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DO.YOU.NOW.BELIEVE_ MACON.GA FRIDAY_ 55-0610, E-29 Just like Christianity, if you're pertaining to be a Christian--just pretending, rather, to be a Christian, you will never make a go of it. No, sir. It's absolutely got to be there. That's all. Love will do it.

I have been a great lover of wild life. You know that. And I've noticed in animal life, if you're--if you love animals, if you love them, you can do anything with them you want to. And if you don't love them, they know it. And if you're afraid of them, like a biting dog, if somebody said, "The dog will bite," if you're afraid of him, you're sure going to get bit. See?

Now, you're not going to fool him. You might say, "I'm not afraid of him," but you... That better come from somewhere besides your lips, 'cause he knows better. See? Now, if you're not afraid of him, it's different.

UNCERTAIN.SOUND_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-19 SUNDAY_ 55-0731, 194 The other day I was amazed, above anything that's happened in a long time. I'm a great lover of nature. You know I am. I love animals. I just think they're wonderful. I was setting in my door. Brother Leo and Gene was there. And Brother and Sister Wood was down there. And little Billy Gillmore, the milkman, was standing there. And at ten o'clock in the morning, down the road come something a limping, pulling a leg behind it. It turned into my gate, and come up to my steps. It was an old opossum, at ten o'clock in the day. They're blind at that time of day. They're blind, all, in daylight. They're a night animal that runs at night. They prey, and prey around, and get their food at night. All you know that. A opossum is a edible animal.

GOD.KEEPS.HIS.WORD_ STURGIS.MI TUESDAY_ 57-0115, E-21 And God takes His eagles of the Old Testament there, and He raises them up, and lets them see far off things that's coming. Then when they come down, they can predict what they see. You understand now? They are eagles. And I guess many, some of you scholars here has read Pember's "Early Ages" and lot of those and, "Preacher and Prayer."

And so I was wondering one time when I was at the Cincinnati zoo at Cincinnati, Ohio. I seen a sight that struck me. Being that I'm a lover of nature, I love animals. I was a game warden for years. And I love nature, and I love to study the--the habits of animals and everything, 'cause I--I--I love them. They're the creation of God. And He's give them to us.

PERSEVERANCE_ NY.NY V-18 N-12 SATURDAY_ 63-1116E, 125 I used to, when I used to... I was game warden for several years. I love animals, and I--I like to take care of them. So I--I--I was a conservation officer for seven years. I used to pass by an old spring. That was the best spring I ever drank from. And I always liked it because it was so jolly, always bubbling up, just bubble, bubble, bubble. And I thought, "My." I lay down and drink. One day, I thought, "Little spring, what makes you so happy? Is it because that rabbits drink from you?"

If he could speak, he'd say, "No, that isn't what make me bubble."

And I'd say, "Maybe a deer drinks from you, once in a while."

"No, that isn't what makes me bubble."

"Well," I say, "little spring, maybe it's because I drink from you, about once a month."

Say, "No, that isn't it." I'd say, "Well, what makes you bubble like that all the time?"

If he could speak, he'd say, "It isn't me bubbling. It's something behind me, making me bubble. It's bubbling up."

And that's the way the Holy Spirit is to the believer. There's something behind you. You can't push It, tear It. It takes care of you. It's the One that does the bubbling. Something within you. As Jesus told the woman at the well, "A wells of water bubbling up into Everlasting Life," regular geysers just spraying up the joys of God through your soul all the time. And as long as the Church could feel that around them, what you--what you scared about. See?


BLIND.BARTIMAEUS_ CHICAGO.IL SATURDAY_ 56-0407, E-4 I can be thankful that He's kept me true to moral life, and--and so forth. And I... There's only one thing that I do, that I know of that's outside of religious work, and I do love to go fishing and hunting. That's... I just love that. And I'm... And I'm glad He let's me have that, because it's out in the outdoors and clean. And how I love to go out on the creek bank, especially a little later on in the season when it's warm and fish, and--and go up into the mountains and be alone up there, maybe, not to kill the animals, but just to get up in the mountains to be alone, around horses and things. I've done quite bit of riding in my days, and I--I love horses, and riding, and fishing, and hiking, and those outdoor things. I'm trying to bring my boy up the same way. And my little boy, Joseph, and I'm trying to bring him up. If God lets me live, I want to bring him up the same way, to be a good clean outdoorsmen, loving God with all of his heart. And I do believe that my little boy, Joseph, will perhaps, take my place when God calls me from the earth. And I trust that the prophetic, or whatever it may be, the gift of God that has been so solemnly given, will rest upon either Billy, or Joseph one, when I leave, that God will continue the ministry after I'm passed beyond the scene.


251-514 I used to love (well, I do yet) the west. I love horses and cattle. I was just raised on a farm, and I--I love it. And we used to have the round up, and I'd go with them, and we had a drift fence. I don't know whether you eastern people know what a drift fence is or not. It's when you put the cattle into the--the forest; they have a fence to keep them from drifting (what they call), to come back down to the ranches. They'd eat up the grass, where they're raising the grass for the winter feed. And then, up in the mountain, they also have drift fences where they separate so many females and male and so forth, called a drift fence. But the main drift fence is where the ranger stands when the cattle are going through.

