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CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 15-1 Now, don't get into that ridiculous thing, please, an apple tree. As I've often said, "If eating apples caused women to realize they were naked, they had better pass the apples again," because it's--it's time. I don't say that to be rude, but I'm saying it to--to make a point, that it's the truth. It wasn't apples. Let's not get that ridiculous about it. It wasn't no apple tree; but let's take it on another tree so we can bring it out and fulfill our text.

Let's take it a tree of faith, that Eve taken of this forbidden tree of unbelief. Then we can make the text come out. It was faith. She disbelieved God's Word. God said a certain, certain thing will happen. She ought to have let it alone. She ought to have believed it the way God said it. But no, Satan come along with his theology; and she mixed it and gave it to Adam, and it caused a hybrid faith. That's what the church has got today (so-called church), a hybrid faith. It's mixed with fears, doubts, flusterations; if it was genuine faith, it wouldn't move. When God said anything it would be that way. But see, she mixed it, took what God said and what Satan said, and churned it together, and said, "Here it is."

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 15-3 That's the way many people do today. See, they take what the Bible says and what man says: makes a hybrid faith. And when they do, they bring it back... Oh, it makes a beautiful church. Sure, but there's no Life in it: dead. A hybrid faith: "Oh, I do believe that God was, yes; but now He's not a healer today." That's hybrid faith. "I believe that He gave the Holy Ghost to the Pentecostals back there on the day of Pentecost, but that's not for us today." A hybrid faith, condemned by God, hybrid, no good. Stay away from it. It's evil. It brings in doubts, "Maybe I'll go up and get healed. Maybe the Lord will heal me." That's hybrid faith. It's no good. That's church faith. We want God's faith. God said something, and that's the Truth; stay with it. Amen.

Oh, I wish my words was wrote with a iron pen. Stay with what God said; it's the truth.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 15-5 Hybrid faith. It'll read Hebrews 13: it say, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews... And then the hybrid faith comes in: "Well, in a certain way, He's the same yesterday, today and forever; but He's not... He can't heal today, 'cause that's out of His program." But genuine faith will say He is the same. It's not hybrid. It's not... It's not all churched up with theology of man, not mule religion: man's word and God's Word mixed together.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 25-5 So when they see the inspirator of his wife, Eve, when he come to meet Jesus, it said, "Oh, yes, it is written that--that he'll give the Angels charge over thee lest anytime they dash thy foot against a stone, they bear it up."

"Yes," He said, "And it's also written." Oh, He couldn't cross Him up. He was God made flesh. He was my Saviour, my God. He couldn't cross Him up.

What did He do then? He embraced the cross. And on the cross He died for me, and for you, and for the world, that He might restore back again to God, what? Sons and daughters, like in the garden of Eden before they got crossed up in theology.

Oh God, if people could only see that, if I could only pound that into the people. Jesus died that He might take people away from this hybrid church stuff, that He might bring your minds and faith away from what man has said, back to what God said, not a hybrid faith: "Well, maybe the days of miracles is past. Maybe that won't happen."

Oh, brother, God said it happens, and that settles it. That's for always. God said so.


CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 16-4 A woman that's married to a man, or a man married to a woman that'll cross the lines of holy wedlock, and bring in a illegitimate child, the generations will not come into the Kingdom of the Lord until ten generations. Deuteronomy 30--23:2.

All right, it won't come in--a illegitimate child, he or his generation, or his generation, or his generation; even though they're trying like Esau, weeping to find a place, it takes ten generations. Forty years is a generation. Can you see this damnable, corruptible world is ready for judgment? So evil, cross up--cross up what God has joined together.

A woman live unclean to her husband; husband live unclean to his wife and bring a hybrid child. Oh, some woman'd say, "Oh, isn't he beautiful, great big tall fellow." That's the same thing maybe Eve thought. She brought a hybrid child, and the hybrid child was Cain; and through Cain come giants. It's always been the cursed of the Lord: hybrid. Stay away from it: hybrid religion. Don't mix it.

SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 SUNDAY_ 62-0318E, 74-4 Then if a denomination can only bring forth a hybrid child, why do you want to belong to it for? Now, brethren, that's the reason I'm against it. She's a whore to begin with. The Bible said she was: a harlot. That's plain words, but I told you I was going to talk plain today. What she is... She commits spiritual fornications by taking dogma and creed instead of the Word, teaching her children to do the same thing.

