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Go back to Pentecost again. Hurry back real quick and find Him there. That's what the church needs tonight, friend. Back to a living faith in a living God with His living Presence ever with us to the end of the world. Do you believe that? Let us bow our heads.


Oh, what a glorious thing it is for His church after nineteen hundred years, almost two thousand years ago, to know that He lives. We meet Him on every bend of the road, at every turn. At every place we go we see Jesus, see His living Presence flowing like radiant Light from His glorious church of the living God. How thankful we should be for that.

50-8 TOKEN.THE JEFF.IN. V-2 N-19 63-0901M

Now, they think it's crazy, but to us who believe and know the truth, we know It is His living Presence, for It does the same things that He did when He was here on earth. Amen.

51-3 TOKEN.THE JEFF.IN. V-2 N-19 63-0901M

When I write this here Scriptures I write down here, I know where the Scriptures are, and that's how I go to it. See?

Know it is His living Presence, for He does the same in this Spirit. Now, if--had done went off into some creed or denomination, we'd know right quick, it wasn't Christ. Is that right? If I led you into some creed or something another, I'd be sent from some denomination. But I'm not bringing you creeds, and I'm not teaching you denominations; I'm teaching you the Word of God, which is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, manifested, not only for me, but for whosoever will. See?


If we could read here, Ephesians 2:12, it would be a-startling to us. Notice, "serve the living God," with living signs, living ordinances, Hebrews 9:11-14, tells us the same. And we--we don't serve dead articles; we don't--or oracle. We serve the living God, with the living signs.

Not, "I go to church. I joined. I know the creed. I--I know the catechism," that's dead forms.

But the true Token of the Blood, speaking out, speaks of a living, resurrected Presence, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever; right, living right now among us. Amen. "It speaks better." From not dead forms and creeds, but a living Token of a living resurrected Christ that lives in us. No, they deny there is such a thing, but we know It's true. But we who believe the Word, know that God promised It and He keeps His promise, know it is His living Presence, for He does as He did.


Jesus Christ is just as real today to a human heart as He ever was. His power and His living Presence is just as real today as it ever was. "Lo, a little while, and the world won't see Me no more. Kosmos, `the order of the world,' won't see Me no more. Yet, ye shall see Me; for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you do also, even greater than this shall you do, 'cause I go to My Father."

That great promise is today.

29 PARADOX BAKF.CA V-22 N-5 64-0206M

And you notice, they said, "His disciples come and stole His body away, paid off the Roman soldiers." They still believe that. But we believe and know, by His living Presence now, that He raised from the dead, and He's here with us now. We are sure and know that. Every word that He spoke of, and promised through the ages, has been fulfilled, if you'll watch it. There is nothing could do it, only God. We are His servants.

137 TOKEN.THE BAKF.CA V-22 N-8 64-0208

But we who believe the Word know better, know it. And it's his living presence for us in this day. We separated from dead works, and the Holy Ghost comes in to confirm the Word and make it so. Hebrews 13:8 proves that to us, proves that God has raised Him up for us according to His promised Word. Thousands of years has passed, two thousand years almost has passed. But what is it? The Token still holds that God raised Him up on the third day. If you just got the Word, that's all you got. But when the Token is applied, then Christ is reality to you. And He does today like He did then. So it throws it right back in their lap again. They can't get around it. God promised it, and here it is. But the Token's got to be applied. You take the Token.


But, Lord, it does delight our hearts when we see Jesus glorified among us; when we see Him glorified, when we see His Word, which He is the Word; when we see we can read it here in the Bible, where He promised He would do it, then see Him work it right in us, O God, how it makes us feel humble, that we know that His living Presence...

We haven't joined nothing or bargained for nothing. We just believe, Lord, unto Eternal Life. And you sealed us in there by the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and quickened our bodies, and quickened our spirits, and quickened us then to see visions, and prophesy, and speak in tongues, see great signs and wonders take place. Why, it's the living God. We're into that Body. When, to the world, is foolishness to them that perish; but to we who believe, it's the power of God, unto Eternal Life. We thank Thee for it, Father.



