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E-66 We're living in a great day of hybreeding. I was reading a piece in "Reader's Digest" not long ago, this hybrid stuff. I was coming down, I seen it said, "Hybrid corn," great big corn, fine ears. It's no good. It ain't worth nothing. It's a damage to you. Hybrid beef, hybrid; everything's hybrid, hybrid, hybrid. It's no good. Take your hybrid corn, try to plant it over again, see what you get. It's no good.


E-64 I read a piece in the "Reader's Digest" not long ago, where people--our women eating this hybrid beef, hybrid corn, and all that stuff, corn flakes, that they're growing narrower in the hips. And twenty years from now, if something isn't done, science says that the woman cannot have her baby. It's a killing. Anything that's hybrid is wrong.


71 A few years ago... Look where man has got to in his body. Look where he's got to by the things he's done. Science is constantly trying to make a better food, hybrid corn, and--and hybrid tomatoes, hybrid beef when the stuff's no good at all. It's killing the people, and they don't realize it. Why, in a few more years, it'll be nothing but just a--a bunch like a jellyfish.



110 An old minister went and preached justification at a revival, second night, third night, fourth night, fifth night. The deacons called him out and said, "Reverend, don't you know no more than the sermon on justification?"

"Oh, sure. But let them all get justified first, and then we'll preach something else." That's right.

Oh, if you could only get back to the foundation... There stood Samson, defeated.

Now, look, we might be prettier; that might be so. But it's just like I was coming down the road the other day; I seen a big sign, said, "Funk's, a hybrid corn," how great it was. But it ain't no good. It's just as no good as it can be, and it's killing the nation. You read about it in "Reader's Digest." If women keep on eating hybrid beef, and corn, and things, they can't have a baby in twenty years from now. There's no good in it.

LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE_ HOT.SPRINGS.AR V-20 N-10 FRIDAY_ 63-0628A, 114 What is a hybrid, hotbed plant? If it isn't original plant, you have to keep spraying it all the time to keep the bugs off of it. The bugs will eat it up. But if it's original plant, you don't have to spray it. A good healthy plant, a bug won't crawl on it.

That's what's the matter; you have to keep babying people in the church, "Glory to God, sister." See? You're a hybrid; you're brought in by some other way.

You take that hybrid corn and plant it back, and what you got? Nothing. It won't even make nothing.

The church is pretty today; that's true: bigger buildings than you ever had, the greatest congregations you ever preached to, the better intellected ministers than you used to have. You used to have men out of cornfields somewhere, that God called out there on the broom-sage patch. But now you sent your children to school, and made grandchildren out of them, and come back with all the Ph.D's, and LL.D. And even one of the great Pentecostal churches today, before they send a man to the mission fields, he has to stand before a psychiatrist to see if he's mentally intellected enough. Think of it.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 10-1 Somehow, while thinking on that, riding along by myself, and you can't keep your radio on no more because (especially in localities where there's just every station's this old boogie woogie music and all that stuff, you know, the rock-and-roll, and you just don't have)... 'Less you just happen to tune in just at the hour and you get the news and weather, then you have to turn it off again. So I believe maybe the Lord was helping me, and I wrote on the back of my road map, "hybrid" because something struck me when I looked at it. Such fine great big grains of corn, I thought, "That's so much different than the corn we used to raise."

Everything becomes a hybrid. But did you know that it's no good? It has no life in it. It cannot reproduce itself again. You can't plant hybrid corn. If you do, you--you've got just a little dwarf field, because it's been hybrid.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 11-1 Then we had a string of mules that we packed with, and I noticed that the mule is hybrid also. Don't never lay it on God a-making a mule. God never had anything to do with that. No, that was man. The mule don't know where he belongs. He--he can't reproduce himself again. He's--he's a hybrid. See, he--he don't know who his father was nor his mother was, and he can't reproduce again. He's just a mule and he's on the skidrow to death. And no matter how much he tries to bring forth his kind, he can't do it.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 11-6 That wasn't God's plan in the beginning. He never sent one of them to any seminary. He sent them to an upper room to wait there until the Holy Ghost came upon them to be ordained ministers of the Lord. But hybreeding, bringing the church to theology, instead of letting the Holy Spirit lead it, they bred in bishops, general overseers, when the Holy Spirit is God's original Leader of the church. But they hybrid the church like they did the chicken, like they did the mule, like they did everything else: hybreeding it, making it different, breeding in the world, the things of the world, basketball games, and soup suppers, and--and bunco games, and all kinds of things of the world. It's true it's prettier; it's a bigger building, a polished class of people. Their singing may be more orderly in the notes and so forth than the--the old fashion Pentecostal with the tambourine and the guitar, but it hasn't got the seed. It hasn't got the ring to it. They explain away all of it. "This is better than that was." Like they tried the hybrid corn, "It's better than the old was." It wasn't better. The life in it wasn't better. The outside might've looked better, but the life wasn't right; and we're talking about life.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 12-1 The life isn't right in hybreeding. God wants it in the way that He made it at the beginning. So the church has been hybrid. And now, it comes to a place to where that the church is more like a lodge than it is like a Pentecostal blessing. The scholars are more educators than they are preachers. They are more of a place of--of getting great scholarship: "Our pastor has a doctor's degree," or--or something like that of theology; and they cannot breed themselves back. As beautiful as it is, they cannot come back to theirself. How would you... They cannot cross themselves.

