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You know I--I hope this doesn't sound sacrilegious, but it reminds me of too many people today that's got mule religion, a hybrid religion. "Our church, we know all about it." And you can tell them about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and give them the formula to God, and they just stand with their ears out, never make a move. A good hybrid brings forth... "If My sheep hear My voice," they know what's true because they like sheep food.

A hybrid seed like corn, you see it looks beautiful, because it's a hybrid. I seen on a sign the other day, "hybrid corn." Well, it's no good. You know what it's doing? Hybrid cattle makes a better cow. Hybrid chickens... They got chickens so hybrid now, till the chicken ain't got no legs or wings. It's all breast, but the poor thing can only live a year and it dies. It's practically dead when it's born.


Now, we find out that back there in the beginning when people begin to try to pervert what God had created... Man tries to pervert to make it more beautiful, make it more attractive.

And I wished I had time just to go to you what's happening on perversion. You know what's causing cancer? Perverted food. That's exactly. What... They say... Scientists claim that in twenty years longer if they keep letting women eat chicken and things that's--these hybrid chickens and so forth that they will not be able to have children anymore. The race will become distinct, because the woman cannot give birth to the baby.

What has happened by perversion? We are supposed to eat the grain of the stuff in it's origination. But what it is, the world, now the nation, in... It's just in a great big perversion condition. They--they have took chickens and interbred them, and so forth, and made hybrid chickens, till the poor chicken can only live a year. His meat is so soft, and he's made him so he don't even have any wings, or hardly. Why, he's in a terrible condition. And they--they--they eat that flesh into you, hybrid cattle and everything. But that's not... Them chickens cannot breed themselves back, neither can the cattle. They're hybrid. They cannot. They're finished. Exactly right.


We're living too... We're too soft. Man's becoming soft. They're becoming hybrids. That's right. You take fifty years ago, the game of baseball, you never heard of an accident. Now, they kill a dozen a year. Hit one... It's just like a guinea, knocks him out, he's dead. Look at Bob Fitzsimmons, and--and Corbett, John L. Sullivan, and those men, who fought as many as a hundred and twenty-five rounds in a afternoon. And a round wasn't two or three minutes, it was a knockdown. Knock one another down twenty-five times in an afternoon all along. They didn't have a featherbed over their hands like the boxers have today. They was bare-fisted--could take a four inch punch and bust a two-by-four with their hands. They could stand it. They were men.

And now, these little so-called, vitamin-fed Rickys, they've got a featherbed on, and they've got to stop the whole boxing thing. It's got soft. Man's got soft, nothing in him no more. He's a great big giant-looking thing. But what is it? A bunch of blubber. Just exactly what the Bible said, "They'd grow weaker but wiser." It's true.Hybrid! Anything I despise is hybrid. I've seen a piece in "Reader's Digest." If they keep on feeding women and things this hybrid food, that in twenty years from now the whole generation of people will be--become extinct. The women is getting wide shouldered, narrow hips. They can't have their babies and things: hybrid. Talk about hybrid corn. There's nothing to it. What is it? A great big fine grain, but nothing in it. Take that hybrid corn and plant it back, you don't get nothing. It's done, crossing up anything.

And that's exactly what the church has become, a bunch of hybrid. It's the truth. They've crossed up the baptism of the Holy Ghost with church affiliation, and they got a bunch of soft-peddled, so-called, professed Christians that know no more about God than a rabbit knows about snowshoes. You know that's the truth. What we need today is a God-sent, back to a borned again experience of...?... Hybrid: you say it looks better. That's what they've got. We've got bigger buildings, better dressed crowds. But what have we got? We've got a bigger ear of corn, but there's no life in it. We've got a bigger church, a better educated class of people. But where's the life at? They can't reproduce themselves again.


A few years ago... Look where man has got to in his body. Look where he's got to by the things he's done. Science is constantly trying to make a better food, hybrid corn, and--and hybrid tomatoes, hybrid beef when the stuff's no good at all. It's killing the people, and they don't realize it. Why, in a few more years, it'll be nothing but just a--a bunch like a jellyfish.

Fifty years ago ball games went on just as they do now, and you never heard of anybody getting hurt. But now, they kill a dozen or two a year. A ball hit a man, he--there ain't nothing in him to hold his life in him. He's like a guinea, you hit him, he's so soft he's dead.

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And they're injecting this hybrid into cattle which has come back into mankind now, according to science themselves, and is making perversions out of them. Because when a--a cow is hybrid, or any food is hybrid, that food makes blood cell, and blood cell is your life. See what it's done? And then, into meat, they inject these here injections into the meat, and now it's proved that these injections take effect upon the human race. Scientific!