IT.BECOMETH.US.TO.FULFILL_ JEFF.IN V-15 N-4 SUNDAY_ 61-1001M, 33 Then in Canada usually men who... You men who go out on trips, know in handling horses... And I love horses and animals. They usually tie a halter to tail, and let them walk in the string, the pack string. But there you can't do it, because the shale; you'd lose one horse, you might lose the whole string. So we just have to let them go, and wrangle them into the path.

And I was way back in the back on a young horse, trying to wrangle up strays and bring them in. And the Holy Spirit in His grace came down. I spurred up my horse, and rode on past the string, up to where Mr. Southwick was leading out in the front, through the bush. And I said, "Bud."

He said, "Yes, Brother Branham."

I said, "Will you take my word?"

He said, "With anything you say."

And I said, "I have a THUS SAITH THE LORD for you." I said, "Go get your brother from Fort Saint John," which is seven or eight hundred miles away, "bring him up on the highway here." And he lived in an old shanty with an old salamander there for a stove, had his children in there. I said, "The first time he falls into an epileptic fit, jerk his shirt off of his back. I'll give you something to do. Throw it in the fire and say, 'This I do in the Name of Jesus Christ.'"

He said, "I'll do it."



E-26 Recently I was watching. I love birds. I was watching some eagles here not long ago when I was on a fishing trip, an old mother eagle, setting way on top of a mountain. And she threw her wings out, and the little eagles caught ahold of her wings, and she went down into the valley. It was the first time they'd ever been out of that old nest.

Reminds me there. Could you see God there? Yes, a sinner. Now, this is kind of... Did you ever... The things of the world is like a eagle's nest: full of sticks, and thorns, vomit. The eagles are regurgitators, and they vomit their food, smell.

And a sinner that's living in the nest of the world, among the vomit of the world, barrooms, and walking around, knowing nothing about anything else but the old nest of the world...

Then I seen her take her little ones, and they caught ahold of her wings, and she went down the mountain into the valley, throwed out her big wings and the little eagles let loose. They begin to run around, their little feet touched for the first time upon soft ground, upon the grass. They eat green grass. "He leads me beside still water." Oh, my, how glorious and wonderful.




E-52 I run around a couple of times more, and I noticed the little fellow, I thought I had excited him, but he had his little eye bugged out on his cheek, and he was looking down in that blow down. And I thought, "Well, what's down there?" And the storm had forced a big eagle down. And that's what he was barking at. It wasn't at me; it was that eagle.

So I looked and this big eagle jumped up. In Colorado we have the brown eagle--great big beautiful bird. And I love eagles, because God likens His children, His heritage, unto eagles. And God, Himself, calls Himself an eagle. He is Jehovah Eagle--papa eagle. We're His little eaglets.

A eagle can fly higher than any other bird there is. If a hawk would try to follow him, he'd disintegrate in the air. So you try to impersonate Christianity, you just burst yourself open. That's all. Don't do you no good. Be a eagle. Be borned-again, nature changed; then you can walk up Jacob's ladder. Then you can climb to the highest spots to where all things are possible to them that believe. But you got to be an eagle, a believer.


E-26 Recently I was watching. I love birds. I was watching some eagles here not long ago when I was on a fishing trip, an old mother eagle, setting way on top of a mountain. And she threw her wings out, and the little eagles caught ahold of her wings, and she went down into the valley. It was the first time they'd ever been out of that old nest.


E-27 Then, notice closely, when he was--they did that, then the little eagles... The old mother eagle, when she seen that, what was... She went plumb back up into the top of the mountains again, set down upon the rocks, begin to look down, watching those little eagles.


E-28 Notice closely now. But the old mother eagle setting up there begin to watch. I thought, "How glorious that Jesus came, taking us out of the things of the world, put us out in this glorious freedom out here." Them little eagles, running carefree, eating grass and so forth, just like glorious old time Holy Ghost meeting, when the saints of God have come out of the things of the world, down on the green carpet of God's blessings, carefree. Our Saviour has climbed the ramparts of glory. His eye's on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. He knows everything. All times, He knows what's wrong with you.

There, she was watching. I noticed her. I picked her up through my binoculars. And I seen her turn that big head sideways and look. I thought, "What's the matter?" She's setting. She watches over those little eagles.

There's God in His creation again, God in His universe. I thought, "What would happen if a coyote would happen to run in towards those little eagle, what would take place?" Why, that old mother would be there after them in a moment.


E-29 After while, I seen her hold her head up, and she looked up, and she made a squall. All at once, she darted from that mountain, down into the valley. And when she went down there, she threw forth those great majestic wings and let out a scream. When she did, every one of those little eagles left off eating, run as quickly as they could to their mother, grabbed their little bill ahold of her wings, like that, with their bill, put their little feet in them wings.

I wondered what was the matter. I couldn't see it yet. But across the mountain come a hurricane that she could smell in the air and knew it was coming. She was watching over her brood.

And then, before she could get off the ground, the storm was already sweeping down through the hollow. When she did, she pierced that storm blowing at sixty miles an hour. Those little eagles holding on to that mother's wings. And right into the cleft of the rocks she went.

I thought, "O God, one of these hours there's coming a scream from heaven; the trumpet of God shall sound, and every Christian shall fly on to the wings of the old rugged cross, piercing the storms of life out into the cleft in the Rock, Christ Jesus."

Oh, my. God in His nature, watch Him in His universe. Just in a moment, how He can take us, no matter how hard the trial is, just hold on to His wings, and He'll bear you away. Watch God in His birds, and how He cares for it. Watch God in the sunset.

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