Try to cross the Methodist with the Baptist and see what you got. You got a worse renegade than you had in the first place. That's right. You can't... You got a dwarf. That's right. You plant hybrid corn. It'll come up out like that and turn yellow. There's no life in it. That's the reason it can't produce; and that's what's the matter with the church today. It hasn't got any Life in it. It's got a lot of show and a--a better class of people they call bigger grains, finer buildings, more scholared preachers, but no Life in there to reproduce newborn babes.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 12-3 Can't cross itself back... When the grain was first planted; the second place they come in, then hybrid it. And the first thing you know, it can't never come back. I ask any scholar to go with me through history. Any church that ever left its original foundation has never been able to come up again. When God sent Luther, and he had a revival, he swept the world; but he organized it and hybrid it with the world, like the Catholic church. And when he did, what did he do? He produced a bunch of renegades, hybrid: and he never has rose and never will rise.

Along come John Wesley and done the same thing with the revival. As soon as him, and--and Asbury, and the old founders died, they organized it and made the Wesleyan Methodist church; and they never raised, and they never will raise no more.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 13-1 The Anglican church, the same thing off of Calvin, when they had a revival it was fine. (Brother Simpson, packing it in his pocket now, from Canada.) The Anglican church now, they've gone in, the ministers and all of them, to drinking. They mix their beer, gin, and stuff together right in the church, have parties and drink. What is it? It can never go back to its original again because it's hybrid with the world. It's lost.

Now, we talk about the Anglican, and the Methodist, and the Baptist, but the Pentecostal's the same.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 13-3 A few years ago we had a Pentecostal church that was on fire; but what did they do? They hybrid it, denominated it, brought it back into the world. Now, what have you got? Just exactly like God did with the mule; it's on its devil's skid row. It'll never return. It's finished, denominated, and broke down, and now they got finer churches.

Oh, the Pentecostal people used to be in a little mission on the alley corner, used to be kicked about from pillar to post, and throwed in jail half the time for shouting all night. Oh, they sure have a hard time finding one now. What happened? They interbred it. They made it like the Baptist; like the Baptist made like the Methodist; the Methodist made like Luther; Luther made like the Catholic. What have you got? A hybrid bunch of wild donkeys. That's right.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 13-7 Hybrid; just a mule. Don't know where he come from; he isn't pedigreed. He can't be pedigreed, but a horse is different. Yes, sir. You take a fine stock pedigreed horse, he's just as gentle and nice; likes to get out there and prance around, you know, and comes back, lays his head over on your shoulders, and nickers, and carries on; he's--he's a fine animal. He's faithful, stand with you. Why? He knows he's got papers to show that he's pedigreed. Amen. He's got it wrote out that he's pedigreed. His blood is pure.

That's the way it is with a born again saint of God. You can tell him Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever, he will hollers, "Amen." Why? He's pedigreed. His experience is wrote in the Bible. He's borned of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and he's a pedigreed Christian. Glory. No interbreeding there, he's Genuine, gentle, meek; you can teach him something.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 16-7 Jesus said, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed..." Why did He like a mustard seed? Kale and spinach mixed together makes rafe, but mustard won't mix with nothing, Mustard--genuine mustard, you ain't hybreeding it; it's mustard. Men who are born of the Spirit of God is God's sons and daughters. They don't mix with the world, They're not hybrid; they stay with God; they stay with His program; they stay with His Spirit. They don't want none of the hybrid stuff. Don't make any difference how big and polished the other churches look; how big and polished the congregation looks; how glamorous and what great gatherings they have, that don't phase them a bit.

I always liked that song, "Teach me, Lord, to wait, while hearts are on flame," while they're building big buildings and having great things.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 17-1 Don't be carried away with hybrid stuff. It's not right. It'll finally come to its end; it can't go back. When it's hybrid, it's finished. It can never reproduce itself again. If it does, it's a dwarf. Look what the... Look what Wesley revival, when we get in that Philadelphian Age, what a revival they had. Look at the next revival. Look at the next revival. Just keep dwarfing, dwarfing, dwarfing, dwarfing till now, look where it's at now.

Look where the Baptists started with John Smith. Look where it's dwarfed to. Look at the Pentecostals that started in 1906. They interbred with the world, brought in the things of the world and the doctrine of the world. They adopted for the Holy Ghost, a handshake. They adopted for immersing, sprinkling. They adopted for water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost like the world. They adopted handshake to receive the Holy Ghost instead of speaking in tongues and the power of God to follow. They put Divine healing in the doctor's office instead of on your knees in prayer. They hybrid themselves; and they're dwarfing each year: dwarfing.

CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 18-3 Now, you show me one place in the Bible where anybody was ever baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It's not there. It's manmade theology that's been hybrid into the church, giving a chance for a idol, like's coming into the nation now.

I can prove to you by history and by the Bible that anybody that's baptized in the Name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is baptized in the Catholic church, by their own catechism. They said, "Will any Protestants be saved?"

Said, "Some of them, they accept some of our doctrine. They claim to believe the Bible." Said, "The Bible said, 'Repent, and be baptized (Peter did on the day of Pentecost and so forth.) in the Name of Jesus Christ.' Their Bible teaches that, but they accept our doctrine. (That's Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That's--that's the catechism.)" It ain't a Protestant doctrine; it's a Catholic doctrine. But we, as Pentecostals, interbred it with manmade theology.

You see where we're getting? No wonder God can't send a revival He's got nothing to build it on. Then He'll take individuals, and build it on them individuals, and declare them before the world. You stay with that Word.

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