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102 I've had the privilege of getting--of meeting some great men. And it's these guys that's got a change of clothes and fifty cents in their pocket and--to rattle, that's the guy that thinks he's something when he's nothing. But I stood with great men, I mean, great men, with ragged sleeves, cuffs; and they make you think you're the great person. See, greatness is humility. Don't forget that, church. Greatness is expressed in humility, not how fine you can be... I don't mean dirty now; I--I mean humble in spirit. See? I don't mean just didn't get out and go to wash and clean up. That... You should do that; you know that. See? But I'm talking about humility, genuine humility, not something that's put-on, something that is, that's real humility.


107 Humble... Moses, an intellectual man, but in the Presence of that burning bush, he took off his shoes. He was on holy ground: humbled himself. Humility, that's what the covering of the feet was: humility.

Look at Paul, the great intellectual scholar, taught under Gamaliel, one of the greatest Hebrew teachers of his day. Smart, intellectual, college degree, and he thought he knowed it all. And these bunch of people that was carrying on were nothing but mad people, crazy, and he had orders from his high priest, to go down and--and arrest them all, down in Damascus. And one day, on the road down, he come into the Presence of that same One that spoke to Moses in the burning bush, a Pillar of Fire. What did Paul do, Saul, rather? He fell upon his face, in humility, off of his feet, onto his face in humility.


89 Now, they had two wings over their feet. That represents humility.

Like Moses, Moses wasn't too much in humility until he met God in that burning bush. But when he truly saw that was God, and because this Light spoke the word of the promise... Do you get it? They knew, and Moses knew, that the time was at hand for this deliverance. And here comes a supernatural Being down, and repeats, and says, "I remember My promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." And Moses took off his shoes: humility, his whole foundation. He took off his shoes.


119 Now, secondly, they covered their feet. What "they covered their feet" meant? Humility. Covering their face meant reverence in God's Presence, covering their feet was humility in His Presence. Like Moses in His Presence, taking off his shoes, uncovered his feet.

Paul, when he found Jesus, the Pillar of Fire, he fell to the ground, off his feet. Where his feet should've been, he had his face: humility.

John the Baptist, that great prophet, first one that'd been in the land in four hundred years. But he said, "I'm not worthy to touch His feet, to unloose the latches on His sandal."


E-45 That's what makes Him God to me, because He humbled Himself. God is humility. Don't never forget that. Humility is God. Never boastful, nor--it's always humility.

"And we listened at Him. We thought, 'Surely in a minute He will grab a stick and run her back down to the city where she belongs.' But He said, 'Bring Me a drink,' and they got to talking religion. She said, 'We worship in this mountain. You say at Jerusalem,' and so forth. And He talked to her for a while. And after while, He said to her, 'Go, get your husband and come here.' And she turned and said, 'I don't have any husband.' You remember?"


E-111 Our heavenly Father, the humility, humbleness of believing You, how You reveal Yourself in humility, how that we find out in these days, and all days, that the church will get itself in that condition. Then You'll stoop right down into the gutter, from nowhere, and pick up something, anoint it, send it out, and it'll be rejected, then judge the world by it.

God, we see today that for fifty years the precious Holy Spirit, Who the people has tried to accept through dogmas... And yet, You've brought It out in its power and Its manifestation. A poor humble bunch of kicked-out, despised people accepted it, believed it. You've magnified Yourself in them, Lord. And now, we see them in another generation trying to become grandchildren to God. O God, what a horrible thing. May men and women flee quickly to the humility of believing the Gospel. Grant it, Lord.




12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour [is] humility.


E-60 Thirdly, let's think. He... With two wings he had over his face in the Presence of God, humility, and--or--or reverence, and secondly, he had two wings over his feet. What was it? In humility. And third, he flew with them, put hisself in action. He--he put hisself in action with two wings, while two more wings covered his face in reverence, two wings covered his feet in humility, and two wings he was in action. What was he doing? He was showing the prophet... By this he was showing the prophet how His prepared servants must be. God-prepared servants must be reverent, humble, and in action.

But now, if you uncover your face, uncover your feet, your action isn't going to do no good because you're stirred wrong. See? Takes it all to guide you. Reverent, humble, and in action, that's what God wants this Pentecostal group to be; it's what God wants His church to be: in action.


