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FAITH.ONCE.DELIVERED.TO.SAINTS_ W.P.BEACH.FL SUNDAY_ 53-1129A, E-65 Here comes Cain. Then he looked around and he seen Abel's sacrifice was accepted, he become jealous. Then we find a whole lot of that today. Don't tell nobody, but it is. That's right. Jealousy, "Oh, they're a bunch of nitwits. There's just nothing to them. They haven't even got education. They don't nothing about... How do you know? We got our degrees. We know what we're doing." Well, go ahead. Let the blind lead the blind; they'll all fall in the ditch. That's right. We know all about it.

Yes, and the first thing you know he goes over there. And--and what he does, he becomes jealous. He becomes angry. Where did that come from? That never come from God. That come from the Devil, and he went out and murdered his brother.


E-81 What I think tonight that West Palm Beach needs is a good old fashion, Holy Ghost revival, preaching the infallible...?... that'll jump on these preachers around here that's half backslid in your heart, get out yonder and get right with right with God, and they'll have an old fashion revival. Amen...?... That's right.

Brother, that's what this nation needs today; that's what this country needs today, is for jealousy and petty larceny to get out...?... Amen. Right. Come back to God. Brother...?... hard to take. I know it's deep home.


212 Bless this little church. Bless its pastor, Lord, our loving brother. Bless all that's associated here with us, all that calls upon Your Name, everywhere around the world. Help, this coming year, Lord, help us to be the best for Your service. Keep sickness out of our midst. And anoint us with the Holy Ghost. Keep envy, keep strife, keep jealousy, keep everything that's ungodly away from us. And let it be said of us, that we are Your children, a city that's sitting on a hill, that cannot be hid. Grant it, Father.

Bless us, and forgive us of our past. And may we say, as Paul, "Forgetting those things which are in the past, we press to the mark of the high calling in Christ."

Lord God, send me wherever You will. I'm ready to go do Your bidding at any time.

GIFTS_ BROOKLYN.NY FRIDAY_ 56-1207, E-63 And I say to you tonight, brother and sister, that in the day of judgment, the queen of Sheba will condemn the United States of America. She'll condemn the so-called Christian world. Because God give you something miraculous.

And the so-called church-goer will stand off on a side and because of personal praises of men or dignity of man-made, self-made things that they have; they'll criticize the Holy Spirit and the workings of the Holy Ghost and call it fanaticism and try to oust it out. And the very words before the Congress today is to stop such meetings as this.

Here's the only thing I can say about it. And I say it as a servant of God. I say this: that it's nothing in the world but unadulterated jealousy. That's right.

GIFTS_ BROOKLYN.NY FRIDAY_ 56-1207, E-66 A few days later from that, they found a man casting out devils who wasn't a disciple. And the man was getting the job done. He was actually getting it done. He was casting out devils. He stood around here, Jesus said, "Whosoever will."

He said, "That's me." And away he went. He was getting the job done. That's right.

And they were jealous because they couldn't do it. And they told Jesus, they said, "We forbid him."

He said, "Don't forbid him, for he that's not with us, scatters abroad. No man can do a miracle in My Name can speak light of Me." And today, it's nothing but play, child-like, juvenile jealousy among the high churches that won't bring themselves down to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and practice Divine Healing and the powers of the Holy Ghost among the churches. Amen, exactly the...?... It's true.


E-25 I want you to notice some of our big churches that don't want to believe in Divine healing; it's nothing in the world but juvenile petty jealousy. That's exactly. Look, it was the same thing in the Bible. When those disciples a few days after that, they seen a man getting the job done. He was casting out devils; he was really doing it. And they said, "Will you come join our denomination now? You come over and join our church."


E-26 That's still in the world today, certainly is. "Oh," they say, "them people, there's not much...?... them kind of people." It's just pure jealousy. When it's on record, great men, King George of England, Congressman Upshaw in the United States, great men throughout the world miraculously healed by the power of God, thousands of testimonies on record...

