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6-3 I'm thinking today that many of we intellectual giants, not we, but many intellectuals giants... God's people has never been great intellectuals. The Bible said that the children of darkness is wiser in this world than the children of the Light. God likened His people unto sheep. They're not smart and intelligent. He keeps them the way they are so He can lead them. If you try to use your own intellectual thinking, you can--you right then bar out God. Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. But it's a great intellectual day that we live in.


E-45 All right, Satan has his intellectual giants. You remember they said there was giants in the land in them days. Giants, he still has them, intellectual giants. Oh, my. See? In them days when Noah spoke about, "There's coming a flood." See, they didn't believe that, yet they were religious. But they--it didn't stand up to their specification of science: how that it's going to rain down there, when there's no rain up there: prove it by science, there's no rain up there.


E-56 Now, as it was in the days of Noah, there was giants in the land, you know. And so, Satan also has his intellectual giants in the land. That's right. Oh, my. D.D.D.D., Ph., double L, Oh, my, my, my, intellectual giants... Oh, they know all the words, all the grammar; they know--they just know it all, intellectual giants. But somehow or another they become spies. And that's the spy system. Forgive me now, intellectual brother, but it's a spy system that sits out among you to take out the sheep and say, "Why, that's holy-rollers. That isn't so."


E-48 Now. But today... In Noah's time they had those great giants, and today they got those great intellectual giants in the land too. That's right. I can just... I hate to say this. If there's one here, I hope I don't hurt you. But it's Satan's spies again. What? Sure, intellectual giants come around to prove that all the shouting and saying "Amen," and going to the altar, and breaking up because of your sins, that all that's just emotion. See, that's the scientific giant.

That's the intellectual giant. "There's no such a thing." Walk up dry-eyed, and oh, just say, "Well, I'll join this church, and I..." Oh, my. "Well, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God." Satan does too: no sign that he's saved. See? It takes more than that. It takes a new birth. That's right; that's right. So it takes... See, the Word. It takes a new birth. Not just saying that, it takes something that happens in here, and makes you different.


147 Now, we find out now that Noah was tested when he made his investment. So will you, my brother. And if there's no testing time, then you haven't made your investment yet. Because your enemy's standing there with the hammer back on his gun, with the bowstring drawed, and he's ready to shoot every poison dart that he can send, every cult, and every little idea, and every intellectual giant like Goliath. He'll send them around there, that looks so taller than the--the brethren that you're associating with, your little, ignorant and unlearned brethren. He'll send such spiritual intellectual giants, and big schools, that can explain the whole thing away from you. But if you have made your investment, and got your policy stamped and sealed by the Holy Spirit, there's nothing going to rub it out.


6-5 And they sent and got one of the great intellectual giants--Attorney Greenwall. And he made those little fellows feel ashamed of theirselves. He placed his words so correctly, and so educational like, and in such a way that those little fellows didn't know how to answer him, for he was an intellectual giant, one of the best attorneys there is the--in New York. And they had the little fellows so confused, they didn't know what to say. Finally he rapped and said, "What do you say for yourselves?"

And one of the little preachers got up, and he held the other one's hands, and he said, "Sir, the only thing that we know: that the Lord told us to take the building."


E-75 One of them smacked him in the mouth, said, "Now, we'll never take you into the association." Said, "Let me show you something, Micaiah. Isn't it reasonable..."

I don't care how much reasoning it in, if it's against God's Word, it's against God's Word. If a intellectual giant come, said, "We don't need no Holy Ghost. We don't need this Divine healing." I don't care how much reasonable it looks like; if it's contrary to the Word, God gave the promise. Amen.


145 There you are, brothers. Through meekness, through sweetness, through the Holy Spirit that we conquer, not some great mighty intellectual giant, but he that can humble himself is the man who conquers. The man who can be kicked around and still be a servant of Christ, that's the conqueror.


E-92 That's what it is--the great Conqueror. We don't need no great intellectual giant denominations. "I belong to the biggest church in the city." Nonsense. I belong to the littlest one, but it's the One.

I've been in the Branham family for fifty-three years: never did ask me to join the family. I was borned a Branham. That's right. That's the way you're a child of God. You're borned a child of God by the new birth. A Chief leading through every battle, our great Chief leading the way back home...


E-63 These intellectual giants are in them days were far... They... Look what Cain's children become: scientists, doctors, workers of metal, great men in the earth. But what was Seth's children? Farmers, sheepherders. See, they couldn't compare with them at all, and God likened us unto sheep. If anybody ever raised a sheep...

A sheep's one thing, when he's lost, he's totally lost. He can't go nowhere without the shepherd. And that's the way God made us. We don't claim no intellectuals. We just got a Shepherd; that's all. And He takes us around from pasture to pasture.


