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3 Do this now, my son, and deliver thyself, when thou art come into the hand of thy friend; go, humble thyself, and make sure thy friend.


3 And Moses and Aaron came in unto Pharaoh, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD God of the Hebrews, How long wilt thou refuse to humble thyself before me? let my people go, that they may serve me.


27 Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard [thee] also, saith the LORD.

II KINGS 22:19

19 Because thine heart was tender, and thou hast humbled thyself before the LORD, when thou heardest what I spake against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, that they should become a desolation and a curse, and hast rent thy clothes, and wept before me; I also have heard [thee], saith the LORD.



6 Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.


27 So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


E-14 I like the expression that our sister in singing said a few moments ago. "This is my sister. I could not sing it this way unless she knew where she was." See, there is a way we know where we're going, because the expressed image of God laid down this plan. And He said, "Whosoever would accept this plan would have Eternal Life." John 5:24 said, "He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life, and shall not come into the judgment; but has passed from death unto Life."

The greatest expression of all was Jesus Christ, Who made a way for us. He fulfilled and vindicated all the expressions that these flowers, and botany life, and so forth, and the sun, and the solar system has witnessed before His coming that there was coming a Just One, that would make us firmly believe it, because He would be the expressed image of God. And when He came and did what He did, He proved that these expressions was right. He gave vindication to them. Because as a flower raises again, the tree raises again, the sun raises again, so shall the Christian rise again. It has to, because God in the express image of a human being, or a human being in the express image of God, proved it by His resurrection.


265 Now, watch. What's the lowest form of life we have? Frog. What's the highest form of life? Human. Certainly. And what is the highest form? It just kept coming from the lowest on up, from a frog to this and to that, and to the bird, and to, oh, so forth, just higher forms of life, until it come to the highest form it could come, then it was made in the image of God. There you are. And the woman was not made in the image of God, but in the image of man. See? Now, now, there they are. And God looks at her and said, "Yes, they look--they look lovely."


E-79 Now to you people that wanted to renew the joy of your salvation, and to you that... Somewhere you've lost joy. Think back what you did. Did you neglect prayer meeting? Neglect reading the Bible? Neglected praying at your home, asking the blessing at the table? Don't never do that. Oh, my! That's so--that's so unbecoming to Christians. No matter where you are, bow your head and pray. Don't be ashamed of Him. Pray anywhere, see. And if ever where you left that joy, that whatever weeded it out, what little root of bitterness come in...

Remember, when a man is saved, this much... like this button here... becomes Eternal Life in your heart. That's God. As you're able to push out all the roots of bitterness, then God begins to spread in you. Then you become a son of God.

A man was made to be god, to be a god. Do you know that? He's in the image of God; he's a son of God; he's like Him. He was given a domain (Genesis 1:26), dominion over the whole earth. That's right. He ruled the earth. He ruled the animal kingdom, and all the other kingdoms--all but the Kingdom of God above. He was god; he was an amateur god. He was made in the image of God, made like God, had hands and feet like God. He was in the image of God.

What happened? Because he disbelieved God's Word, it sent him right back out to shift for himself. Now God's trying to bring him back. And when you have faith, and accept Him, my brother, just let that little Light begin to grow out, taking all the roots of doubt and bitterness, yielding yourself to the Spirit. Then you begin to become a son of God, a daughter of God, begin to grow in the grace of God. The Holy Spirit begins to build His kingdom within you.


E-27 To believe the Word is to receive the Word and let It become Life. Now, God showing there how He was confirming this covenant... It has to be that way. The church, not an organization, not a denomination, but the individual... And God has to become the same Spirit. That's God's purpose in the beginning. Adam and Eve was the same spirit.

The Bible said in Genesis, in the 1:27, "In the image of God..." God's a Spirit. "In the image of God created He him. Male and female created He them," in the spirit form that was in God. And Adam was to take care of the--of the land, just like the Holy Spirit's supposed to lead the church now. And yet man was not in flesh. And he was both masculine and also he was feminish, because it was the same spirit.