Congressman Upshaw come to the meeting out there in California, you heard the testimony. Never heard of him in my life. He's one of your Georgia men down here. And I was standing where there was thousands times thousands of people, just saw a little boy playing on a haystack, and begin to say what I saw; there he was setting in a wheelchair back there. I guess there was hundred and fifty, two hundred wheelchairs setting there. And I never heard of the man.


E-44 Now watch, every epoch of time, there, they met face to face and fought it out. Look at when Moab was up on the hill and Israel was in the valley. And Israel only asked him as a brother gentleman to pass through their land, going to the promised land, that God had promised them, only asked for a little revival in their church as it were. Just to pass through the land and promise they would even pay for the grass that the cattle licked up.

And they would go by the king's highway, and the things that they would do as they passed through the lands... And they would make it right. But, jealousy...


E-59 How that Elijah raised the woman's baby after it was dead even eight hundred years before the coming of Christ. Men even without the blessing of the Holy Ghost done miracles, that these fellows are afraid to attack with the Holy Ghost. My, my. How pitiful. Why? It's because they are arrogant and they hate their brethren without a cause, just as Joseph was hated without a cause. You see it? He was hated, not because that he was worthy to be hated, because without a cause. They did not believe him. He was living in a different realm.

And I say this now, as our time is getting short. I say this with all trueness of heart. They hate the Church today that has the supernatural. It's jealousy. It's petty jealousy. And it exists among human beings. The disciples had it. They were so ashamed of themselves, because ten days before, God gave them power to heal the sick, and to cast out devils, and raise the dead. And they had an epilepsy boy before them and had failed.

And Jesus when He come down off the mount and healed the boy, and they asked Him why could we not. He didn't say, "I--I have took My power back." He said, "I give you power." I show you where He give it to the church, but you can't show me where He ever took it back. See?

What did Jesus rest His solemn words upon? "Because of your unbelief."

WHAT.DOES.TAKE.MAKE.CHRISTIAN.LIFE_ CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 57-0113, E12 And when the Holy Spirit desires to do a thing and degrades something, or lifts something up, it causes petty jealousy amongst the people, which proves that they haven't got the Holy Spirit. Every man would want to be in his place.

Now, in this the people has a reason because they have seen so much denominationals and so many different dictators, as it was, spiritual dictators in the church to say thus and thus. But the Holy Spirit has placed each one into the body of Christ, and we're helpless to maneuver without every member of our body. We have to have my hands, my arms, my mouth, my eyes, my... Everything that's in me has to operate to make my body function perfectly. And then if God wanted His body, the Church, to be governed by His Spirit, there has got to be some way or some program that we've got to enter into other than what we have already had.

GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 57-0228, E-15 And that's the way it is today. Who starts a jealousy is men in great prestige sometimes, who because of different denominational barriers or social prestige is afraid to come out and tell their church that the Holy Spirit lives today to make intercessions, and will heal our sickness today just the same as He did then. And it's petty jealousy, because it's not in their denomination, not in their social ranks. But God can deal in any rank that He wants to deal in. That's His own sovereign will. Oh, how little that we can be sometimes on those things. And it does nothing but stand in the way of the real believer.


E-29 But, you know what? Right in this darkest of hours, right when they're making a--a order in the courts today that all these little preachers outside of the confederation of churches is not going to be able to broadcast anymore on the radio, and they're not going to have any television, they won't let them on there...

What is it? Nothing but petty jealousy. They are trying to stop the message of God. They're trying to keep this from the people. They are ignorant that they're trying to it. They don't realize what they're doing. But Jesus said it would be a time that they would even kill you, thinking they was doing God service. But, brother, the thankful part of it is, right in this darkest of hour, Jesus is come along, and He's proving Hisself alive.


E-69 When I preach my last sermon, close the Bible, and walk away the last time, and the work's over, He will be there. Yes, sir. And just as sure as I believe that He's coming, when He comes again, I will be there, too. Yes, sir. Not because I merit it, it's because He has for me; and I accept it upon the basis of His eternal Word. And I know by that, there was something happened. Something happened.

Not how much noise I can make, how well I can say... If I was the greatest preacher in the world, if I've raised the dead or whatever, that has nothing to do with it. It's because something happened. Something taken place in here. It taken all the old jealousy, and bitterness, and evil, and everything from my heart, and now I just love Him day and night. Something happened. I want to see Him someday, and I want you to also.


