a thing like that, without standing up and protest it?


218 Yes, maybe prophesy contrary to the Word. But now, time he's got this supernatural gift, he's so carried away by the noise, by the glamor of it. "Glory to God, I pray for So-and-so, they got up and walked away. Hallelujah, I can speak in tongues. And somebody interpret it; it's genuine, the truth."

Paul said, "I can speak in tongue like men and Angels, and yet be nothing. I can have faith to move mountains, and still I'm nothing." Is that right?

But, see, he'll offer you that. Oh, Pentecostal people, I love you, or I wouldn't be with you. There's where you failed. See? Watch the Word, not the gift. Watch the giver, see where--see where it comes from. See? He's all carried away; he's dancing in the Spirit, boy... []... only thing. He's got so many people around him, and everybody calling for him here and there, and he forgets the Word.

Oh, you're very popular as long as you stay away from that Word. But you get in that Word one time, watch who's going to cooperate with you then. See? Watch what comes out then. We're going to get to this in another stage of nature, in a moment. See, watch who--who wants you then; nobody does. "Oh, hands off of that."


225 That's what they try to say today, trying to whitewash It, but you can't make it run with the rest of the Scripture. It's got to be everything, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." See, no matter how much Word you try to coat, that don't make...

It's got to be quoted just the way He said It. Then, if It's quoted right, He'll vindicate It to be so in your life. "That's how all men know you're written epistles read of God." Written epistle is "Bible." Is that right? An epistle is the Bible. And you're a written Bible reflecting His Word, that perfect man again, in God.

But Jesus said, "It is written also." See?


2 And I believe that we are so close to the coming of the Lord Jesus, that it behooves us to do all that we possibly can to bring every soul to the Kingdom and to bring the Kingdom to the people, that we might be healed of our Spirit. I believe that the Body of Jesus is the sickest body that I know of; that is, the--the Body, spiritual Body of Christ on earth is very sick.


3 Last night we were speaking what It was, "What Was the Holy Spirit?" And we found It to be just about everything that God promised to us. In It we found just what God's church would need. We found It to be a Seal, a Comforter, the Rest, and the Joy, and the Peace, and the Resurrection. And all that God promised to His church lays within the Holy Spirit.


19 Now, the purpose... What was--what was God's purpose in sending the Holy Spirit? (Now, mark that down, John 14, beginning at the 14th verse and reading through the chapter for the basis.) God's purpose we find here in sending the Holy Spirit, was one purpose: that God Himself might dwell in His church and continue His plans through the church, that God was in Christ continuing His plans through Christ, out of Christ into the church, continuing His work through the church.


8 Remember, we are not on a picnic, but we're in a battlefield. Many people just think that when they become a Christian that that's all they need to do, that that settles it forever, as they are a Christian and everything's going to come easy. Don't never get that in your head. For I become a Christian to fight, fight the good fight of faith. I become a Christian to get in the battle line. We are Christian soldiers, and we got to be trained, and brought up, and know all the techniques of the enemy, to know how to fortify, to know how to--to fight the fight. And we can only do that as the Holy Spirit will reveal it to us.


64 You got to die, die to your own thinking to be born to His thinking. Let the mind that was in Christ be in you. You got to think His thoughts.

And now, brother, sister, let me say this as intelligent as I know how to say it. How can you think His thoughts and deny His Word, and yet claim you're born again? Just ask yourself that question. How can you do it? You can't. If you're born again, you got His thoughts. If the mind of Christ is in you, then you are a new creature. The Bible teaches that.


39 And no matter how much that we try to think we are right in saying a creed or joining a church, you're still what you were until you're actually borned again of the Spirit of God. It doesn't change you. Your creed, joining church, or changing your ideas, or your good intentions, although as good as it might seem, it's still not right. There's something's got to happen, the new birth is an experience, something that takes place. So it is not that that brings the new birth. Now, the different churches, they'd say, "Well, you accept this or believe that, and it's all right." But it isn't.


E-55 The Bible said; Jesus said, "I am the Vine; ye are the branches." The vine doesn't bear fruit, the branch bears fruit. And the branch will bear the fruit of the vine it's connected with. And I ask any scholar of the Scriptures to show me where Christ ever organized a church or made an organia--organization, where He ever said a certain bunch of creeds would do it. He said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot even understand the Kingdom of God."


E-63 How many in here is not right with God back there, raise up your hand. Be that honest. You know you're not right with God. He knows your heart. Thank you, lady, for being that honest. Thank you, sir, for being that honest. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. God bless you there. Up in the balconies, not right with God raise up your hands, be that honest, say, "I know I'm not right. I ain't got nerve enough to come, but I know I'm not right," raise your hands. The Lord bless you. That's good. Over in here. The Lord knows you. That's good. Come right on down.

How many in here that wants the Holy Ghost now, that hasn't got the Holy Ghost? You come down. Come down, this is the time to receive the Holy Ghost. "Except a man be borned again, he cannot even understand the Kingdom of God." Think of it. Come right on down now, while we sing one more time.


43 And, remember, to the first thing, until you're borned again you'll never understand. Twice He spoke it. "Except a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom. Except a man be born again he cannot even see the Kingdom." Now, that's punctuated too. The word, in the making all those words, they tell me that they had to write it out, they, and when they say, "Verily, verily," that's a punctuation, like a--a--a capital. "Verily, verily, I say unto you." And the word in one place, or many places, it's translated "absolutely": "Absolutely, absolutely, I say unto you." Who said that, did a cardinal, priest, pastor, evangelist, pope? God Himself. Now, there's no excuses. He will in no wise, no wise at all, cannot in any other way, no matter how great he is, what his name is, how big he is, or how popular he is, he cannot even understand the Kingdom of God until he's born again. It's a great subject. "Verily, verily, I say unto you." Watch. Go get the Greek translation; you'll find: not see with your eyes, you see with your heart. See, you can't see the Kingdom of God with your eyes, because it's a spiritual Kingdom.


135 Me as an old man, a minister, I've preached around the world, got millions of friends, but I know I've got to stand with you yonder. Get away from the things of the world. And if there is something in you that you still want to act the way you acted, you do have the things of the world in you, remember, you're none of God's; you're just a church member. Until that call, that deep calling to the deep... See?


69 Now, it must die. Now, that don't mean turn a new page now, this new year. You say, "Brother Branham, I've been coming here for a long time. I've been a member of the church. This New Year's I'm going to turn a new page and start new. That don't mean that. Not turn a new page, but actually die and be born again. See? You've got to feel so guilty when you stand in His Presence. Whether you go the Methodist way, or the Baptist way, or whatever way you go, you've got to be so guilty and feel so guilty till you... It'll kill you. That's right. You--it'll kill you. Your worldly life will die right there. You've got to reckon yourself so guilty in the Presence of God until your worldly life dies right there. The--the sin question's over for you when you're standing in His Presence. When you look like that, you're sure to live, because you die. And the only way you can live again is to be--die first so you can live again.

Now, you see what I'm coming to, don't you (See that?), what the birth is, the new birth. First, to die, in order to be born again... And if you still got the things of the world in you, you're not born again. And how you going to claim to be born again and still with the things of the world hanging on you? See? How can you do it?

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