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E-66 We're living in a great day of hybreeding. I was reading a piece in "Reader's Digest" not long ago, this hybrid stuff. I was coming down, I seen it said, "Hybrid corn," great big corn, fine ears. It's no good. It ain't worth nothing. It's a damage to you. Hybrid beef, hybrid; everything's hybrid, hybrid, hybrid. It's no good. Take your hybrid corn, try to plant it over again, see what you get. It's no good.

Even they got hybrid religion today too. That's right. That's true. They took it at a denominational confession instead of a Holy Ghost experience: hybreeding.

What does hybrid does? Makes a better looking ear, but it ain't got no life in it. That's the way it makes a better looking church, but no life in it: hybrid. That's right.


E-64 I read a piece in the "Reader's Digest" not long ago, where people--our women eating this hybrid beef, hybrid corn, and all that stuff, corn flakes, that they're growing narrower in the hips. And twenty years from now, if something isn't done, science says that the woman cannot have her baby. It's a killing. Anything that's hybrid is wrong.

I come down... I seen a great big sign on, said, "Funk's (or something like that) Hybrid Corn, the best." Great big, fine ears, but it's no good. It's not worth nothing. You try to plant it over and see what'll happen.

Now, that takes science and proves their own argument's wrong about the origin of man. You take anything and cross breed it, hybreed it, and it can't breed itself back again. You take a--a mare horse and breed it to a jack, and it'll bring forth a mule. But that mule cannot breed back and get another mule. It kills it right there. That's right.


71 A few years ago... Look where man has got to in his body. Look where he's got to by the things he's done. Science is constantly trying to make a better food, hybrid corn, and--and hybrid tomatoes, hybrid beef when the stuff's no good at all. It's killing the people, and they don't realize it. Why, in a few more years, it'll be nothing but just a--a bunch like a jellyfish.

Fifty years ago ball games went on just as they do now, and you never heard of anybody getting hurt. But now, they kill a dozen or two a year. A ball hit a man, he--there ain't nothing in him to hold his life in him. He's like a guinea, you hit him, he's so soft he's dead.


110 An old minister went and preached justification at a revival, second night, third night, fourth night, fifth night. The deacons called him out and said, "Reverend, don't you know no more than the sermon on justification?"

"Oh, sure. But let them all get justified first, and then we'll preach something else." That's right.

Oh, if you could only get back to the foundation... There stood Samson, defeated.

Now, look, we might be prettier; that might be so. But it's just like I was coming down the road the other day; I seen a big sign, said, "Funk's, a hybrid corn," how great it was. But it ain't no good. It's just as no good as it can be, and it's killing the nation. You read about it in "Reader's Digest." If women keep on eating hybrid beef, and corn, and things, they can't have a baby in twenty years from now. There's no good in it.


E-77 I seen a piece in "Reader's Digest" not long ago. Keep feeding women this hybrid meat and--and stuff, they can't have their babies. They're changing. They're getting bigger in the shoulders and narrower in their hips. Why? You know man always destroys himself by civilization. Come back to God. Believe God. Come back to the original seed. Come back and believe it.

You've read my tapes--you've got my tapes, rather, I guess heard them, on the original seed, and the bride tree, and those things, which was true. Lord knows that. How those things was foretold months and months... You people, what you see here is just minor that you see taking place. Ask the people that's along. Ask if one time it ever failed: Tells about people, earthquakes, things that's going to happen; the Holy Spirit tells us. Is that right? The men that's been... Sure.



10-3 Then I got up into the mountain, and--and one of the guides that was with me, he was a chicken raiser, and he--raising chickens. Then he just guided up in the mountains for the pastime: very fine man.

And when he learned that I was a preacher, why quickly he begin to speak to me on hybrid chickens. Then when he did that, that brought back my little text wrote down on my road map, "hybrid." Well, while laying in our camp bags in the snow, up in the mountain, I said to him. "I would like to learn more about such chickens."

