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40 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.1 -- JEFF.IN -- IC 35-64 -- 53-0326

Now, and watch that Babel tower come right on down, Babel, and right on down through there and end up over here in Revelation; a Christian, religious idolatry, pretending to be Christianity. Oh! John seen her in Revelation 17, admired her, how she set, looked like, and wore the Name of Jesus and everything else, and yet persecuted and martyred the saints of the living God. The Angel said, "Come here, and I will show you who she is." Said, "She's a great church that sets over many, on seven hills, and rules over the earth, and so forth. How she drank the blood of the martyrs of Christ!" Oh, mercy!


For instance, all down through the Scripture, we think of Babylon. When Babylon first appeared, look at it down through the Bible. Babylon appeared back there... You know, Nimrod built Babylon. First Babylon was called the gates of heaven. Then it was called confusion. And there's where idolatry first started.


Back in Genesis we realize that different things happened back there. Look here. For instance Babylon appeared first in Genesis. Now, we have to watch Babylon. It appears over here in the Bible again about the middle of the Old Testament, and then comes all over into Revelations for the last days, Babylon.

It begin first, was the--the Gates of God, it was called. Then it was called Babylon, confusion. It was founded by Nimrod who was the son of Ham. And there's where idolatry started first, and there's where idolatry ends up at, still in Babylon. It comes all the way through. Every tree, you must bring it up through the--the time, up through the Bible.

82 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS - JEFF.IN - COD 59-104 - 54-0103.1M

And notice, I could state something here that would shock, but if--if it is... Listen, now. Watch how Babylon... What taken place at... in--in Babylon, when the force was brought on to the true worshipers. Remember, just a little handful, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, and Daniel, of--of the true worshipers that went down into captivity, when God called them to--to really show their colors, what they were. They were forced into worship of an idol. Is that right? Idolatry! They was forced into worship an idol, and they had to bow before an idol. And if they didn't do it, they were persecuted.


And that little Pillar of Fire that you see there... Sometime ago there was a miracle performed, was that... A lady put it in a picture...And she was looking, not at me, of course, but at that Pillar of Fire there. And she claims... This is her testimony. The doctor give her up to die. She claimed that that Pillar of Fire come out of the picture and hung over her. And two days later she was dismissed from the hospital and went home well.


God just... She just... as a... It was just her--her contact with that, you see. She just--she just looked at that and believed. Now, we know to look at that any other way would be like idolatry. We wouldn't do that. See. It's not the picture. It's what it represents. You understand that.


161 THE.SEVEN.CHURCH.AGES -- JEFF.IN -- V-26 N-2 -- 54-0512

Now, just as Israel come in in its beauty, back in the beginning under Abraham, come on down through the patriarchs. And in the day of Ahab it went into the dark ages, the darkest age that the Church seen. Went out of there... And in that time, how that Ahab married Jezebel, brought idolatry into the orthodox church.

The same thing, that, Protestantism married Romanism in the fifteen hundred years of dark ages, in the Pergamos church and come out with idolatry, under the form of Christianity, going on out into lukewarm age that's coming on before us. And we're in it right now. We're in the lukewarm age.

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