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ABRAHAM'S.COVENANT.CONFIRMED_ LONG.BEACH.CA FRIDAY_ 61-0210, E-44 But anything I love is a good hybrid horse--good registered horse, good registered stock, oh, brother, pedigreed. That's the way I like religion. I like real pedigreed Pentecostal religion. They can tell you where they come from. They know who their father and mother was. You don't see them with bobbed hair and dresses you're poured into like a--some kind of a wiener skinned over or something like that. Now, you're smoking cigarettes, marrying three or four women, running around drinking, and carrying, calling themselves Christians. They don't do that. That's hybrid Pentecost brought into a denomination. But real Pentecost stand on the firing line, stand for God. That's right.

ABRAHAM'S.COVENANT.CONFIRMED_ LONG.BEACH.CA FRIDAY_ 61-0210, E-45 Hybrid, it's hybrid so much in this, America is gone so much on hybrid till that the people is becoming hybrid. You know you have to go back to the original. Now, let me show you where science claims that we come from animal life, that breaks them down. If anything breathes... Genesis 1:26 said, I believe it said, "Every... Let every seed bring forth of its kind." Every seed after its kind, and you cross that seed up, it cannot breed itself back again. No, sir, it's finished when... That shows that we never evoluted from monkeys and so forth, getting better and better. No, sir, we did not. We are simply made in the image of God. We're sons and daughters of God.

Yes, the man and his wife are one. The man, when he was first made, he was both in his spirit, both masculine and feminish. Both was him, male and female was he alone. But when God separated him he never went... A woman is not in the original creation. She's a byproduct of the man. He took the body from the man's body and took the feminish part from his spirit and put it in her, and she is feminish and he's masculine.

When you see women like in America today, want to act like a man, there's a pervert there somewhere. When you see a man so sissified, afraid, saying, "I'm just don't like to tell you all where you're all going." You are some preacher: afraid, "I don't want to..." Oh, my. God wants men (That's right.), wants you if you're a woman, be a lady. If you're a man, be man. Don't...


CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-13 SUNDAY_ 60-1113, 16-4, A woman live unclean to her husband; husband live unclean to his wife and bring a hybrid child. Oh, some

woman'd say, "Oh, isn't he beautiful, great big tall fellow." That's the same thing maybe Eve thought. She brought a hybrid child, and the hybrid child was Cain; and through Cain come giants. It's always been the cursed of the Lord: hybrid. Stay away from it: hybrid religion. Don't mix it.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 60-1127M, E-17 I was speaking on that just recently on a sermon of, "Hybrid Religion." And science in working in the field of science, those who claim evolution has taken their own scientific reproofs and or, proof and disproved their own theory of evolution, because anything that is hybrid cannot breed itself back again. Therefore, if He made a certain seed, it has to remain that. If you cross it up with something else, it cannot breed itself back. That ends it as soon as you--as you breed it.

A mule--a mule can never produce another mule, and don't nobody ever lay it onto God of making a mule. He never done it. That's what man done. It's--it's a... Reminds me right smart today of the nature when you hybreed anything, you spoil its nature.


IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 60-1127M, E-19 You know I--I hope this doesn't sound sacrilegious, but it reminds me of too many people today that's got mule religion, a hybrid religion. "Our church, we know all about it." And you can tell them about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and give them the formula to God, and they just stand with their ears out, never make a move. A good hybrid brings forth... "If My sheep hear My voice," they know what's true because they like sheep food.

A hybrid seed like corn, you see it looks beautiful, because it's a hybrid. I seen on a sign the other day, "hybrid corn." Well, it's no good. You know what it's doing? Hybrid cattle makes a better cow. Hybrid chickens... They got chickens so hybrid now, till the chicken ain't got no legs or wings. It's all breast, but the poor thing can only live a year and it dies. It's practically dead when it's born.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 60-1127M, E-22 You notice it started a deeds of the Nicolaitanes. After while it become a doctrine. Well, what it is, they've taken all the Spirit away from the congregation and made bishops, overseers, popes. Put it all in the pulpit, and the pulpit got intellectual. There you got a hybrid church again (See?), under intellectuals. God send us back to the Holy Ghost amongst the people. Let the unction of the Spirit move among the people, giving forth messages, and power, and manifestations, if we have to stand on the street corner, or get in a chicken house, or a barn somewhere.

