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E-45 Notice, now those people come by like people today with a love, they talk about love. There's two different kinds of love: Agapao love, Phileo love. Phileo love, Agapao love and Phileo love, one is Divine and the other one's earthly.

Agapao love, it would make... If you seen a man going over putting his arms around your wife, now, Agapao love would make you shoot that man to the ground and kill him. 'Cause it's human love that you love your wife that way.

But a Phileo love, the love of God, would make you put your arms around him and pray for his lost soul, if the law said it. Turns you altogether around.

EXPECTATION_ SHAWANO.WI SATURDAY_ 55-1001, E-75 There two different kinds of love spoke of in the Bible, you know that? In the Greek word, you that's scholars here, one of them is called phileo, and the other one's called agapao. Phileo is earthly love, we have one for another. Now, that would... You love your wife, but the love that you have for her would... If another man insulted her, you'd kill the man for it (See?), because that's phileo love.

But agapao is Divine love. That's same love would make you pray for that man's soul that insulted your wife. It's altogether different. The same thing is compassion; wished we had a little time longer, a few days to talk to you and--and speak to you on those things.

GOD'S.COVENANT.WITH.ABRAHAM_ SIOUX.FALLS.SD THURSDAY_ 56-0223, E-26 If you love your--your wife, you love to do something for her. Now, that kind of love you can't have that same type of love for Jesus. As the Greek word put it, one is called a "Phileo" love, and the other one's "Agapao" love.

Now, "Phileo" love and "Agapao" love, as we've said, is two different things. But when you divinely love Christ, like you love your wife, only it'll be a greater, higher level than this is down here. Oh, don't worry, you'll be about the Father's business trying to win souls, and pray for the sick, and do everything you can, because you love Him, you want to please Him.


E-49 Why, let's take it this way so that the--that the unlearned would understand. If you love your wife right... I love my wife real good, my. Well, what if there was such a thing, if some other woman would come up and say, "Billy, I love you too." And she'd be a real pretty girl and say, "I love you." Well, she won't do it, but if she would. See?

You know what I'd tell her? I'd say, "Look, Sister, kneel down here a minute; I want pray with you a little about it." See? Why?

Well, you say, "Bill, you're in Africa, Asia, somewhere; your wife would never know it." That might be true. And if she never did know it, I'd know it. See. I would know it.

And another thing, if I love her the right way... You say, "Well, she loves you so much she'd forgive you." That may be so, too. But I love her too much to do it. See? That's grace. Not nothing I done, but it's just my love for her. And that's the way our love is to Christ when we been borned again and realize that we are sons and daughters of God; it ain't me have to this and have to... Paul, said, "All things to me are lawful, but not all expedient."

LAMB.AND.THE.DOVE_ OAKLAND.CA MONDAY_ 57-0325, E-82 All right. Now, let's... Are you the lady to be... All right, come here. Every person is a spirit. Every one of you has got a soul. And when you go to believing, it's in that channel of faith. You believe that? Certainly. And if you get with one accord, that's when the Holy Spirit will just move in.

Now, if you just won't... don't... We don't take emotion now. It takes faith and love. "Lord, I love You. You couldn't lie because You're God; I love You." Love settles the thing. When you love your wife with all your heart, with all your soul, you just love her, there ain't nobody in the town could make you believe that she wasn't a good woman. That's right. See? Same thing, the old tattle-tales will come tell you your husband ain't true to you, when you really love him, got confidence in him. Is that right? Love just covers it over. That's all. When you love God, all the fears just scatter everywhere, and you just, say, "God, You're right. And I love You, and I'm healed; and I just go on and take it." That's it. Everything can happen spontaneously, if you just believe it.


312-136 There's a little old girl setting back there tonight, my wife; I love her with all that's in me. And if I knowed that I could run around with another woman and get by with it, and go tell her, and say, "Meda, I did wrong," you think I'd do it? If I love her right, I won't do it. That's right.

