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BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS?_ LA.CA SUNDAY_ 51-0506A, E-9 There's a land somewhere that the human person... And one out of every ten thousand Christians knows no more about but just by faith to believe about it. But there's a place that a human being, while yet in here, can be lifted up into that spot. Now, it is not a rejoicing time like you just lifted up in joy. I seen much joy, not enough real solid faith to cure a toothache. You see? That's the joy of the Lord, not the power of the Lord. See? I--I want more joy of the Lord. That's what I desire. And that's what you have need of.

CRUELTY.OF.SIN_ JEFF.IN V-25 N-4 FRIDAY_ 53-0403, 38

I want to talk just a few moments. We always happy when it comes to having the joy of the Lord in our midst; and how I rejoice with you, greatly. But did you ever stop to think what it cost to have it? Did you ever realize just the price that's behind it, what judgment was and what the penalty of sin? How cruel must sin be, when it caused the Son of God to go to Calvary, and God would strike Him, and turn His face from Him, and smite Him, and--and He'd be afflicted. Look Who He was.

ARROW.OF.GOD'S.DELIVERANCE_ SHREVEPORT.LA FRIDAY_ 56-0801, E-22, And I tell you, don't let the world creep into you. Don't let the world get into your churches, brethren. Pray it out, fast it out until God comes down and takes a hold. That's right. Keep the joy of the Lord among the saints. Keep them prayed up. And guard every little place. If Noah seen a leak in his ark, why, he put some pitch in it. And so that's about the best thing I know to keep the leak out, the world out, is to stop up the leak, is the best thing that I know to do. Only one way to do it; that's prayer. Prayer stops the leak. Prayer changes things.

INDIA.TRIP.REPORT_ LIMA.OH SATURDAY_ 57-0126B, E-21 That's what I'm trying to say to my brethren this morning. Brethren, we had the churches bubble dance long enough. You see? We got to get down to something real. See? Them things are all right. It's the joy of the Lord many times instead of the power of the Lord. See, see?


E-56 O God, it's a new day and a new life for them. Bless each one of them. They are Yours, Lord. []... drawed them through the preaching of the message. They're trophies of tonight's message, and of Thy grace. And now, Thou hast give them to Thy Son as a love gift. No man can pluck them from the hands. Someday, if I never did shake those hands, that raised tonight, I believe when life is all over, and the great table is set at the wedding supper, and the tears are running down our cheeks for joy, that the King shall come out and wipe all tears from our eyes, and say, "Children, don't cry no more; it's all over. Enter into the joy of the Lord, that's been prepared for you since the foundation of the world."

QUEEN.OF.THE.SOUTH_ DALLAS.TX FRIDAY_ 58-0613, E-11 And it's strange that people, speaking on Divine healing, that they will not accept it. And they'll accept... How could you preach salvation for the soul without including Divine healing, for sickness is an attribute of sin? Before we had any sickness, we had no sin. Sickness came as the result of sin...

So then, when you kill sin, you kill every attribute of it. See? So, you... sickness is the result or an attribute of sin, maybe not your sin, but something you've inherited. And so, when you preach salvation for the soul, it has to be for the body too. Now, it's the earnest of our resurrection. If there is no Divine healing, there is no resurrection, for it's just like the earnest, the same as the joy of the Lord and the Holy Spirit, is the earnest of our salvation.

GOD.CALLED.MAN_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-27 SUNDAY_ 58-1005E, 36-5 What is it? The Spirit of the Lord. It's anointing. Many people don't understand what anointing means. They think it means to shout. That's joy. Power comes solemn. That's the joy of the Lord; this is the power of the Lord, healing, making well. Look what He done to the little girl setting the other night, crippled up. To the blind man, to the others, throughout everywhere...

