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LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 493-550 SUNDAY_ 60-1211E, 263 What does the messenger to the church--message to the church teach us then, teach--teach us? Not the growth in the Spirit. No, sir. Decline of the Spirit; we have a decline all the time. The metheda--the--the messengers to the church and the message to every church age condemned denominationism. Every message to the church, the church was constantly on the decline and wouldn't listen to it. The--the message to the church was disregarding denominations. And it made hybrid Christians, so-called (That's right.), who know nothing about God or the Holy Ghost. That's as true as I stand in this platform tonight. The fine lukewarm members, only to be spewed out of His mouth...


203 As I said not long ago; if any thing is a ignorant thing, is a mule. He don't know who's papa or mama is. He's a hybrid thing (See?); he don't know who, what papa, mama. He don't know where he belongs. That's like some of these hybrid Christians, so-called, bred in by denominations. But a good thoroughbred horse is pedigreed; he knows what it's all about.

And a good thoroughbred Christian knows where the Storehouse of God is. They know that they're borned of the Word. The Word is made flesh in them. Every Word that God says, they don't different with It; they say, "It's right. Amen, and amen." They punctuate It with an "amen," every time. "Amen. Amen." Something in them punctuates It Himself.

PERSEVERANCE_ S.PINES.NC FRIDAY_ 62-0608, E-49 But oh, how beautiful is a thoroughbred. Oh, my. He can tell you who his pappy was, his mammy was, his grand-pappy, and grandmammy, and great-grand-mammy, and all the way back. He knows. He's gentle, kind. You can talk to him; he listens. Put his head on your shoulder, he's full of love. Why? He's thoroughbred.

So is a thoroughbred Christian that's borned of the Spirit of God. They don't go into any denominational arguments. They know Who their Father is. They know where they come from. They know where the Spirit come from. They know Who they're borned of. They don't argue your creeds. You can talk to them about love, about Divine healing, all these things 'cause they're borned of God. Persistent, I should say. You don't have to beat them. They'll pull the load anyhow. Right. Oh, my. How wonderful. Hybrid Christians, that's... got today.

PERSEVERANCE_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 63-0113E, E-59 She was not a hotbed plant, a hybrid, like some of them today--these hybrid religions we got today, you know. They ain't no good. Everything now's hybrid, hybrid. Even they got hybrid churches, hybrid Christians took in by shaking of hands. Oh, they can dress better, and maybe use better English, and so forth like that. Ain't got no life in it.

You take a big fine ear of corn hybrid, maybe it's twice as pretty as the other one. Plant it, it'll die. Ain't got no life in it. That's right. We don't want nothing hybrid. We want the genuine thing. If you haven't got it, stay there till it comes. Why accept a substitute when the Pentecostal skies are full of the real? See? Nothing hybrid, it won't stand.

You have to always spray a hybrid plant, keep the bugs off of it. That's the way with some of these hybrid Christians. You have to baby them, and pet them, and promise them they'll be deacon or something else. Keep some of the worldly bugs from them of unbelief. "They'll get out of the church." Kick them out anyhow. That's right. They never was in.

LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE_ HOT.SPRINGS.AR V-20 N-10 FRIDAY_ 63-0628A, 123 Just reminds me of some hybrid Christians, so called. You can try to tell an old mule something, he'll stand with his ears up and go "Haw. Haw. Haw." See? All he knows is bray and carry on. You can't tell him truth and teach him nothing. That's the way these people: tell them about Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever, "Haw. Haw. The days of miracles is passed," a braying of some seminary that we learned. It's a hybrid.

The Holy Spirit will punctuate every commandment of God with an "amen." That's a seminary-something spirit breathing out of him. Not braying against the Word of God, if it's the Holy Spirit. It'll punctuate it, "amen." See?


E-47 That puts me in mind of a lot of so-called hybrid Christians. They've hybrid them churches until they got the disease of spiritual amnesia. They can't reproduce nothing again. You talk about hybrid corn. Hybrid corn's nothing. It's the worst thing you ever put in your mouth, anything hybrid. That's the reason you have to take these little hotbed plants and hybrid stuff and spray it, and doctor it, and baby it. Why? Because you can't keep the bugs off of it. But a genuine thoroughbred, you don't have to put no disinfect on him. He's got power within himself to keep the bugs...?... to keep the bugs of unbelief off. But a real, genuine, spirited man...

WHAT.IS.THE.ATTRACTION?_ JEFF.IN V-8 N-8 SUNDAY_ 65-0725E, 167 Now, dear God, surely we're not a bunch of hybrid Christians, we shouldn't be somebody that has to be petted and babied. You don't have that kind, Lord. You have rugged believers. The very Presence of God sets a man's heart on fire. Like Abraham, he believed God. You made Yourself known to him, then You appeared to him and performed a sign, and he believed You. You turned his body back to a young man, and also his wife, which, his wife was part of his own body. Then come forth the new child, the promised son.

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