Now, what if I'd say, "Oh, I can't do it, 'cause I tell you why. She'd divorce me, and I got... Oh, I'm a preacher. See what that'd do? That'd take me out of the pulpit, if she'd divorce me; a divorced man. Oh, I got three children; I couldn't think of that. But, boy, I..." Well, if that's the way it is, you're still legal. It's not legal basis that I married her upon. It's not legal basis that makes me live true to her. It's because I love her. I don't have to do anything. I do it willfully because it's a love affair. And if you love your wife, you'll do the same thing.


313-138 And if you love your wife like that with phileo love, what ought you to do to Christ with agapao love, which is a million times stronger. If you really love God... If I knowed tonight I could go out and get on a drunk, if I knowed tonight I could run around and be immoral, if I knowed tonight... If that was even in my heart to do so, and I went and done it (knowing He'd forgive me), I wouldn't do it. I think too much of Him. I love Him. Sure. Certainly.


E-17 Now, many times, the church gets that mixed up, and they try to apply phileo love, which means "friendship," to be like agapao love. But here's the difference. If you love your wife, as you should, and some man would insult your wife, you'd kill him, because you'd be jealous of her. That's what phileo love would lead to. But agapao love would make you pray for his lost soul. That's the difference. See? It's the difference. God...

Everything that is now, is something that has been right. And all unrighteousness is righteousness perverted. There is nothing that what has never been. For instance, all sin is righteousness made sin.

Now, you've heard people say that the devil can heal. There's only one thing wrong with that statement. The man who made that statement doesn't know his Bible to begin with, neither does he know the God Who wrote It. The devil has no power to heal, and cannot heal, and never did heal, and never will heal.

FAITHFUL.ABRAHAM_ SAN.JOSE.CA FRIDAY_ 59-0424A, E-35 And Sarah, inside, not out loud, but the Bible said within herself, said, "Me, being an old woman here, a hundred years old, and going to have pleasure with my lord, Abraham..." She loved him.

Now you women ought to love your husbands like that, 'cause the Bible said so. That's right. So much that she called him her lord. That was little "l-o-r-d. Now. And when they--she did that...

If you do that (See?), when you--if you'll love your husbands like that, and you'll honor and love your wife, the divorce courts will go out of business. That's the way they should do, for what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.

FELLOWSHIP_ MIDDLETOWN.OH SATURDAY_ 60-0611B, E-18 Now, l--lov--fellowship comes by love. And love requires fellowship. If you love your wife, you've just got to get with her and talk with her. If you love your friend, you've got to get with him and talk to him. And if you love God, there's got to be a basis for fellowship. You cannot have complete fellowship and--and livelihood without these agreements.

You cannot be married without an agreement. You cannot have a wife without some kind of an agreement. And that agreement is based upon your vow.

You cannot have fellowship with God without coming to God's agreement. And there's a basic thing for fellowship, and that's the Blood, the Blood only. It's been God's way from the beginning, and it will be till the end. The only place of fellowship is through the Blood.

PRESUMING_ PHOENIX.AZ WEDNESDAY_ 62-0117, E-102 And if you don't truly love your wife better than any other woman in the world, she's not yet... There's something wrong. If you don't love your husband, if you trifle on him and don't live the right kind of life, there's something wrong. That's right. She'll not... They'll not be there. So in the resurr... You might've married him; you're living honorable to him. That's fine. I--I appreciate that. You should do that as a lady for your children, and you men to your wives. That's right. You should do that, honorable. But in the resurrection that'll not be her.

PERSEVERANCE_ S.PINES.NC FRIDAY_ 62-0608, E-6 So they said--said, "Anything you cannot scientifically prove is wrong."

I said, "Well, now. You love your wife different from any other woman?"


I said, "What is that? See, see? Got children? What makes them children different from any other children?"

And when he had talked, in just a few moments... And he said, "Well," he said, "now, for instance this." He said, "You see? There's not a wire around us anywhere."

I said, "That's right. There's a great thing." I said, "Now, here it is. That man's over in the United States. And without a wire or anything connected to it, to the United States, through a--a wave, some kind of electronic wave of whatever it is, brings that man's picture here just as perfect, and reflects it on there."

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