E-42 The Bible said just before the antediluvian destruction, and Jesus said, "So will it be in the coming of the Son of man, as it was in the days of Noah," there were giants in the earth. They were giants, great statue men. And today there is intellectual giants. There's men who are, oh, great men, great powerful men. They know Greek just like they know Hebrew and everything, and can set it together so intellectual. But where is that--that revival? Where is that God that burns on the heart of the human being? It's not how intellectual it is. It takes simplicity to bring the power of God.


7-3 What was the matter? He hadn't discerned the Body of the Lord, for those little preachers was anointed by the Holy Ghost and had the will of God. We don't need to be intellectual giants; we need to be humble servants of the Lord and discern His Body. In all of his smartness, and his shrewdness, and his education... You know, the Bible said, "It is better for you that a millstone was hanged at your neck, and you be drowned in the depths of the sea than to offend My anointed." I suppose he had a lot of time to think of calling the Lord on the scene, but he didn't discern the Body of the Lord.


E-28 Moses was a intellectual giant. He had all the wisdom of the Egyptians, that he could teach their teachers. He was intellectual as he could be. Smarter, far smarter than our most brilliant men today, 'cause the Egyptians had things that we don't have today. They could build a pyramid; we could not. They could embalm a body, and make it look natural for hundreds and hundreds of years. Seventy-two hours is our limit. They could put dye in clothes that would never fade out. We cannot do that. Many things that they had. Dig up things that they had, that we could not--we could not do the same today. They were way smarter. More intelligent, and Moses could teach them. But all of his intellectuals, he had never met God.


E-60 But to hurry up, these intellectual giants are too much for God's humble people. Now, God's people has always been uneducated and humble. Just tell me one time it was any other way. Watch the two sons. Watch Cain and Seth's children. Abel was killed, which was a type of death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Seth took his place.

Now, Cain's children become intellectual, religious, 'cause their father was intellectual (Cain), religious. And Cain built an altar; Abel built an altar. Cain made an offering; Abel made an offering. Cain worshipped; Abel worshipped. And if God only respects a church, its order, its worship, its offerings, and so forth, if that's all God respects, He was unjust for condemning Cain, 'cause he was just as religious as Abel was. But he didn't come the right way.


E-85 Now, Jesus knew that corruption sets in the body after seventy-two hours. The nose falls in. Undertaker, if present, would know that. Now, the corruption sets in the body. And David said, by the Holy Ghost, a man, inspired, the Word of the Lord coming to this prophet, said, "I'll not suffer My holy One to see corruption." And He knowed before one cell would corrupt, He'd be up out of the grave.

Why? He was the Word, fortified by the Word. And He rose up. He conquered death, hell, and the grave; and Himself come back in the form of the Holy Ghost to fortify His army for this last day, in this big onslaught, where these great intellectual giants rising up, reasoning against the Word. But "I'll not leave you comfortless. I'll come again, and be with you, in you."


E-63 Now, look what a difference. One day a defeated intellectual giant on the backside of the desert with a--with a domestic job of feeding his father-in-law's sheep. And the next day we... I tell you; when you meet God, it does something to you. It makes you act crazy to the world. Look at him the next day. He takes his wife, Zipporah, sets her a-straddle of a mule, and a young'n on her hip, and his beard hanging down about like this, and his bald head shining, a crooked stick in his hand, the whiskers blowing, hollering, "Glory to God. Glory to God." Old man eighty years...


37 And when a thing rises just like has rose amongst our government, what's happened? The church didn't know the Voice of the Trumpet, and they didn't know what to do. The great promise of prosperity, an intellectual giant coming in, and they went right over the very thing that the Bible predicted and brought it in. See, a political voice, and it proved that it overrode the religious voice, or they'd have never done what they did, the Gospel voice. Because we're promised of a lot of stuff, we're promised prosperity, and no doubt but what we'll get it.

But still that doesn't mean anything to a believer. Turn over in the Book of Hebrews at the 11th chapter, listen to that Saint Paul speak, how they in the days wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, was destitute, not a place, couldn't enter the city.


149 No man has a right to preach the Gospel until secretly, back on the backside of the desert, he stood on the ground with him and God alone. There's no intellectual being in the world could explain it away from you. That's right. You were there; you know it happened. No matter how much they can explain it, but wait, something happened, you know it did. You saw it with your eyes. You talked to It; It talked back, and It sealed you into Its Being, and you become a part of It. You'll walk away from the intellectual giant. And we got plenty of them in the world today, and some dangerous ones too, that's well theologically trained, or theologically speaking, are trained to use that, and they know what they're doing. But don't fear, David, if the Lord God is with you.


