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34-1 Jesus, we find out that He has warned us against these last days and these kind of people, that they'd be so much like the real thing that they would, absolutely would, deceive the very elected ones. What is that? That's the Judases. The--the people that goes so far up... Look, they--they even can cry, shout, claim to cast out devils, everything, and then turn back around and deny the Word. Exactly. They have a form of godliness. They'd--they'd--they'd almost... Look at where Judas came. Judas' spirit climbed into the Gospel up to the place of Pentecost. But when it come to the time for his baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, and these other things that goes with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, he walked out. He showed his colors. And that spirit can live in those denominations till it gets right to that truth, then she drops right back, like the spirit that's on them that forerun their coming, just as John forerun Jesus' coming.


158 I went to Africa, and they said, "Why, Elvis Presley? We got his songs all over here, he sings."

Pat Boone and them, they oughtn't to be permitted to speak the name. Filth and dirt, it's hypocritical. He that names the Name of Christ, let him separate himself from sin. See, see? But there you are. See where we got to? Sin is so treacherous; it moves in so cunning; you don't know it's there till it's done got you wrapped around it. See? Then it's got you in its clutches. See what Judas' final identification was?

And my brother, because the church that you go to is bigger then the next one over on the corner, yet they're preaching the truth and you're not, you see where that gets you? That's that Judas spirit. You know his last identification was hanging on a sycamore tree.


That spirit that was in Judas went right along through the ministry of Jesus. Then they both came to the cross. Jesus was hanged upon the cross, gladly giving His Life for sinners and commended His Spirit to God. His Spirit went to God and then was poured out into the church at Pentecost. But Judas hanged himself and his spirit went back to Satan, but after Pentecost that same spirit that was in Judas came back to the false vine that grows right along with the true vine. But notice, Judas' spirit never got to Pentecost. It never went up to receive the Holy Spirit. It could not. But what did that Judas spirit go for? It went for the bag of gold. How it loved money. It still loves money. If it goes about in the Name of Jesus doing mighty things and holding great meetings, it still makes more of money and buildings, and education and everything with a material concept. Just watch that spirit that is upon them and don't be fooled. Judas went about as one of the twelve and he did miracles, too. But he did NOT have the Spirit of God as his own. He did have a ministry.

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