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From Bro. Paul (Georgia USA),

(1). I bought 2 plastic chairs for the porch & I sat on them and they seemed O.K. But when I sat on one of them the fourth time, it collapsed. The chair leg shattered, and the chair broke into pieces, and down I went. The chair collapsed. & broke apart & I could have been cut up badly by the aharp edges, but God protected me. I had a hard time getting up, BUT, I HAD NO SCRATCHES OR BRUISES.

(2). Then, on another day, I was shaving with a new razor and cut my chin badly. I couldn't stop it from bleeding, even after putting a couple of band aids on it. I fiunally found some, "Nettle herb," and put that on the cut. Then it stopped. That was scarey for awhile, blood everywhere, but God answered my prayer.

(3). I went to church in McCaysville, about 72 miles away. I knew one of my tires had something wrong, because when I got up to 65 I felt the car vibrating badly. So I slowed down to 55. It still vibrated, but not as bad. I didn't want the tire to blow out, not in those winding mountain roads, because I'm on crutches and can only walk a short distance. I can't climb hills with these crutches.

A tire man checked the tires 2 weeks before, but couldn't find anything wrong. But when I drove the car slowly (5 miles per hour on a level place) the car rocked back and forth.

When I got back home, the next day, I took the car to my mechanic, and was going to have him replace the front left tire. His helper took the tire off, but the rim of the spare had 4 holes & my car had five lugs, and we couldn't use the spare. So he had to put the tire back on. My regular mechanic checked all the tires and found the bad tire. Sure enough that bad tire was about to blow. The steel belts were even sticking out. They replaced the tire with another used tire and I was on my way.

The loving hand of God protected me from that tire blowing out. Praise the Lord!

(From Bro. Paul Smarse, Georgia, USA).

Testimony from ZAMBIA, Central Africa,

Bro. Paul, when I’m writing you, I am full of joy and blessed at what God is doing that I’m not able to explain it!

The devil attacked my family. My child Lily was sick for almost two months until the doctor asked us to go to a specialist in town at the big hospital. After being examined, we were told to go further.

We went back home in readiness to go to the other region hospital. God revealed to us that He is still with us. I told my wife not to go as per the doctor’s recommendation. Praise the Lord that He still keeps His Word.

In any case, the devil didn’t rest. He attacked again my wife. This time it was a tumor on spot. I was working at the church. On Saturday, around 14 hours, someone came and told me that your wife is seriously sick and taken to the hospital. I went to the hospital to find her in bad condition, unable to talk. She couldn’t tell me what happened.


I talked to God that He give her back her voice. After some good time, she started speaking. After a day, she went back in the same situation, until the doctor decided to send us to the big hospital, where they did what they could do and they failed. She was in the same condition.

After two days, we asked for a room where we took her and we prayed. OH, is God a

all couldn’t believe it! The doctor refused to discharge her. HE DIDN’T BELIEVE. The following day, that’s when he discharged her.

Oh, God is a God of wonders! He’s the God of Bro. Branham, the God of Bro. Smarse, the God of Bro. Choni! God bless you! (From Bro. Choni Lumunika, Zambia, Central Africa).

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