53 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.1 JEFF.IN IC 35-64 53-0326

God, help us. As I look at you and realize tonight, standing here teaching out of the Word of God, that you're eternity bound people... Every man and woman, boy and girl in here is going to stand in the Presence of Christ someday. I'll have to answer for what I said before you as His servant. And why would I shun to tell you the truth of God? God has so honored the Word that I have preached, till He swept it around the world, and honored It in the kings' palaces and everywhere, and not one time has He said anything but what it was just exactly the way He said it. Then surely He wouldn't let me tell something that was wrong. And I'm saying tonight my Christian friend, no matter what church you belong to, wherever you are, if you're not into the Kingdom of God by the baptism of the Holy Spirit bringing you into the Body of Christ, you press in now, for you don't know what hour He's coming.


But we don't believe in theology. We believe in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And when you come into His Presence, there's something that happens in your life, that changes you. And you're never the same anymore, a man that's ever been in the Presence of Christ.

So she had seven devils cast out of her: pride and envy, and she thought she was so pretty and there was no one like her. But when Jesus spoke and said, "Be thou clean," all that left her. She become a new person. She wasn't so pretty any more in her own sight. But she wrapped herself in the robe of meekness and gentleness, and followed the Master.


I remember when that old legion, that old fellow come out there to meet Jesus Christ, in his bad minds. And the devils had possessed him till he was a legion. But once in the Presence of Christ, he went home to tell his people what good things God had done to him.


Our kind heavenly Father, we thank Thee this morning for this great occasion that we have to gather together in the Presence of Christ at the resurrection, to have this full assurance of Divine fellowship, partakers of His crucifixion, crucified with Him to the things of the world and raised anew again unto Eternal Life. And this hope lies within us now.

And as the prophet of old, we say, "We know our Redeemer liveth," ever living, seated at the right hand of the majesty on high, a right High Priest, One Who's tasted of suffering and can make intercessions upon our confession. How we thank Thee for this. Our hearts burn within us when we think that we have one representing us today in the Presence of the great and Almighty God. He's not dead, but is alive, and setting in His Presence. And He's all present, everywhere, knows all things, omnipotent in power, can do all things, knows all things, and is ever present. How we thank Thee for this grand and glorious truth that we hold in our bosoms today, cherish it so dearly.

150 ARK.THE JEFF.IN V-26 N-18 55-0522

Every sinner, I don't care how dull, how black, what your life has been; in the Presence of Christ you'll live again, and bloom, and bring forth blossoms, nourished of the Spirit. How sick you are, that doesn't matter, you'll live yet in the presence of the atonement. What a marvel. What a thing we have under consideration. What a Scripture. What a God. What--what perfect... What a sure foundation. All other grounds is sinking sand. All other grounds is sinking sand.


Let's just say, "Praise the Lord." You believe? Don't be disturbed. Demons will scream and everything. But we're in the Presence of Christ. No wonder evil spirits cry out; they know their time has come.


Brethren, sisters, let me say this in the Name of Christ: If you've never been that place, come to Him tonight. Get into that place. When you go home, close the door, tell your husband not to bother you till tomorrow. Stay in there. Tell your wife the same thing, say, "If I'm not out of here in the morning tell the boss I'm not coming to work today." And stay in the Presence of Christ until something happens in your soul. That's what it is. You won't have these up-and-down experiences.


Then when you become a son or a daughter of God, your disposition changes; your attitude changes; your all, your look towards life and towards others changes. It doesn't mean that you just have joined church; it means that you have been regenerated. You have become a new creation in Christ Jesus, that you have... The old things have passed away, and God has spoken to you, and you have become a new creature. I want this to go way down even into church members.

Then as you would love to be in the Presence of Christ, and you become a part of Christ, then people love to become in your presence, because you become a part of God, son and daughter of God.

Did you ever see people that you just love to be in their presence? There's just something about them that just radiates, that you just love to talk to them. And other people who are nice people (yet we don't say this unkindly), but you just can't hardly stay around them. It is because of the atmosphere that you create. For you as a son of God are a miniature creator, because you are a part of God.


That's the same way it is by Divine healing. You've got to come on His terms by faith. First it's by the Word: "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word." Then the spiritual gift that's set in the Church to manifest Presence of Christ. And if they're a true gift they will manifest the Presence of Christ. And then that makes Him the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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