Now, her children are come from the womb, dead. She's got to die. That's exactly right. Just the same as every man... Listen, just as sure as every mortal person that breaks the womb of a woman will die, so will every person that's born by them will die, 'cause she's a hybrid, illegitimate, and her children are illegitimate. That's correct. I hope that don't go over your head.



E-20 Now, a mustard seed is the smallest of seeds, which it was spoke of Him. But why did He say that? You cannot hybrid--hybreed mustard. It won't cross with nothing. It you can hybreed kale, get...?... and so forth. But you can't hybreed mustard. It won't cross. No, sir. It's genuine mustard. And if you've got great big faith, a miracle will happen. But if you've got just a little bit of faith, and it's genuine mustard seed, watch it bring you right on through every case, and bring you right out. See?

So now, don't notice what happens to you now, but I want you to try to have miracle faith or faith to be healed. I'm going to have faith for you, and do all that I can to help you to have faith, putting your faith... Now, I want us to bow our heads just a moment, and approach the Author before we approach His Word.


SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 SUNDAY_ 62-0318E, 81-4 So the sperm of Eve never happened. Hybrid to Satan's lie, his lovely bride become polluted. And so has Christ's Bride. The bride, what made her become polluted (Adam's bride now)? Because she never stayed with God's Word. That right? I ask... Now, if it's not so, don't say it; but if it is so, say it. The reason that God's--the reason that Adam's bride--there's the three: Adam, Christ, God. The reason that Adam's bride never did bear right the life child is because she disbelieved God's Word. If that's right, say "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen."--Ed.] The reason that Jehovah's wife was put away, or His bride, was because that she rejected God's Word, the Prophet. Is that right? The reason that Christ's bride is put away in divorcement is because that she has rejected the Word of God, like Eve did, like the rest of them did; exactly, all whores, all polluted. Their husband couldn't get to them. They was already pregnated 'fore their husband got to them.

Oh, God, if that ain't a pitiful sight. Think of a young man coming to a woman and find her with seed of some other man in her. What a thing. That's what God's done. That's what Adam done. That's what Christ has done. Oh.


SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-1 SUNDAY_ 62-0318M, 18-2 Genesis 1:11 the Bible said (God said), "Let every seed bring forth of its kind." Now, when God said that, that settles it. It's always settled. "Let every seed bring forth of its kind." To mix it brings a super crop. It's a super crop of what? Listen now. Let's coast. To mix it... (I'm trying to hold; them's such text, I could preach on it. But I'm trying to keep from doing that.) To mix it will bring forth a super crop as it's proven. But what kind of a crop? A crop of falsehood, death.

Hybreed your corn; it brings forth a big crop, better crop, better looking; but it's dead. Plant it back, can't reproduce itself again. It's done; it's finished. Like Eve. See? She brought forth a hybrid crop. Look at us today, and you can look around and see that's true. Sure did. It wasn't God's purpose, no, sir. Just have to hold back for something I'm thinking right now. See?

SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-1 SUNDAY_ 62-0318M, 18-4 To mix it brings forth a hybrid crop; and a hybrid crop is a dead crop--far as rebreeding. It won't rebreed itself; it can't, 'cause God said so. It has to bring forth of its kind, and you've mixed it. Now, you can see the church right there, where we're going to wind up.

It dies there, for it cannot bring forth of its kind. Why? It's mixed. You can't do nothing with it. It's dead; it's finished. All right. That's why each generation has its own revival, a chance at the Word. Oh, the sovereign God at the judgment... John Wesley's group will raise up, and these "starched-washed" Methodists of today will answer for it. Luther will raise up. The Catholics will raise up. And back behind Irenaeus, Martin, Polycarp, and those, and will have to stand the judgment for hybreeding the Word of God to dogmas. This group of Lutherans that followed Lutherans' revival will answer the same thing. The group of Baptists that followed John Smith's revival will do the same thing. Alexander Campbell's will do the same thing. And the Pentecostals will do the same thing. That original revival, when the Holy Ghost fell, called out a people, and God trying to get His Word to it, and they organized it, and set over here, and denominated, and died right there.

You say, "But look what they're doing."

We'll get to that a little later on today. We're coming right down to all the... I'm just putting the seed in now. Then we're going to show you after while what happened.

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