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 60  IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US  JEFF.IN  V-15 N-1  61-1231E
  And Gideon asked that question. What a Scriptural man that was! That's the kind of man that God comes to, somebody who knows. Gideon said, "If God is with us, if You are the Messenger, then where is the miracles that the prophet told us about?" He knowed, everywhere God went, His miracles followed Him. He knowed that wherever God would be, miracles would be there.
  And how can you expect God, today to work in amongst people who doesn't even believe in miracles? How can it be?
  And He called him "the mighty man of valour." Said, "Now, by this, you're going to deliver Israel."
  Now, that looked like a man sitting there, and it was a Man. And he looked at Him, and he said, "Nay, my Lord, if God is with us, then why is all this trouble upon us? And where is the miracles that we are told about? Where is the things that God used to do?"

 69  IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US  JEFF.IN  V-15 N-1  61-1231E
  Therefore, he said, "Where is the working, where is the miracles, if God be with us?"
  Glory! That's it! See, where God is, miracles are. Where God is, the sign of God is there. See?
  And Gideon, very Scriptural, said, "Where is these things?" In other words, like this, "I am a man, maybe of fifty years old," he would say. "And I have heard them talk about a God that worked miracles. And I have went to church, and I have believed the priests. And I believe the prophets. And I believe the written Word, all the scrolls. And I read in the scrolls where, God, when He come among His people, something taken place." And Gideon didn't know but what that was a man sitting there under this oak tree. Amen! That's all he knowed, He was a man. He said, "Now, if God is with us, where is His miracles at? We want to see them."
  How Scriptural that is! For where the supernatural is, God and His sign would be with Him. Where God is, the sign of God is with God. We know that. If He is in His people, they will do His signs. Just exactly.

101  IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US  JEFF.IN  V-15 N-1  61-1231E
  If God be God, where is His miracles? If God is with us, where is His miracles?
  If God is with the Methodist church, why is all the women still wearing bobbed hair? If God is with the Baptist church, then why does the pastor still smoke cigarettes, many of them? Why do they still deny the power of--of God to heal the sick, and to raise the dead, and to speak in tongues, and interpretate tongues, and gifts of prophecy? Why do they still deny it, if the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament is still the same God? If the God of the New Testament, the Holy Ghost, is still the God the Pentecostals claim, why don't they break down their walls of partition, and fussing at one another, and become borned again Christians? Sure. No, one won't even speak to the other one. See, the sacrifice hasn't been consumed. They go through sensations, they've done that all their--all through the ages, under idols, they done sensations.

  Now, He looked like, probably, an old bald-headed man setting over there leaning up against a bush, you know, setting back against the bush, -maybe a sheepskin wrapped around him, or something another, stick in his hand. He wasn't very much to look at. And He said--told him He'd come to commission him to go deliver Israel. The prophet had done give his message, so he said, "I'm sending you to do this."
...He said, "God is with you." He said, "If God is with us, then where's all of His miracles?" There's the question.


  Gideon knowed what he was talking about. He said, "Then, sir, if God is with us, where's all of His mighty miracles? That prophet told us that He was a God that brought us up out of Egypt. He smote the land, He delivered them. He's a God of deliverance. And if He ever was God, He's still God."
  I say the same thing tonight. If He ever was God, He has to always remain God. If He ever was all--the Almighty, He's still the Almighty. Certainly He is. The Bible said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."

  He said, "Now, if that be God, if God is with us, where's all the miracles at--at? Where's all the signs that He done?" Now, they might've had all kinds of signs and everything else, but they wasn't Scriptural signs. Now, you--you got to have a Scriptural sign.
  Jesus said... Some of them said, "Well--well, we got more members. If we got a bigger organization, if we got this, that, or the other, better dressed people, if our churches are growing, our organization, our denomination, our--our--our ministers are better trained, isn't that a sign God's with us?" No, sir. Has nothing to do with it.

  Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." It's evening time. Where is God? If God is with us, where is the miracles? Now, Hebrews 13:8 said "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." Do you believe it?
 ...Science is trying to tell us that there's five stars going to fall together. That's why they say all the world, the nations, they're froze up on this side of the earth--continent. Here's Phoenix with pouring rains and weathers that they've never seen. They claim that five stars are moving together out yonder. Some says the world will burst like a watermellon. We don't believe that, Lord, there's to be a millennium yet.



[End of record--Ed.]... hour has come. We believe that You're soon coming. Thou has sent Thy gift to glorify Thy holy Child. He's stretching forth His holy hand to heal by the agency of His church. Help the people tonight here. While the music is playing sweetly and softly, may the people believe. Father, if I've said anything wrong, forgive me. I pray that You'll let the people understand that this is the time that You have testified. And may they know that Thy servant didn't come because of my desire; it was Your will that I should come, Father. And may they lay every skeptic mind aside, every skeptical thought and come tonight and be healed. For we ask this in Jesus' Name and for His glory. Amen.


He just pulled on the brakes on this old Model-T Ford he had, threw his arms around, one around the Brother Graham and one around myself. And I never heard a man cry and repent so in my life.

He said, "God, I'm ashamed of myself." He said, "I'll never, never go back on You again, if You'll just forgive me." And there, he gave his heart back to Christ there at our... And we were there about fifteen minutes, and he was crying. And he felt that God had forgive him.

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