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Praise the Lord, brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I'm excited about this Quotes Book, because it gives the rest of the story on the tapes. We all have a tendency to bring out the Quotes that favor us. That's just normal. But when I got that little booklet from Jeffersonville, I instantly knew that it was wrong because you can't run it through the whole Bible. Why? You can't control God's Bride. Only God can do that.

We are supposed to spread the Gospel, and not keep the Gospel from going forth. But our brother used Quotes and that's the Word. We can't discard the Word, and be a believer. But we can use, "It is also written," because the Prophet taught that we must take all the Word.

I didn't want to get involved, because I love Bro. Billy Paul & Bro. Joseph. I also love Bro. Eddie Byskal & Bro. Donnie Reagan. All of these men are doing a terrific job with getting out this Message.

There's Quotes in the Message that say that you can't tell a Pastor what to do, and that was being done. I believe that the Prophet was solving some tape problems. You will see by these Quotes that Bro. Branham wanted the Message to go forth in it's purest form. But do you really think that anybody that loves this Message would change it in any way when they made a tape?

Bro. Branham said about going in the Rapture, "It'll be maybe one leave Jeffersonville." (pg.1). He said, "Behind everything is a spirit." (pg.2) He said, "They curse everyone that won't go their way." (pg.3). He said to shun money. (pgs.4-6). "Pentecost sold what they had and divided amongst the poor, and went and preached the Gospel." (pg.16). "That jealous streak never leaves that high society class." (pg.19). "Have to knuck down to some organization because they tell you this is it, and the Bible says something different." (pg.23). "The love of money is the root of all evil. Keep away from that stuff." (pg.24). "Until the love of money is completely vanished away from you;" (pg. 26). About tapes, "They have them here, NOT FOR MONEY, just so that the message gets out."

I checked with VOG link & they said that they have put tapes on CD-ROM Disks, one tape per disk, no matter how many tapes it takes for that message. They are $7 a disk. There are 1158 tapes X $7 + $8,106 for all 1158 tapes & I got them for $44. They are charging $8,062 too much for them.


E-30 "I told you the story how the boys got connected with me last night. And I sent to a minister not long ago to get a tape. He charged me nine dollars for it. And I checked these boys, and I think it's about two dollars and a half, or something like that; they make about thirty-five, forty, maybe, fifty cents off a tape--buying the best of the tapes (Scotch tape)--and make the best. If they'd put a big price on them, I'd tell them right now, "No more tape selling." No, sir."

So, it doesn't look like they should be selling any more tapes from Jeffersonville. To me all this squaking is about money and control of the Bride.

But, let's look at the other side. They are doing a fabulous job of sending out those books and tapes & they are trying to keep the tapes pure, & I'm all for that. But one thing I differ with them on the Spoken Word Books is that they cut off the prayer lines. Do they believe that none of the things Bro. Branham said on the prayer lines is from God when the Angel is there?


E-24 "Seeing it among the Christians, among the elect, they've sold their birthrights out for popularity. The minister has swapped the Gospel for a social calling. He swapped the old fashion, Blood washed Gospel for a intellectual with the people, to preach intellect, talk of societies, and misuse the Gospel. Many of them has went out into the fields of preaching and used the Gospel for personal gain, to make money. Many of them has got big farms and cars and things that they never would've had, personal gain. Not all, I'm thankful that there's still a remnant."

"He wants your time, your talent, your testimony, and all that you are to be given into His hands, so He can control you." (pg.34). "Those denominations only put you in the cellar," (pg. 35).


10-3 {54} "And now, there was another thing I was going to say. Yes. Where we used to have the recorders and so forth, we got a regular room there where those who wants to take recordings; there's special hookups and everything there that comes directly from the main mike in there."

"Would I take you to the Branham Tabernacle? It's as much fault as any of the rest of them." (pg. 46).


E-11 "You see, God don't make all of our decisions. And there's many times that God doesn't tell His prophets just what to do, because they have to make the decision. If there is no decision that we have to make, just wait every move on God, then there is no overcoming on our part. And sometimes, they make the wrong decision. God's anointed prophets makes the wrong decisions, and many times are deceived."

I'm not trying to divide. I'm trying to get us to love each other no matter how much we disagree. God bless you.....Bro. Paul Smarse.....

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