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E-29 Notice, what's happening again now too. []... Behold the Lamb of God. Get ready. Wake up, get your conscience back out here. Get your soul out here with God. Get away from that sense-bound existence, thinking what you just look like...?... that for another day. Lift up your heads; redemption is drawing nigh. Get ready. Signs and wonders appearing... Critics, infidels wax worse and worse. We've got to put up with them. But we're not looking to them; we're looking to God.


E-30 Not long ago, there was an infidel passed through the lands making infidels out of supposingly to be Christians. He was so educated, till the ministers was afraid to attacked him. And then he went to Europe. On his road back he got broke down. He went out into the west to make him a rest.

And one day while he walked out from his camp, oh, he swelled himself out. He begin to look. Down there come that whispering of the wind, down through the pines, and he begin to look up. He looked at those rocks hanging in the mountain. He said, "O rocks, Who put you in the mountains? Have I been wrong about the chronology of this world?"

All of a sudden God begin to speak. The Bible said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will cry out." God in His universe, speaking from His rock.

Well, that infidel knelt down by the side of a tree, said, "O God, have mercy on my soul."

There you are. Their pastors were afraid to attack him. God could let the rocks speak out. God's in His universe, speaking to His people.

BELIEVING.GOD_ JEFF.IN V-19 N-7 SUNDAY_ 52-0224, 206 You can be healed right now to fulfill that commission. You people that's sick here this morning, or have come in here that way, while that Spirit's upon you, while you feel the Spirit of God...

It's getting, oh, I'm sorry; it's way past. All you people that's sick, was sick when you come in here, I want you to come here that I might fulfill my commission. I'm under obligation to my Lord.

And my claims, as a Divine Angel appeared to me at my birth, and commissioned me at twelve years old, and sent me out here a few years ago, and said these things, and it's undisputable around the world. Demons, and--and infidels, and skeptics, and agnostics, and--and modernists, and communists, and everything else has attacked it upon the ways of saying it was... Some of them said it's spiritualism. Some of them said it's the working of devils. And the others said it's a--it's a mental telepathy. And every single time that they rose up, Almighty God stood before me and conquered it. That's right. Take it anywhere you want to, and in any nation you want to. Every nation I've entered, every city, nearly, I've had to fight that thing; they say, "It's mental telepathy."

I'd say, "Take everybody out of here that thinks it's mental telepathy. Take everybody that knows anything about me out. Bring me the patient."

Said, "It's spiritualism."

I say, "Then if I, by spiritualism, winning souls to Jesus Christ and conquering devils, what are you doing with what you got? 'Judge by their fruits,' Jesus said, 'You shall know them.' Did you ever see a spiritualist casting out devils? You never will. That's right." I said, "Jesus said, 'By their fruits they shall know them.'" I said, "In the past few years, by God's grace, I've won three hundred and fifty thousand souls to Christ, What have you done?"

EARNESTLY.CONTENDING.FOR.THE.FAITH_ CONNERSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-0614A, E-49 There it is back in the beginning. There was a middle age. It was that same group of fundamental believers that put Jesus Christ on the cross and killed Him, because He had signs and wonders, and they didn't believe it; that same spirit lives among the churches today: a religious people, not a bunch of infidels, fundamental, place it right out there, and they're exactly right.

FAITH.ONCE.DELIVERED.TO.SAINTS_ W.P.BEACH.FL SUNDAY_ 53-1129A, E-30 Now, let's go back and find today in this great age that we live in, one of the greatest, darkest times of all the--the history outside of the dark ages that I could ever think to what little history I've read. We're living in it right now. When two thousand years of Christian teaching, and yet the world two years ago hatched out thirteen million infidels. Just think... Think of that. The darkest time that we ever seen...

We got the very best colleges we ever had. We got the very best schools we ever had. We got some of the best educated men that ever stood in the pulpit, and we got less Christianity than the world has known in years and years. That's true.


183 Notice, then they come out with all this other, the church, join its old catechism and all those things there. What a bunch of tommyrot and nonsense. And it's hatched out billions of infidels and cold formal...

DIVINE.HEALING_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-9 SUNDAY_ 54-1219M, 206 Infidels will rise; creeds will rise, people saying, "The Bible is not ri--right. It's not inspired." They're only beating their brains out, when they could take--they could take it to glory. It's a Light, a lamp to the path and to the people. And any man or woman who would accept God's Word and say, "I may not understand It, but Lord, I'll walk in It to the Light..."

DOCTOR.MOSES_ CHICAGO.IL FRIDAY_ 55-0114, E-18 Watch this just a moment, if I can leave this text. Back in Genesis, when Abel and Cain both come bringing sacrifice, both of those men were believers. Abel and Cain both were believers. They were not infidels. Cain was not an infidel, not a communist. He was a believer.

Well now, if believing on the Lord is all God require, He was unjust to condemn Cain when he had just the same faith that Abel did, faith to worship, faith to sacrifice, faith to believe.

So the people said, "All you have to do is believe." That's all you have to do, but then God has to do something.


E-7 Now, brother, if you can't see, interpret that, it's either their theology's wrong, or you're suffering with a mental weakness. Jesus said, "They will say to Me, 'I have preached in Your Name and done works in Your Name.'" Jesus said, "If you did, I knowed nothing about it. I never knew it." They claim they done it, but they didn't get the results.