E-81 Let Him break the windows and walls of your creeds down and come in one time. All the superstitions and devils will fly...?... Glory. Things will change. We need no great intellectual giants; we just follow the Chief. Chief come right down, and took the Word of God and broke right through it, said, "Here you are."


E-84 That's why the all-wise God equipped His army with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He knowed these intellectual giants would stand in this last days. Hallelujah. He knowed they'd stand, and they'd be able to explain by their great wisdom, powers of Satan. Peter said, "They're like a roaring lion, devouring what he will." Yes.

But He said, "I'm not going to leave you comfortless. I'm coming again. I'm going to be with you." He equipped His army with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Said, "Go up there, every one of you and wait. (Luke 24:49) Behold, I send the promise of My Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until--until you're endued with power from on high. After this, the Holy Ghost is come upon you, then you shall be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, Judaea (Acts 1:8), plumb on down to the utmost parts of the world."


E-113 And You promised that in this day what would take place. We read in the book of the Revelation at this Laodicean church age, that the intellectual giants got in and pushed Christ plumb out of His church, and He was standing knocking on the door of His own house trying to get back in. O God, not another--no other age was it ever that way. But it's in this age, this intellectual age.


E-36 And they've got intellectual giants in the world today that can almost explain away everything that God said to be true. They can take it from a theological standpoint, intellectual. And if you just take your own mind of thinking, reasoning like Eve did at the beginning, they can explain everything of the Bible away from you.

But if a man, or a woman has ever been on the backside of the desert in those sacred sands where no intellectual can stand, and there come in contact with the living God, no devil, or scientist, or anything else can ever explain that away. You were there. It happened. You know it's the truth.


E-94 And so now, God, knowing at this last days there will come intellectual giants, there will come everything intellectual, all kinds of the enemy with reasoning powers to try to prove to the church that the days of miracles is past and all this. God packed in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with what? Speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecies, gifts, and all kinds of things. They may seem hard in training, but, brother, on the battle front, every one of them's got to be used. God equips His soldiers exactly what it takes to use. Amen.


209 But the world wants--wants their messiah. The world wants one. The church wants one. And what if God sent them one? If God sent a Messiah, what would He be? He would not be a religious politician. He would not be an intellectual giant, as we'd call it. Oh, no.

What would He be? He'd be like Hebrews 13:8, the same that He was. He's always been. He'd be the Word of God made manifest. That's exactly. He was God's Word; He is God's Word; He'll forever be God's Word. Even the--the sounding forth of His coming was always the prophets who the Word came to. Here the Word come in Fullness.


E-30 No man has a right to preach the Gospel; no person has the right to call themselves a Christian, until they can go back to a certain time in their life, where they could come on that sacred sands at the backside of the desert, where they know that they have met God. All the infidels in the world, and these intellectuals giants taking the Bible and explaining away all the days of miracles. "They're past. There's no such a thing as Divine healing, all this stuff, like speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues, and gifts of healing, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit." They can slip in, take your mind and twist you in such a way until they can take that away from your memory. They can explain it away.


209 That's what's the matter today. God's got a lot of sheep that's gone astray; the organizations and things has stole them out, brought them out into psychology. God give us Davids with the Word of God and the power of God to direct it when we go to meet these intellectual giants (Right.) with all the Ph., LL.D.'s, Q.U.S.T.'s, or whatever it might be. Give me the Word of God and the power of the Holy Ghost, and I'll tell you, we can slay every giant on the field. Right. We need men that can...


E-59 I can imagine... I've always tried to dramatize, thinking of--of Philip when he come with Nathanael, and Nathanael said, "Now, let's reason, Philip. Now, you know if the Messiah would come, He would come right down the corridors of heaven and would... You know what He would do? He would walk right down upon the temple yard where Moses dedicated. (That was Moses' time. That's right.) And He'd be up there, and Caiaphas our high priest would know all about it." See, that's only reasoning.

But how did He come? Not walking down the corridors of heaven, but up the muddy bank of the Jordan. Not to Caiaphas; but a fuzzy-looking preacher come out there with a piece of sheepskin wrapped him, was just a-blasting out them organizations of that day, tearing them to pieces, saying, "You generation of snakes in the grass. Who's warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" What a difference. But just exactly the way He said He would come. But they just over-read it. You see that? Their intellectual giants had been reading to them. You see? You must just let God read it to you. The Holy Spirit wrote the Word, so the Holy Spirit interprets the Word...?...