They spray the fields with this DDT, I seen the other day, and now we got eight hundred sick people in this community from eating eggs. Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs." I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs." That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases!


And now, by hybreeding things, look what the world has got into today. I was reading an article here out of the "Reader's Digest," where twenty years from now women won't have babies, if it keeps on. They're eating hybrid food. The thing of it is, they've hybrid it. And that's not the way a human being was made, to eat that kind of food. It was made to eat it in the way it was created. That's the reason today, that they can't keep meats. And everything is the way it is, is because it's hybrid, hot planted, and every kind of a way. It's just all mixed up. It's got to where the entire human race is being destroyed by their own achievements; by trying to take something that God made good and turn it around, and make it some other way, in their own way. Leave it the way God made it!


And by the way, people listening to these tapes. Some--so many sends in, said, "Why, in the "Marriage and Divorce" you said this and you said that." I said that so many times: these tapes goes only... I'm speaking to my congregation, brother. I'm not responsible for what God give you to shepherd; I'm responsible for what kind of food I feed these people. This is for this Tabernacle only. See? Now, if the people want to listen to the tapes, that's up to them. But I'm speaking to what God has give to me. It was their sins that was omitted. Someone wrote out and said, "Well, I've done this and I've done that. You said our sins..." I--I didn't say that.

I said, "See it to this: this is only to this people right here, the people here in the Tabernacle, my own flock." Now, if people wants to hybrid food and stuff it out there... You--you get the revelation from God and do what God tells you to do. I'll do the same thing. But these messages are to this church.


I had my daughter to a dentist yesterday, and he said her teeth was twisting. A brother down in Tucson, Brother Norman, had his little daughter, and her teeth was bucking out. And the dentist says, that soon, he believes that maybe in times to come, that people will be born, teeth growing any way. It's the food that we're eating: hybrid food.

Did you read in "Reader's Digest," last month, about Billy Graham, the noble evangelist? Have you been listening to him? I pray for him now more than ever. When he talked to those turned-around collars, and so forth, the other night, laying it onto that clergy. Something's happened to him. One of these days I hope he sees his position where he's at. Notice, now is calling from Sodom, that perverted city.

And now notice this in "Reader's Digest"... Billy had gotten so weak that he couldn't even hold his meetings. And they told him he had to run, take exercise, and so forth. So he runs a mile each day, I believe it is, or something, to get exercise.


Now, how the poison has struck the church, struck the earth. Satan's poison upon the seeds, has put cavities in it and caused it to be deformed. More and more he sinks deeper into the hearts of the churches, in the hearts of the people and everything, science, science. Until it's become a place where the human race, by being interbred... I believe every seed should bring forth of its kind. And the human race, and the plant, and all being interbred, has brought us to a place; in eating our food from the earth, which our bodies is made hybrid; it's put our whole minds... Now, if our bodies are falling at--from twenty to twenty-five years old, because of degenerated cells by hybrid foods, don't our brain cells degenerate? Isn't that cells also? That's why Ricky runs through the street here with this hot rod; why Ricketta, Elvita's, and many of them, as we'd call name, out here half naked before the people, mentally gone, no more conceptions of decency or morals.

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We take medicine, put this formula with this formula, to cure this, and put it into us. And what do we do? We tear down something else.

Now, I guess you read, read last month's "Reader's Digest," that it said that, "In this age that we're living in now, that, young men and women reach middle age between twenty and twenty-five years old." Think of that. Little girls in menopause, and twenty, and twenty-two and twenty-three years old, middle age. You see, what's done it, it's been this hybrid food and stuff we're eating. See, it's the stuff, the food and the--the life that we're living. Scientists has brought it to us, and, in doing so, they're killing you.

I was in Africa where I'd see them boys that never had a dose of medicine in their life. They eat meat that had maggots in it. They drank out of a pool that it looked like would kill an ox. And I was shooting a target at two hundred yards, and I couldn't see it with a pair of seven-fifty binoculars. And a man my age was standing there, telling me where it was hit, with his naked eye. Now, if all this modern culture has done something... I feel if I had his eyes and his stomach, I would be a pretty good man. Yeah.

But there you are, you see, that's what science, education, civilization, we're destroyed by it. We destroy ourselves. It started in the garden of Eden, and runs on for today. But, thirsting for success!

Then, we thirst for fellowship. We go, we want fellowship.

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