E-12 Then there is the little compartment in the heart called indifferent. Oh, what a condition that thing gets into. A little indifferent. You love to be just a little indifferent towards others. You want your own way. You'd be willing to let Jesus in, but you want to continue to live in the same place that you always lived. You don't want to get away from your old associates. You just won't give them up. You think they're nice people, and you just don't want to give them up. So you want to be a little different. That's another bad apartment in the heart.

Then there's another little door called jealousy. I don't know whether you yankees know anything about it or not, but down south you have a lot of that. Oh, just a little inferior to the other man. Just a little better than the other church. If the Joneses paint their steps red, you got to have yours red. Oh, what a horrible spirit to be in a Christian. Why don't you let Christ come in and make Him Lord over that little spirit room of selfishness and indifference. Let Him gain the entrance to your heart and to everything that's in your heart. Just surrender your whole being to Him. Let Him be God and ruler of your entire being.


E-36 And we see it happen, and we set as though nothing taken place. "Though I stand at the heart and knock, if any man would hear My voice and open, I'll come in."

Will you let Him in? Open and make Him your Lord over your entire being. "Take my selfishness, Lord; be Lord there. Take my indifference; be Lord there. Take my jealousy; be Lord there. Take my pride; be Lord there. Take my faith; be Lord there. Take my eyes; be Lord there. Take my hands; be Lord there. Take my ears; be Lord there. Take my feet; be Lord there. Be the Lord of my being, of my soul, body, and spirit. Lead me and guide me, oh, Lord, and open my eyes that I might see." That be our prayer, while we wait on Him just a moment, with our heads bowed.


E-25 I said, "If you brethren would tear down your little different ideas, and get around that little boy, not let him get all puffed up, but send him, he'd win thousands of little children to the Lord, little boys and girls."

But what was it? Everybody got them a little David. Everywhere you went, I... The little fellow went to Miami and got in trouble, and I went down to help him. And the whole two pages was full of little Davids. Jealousy, it shows that it's carnal and not of God. Any church that'll do a trick like that is not of God. It can't be. And there's where we are today. They won't believe anything, but they try to impersonate it. And when they do, they have carnal conceptions of it. And when they do, they have carnal manifestations of it. It'll only produce it.

But not in Solomon's time. They all believed that God had sent them a Solomon and he was God's servant. And they all rallied around that gift. They didn't have fifty Solomons; they had one Solomon.


E-50 I wonder just before we pray, if there would be one in this building, which there is I know, that would say, "Brother Branham, I been a Christian. Yes, I believe God, but never have I ever had something in--in me like that. I still got a temper; I have malice and jealousy. I have a place where I--I think evil of my neighbor. I been too much in my own denomination. I've been to selfish. My life hasn't been right. Truly, I want that love of God, that I can display to the world that Christ lives in me, something in me that makes me stand for Christ, like there was in that old mother deer, that would make her stand for her baby, because she was real, she was a mother."

If you just joined a church, or you got some confession, and you really never have had this experience of Christ real in your heart, and you want it, would you just raise your hand, say, "God, be merciful to me."?

God bless you, lady, and you, lady. You, sir. And you, lady. And you, my sister, you, sister, God bless you. You over here, sister. Back there, yes, that's right. Over to my left, the Lord bless you. Good. God bless you, sister with the baby. God bless you back here, lady.


E-12 That is the great need the world is dying for, and God is love. Now, you find in the church that what hindered the church has been the wrong conception of love.

Now, love... There is two different types of love that's real love. One of them in the Greek word is called "Agapao." That's God's love. And then a perverted love from that is "Phileo" love, which means "human love."

"Phileo" comes from the word "fellowship." The Phileo love is what you have for your wife. And a man might flirt with her or insult her and you'd shot his brains out over it. That's what Phileo love will do. It accompanies jealousy. And many other things goes with it.

But Agapao love would make you pray for his sinful soul. That's the difference between the two loves. God's love is the beginning of love. It's the fountain of love. And the church today is lacking in that, that real Agapao love that makes you have love for your enemy.

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