"Well," he said, "science has really done a great thing." Said, "They have bred chickens with different things until they got to a place till it's barely no legs on the chickens or no wings on the chickens. It's just all breast." But he said, "The bad part comes now that people don't want it, because it's too soft a meat, and the chicken only lives one year, and it dies. It's almost dead to start with." You see, it's hybreeding. It's not right: no good.


E-19 You know I--I hope this doesn't sound sacrilegious, but it reminds me of too many people today that's got mule religion, a hybrid religion. "Our church, we know all about it." And you can tell them about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and give them the formula to God, and they just stand with their ears out, never make a move. A good hybrid brings forth... "If My sheep hear My voice," they know what's true because they like sheep food.

A hybrid seed like corn, you see it looks beautiful, because it's a hybrid. I seen on a sign the other day, "hybrid corn." Well, it's no good. You know what it's doing? Hybrid cattle makes a better cow. Hybrid chickens... They got chickens so hybrid now, till the chicken ain't got no legs or wings. It's all breast, but the poor thing can only live a year and it dies. It's practically dead when it's born.


E-37 Now, we find out that back there in the beginning when people begin to try to pervert what God had created... Man tries to pervert to make it more beautiful, make it more attractive.

And I wished I had time just to go to you what's happening on perversion. You know what's causing cancer? Perverted food. That's exactly. What... They say... Scientists claim that in twenty years longer if they keep letting women eat chicken and things that's--these hybrid chickens and so forth that they will not be able to have children anymore. The race will become distinct, because the woman cannot give birth to the baby.

What has happened by perversion? We are supposed to eat the grain of the stuff in it's origination. But what it is, the world, now the nation, in... It's just in a great big perversion condition. They--they have took chickens and interbred them, and so forth, and made hybrid chickens, till the poor chicken can only live a year. His meat is so soft, and he's made him so he don't even have any wings, or hardly. Why, he's in a terrible condition. And they--they--they eat that flesh into you, hybrid cattle and everything. But that's not... Them chickens cannot breed themselves back, neither can the cattle. They're hybrid. They cannot. They're finished. Exactly right.


E-24 Like, you can take the donkey and breed it to the horse and the mare, and it'll produce a mule. But the mule... The mother mule and father mule cannot have a baby mule. You have to keep hybrid.

The same thing with corn, it's beautiful, but you read "Reader's Digest," what all these hybrid things are doing to the people--cancer and everything else. Hybrid chickens, they say that in twenty years, if it isn't stopped, what'll happen? Women cannot have babies no more. They're becoming stronger, closing up, smaller in the hips, can't have the baby.

Leave things the way they are. Let God alone. That's the way with His Word. Leave It like It is. Don't try to add something to It to fit a creed. Keep It just the way God said It. Believe It. That will make a husky, strong Christian, not a baby that has to be denominational babied, petted around, letter from church, one denomination to another. When He puts his name on the Book in heaven, it's settled forever.


31 For instance, today, coming up, I noticed in southern Indiana, and all up through Indiana, and along, there were, what we said, "hybrid corn." And what a fine big ear that corn is, but it isn't any good. It looks better, but it isn't better. It's absolutely no good at all.

And we find out that by hybreeding chickens, we find it... Did you every try to eat fried chicken in these days? Well, you can't hardly do it. It--it smells and tastes just like, I mean, it tastes like a chicken smells. So what is it? There's eight hundred people laying sick in Jeffersonville, Louisville, and New Albany, now from eating eggs from hybrid chickens. See, they taken the chicken and breed it different ways.

And then, another thing, they are getting to a place where they spray with this mosquito stuff, and get this DDT. The chickens and animals pick that up.



98 And they're injecting this hybrid into cattle which has come back into mankind now, according to science themselves, and is making perversions out of them. Because when a--a cow is hybrid, or any food is hybrid, that food makes blood cell, and blood cell is your life. See what it's done? And then, into meat, they inject these here injections into the meat, and now it's proved that these injections take effect upon the human race. Scientific...

They spray the fields with this DDT, I seen the other day, and now we got eight hundred sick people in this community from eating eggs. Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs." I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs." That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases...

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