4 By humility [and] the fear of the LORD [are] riches, and honour, and life.


33 The fear of the LORD [is] the instruction of wisdom; and before honour [is] humility.


113 Now, secondly, they had their feet covered with wings, under their feet. Now, that represented humility. Oh, there's a word that's lost today to many people: humility in His Presence. Humble ourselves in His Presence,

I've seen the Holy Spirit come into the room and--and perform and do just exactly the things that the Bible said He would do, discern, and I've seen people get up and walk out. I've seen people set and talk, and laugh and make fun of It, while it was going on.

ACTS 20:19

19 Serving the Lord with all humility of mind, and with many tears, and temptations, which befell me by the lying in wait of the Jews:


19 And if it so happens that you, your church doesn't believe, or you do not believe just the things that we speak of as our church Doctrine, we trust that it will by no means bring an offense. Because the very first step to successful Christianity, and to show that man has received the Holy Spirit, is humility, real God-given humility, that It must be given humbly. But, yet, a church without a doctrine is just like a jellyfish; it has no backbone. So, we've got to have backbone in it. And not also backbone, but teeth also, because the Church of God must eat the Bread of Life.


E-26 Humility, the way down is all the ways, the way up. "He that will humble himself, God will exalt. He that exalteth himself shall be abased." The way down is the way up for the believer, humble himself before God.

Jesus met with men of all walks of life. He met in great circles. One time He was with thousands, five hundred at once, twelve at once, three at once, and even will come to one. That makes Him great, because not even one person can ever call on Him but what He will be right there at their side. That's what makes Him God is because of His humility.


149 That's just like the world's always trying to compare. Don't compare with things of the world. Don't compare with churches. Compare with the Bible. That's what we're doing today. That's what's the matter with us Pentecostal churches. That's what's the matter with our quartets and singings, and so forth, as we have, we're trying to act like Hollywood. Hollywood glitters; the Gospel glows. There's a lot of difference between a glitter and a glow. See? Hollywood glitters with clothes, and Rickies and Rickettas, and ricochets. But God humbly glows in humility of the believer, no matter how ignorant he is. He glows in humility, not shines in Hollywood.


E-34 God doesn't live in glamor. God lives in humility. Glamor comes from Satan. He lives in humility. When He was here on earth, He become the humblest among men, the poorest among men. Who was it wanted glamor? Satan. He wanted his kingdom greater than Michael's, so he set it up in the north, tried to outshine it, son of the morning.

Now, notice when He was here then, after His temptation started, He went through and endured His temptation. Why? By a... How? Through the Word. Stay in the Word.

We got a day. I know there's not many here, but I'd like to express this. We got a day when the world is getting full of... You can see the--the thing's about over.


113 Who would think of the humility of His own Son when He was born in a manger, in a manured barn, in the cow stall, and was wrapped in swaddlings cloth? See, He could've come through a palace, He could've come down the corridors of heaven, and all--a full Angel salute. But He chose to make Christ the Example of us, for us, and He brought Him in humility.

He never trained Him in the schools of this world, but He trained Him by His Own power to--so He could completely yield Himself, not to the thoughts of man or the strength of the world, but yield Himself to the power of God.


170 God's only trying to find one person He can get in His hands. He's always tried to do that. You notice, all down through the Bible, when He found an Isaiah, when He found a Jeremiah. Then He found--He found Samson one day; but Samson gave his strength to God, but he gave his heart to Delilah. See, he...

You've got to give your all to God, your reverence, your respects, your everything that you are. Just be nothing; just see how little you are, and that's what God wants us to do. And that's real humility. That's the way these Seraphims are in His Presence (You see?), with their face in reverence, covered; their feet, in humility.


115 Now, in closing, I might use the other two wings, thirdly. He could fly with these other two wings. Watch. Face covered by the holiness of God and in reverence, His feet covered in humility, and with two wings He could put Hisself in action to move. God was showing His prophet how a prepared servant ought to be. "Quit looking at Uzziah. Here is your Example I've sent before you: cover your face in reverence, cover your feet in humility, and go into action." Oh, what an example. He had looked at Uzziah so long, and seen it fail, now God's telling him what to do, showing him a prepared servant. He went into action.