4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.


53 Then after that, He said, "We'll make something tangible." So He made a earth. And when He made the earth, He made all the creatures of the earth, and then He made man. Everything that come up out of the earth, starting off with a--a polliwog or a jellyfish, just a form of flesh floating on the water, started from there, to--from that to a frog, which is the lowest type of life that we can find, they claim, is a frog. Highest type is human being. From the frog it started to the lizard, from a lizard on and on and on, and every time the Holy Ghost begin to "whew," breathe, life come again; "whew," greater life. And the first thing, something come up in the image of God; that was a man. Nothing has ever been, never was, never will be created anymore, anything higher than a man, because a man is in the image of God. See?


53 So He--He made them. And then, when He did, He begin to move upon--upon the idea then that--that He had made man out of the dust of the earth. There was no man to till the soil, no one to do work, no physical being. So He made man out of the dust of the earth.

Now, there's where I think that a--a botanist, or--or science and Christianity, does not conflict one with another. Because science says, the man came from different a life; and we say, when you look at a man here, he's in the image of God. This is, was not the image of God to begin with. This was the image of animal life. And he... And the evolutionists argues that we... I don't believe in the chain of evolution the way they do, all coming from the single cell. But I believe we evolute, certainly, the evolution one man from another. But then when God made all of that, and got--put the man in the...


E-65 Now, now--now, we notice that... If you were in that day, what group would you be identified with? With the prophet with the vindicated Word, although they were in the minority? Or would you be with the popular opinion folks? "Well, I tell you; I believe that man's crazy." And the only way that you'd ever know he wasn't crazy is for the same God to reveal to you the same thing He'd revealed to Moses.

And the only way that we'll ever be able to be the images of God, and the sons of God, is for God to reveal to us, and express Himself through His Word to us, and us to the world. That's the only channel, for Christ was the Image here on earth that you could see God in a man, expressed Image of God, because God was in Him so much that they were One. And now when Christ left, He sanctified the church that the church might take His place and express the Word of God. See? That's the only way it can be done. Oh, my.


E-69 Now, look. When man was made in the image of God, he did not fall. When he was made in the image of man, he fell. When he was made in the image of beasts or out of the dust of the earth, that's where he fell. Then in order to be... The only way that God could do... If Christ was an individual man different from God, then God was not just. It wouldn't be right for me to send my son to pay a penalty of some penalty I'd put on somebody else.

If I said, "Whosoever looks at that will die." And then first thing you know, Brother Beeler there would look at it. And I said, "Brother Wood, you take his place." I wouldn't be just. If I said, "Billy Paul come down here and take his place," I wouldn't be just. If I say to my wife, "Take his place," I still wouldn't be just. And God is sovereign and just. And the only just way I could reconcile that man would be me take his place myself. That's right.

And God came down; as man was made in the image of God, then God came down in the image of man in Christ Jesus, and dwelled in that tabernacle of flesh and took the sinner's place, and died the death, and paid the penalty, redeeming us from sin. Hallelujah. God was in His Son reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe that?


79 When He begin to brood upon the earth, and brought forth marine life... When the Spirit of God, the Logos, the Word, which God said, "let there be," and there went the Logos, which is the Word. And the Word begin to... 'Cause all this was in the Logos: the whole Word of God, the whole Bible, for every age. And as the Logos begin to breathe upon the earth, there come marine life, and building up to bird life, on up to animal life. And finally there come something in the representation, or looked like the thing that was brewing--brooding over it: God, a man in the very image of God.

That man fell, like the seed has to fall. And then God begin to brood over that after the fall. He brought up a--a Enoch; He brought up Elijah; He brought up a Moses; He brought up prophet after prophet, trying to restore that image again. And, finally, upon the earth came the genuine Image of God Himself again, which was God, the Logos made flesh and dwelt among us.