We don't want any of this hybrid religion, come out of the seminary. We want it to come like a rushing, mighty wind from on high that fills all the house, not just one man, all the house where they are seated together. ,Perversion, that's what man did in the days of our Lord Jesus. That's what he's trying to do today: take the things that's original and pervert them by his own ideas and he ruins himself.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 60-1127M, E-25 The revival that come forth in the days of Luther, it cannot reproduce itself, because they hybrid it. The days of Wesley, they cannot reproduce it. Tell me one of them ever raised when they fell. When they hybrid the church, it goes right back again. It's done. It can't reproduce itself. It can bring members in, make an organization, but it can't reproduce itself again. What we want is something to reproduce, to bring sons and daughters to God. You can't do it from a seminary. It's got to come from the Holy Ghost above like a rushing mighty wind, like it did at the beginning.

Hybrid religion perverting things, changing things, men perverting, and when Jesus come in His days, He said, "In vain do you worship Me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of man." What have they did? They've taken the commandments of God and hybrid it to their own ideas, and have brought it back, and it said, "Thou shalt not and thou shalt this and so forth," but they with their traditions makes the commandments of God of non effect because they had hybrid it.

SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206, 32 Man's always trying to outsmart the very Creator that made him, and he doesn't do a thing but kill hisself. As a few Sundays ago I preached on the--the "Hybrid Religion." That's exactly. When you hybreed anything, you can never, it's done. It's finished; it can't come back no more. A mule can never breed back and have another mule, because he--he's a mule; he's a hybrid. Fine corn, you can't raise fine corn off of fine hybrid corn. It won't even... It might come up, but it's--oh, it's no good at all. You can't do it. Anything that's hybrid's no good.

And a hybrid religion's no good. As long as you're trying to add something to what God said, or do something that God don't want you to do, it's a hybrid religion. It might look pretty. Oh, hybrid corn will outshine the natural corn. An old mule will outwork two horses. Well, that's... It ain't working, brother; it's grace that we're saved by: not by works are we saved, but by grace.


41 That's how someone got it the other day. I've got a lot of letters on that, "Hybrid Religion," that I made a remark over in... The Bible said that a illegitimate, called "bastard child," could not enter the congregation of the Lord for ten generations, which would be four hundred years that a illegitimate child could not come into the congregation of the Lord. That's how bad that hybriding was; that was a woman that let another man live with her in order to bring forth a child, that that child was hybrid, not by its father but by some other man. See? And that was so evil before God, it taken ten generations to ever breed that out again, before God.

But that doesn't apply to this age. You have a new birth now.

AS.THE.EAGLE.STIRS.HER.NEST_ BEAUMONT.TX SUNDAY_ 61-0122, E-60 Now, what if all at once one of them little fellows would happen to be a crow, fly up on the nest and holler, "Caw, caw, caw, caw?" That'd be a hybrid. That's what's the matter today. We got too many hybrid buzzards and crows in the nest, and not real eagles that believe: too much hybrid religion, trying to mix oil and water together. It won't mix.

You know what would happen? If that little crow jumped up there and hollered, "Caw, caw, caw, days of miracles is past; no such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Ghost; all this is fanaticism," he'd kick him out of there.

What would happen to him up in that nest then? He'd disintegrate, 'fore he'd get down among the chickens. He sure would. Yes, sir.

ABRAHAM'S.COVENANT.CONFIRMED_ LONG.BEACH.CA FRIDAY_ 61-0210, E-42 Now, He was--we realize from the dust now, 13th chapter, unto the 15th chapter. Now, we find out... We left him last night where he had done a beautiful thing, Abraham. His backslidden brother Lot went down in Sodom and become a great man down there and got out of the will of the Lord. Then should we seek a flower bed of ease? Should we ask the easy way? No. The old writer used to write, wrote a song, "Must I be carried home to heaven on a flowerly bed of ease, while others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas? No, I must fight if I must reign. Increase my courage, Lord." That's it.