157 The Seraphim's at the brazen altar. But you as the son or daughter go right into the Presence of God. You don't have to go through any priest and all these things. He is your Priest. See? Right there in His Presence as sons and daughters... Brother, I believe we got more than two wings. Amen. We got the Holy Ghost. That's right.

But we ought to be in action with reverence and humility, not in action to try to push something on somebody, but with such reverence and humility that we could go into action and say, "Woe is us; we have seen the Presence of the Almighty. We've seen visions happen, just what He said. 'The works that I do, shall you do also. More than this shall you do, for I go unto My Father.'"


30-2 {172} So to show, not by power, not by might, but--not by the wisdom of Egypt, not by the wisdom of our schools, not by the power of our seminaries, but--not by the amounts of our organization, not by the power of our scholarly teaching; but "by My Spirit, saith God." His wisdom was vanished and at its end. When he met God in the burning bush there, he took off his shoes and humbled himself to humility and forgot all about his wisdom.

God, bringing deliverance, had to train him in wisdom to let him fall to show that you cannot lean upon the arm of your own understanding or anybody else's understanding. Let him fall to show His hand. Can you see it? God's purpose in doing so was to display Himself in humility.


197-3 {148} Died the cruelest death. Didn't have a place to lay His head, kicked out by every organization. But when God exalted Him so high, till He has to look down to see heaven...?... God in humility. See? And He give Him a Name so great that the whole family of heaven is named after Him, and every family of the earth. All the family on earth is named "Jesus." All the families in heaven is named "Jesus." And such a Name that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He's the Lord, either here or in hell. Hell will bow to it. Everything else will bow to it. See, but first it was humility, then it become great. See? Let God exalt. He that humbles himself, God will exalt. See?


72 There's something lacking somewhere. What we try to do is twist it up and make it some great something up there, put flower and tinsel on it, and we pollute it just like the nations has done Christmas. That's right. If we could get the tinsel off of the things, and the--the humility back in the human heart... If we could bring the humility back to Christmas of what it ought to be, not a commercial day, not lights and Santa Clauses, but back to worshipping the God of creation Who come in a stable and was borned a baby, God made flesh and dwelt among us. If we could come back to that, get away from the tinsel and the big things. God don't even deal with it at all.


E-41 And so God hides Himself in humility and simplicity. And man-wisdom of the world looks right over the top of it. No wonder Isaiah said, "Who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?"

Jesus said, "I thank Thee, Father of heaven, of earth, that You have hid this from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and will reveal it to babes such as will learn." Humility, simplicity, just watch how God makes Hisself simple.

Look. Look at Eden. Just believe His Word was all they had to do to live. Now, God never said, to this first cause, that you've got so many degrees of college you'd have to have. He said, "This is My Word. Believe It, live; disbelieve It, die." Now, Eve never disbelieved all of It. She just believed one little phase of It.


E-41 You know, a wagon goes out in a field, runs over humps and bumpity, bumpity, bumpity, making all kinds of noise, squeaking and squawking and jumping. But coming back it's loaded down with good things. It passes the same bumps and don't make a move. We ought to be loaded. As long as there's malice among us, as long as there's differences among us, we're not yet loaded.

Take a weed, light-headed. But wheat comes up, holds itself up in the air, and shakes by the wind, sticks its head straight up. But when it becomes full-headed, it bows.

I think that's what's the matter with all of us today, the churches. We don't associate ourselves enough in--in real humility, not a false, but something that you stay there until something's happened to you. Humility... Too much wind and thunder, and not enough still small voices, I think that is true. We look and see that it's true because the fruit that it bears upon our people. Somehow it isn't just like it used to be.


30-4 {173} And He let Moses become the highest until he would was the--he'd be the next pharaoh. He was a mighty general. According to history, he conquered (Moses, himself) the countries around. And then when he turned to the work of the Lord with all of his talent, God let him take a headlong topple, so that He could put him out there on the desert and beat all that out of him, and then appear to him in humility, and send him down with a stick in his hand to deliver the people.

When he couldn't do it by a military training, by an education, by a scientific education, and by a military force, he could not do it, and He give him an old crooked stick off the desert, and he did it with it: God in humility, simplicity. God was in the stick and in Moses. And as long as Moses had the stick, then God had it, because God was in Moses. Sure.

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