Now, that same Logos has a part; He's got a Bride, and the same Logos, this Word that cannot be tampered with, is brooding over the churches today, trying to bring back the Word to Its full manifestation. Which the--the prophets was carriers to that Seed, and the church denominations has been carriers to the Seed now. Now, notice quickly, but like the shuck hugs, holds in the Seed now, then it leaves her...


E-12 And as he laid there looking at the place where he had been made and born to soar... But by the cunningness of man, had been caged for life. Oh, what a pitiful sight that was.

But brethren, that's not a sight at all. To walk out here on the streets of Chicago and of other great cities, and find men who were borned and shaped in the image of God to be sons and daughters of God, and to find them caged by sin, and habits, and the cares of this world, it's a far more pitiful shape than the eagle is.

Man was not made to be bound; man is a free man. "He who the Son has made free is free indeed." He doesn't have to be bound like that. Oh, it would take me hours to try to express the feeling in my heart, and the different things that cage men and deny them of their privileges. Man's in the image of God, and he doesn't have to be a bondslave to Satan. He wasn't made to be a slave; he was made to be a son. God made man in His own image. He placed in him a immortal soul and a thirst to thirst after God. And he tries to satisfy that blessed holy thirst with whiskey, alcohol, tobacco, big times, and luxury. It is a disgrace to try to quench that blessed holy thirst with the things of this world. You're... Men and women are only caged and kept away from the real God-given privilege that they have. Bound by sin, not that the will of God would permit that, but because willfully they do it.


E-19 I believe in evolution. The first thing maybe, when there was nothing but just plain chaos, volcanic eruption. You know, God's a great Contractor. You believe that? A great contractor always lays out all of his stuff when he builds his subdivision. God, when He was moving the earth around, creating calcium, potash, and petroleum, and so forth, He was laying our bodies on the earth right then, the material that we're made out of. And the great Holy Spirit went out from God to brood over the earth, or coo, make love like a hen her brood. And His... Let's think He had wings. He did not, but let's think He had wings like--like a hen over a brood. He begin to brood over the earth. And I can see some calcium coming, running down a little place, mixing up with some moisture and potash. And a little Easter flower come out. And I can hear Him say, "Come here, Father, and look at this."

"Very good, keep on brooding."

After while brood a little more. What come out next was probably the--the flowers and the vegetations, and the birds flew out of the dust of the earth. And then come the animal life, and kept getting higher life, higher life, higher life, higher life, until finally a man come up in the very image of God. Strange something didn't come up higher than that, wasn't it? Can't get no higher; it was the image of God. So as it... Evolution brings it up like that. But they can't cross and make themselves higher, God said every seed brings of its kind. Now, in that come up then, the man.


E-51 Now, He did that sign before the Jew and before the Samaritan, because why? They were looking for a Messiah. Is that right? You don't find one case before a Gentile. No. That... See, they'd been taught for thousands of years that there was coming a Messiah, so He did...

There's only three races of people; that's Ham, Shem and Japheth's people. Peter with the keys on the day of Pentecost opened it to the Jews. Philip went down and preached to the Samaritans, baptized them in the Name of Jesus Christ, laid hands on them, Holy Ghost didn't come. Peter had the keys, went down and laid hands on them; they received the Holy Ghost. Up the house of Cornelius, Peter went up there with the keys, opened it to what? Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles. And from then the Gospel went on. Then it was opened to all the people: Ham, Shem, and Japheth's people.

Now, for three sons of Noah which spring the whole human race, if we believe our Bible. The rest of it was destroyed. We ain't back there in that ape country, where them ape people. We believe we're human beings come from God, made in the image of God. Let them believe what they want to; this is what we believe. We believe Jesus Christ the Son of God, made in the image of God; not robbery to God, was equal with God. "And God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself." He was God. He looked like God; He act like God; He preached like God; He raised from the dead like God. He is God. Sure.