PLANTING.THE.VINE.AND.WHERE.TO.PLANT.IT_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 59-0920, E-24 In other words, he will be like a man in the Scriptures that believes all of God's Word, where the power and the nine spiritual gifts can flow through one God into his innermost being. People don't believe in shouting. The thing of it is, they haven't got spiritual joy, and the joys of the waters of Life can flow through.

That's the whole lot's the matter with the Branham Tabernacle. Because that unbelief, the cares of the world has bound the people until it cannot produce spiritual growth. That's what's the matter with our nation. That's the matter with our churches. They have no joy, and the joy of the Lord has departed, as was written one time in the Scripture, the Hebrew word of "Ichabod," which means, "The Presence of the Lord has departed."

That's over our churches, because that we left off of the original foundation, and placed ourselves into creeds and denominations, and permitted the things of the world to dry up our experience with God.


E-49 One to what? What? D. [Tongues and interpretation given--Ed.] Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. The joy of the Lord is our strength, isn't it? That's our strength; that's how we live, is by the joy of the Lord that's in our midst.

BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS_ TULSA.OK SATURDAY_ 60-0402, E-29 Why, you say, "Mr. Moody never..." Mr. Moody wasn't living in this day. That's right. We're living on the coming of the Lord. And we've just took it for granted that He was with our kinfolks. But the other day when a challenger challenged Mr. Graham, we found out that He wasn't among our kinfolks.

Where do they find Him? Where did--where did they find Jesus? Right where they left Him. Where did they leave Him? At the feast of Pentecost. Where do we leave Jesus, where did the church? At the feast of Pentecost. When we get away from that old time Pentecostal power and the feast of Pentecost, we walk away from Jesus. That's exactly right, friend. We are living under our privileges. Yes, sir.

They left Him at the feast of Pentecost, and there's the only place that Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Pentecostals will ever find Him, is go back where you left Him at. Where is the joy of the Lord? Where is the power of the Lord? The church asks today, "What--what happened to the God of history?" He's waiting for His people to call Him on the scene.


E-75 May the Spirit of God sweep over this building now, drunken the people. O God, give them the joy of the Lord, that they'll be filled with the Holy Ghost like they were on the day of Pentecost: that from this hour on, they'll go forth the power of God to every church and to every person, that they may be filled with the goodness of God, that the power of God might operate through everybody, and every soul would be blessed.

May the people be on the streets tomorrow, testifying, glorifying God. Men and women at their work, giving the praises to God. The hour has come, Lord, that when we're looking for Your coming at any moment. Let us not stand with shamed faces. Let us be filled with Thy goodness and Thy Spirit. Grant it, Lord, as we offer You our ardent prayer.


I wonder today, why does men want to smoke cigarettes? Why does people want to stay home on Wednesday night and watch a television program instead of going to prayer meeting? Why is it we want to do... Because there's no joy in the house of the Lord? What makes a person want to--to drink, and run around, and act like that? Is it because we don't have any God? Is it because there's no joy in the house of the Lord any more? Is it because the Holy Spirit isn't ready to bless all of us? Is there--is there anything wrong with it?

But because that we do it, that's the reason we're cursed. That's the reason God's put this thing upon the church, this cold and dampness. We're going to other places for pleasure, instead of coming to the house of the Lord for pleasure. The house of the Lord is the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is the joy of His people. He wants you to come to church, and worship Him, and be happy, and satisfied, giving praise, and honor, and glory, and wisdom, and might, and power to God. He wants you to do that.

UNBELIEF.DOES.NOT.HINDER.GOD_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 62-0128M, E-9 But now to the church of the living God, all those that are in Christ, I would like to make this little statement. Did you realize the hour? There's so many people, when you get amongst just men like that, and people that from the different churches, they're not spiritual enough to catch the discernment of it. See? They don't get it. They like to laugh, and praise the Lord, and shout in the joy of the Lord. That's fine. But to get down and find out where that comes from (See?), get down and realize what that means... Everything's set in order in God. He's right on time.

