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E-5 And now, on a service like this it just feels like you just... We call it a street expression, just let down your collar, and come in and talk, just... And you don't have to be looking at that; you're just going to talk on the Word.

And then sometimes when it gets in that subconscious position on the platform, goes to calling the people... Critics and things in the meeting, sets in the meeting, and that causes a disturbance. Sometimes they get angry and huff around about it. And I just try to hold it just exactly to one thing: that's on healing, is what I'm representing here on Divine healing, and so forth.

Now, if the patient's up here, and something in the patient, why, it's called out. But sometimes out in the audience, it just pulls right out, the critics and so forth setting there, hurt feelings. A discerning Spirit's an awful... It sometimes you have to speak very sharply. And you don't speak yourself; It speaks. You see?


E-32 A woman come to me not long ago; she said, "Mr. Branham, I do like to hear you speak," but she said, "there's one thing that you do that's wrong."

Well, I said, "My sister, I'll be very glad to straighten up anything that's wrong. That's what I'm here for." Now, she belonged to a church that does not believe in the supreme Deity of Jesus Christ. They think He's a prophet, just a man. She... I don't say this to hurt feelings, anyone knows it. And I don't take up for anybody's religion or condemn anybody's religion. But she was a Christian Science. And they believed in healing and so forth, but they didn't believe that Jesus was a virgin born Son of God. They didn't accept His Blood, Mary Eddy Baker and them did not believe in that.

And if you do that, it takes all the cream. That's the--that's the very lifeline of Christianity. Wished I had time to stop and go into it.

CALLED.OUT_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 58-0109, E-12 Look at the building program today. And let me say something right here also. Look at the advancement in the scientific world. Now, I say this, not to scandalize, neither do I say it to hurt feelings; I only say it because it's the truth. But those kind of works comes from the other side. The sons of Cain become great builders and great scientists, to temper iron and metals, and build; and the great scientific world was a very religious world but come from Cain.

But the lineage that come from Seth were poor, humble peasant type who believed God. And when the prophet preached, they received it. When the supernatural was done, they received it. And when deliverance was offered, they received it, and the other side perished in the judgments of the Lord God.


E-57 But, brethren, I want to ask you something, what more would the Methodist do for him than the Baptist could do? We got the same thing in America; only we got one God we worship. But all the Baptist wants them all to be Meth... Baptists, and wants all the Methodist. And the Pentecostal wants to make them all Pentecostals. Church of God wants them all on their side. The Assemblies wants them all on their side.

What is it? Oh, they got to be baptized, thus, or this, and that, or they got to say certain things, they got... What is it? Psychology. I'm not one to hurt feelings, but, brother, I must be honest. This may be our last time we'll ever... []... It's true. And I said, "We got the same thing in America, just from this church to that church. 'If the Church of God don't treat me right, I'll join the Assemblies. Assemblies don't not treat me right, I'll be a Oneness.'" And there you are. What is it? The same thing, like pagans, heathen; it's true. Anchor yourself in Christ once; stay there. that's right.


198 Now, there's been one thing since I've been on this rest period for these few weeks. I found out that's been a trouble with me, and I want to confess it now to my church. I set back behind those oak and hickory trees down yonder studying, "Where did I make my first mistake? What made me go wrong? What was it?" You know what I found out what makes me wrong? There's such a thing as going overboard with something. Did you know that? You can try to be all right and try to be good, and then you can be too good. And I've just let people push me around. See? They'll say, "Well, Brother Branham, you come over here. The Lord told me to tell you this."

"Well, all right, brother, here I come."

"Oh, Brother Branham, don't you go over there, over here."

"Well, maybe I better not go there." See, and you don't know what to do. That's what makes me nervous. I'm going where the Lord leads me to go, and I don't care what anyone says about it. See? That's exactly right. So I won't hurt feelings. See?

GOD'S.PROVIDED.WAY_ LA.CA WEDNESDAY_ 59-0415A E-5 And did you notice, no matter who it was, what message they had, everybody's give consideration (See?), just... Sometimes they see in the church, they'll think... Maybe some person will say, "That wasn't of the Spirit," and just let it go on. But it--it isn't so with Brother Smith. He just... Whoever it is, he just lets what... If It's the Lord, It's the Lord. If it isn't, it amounts to nothing anyhow. So he just... I--I--I like that. I like that. And it doesn't hurt feelings; it just brings a love that someone spoke in a word of prophecy, a few moments ago. It just makes everybody feeled at home. See? And I think that's really nice. May it never cease to be that way is my prayer.

DECEIVED.CHURCH.BY.THE.WORLD_ JEFF.IN CH 67 SUNDAY_ 59-0628M, 47 But we compromise upon the Bible. A lot of our Pentecostal people, upon the fundamental doctrines of this Bible, compromise. There's... I don't want to hurt feelings. I'm in my own church, and I feel that I shoul--I could do just what in my church, because I'm preaching the Gospel. But there's tens of thousands of Pentecostal preachers knowed that there's no such a thing in the Bible as the baptism in the name of "Father, Son, Holy Ghost." I challenge the archbishop, or anybody, to show me where anybody was ever baptized in the name of "Father, Son, Holy Ghost." But they compromise, because the organizations has did so. There's not one person in the New Testament, and for three hundred years afterwards, by history, but what was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. What is it? Organization. That's did it. Compromising...