Listen, friend. If Jesus sent His disciples forward to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick, and then turn around at the judgment day and condemn them for doing what he said do, what kind of a Christ would He be? The only thing it is... I have debated infidels; they take the Bible too. But they just pick one little place here, then pick another one over here to prove their point. We have to take it from Genesis to Revelations.

FIVE.JUNCTIONS.OF.TIME_ STURGIS.MI SUNDAY_ 56-0122, E-88 But today you let down the bars, and you see what you got? You hatched out a bunch of infidels, social gospel preachers, with education instead of salvation, comprising with the world. That's right. You say, "Preacher, what's you so hard about it?"

It's time to be hard. That's right. Time to tell the truth. Woe unto a man. Could you imagine John the Baptist filled with the Holy Ghost, when Herod come out living with his brother Philip's wife. I hear the deacons comes and said, "Don't you preach on marriage and divorce. Now, I tell you who he is. He's got his Brother Philip's..."

Oh, John full of the Holy Ghost, could he hold his peace? With that old piece of sheepskin wrapped around his hairy chest, he walked out and said, "It's not lawful for you to have her." Amen.

MAKING.THE.VALLEY.FULL.OF.DITCHES_ SHREVEPORT.LA SATURDAY_ 56-0728, E-27 No wonder when we got a bunch of infidels and skeptics, and half-believers, and make-believers, and everything else. The church needs an old fashion, Holy Ghost, God-sent revival, and preachers to get in the pulpit and call the things out. That's right. Let the righteous wrath of God rain down through old fashion, hellfire and brimstone preaching. Too bad they ever got away with it, and sissified it. When the Holy Spirit left the man, he didn't know no better. What we need's a returning of the Holy Spirit. Yes, sir.

WORKINGS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT_ PRINCE.ALBERT.SK THURSDAY_ 56-0816, E-73 Said, "Maybe you feed him better than you do the rest of them."

Said, "No, they all eat out there in the galley together." Said, "He's... I don't feed him any different; he's no boss; he's just simply a slave."

But said, "What makes him act different from the rest of them?"

Said, "I didn't know that for a while." But said, "You know, one day I found out that his father is a king of the tribe. And yet, though he's an alien and away from home, he keeps the morale of the rest of them up, for he knows that he's a kings' son."

I thought, "O God, though we be alienated here in a dark world amongst unbelief, and skeptics, and infidels, and scoffers, and laughters, brother, stick out your chest. We're sons and daughters of the King. Let's act like men and women of the Kingdom of God. Though we're an alien, let's act like sons and daughters of God.


E-29 I'd rather have an old home with no rug on the floor, and with a little old iron bedstead setting there, and an old dresser somewhere, or whatever, and a little old kitchen table made out of boxes with a sign hanging on it, "God bless our home" than all the fine homes in the world, your pin-ups and nonsense that you have today, and a Bible laying on the table instead of all these old love story magazines and things laying around of dirt, and filth, and lust, and everything else to breed into the children. How can you expect anything else but a bunch of infidels and agnostics to answer out. That's true, friends. Bring up a child in the way that it should go, teaching him on the Word of God.

SECOND.COMING.OF.THE.LORD_ JEFF.IN V-9 N-2 WEDNESDAY_ 57-0417, 46 Now, I have a picture at home, or I believe it's loaned out at the time, called by the scientists, "Three Minutes Before Midnight." If the scientific world has said, "the clock has went around until it's three minutes before midnight," and I think they've cut that down now till about one minute before midnight, when they discovered hydrogen or oxygen, atomic, and all those great powers that they could harness, could completely cause a total annihilation in five minutes' time. They could, absolutely tonight, not be one living person on the entire North America continent in thirty minutes. And it's laying right in a bunch of infidels' hands who hate us. And besides that, we've got barges and ships set, all placed around, on both--through Siberia, over in Hungary, and different places, where our ships are setting, loaded with the same type of missiles.


E-46 She's at her reward. When a poet... A bunch of men came to her, wanted her to write worldly songs. They said, "Mrs. Crosby, you're missing a fortune; you should write love songs."

She said, "God called me to write songs of Him."

"Oh," he said, "that heaven stuff..." They were both infidels, said, "There's no such a thing." Said, "When you get to heaven... If you... If there's such a place as heaven and you go there..." Said, "You're blind." Said, "You'll never see Him. How would you know it was Christ?" Said, "You--you couldn't know Him because you're blind."

And she said, "I'll know Him; I'll know Him if I am blind." And when they slammed the door and went out, she went down through the room with her hands up; she wrote this song:

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,

And redeemed by His side I shall stand;

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,

By the prints of the nails in His hands.


E-36 Now, great prices is paid. Time testing must come on. It's time-tested memorials. And the only memorial that's ever been tested right, has been God's Word. Oh, infidels has tried to put it out. They've done everything they could do, but It will never be passed away. It can never fail.

Abraham, when he received that memorial of God, "You're going to have a baby by that woman, Sarah," twenty-five years he believed it with all of his heart and denied anything contrary to it, for he knew that God would keep His Word.

Infidels today they rise and try to smear out the Bible. Before you could stop the Bible, you'd have to stop time, before you could do it. Every atheotic work, or every atheotic people, every communistic people, and whatever they are, every Buddha, every Jain, and every Mohammedan has to witness the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ every day. Every time you sign a letter (amen), every time you write the date, you witness that God sent His Son nineteen hundred and fifty-seven years ago. Brother, you couldn't do it, it could never be. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass."

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