We don't ask for easy things. Today the church is wanting just to go to sleep and fan it away with some kind of a little theology, you know. "Yes, we believe it. Yes, you're all right; join the church, that's all you have to do. Bring your letter from the Methodist over to us Baptists. And--and if the Oneness won't have you, we Trinity will. And so, here we are, just bless your little heart." Oh, brother. Hmmm. That's not Christians. That's hybrid, hybrid religion. I preached on it not long ago.

ABRAHAM'S.COVENANT.CONFIRMED_ LONG.BEACH.CA FRIDAY_ 61-0210, E-51 The old mother bird, she could get upon this nest and lay... She can lay the eggs all right, so can we have churches. Just like I said, a hybrid religion. "We got a prettier church than we used to have. Oh, my, it's beautiful." I admire that. But brother, when you see our women and men in our congregation breaking down to that old cold formal acting and painting, and women... Why, it used to be wrong for Pentecostal women to wear a manicure, or what is that stuff they put on their face, ever what it is. It--it used to be--lipstick. It used to be wrong for them to do that. But I notice they do it now. What's the matter? Right.

Listen, there was only one women in the Bible ever painted her face, and that was Jezebel. God fed her to the dogs for doing it. Now, when you see a woman with a lot of paint on, say, "How do, Miss Dog meat?" That's exactly what it was in the Bible. God fed her to the dogs, so He just made dog meat out of it. It's exactly right. What we need is a Pentecostal stirring revival to clean all the way from the pulpit to the floor of the church, clean up. We need Christ, brother, sister; we do.


E-34 Now, we find out that he always tries to outsmart, do something better. And it's true, he makes a prettier specie. But that doesn't make it any better. And he's figured on now till he's even got a hybrid religion. So I just wonder what he's going to do with that, where he's come to with that place. But he always tries to outsmart his Maker. He thinks that he knows better, and--and he's...

And God never does destroy anything. Man destroys himself by his knowledge. God doesn't destroy anything. It's man, by his knowledge, destroys himself. So therefore, if you would take time, go back in the Scriptures and chase the lineage of Cain and then the lineage of Seth; you will find out that the--the lineage of Cain were the smart men, the scientists, the workers of wood, the workers of metal, scientists. And they all perished in the antediluvian destruction. But the lineage of--of Seth were humble: farmers, sheep raisers.

IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ BLOOMINGTON.IL TUESDAY_ 61-0411, E-70 With three different interpreters, French interpreters, and the interpreter for the United Nations... And Danny Henry, Marilyn... or this Jane Russell it was, beg your pardon, Jane Russell's cousin, a Baptist, knowed not one word of it, but was so stern. He had walked up and said, "Brother Branham, them words that you said could easily be put in the Book of Revelations." He threw his arms around me and started speaking in French. He never knowed one word of it. There are three witnesses bearing record with the U. N. interpreter. Brother, we're in the last days. That's exactly right. Amen.

I'm away... Get away from hybrid religion. Come into the true genuine Pentecostal. That's right.


E-66 That's what the matter with some of this hybrid religion. You can say, "Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever."

Holler, "Haw, haw. Days of miracles is past; there's no such a thing." Oh, my. No wonder the Bible said they'd come like a field of braying mules. That's right.

Oh, it's... That's right. It's hybrid. What did you try to do? Mix some of the world with the church. That's what started it in the beginning, a hybrid church. We ought... we are... But you know one thing that's gentle. One thing I like is a fine pedigreed horse. Oh, my.


E-23 And a hybrid product can never stand the roughness and the treatment that the original can stand. Why, an old longhorn would starve one of your Herefords to death out on the prairie in the wintertime. She can make her own way like a deer. But your hybrid Hereford, your hybrid Brahma-Angus, it'd die out there. You have to baby them.

And He... If He was standing today, I believe He'd say something like it to us. Not only have we hybreeded fruit, animals, but we've hybrid religion: has to be babied and petted. It's not the original. We try to take the Word of God and breed It into something else, and breed It over here, and It becomes a bunch of delicate babies that we have to baby, and they can't take the real Word. He might've been saying something like that.