481-56 And you can take a man... Now, I don't mean this to hurt feelings, I just... This is church. This is my tabernacle, and I'm as free as a bird. See? Now, I want you to remember that in this, that a man can be good; he can pay his tithes; he can be honest; he can help the widow; he can help the orphan; he can be a church member. You can't find one flaw about that man. Every time something's to come up, right down in his pocket, get the last penny he had and give to the poor. He'll--he'll stand by you through thick and thin. He'll be your buddy when even a lot of the so-called others will turn you down and everything like that; and that man is still outside the Kingdom of God unless he's been filled with the Holy Ghost, Eternal Life. That's right. That's how important it is.

WHY_ BLOOMINGTON.IL THURSDAY_ 61-0413, E-51 Now, please forgive me if I... I don't mean to hurt feelings. But remember, this is where correction is. This is judgment. That's a whole lot like the church is today. God has shook all kinds of spiritual gifts before them, and they still set like they were just staring. They don't want it. You can speak against women wearing short hair; they never do anything about it; about wearing--and immorally dressed. They didn't do anything about it, about fussing in the denominations: one's better than this, and this one's this, and this one's this. They don't do nothing about it; they just go right on fussing just the same. I wonder what we're going to do at the judgment when God says, "Why?"


183 All right, He's on your hands. You got to do something with Him. Don't take Him off. Yes, sir. In this category I'd like to say... Passing Him on to somebody else... "If my denomination would accept it, Brother Branham, I'd--I'd accept it. But see, my mother belonged to this church." She lived in her age; that ain't you. It's you now. Look what she had to come out of to do what she was. What about you?

All right, look. You say, "My mother was a Pentecostal. She did so until she come out of the organization." But I'm trying to talk to you now. What about you? See? In this category we find many educated. Now, I know I'm going to hurt feelings here, but I don't do it intentionally. If I do, then I--I should be down at the altar repenting. I'm saying this in godly love.


145 Sometime it ain't pleasant to have to do it; you have to hurt feelings, cut and chop. But it's an Absolute.

He had need. He said, "...?... Sun, you stand still, yonder. Moon, you hang right there." And for twenty-four hours she stood still. Oh, talk about a paradox. But he was tied to an absolute with a commission. Yes, indeed, God had commissioned him.

John was sure he would see the Dove when It come upon Him.

When I seen that Pillar of Fire, like Paul on the road down to Damascus, I knowed that was God's Absolute; there was coming a revival was going to sweep the lands. I knowed It would forerun the second coming of Jesus Christ, and I believe it yet today. It's my Absolute, though it was a paradox. Sure, it was a paradox for a Pillar of Fire to hang up there in the sky and papers and everything taking the picture of It.


892-89 Now the other question goes on:

Now, have we misunderstood?

No, sir. You haven't misunderstood; that's correct. I'm saying it again, the orders. In the army they don't ask you, "Will you go do a certain thing?" If you're in the army, you're compelled to do it. See? And that's the way it is in the... I'm compelled to preach the Gospel. I'm compelled to stand for this regardless of what my other men and brethren and so forth say about it; I'm compelled to do this. I have to hurt feelings and cut men to pieces, but if I...

You don't want to get like Oswald. See? If you can't disagree with a man and things, then shake his hand and still have the same feelings towards him, then there's something wrong with you. If I can't disagree with a man, bitterly, from one side to the other, and still think as much of him as--as Christ would, then there's something wrong with my spirit; I haven't the Spirit of Christ. See?

If he says, "Well, Brother Branham, I--I believe that your teaching is this, that."

"All right, Brother, let's come together to reason, you and I. We'll take it ourselves. We'll go over here in the room to ourself; we'll reason it out." And he just cuts me to pieces, and I have to say things back to him. If in my heart I can't feel the same about him, that he's still my Brother and I'm trying to help him, then I'll never help him; there's no way for me to help him. If I don't love him, what's the use in going over there? Tell him, "The first place first, brother, I don't love you, and let me get that out of my heart right here before we go in there, because I can't help you until I love you."

And that's right, and that's the way. See, carry it on; you've done it exactly right; that's the way it should be. You never misunderstood it.


E-29 Now, therefore, if we have Eternal Life, we have part of God in us. And God in us... If He isn't, then... That's the only way you could have Eternal Life. It isn't something that was manufactured and then given to you by some creed, or you lived into it, you grew into a better man or a better woman. It's God Himself in you. Just like you're a part of your father here on earth, you're part of your heavenly Father. And what you are, you're the attribute of His thoughts of you before the foundation of the world. You're expressed. He had to breed it in and everything to get what you are--to make you what you are.

Then when we get completed, then this here... So many people ride life's road looking through a rear-view mirror, especially... I don't mean to say this to hurt feelings, but many of our women, they're always, when they pass about thirty years old, they want to go back and--and be a young girl again. And get fifty, they still want the same thing. Not only that, but the men too.

GOD'S.CHOSEN.PLACE.WORSHIP_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-7 SATURDAY_ 65-0220, 71 My friends, I don't want to hurt feelings, but I'm responsible for a Message, and that Message is "Come out of this mess." And if I asked you to come out, where am I going to take you to? Would I take you to the Branham Tabernacle? It's as much fault as any of the rest of them. But there's one Place I can take you to, where you're safe and protected from death, that's in Jesus Christ, God's Place of worship. That's the Place I'm introducing to you tonight, where God put His Name, where He promised He'd meet every person that come in there; He'd worship with him and feast with him; that's in Christ. Not in no church, no tabernacle, but in Christ, He is God's Tabernacle. He is the place that God came Him into Himself and dwelt in Him: "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am pleased to dwell in." There's where God tabernacled, brought His Name, and placed It upon, Jesus Christ.

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