GREATEST.BATTLE.EVER.FOUGHT_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-11 SUNDAY_ 62-0311, 58-1 "Oh, Lord, come down; You said, You made me a free moral agent?"

"You are, My Son."

"All right, I open up my heart and my mind. Come in, Lord Jesus"; and grab the faith, that Sword of the Spirit, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Scream, Hallelujah. Amen. Then cut down every enemy in front of you. Amen. There it is. Cut every enemy. If a--a old spooky spirit making you feel all... Cut that thing away with the Word of the Lord. Our strength is, the joy of the Lord is my strength. Get away from me. Whack him and cut him with the Word.

WHY_ S.GATE.CA FRIDAY_ 62-0622E, E-29

I wonder today, if it is today that we seek comfort. We've just lost--left some holidays. People go out and get drunk on those holidays. They're Sunday school teachers, church members, choir members. Go out and drink and carouse, they gamble. And--and the people live just the way they want to, and yet they belong to the highest churches there is in the city, some of the highest order of this intellectual ecclesiastical system that's dominating this country that there is.

And wonder why? Why don't they come? They're looking for pleasure. They're looking for peace. They're substituting. The devil is substituting such rowdy things as that to take the place of a real good Spirit-filled experience, where the joy of the Lord can come upon them and give them peace and rest.

FALLING.APART.OF.THE.WORLD_ JEFF.IN V-10 N-6 SUNDAY_ 62-1216, 18 Our heavenly Father, we come just as humble as we know how to come, with emptied hearts of all desires of the world or its pleasures. And as our brother has quoted or stated to us, "Joy, the joy of the Lord is our strength." And we come with joyful hearts, that we have this privilege of coming into Your Presence to ask any petition that we would desire. And the joy comes when we look in the Word, and are promised if we would believe It, it would be given to us. What could thrill a human heart that beats, anymore than to know that the immortal eternal God gave such a promise?


117 Manmade cisterns! No trouble the... No wonder the thing has become a stink. Oh, my. It's because that the people are drink from that. And when the people want joy today, what do they do? The people, instead of accepting the joy of the Lord, they turn to sin for joy. People who go to church and claim to be servants of Christ, when they get real nervous, they'll light up a cigarette. And when they--when they want to--to have some fun, they stick on their immoral clothes and go out and cut the grass when the men's going by to get them to whistle at them. They do everything to be popular. They want to look like the movie stars. That's their joy, when Jesus said, "I am their Sufficiency." The reason that they go to that, because they don't want to drink from that Fountain. They've turned It down. They don't want to drink from It. They join themselves to some kind of a manmade system, some kind of a cistern that's full of all kind of stagnated things that they can go like that.

WHY.IT.HAD.TO.BE.SHEPHERDS_ TUCSON.AZ V-6 N-15 MONDAY_ 64-1221, 183 I've seen jumping spells and joy spells, but there was nobody hurt. The mountains rung out, and they... The sun went down, and everything took place, but there was nobody hurt. And I've seen meetings where the power of God was revealed to the people that they were free from the world and the things of the world, and the joy of the Lord filled the congregation. They stood, and screamed, and cried, and shouted to the top of their voice for the glory of God. I never did see anything disorderly; they was always right in order; because they had recognized that their name that had been written on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world... The great Prophet Shepherd had brought them the message, and they were delivered: the Prophet Shepherd. No matter what the other ecclesiastical realms said about it, they knew what had happened. Just as them shepherds did back there, they knowed what took place.


Our spirit is clean. It is fresh. It is real. It is sober and serious but nonetheless, full of the joy of the Lord. The Christian ought to be just as exuberant and full of his pleasure in the Lord as the world is when it savors and delights in its pleasures. Both Christians and the world are human; both have emotions. The difference is the Christians' hearts and emotions are purely on the Lord of Glory and His love, while the world satisfies the flesh.

NEHEMIAH 8:10, 10 Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for [this] day [is] holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

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