51-5 You're sealed. A seal shows on both sides. Whether you're going or coming, they see the seal just the same. There you are. See? When a man or woman possess this, then the Capstone comes down and seals them into the Kingdom of God which is the Holy Ghost.

Then the Word, coming from here, manifests Itself through each one of these beings (See?), and makes its complete being a tabernacle of the living God, a walking, living example of Christianity.

What Christ was, these people are, because His Life is in here; they are in Christ, and their life is dead and hid in Christ through God, and sealed in there by the Holy Ghost: I Corinthians 12. That's right. See? You reckon yourself dead. Then you're born of faith, then virtue, and these other things that's added to you till you're a perfect living image of God.


57-1 His kind, what is His kind? the Word. He is the Word. Then if a man denies God's Word, how can he be in God's image? Just ask the question. Ask yourself. "How can he be in God's image and deny God's Word, when the Word's expressed image of Himself?"

"Oh," he says, "it doesn't mean that." Expressed image of God saying, "Oh, I said it, but I didn't really mean it. I--I was wrong there. I--I back up. That was for some other time. I didn't mean it." Oh mercy, trash, slop of the Devil that he fed to Eve. Don't let him try to poke it down the elected's neck though. No, sir. They won't believe that. "Just come and join with our gang." Join nothing; you got to be born; not join; a new creature.


E-30 Now, and when he made Adam, that first man, how perfect it was. He looked like God. God, the great Holy Spirit, brooding over the earth, and He--the birds come out, maybe, and the animals, different things, and kept coming more in the form of the One that was brooding, until finally there come up a species just exactly like the One that was doing the brooding, God. God was, or, man was made in the image of God.

Then when He placed him in this great garden... Like Michelangelo has placed his great life's work, and all great sculptures... God placed His handwork in the garden of Eden, made him a helpmate. What a complete satisfaction it was to God, till even He rested. It was just at rest. His work had been finished.


E-18 I'm glad there's something we can put complete trust in, aren't you? Something that's... We don't have to wonder, think about, just know that we could just rest like little children. I think that's the way we should be, especially Christians. We should be like... In the beginning you notice, man is trying to find that place, because when he was first made in the image of God, he didn't have to shift for himself, and God taken care of him. But since he become a--an alien, a wanderer, then he has to shift for himself, and he's suspicious of everything. He's just (if you excuse the expression) kind of spooky. Everything looks a little leery, he's gone, he don't want to wait for it.


E-69 And any man with God's message knows where he's standing. He don't care for nobody, what they got to say about it. There ain't no bishops or nothing else pushing him around. He knows exactly where he's standing, and that settles it. God vindicates His message and proves that it's right, so he stands right with it and he's fearless. That's the expressed image of God. That's what Jesus did. He wasn't afraid to say, "Oh, you blind Pharisees, you're a--you're the one who builds up the tombs of the prophets, and you're the one put them in there. You are of your father the devil." And archbishops and everything else... He wasn't afraid because He knowed where He was at. Yes.


E-16 All things beginning, cults begin, the Church of God began in Genesis. You believe that? Notice closely now, as we go into it now. Now, the two that we want to deal with today... Now, here is my conception. That when God made man in His Own image, He man him spirit man of course, 'cause God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.

Then He made man out of the dust of the earth. That's where I think botanist and so forth, get their chronologist and gets all scrupled up. When you realize that man in his five senses to contact his earthly home, is in the image of beast, not in the image of God. Man made in God's image was spirit man.


34 Man in the beginning, when he was made, a man is a god. He's absolutely a god, for he was made in the image of God, being a son of God, and then he's an heir of all that God is. And man was given a domain, and the domain was the earth. You have power over the fishes, over the fowls of the air, and over everything. He could just speak, and everything obeyed him, because he was a--a god within himself: not universal God, but I mean the God of heavens and earth; but he was a--a ruler o--or in his domain. He was a king, a king-ruler. That was man. And even now in his fallen estate now, he still has the appearance...

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