12-2 What we need in the capital of this United States as a President, what we need in Congress, what we need in our halls of justice, is men who have consecrated their lives to God, and are filled with the Holy Ghost, and are led by His Divine direction. But instead of that, we choose men of intellectual, men who have forms of godliness and deny the power of God, men who are atheists and sometimes even worse than that we've brought into our political realms of our nation, not only that but in our churches.

Our churches have become corrupt upon the basis that we, in choosing our shepherds to lead us, we have gone to the seminaries and have selected men that's great intellectual giants, men who are very brilliant in mind, men who have scholarships, and are great mixers amongst the people, and are great men in the neighborhood (which I have nothing to say against), men who are kind in their ways of walk, careful in their ways of life, and how they conduct themselves among other men and among people; great men in their fields... Which I do not speak evil of; God forbid that my spirit would ever be that evil. But still, that isn't what God chose for us. It's the leadership of the Holy Spirit: Christ in the heart of man.


170 What was in that Samson, a woman chaser? Sure. He was arrogant, disobedient to his father and mother. They told him not to go down there with that woman, that Jezebel, but he wouldn't listen to them. What was it? Samson had strength. Now, listen. Samson was willing to submit his strength. Samson gave his strength to God, but he gave his heart to Delilah.

That's the way it is today. Now, many men will go away to a seminary and learn, oh, an intellectual giant, learn all the Greek and everything else; but when it comes to truth, he'll give his strength of his education to the Lord, yes, but his heart he gives to the church and not God. That's what's the matter with the people today; they want to follow their creeds. They don't want the reality of the Holy Spirit. They don't want to act any different than what they always act. But when you become a Christian, you are a peculiar person, a royal priesthood, a st--strange nation, odd people, do odd things and strange things, unbecoming to the world. And when you're in the world, you're unbecoming to God. One's vice versa from the other. One makes you act like they do in heaven, the other one makes like you do on the earth.


231 When, Paul, how many knows that he was a--he was a theologian? Why, he was a intellectual giant. He sure... He was taught under Gamaliel, one of the best theologians of the day. But what did he say when he come to the church? Read II Corinthians 2:4. In II Corinthians 2:4, he said, "I didn't come to you with enchanting words, the wisdom of men of this world; for if I did, your confidence would be built upon man's wisdom (organizations, denominations). But I have come to you in the power of the Holy Spirit, the demonstrations." Demonstration what? Showing signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit. "I come to you that way, that your--that your confidence, that your faith would not rest upon the wisdom of some big denomination of some church, but it would rest upon the power of the Holy Ghost and the resurrection of Jesus Christ." The greatest theologian that ever lived said he had to forget everything he ever knowed in order to find Christ. And said, "I don't preach the intellectual things. I preach the simpleness of the leading of the Holy Spirit. And I've come to you preaching that." Said, "I could preach the other way," but said, "my works and my--my works isn't preaching like that."


E-49 Then Moses studied and he was a great military man. He was an intellectual giant. My, how the intellectuals... He could--he was so wise, he could teach the Egyptians wisdom. But then he tried to deliver the children in his own way. You can't do that. You've got to forget your way and take God's way.


E-111 No man has the right to claim himself a preacher until he found them sacred sands. Moses was just as intellectual as he could be. He had the power of the--of the knowledge of the Word. He knowed his position; he knowed he was a prophet, everything. But until he met God on that sacred sands back there... No intellectual could ever explain it from him. He was there when it happened.

No man has a right to claim God until you've come onto that sacred ground, where no intellectual giant can ever touch. You was there when it happened. It don't make any difference what they can explain; you know it happened. Oh, glory. Do you want to join us while we sing this one more time? Come around the altar. We'd be glad to pray for you 'fore we start the prayer line. All right, brother, again, "Onward, Christian soldiers." Come now, join us. Last call. If you want to come, come now.


98 Then what happened? Out into the streets they went. "Where is that Rabbi Jones? Where is that fellow at? Where is that intellectual giant? God was over us with Moses in the burning bush. He fed us with manna on high. He walked with us for three years--or three years and six months here on earth. But now He's in me. It's not me that speaketh; it's Him. I know Who He is; I know who I am. I ain't no more, and He is. Bring him up here."


E-30 And He said, "Go ahead and make them a king." So they searched out through the country. And down in the tribe of Benjamin they found a man by the name of Kish, who had a son named Saul. And they chose him: great, big, handsome-looking, intellectual, giant of a man, head and shoulders above any other man, way up high, intellectual, educated, smart, shrewd, nice-looking. Well, that was just exactly what they wanted: something they could showoff with.


E-57 Now, when the lion run out and roared on Samson, he was helpless. But the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, a channel that God could work in. He wasn't a intellectual giant. He just walked out there under the power of God and tore him to pieces. Now, that's a mystery how he could do that, a little fellow like that.

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