E-66 We're living in a great day of hybreeding. I was reading a piece in "Reader's Digest" not long ago, this hybrid stuff. I was coming down, I seen it said, "Hybrid corn," great big corn, fine ears. It's no good. It ain't worth nothing. It's a damage to you. Hybrid beef, hybrid; everything's hybrid, hybrid, hybrid. It's no good. Take your hybrid corn, try to plant it over again, see what you get. It's no good.

Even they got hybrid religion today too. That's right. That's true. They took it at a denominational confession instead of a Holy Ghost experience: hybreeding.

What does hybrid does? Makes a better looking ear, but it ain't got no life in it. That's the way it makes a better looking church, but no life in it: hybrid. That's right.


E-70 Like a mule. I always felt sorry for a mule. A mule don't even know... He has no pedigree. His mama was a mare, and his daddy was a donkey. He can't even have children himself. They can't reproduce them no more. You can't cross it back. That knocks science out. Said... Evolution says that we come from a monkey. How could we? When you cross it up one time, it can't cross back again. That knocks their argument out. That's right. It cannot.

Notice, and this old mule, he don't know... He don't--he don't know nothing. And all he knows, he's just a mule. He always looks... He sets there with his big old ears sticking up, you know, and you go to talk to him. You can't learn him nothing. You can't teach him a thing. He just looks at you, go "Haw, haw." That's all he does.

Puts me in the mind of a bunch of people that set there, like some of this mule hybrid religion we got. "The days of miracles is past. Haw, haw, haw." What does he know about it? That's right. He don't know--he don't know who his papa was. Only thing he knows is they belong to some denomination.

CALLING.JESUS.ON.THE.SCENE_ DENHAM.SP.LA THURSDAY_ 64-0319, E-25 And now, hybreeding's got into the church too. Instead of having a real rugged bunch of Bible believers, they've hybrid it by denomination. And they have to... "I got this, and I got that. And I belong to this, and I belong to that." It's hybrid. And the thing can't produce itself again. We need a Book of Acts again.

But the only way you'll do it, is get back to the Bible, and away from some of this hybrid religion. Hybreeding, have to be babied, no faith, just a bunch of--of powder puffs, just sissified, babied into it.


Talk about a hybrid. Do you know the most famous hybrid in the world? It has been with us for ages. It is the mule. It is a cross between a donkey and a horse. He is a funny kind of an animal. He can't reproduce himself. He has no life that can do that. Yet talk about work. He can outwork the horse or the donkey. But watch his nature. He is stubborn and you can never trust him. He is a perfect picture of hybrid religion. A cross between truth and darkness, for the horse is a type of the true believer and the ass a picture of the unrighteous one. Mix them and you have a sterile, formal religion. It hasn't the seed of life. It is dead. It can talk about truth but it can't produce it. It doesn't have God in its midst, yet it gathers together and talks about God, and all the while systematically denies the power. They will deny the Word in the very Name of the Lord. And there is never any hope for them. Do you realize that no organized religion ever had a revival? Never! Once they organized they died. They can't ever come back. No sir. I can show you that in type. In Exodus 13:13, "And every firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb; and if thou wilt not redeem it, then thou shalt break his neck; and all the first-born of man among thy children shalt thou redeem." See, the ass can be redeemed. Every miserable sinner can be redeemed by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, or in rejecting Christ be rejected himself. But you don't redeem the mule. There is no redemption for him. There is no blood for him. There can't be because the mule takes refuge in the church while the ass takes refuge in the blood. The mule has "no seed" in him that can be quickened, but the ass has seed.


Why, just a few weeks ago I read an editorial. Yes, it was an editorial by an unsaved businessman; not by a Christian. He said that he was amazed at the churches. He could not understand them. They had seminaries filled with professors who taught the Word of God in order to destroy it. Now then this man could not figure that out. He was appalled by it. He said that he could understand the atheist or communist, or free thinker or someone else doing that. But when the church itself destroyed the Word of God it was tantamount to premeditated murder. THERE IS YOUR HYBRID RELIGION. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

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