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E-26 And Mrs. Lot stands for a memorial. And when God give her her last message of grace, when He sent those angels down there and told them that within a few hours that Sodom and Gomorrah was going to be burned, yet she could not stand the thought of giving up her social life to come out into a desert and to live like Sarah had lived, and out there in the desert and have to wear common plain clothes of the woman of the plains. She wanted to be in luxury. Her husband had become a great man in the city. He set in the gate as a judge or as the mayor of the city. And she wanted these luxuries. And she couldn't stand the thought of having to give those things up.


E-28 No doubt somewhere down over the air waves, or in this building tonight, I'm preaching to a many a man and woman who God called into the ministry, and took an easier road, because it had more money in it. There wasn't... You're herding sheep when you ought to be preaching the Gospel. So easy to take that way of luxury.


98 That's the way Lot did, went down into Egypt, and the first thing you know, he got his eyes on Egypt. And then he looked over and he seen Sodom, luxury, take it easy. And he went eastward toward... Remember, went east instead of going west with Abraham. He went east because it was the way of luxury. He went on towards the east.


E-55 Are you all finished? Has the Holy Spirit spoke just so--a few more? Don't let It pass. You know, tomorrow may be too late. You may not be able to do it tomorrow. You see, you're--you've turned yourself because of fussings be--between churches and denominations, and peoples, and--and all the luxuries of the world.


20 We'll take, for instance, Moses, the great prophet, how that that man had no selfish objectives at all. He could've been the king of Egypt. He could've had the world under his feet. But because that he was a prophet at heart, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, choosing rather to suffer the persecution and the trials of Christ, esteeming the treasures of heaven greater treasures than them of Egypt. He forsook and denied himself of the worldly fame, of the luxury and the--the things that life offers. He had to look beyond that. See, he--he could've been that.


191 How far we've drifted from it. Why? The same thing this boy did here. He rejected and refused Eternal Life, because It would cost him his social standing; it cost him his--his--his luxury of money; it'd cost him his fellowship in the church; it cost him a lot of things. He knowed what It was going to cost him; he was a sensible boy; and he felt that he couldn't pay the price. Yet he thought, "I'll just trust my religion and go on." But down in his heart he knowed there was something about Jesus Christ was different from them priests of that day.


E-7 My Lord didn't have a place to lay His head. That's right. And for... I... The Lord has give me a little place to live there and my little family, and we just happy. And as long as we have... Not that... I don't have our family--even if we could afford it and get a big love offering, we could afford to go a little in luxury--I don't do that. No, sir. If I have just a little bit over, I put it in foreign missions. God knows that to be true. And I... Now, 'cause I'm the steward of that when it's handed to me. And I've got to answer for it at that day.


E-78 I pray, Father, tonight that You'll draw each one to Thy breast, Lord. May some young man here, some young woman, who's all tore up in this frantic age that we're living in, a age of luxury, a age of sin, and hatred, and God despising, the age where people have a form of godliness, and would deny the power there of... You said they would do it, and You said, "From such turn away."


E-9 That's what's the matter with America today. They don't want it. They're not hungry enough. Isn't that right?

They're--they're to be entertained, a pleasure-mad people. They just want comfort, and luxury, and things like that, and don't know that judgment's slipping right up on them all the time. They fail to see that, but they don't want it.


E-33 And then God told Abraham, He said, "Now that you're separated from Lot..." He took the bad choice. All the fields was watered down in Sodom. Big cities were built full of sin. And isn't it strange that that lukewarm believer, Lot, would go down to the best place he could find, the most beautiful place he could find, take the road of ease? And isn't it strange thing that sometimes people who say that they believe God, they want to take the road of luxury? They want to take the road where there's no trials. They want to take the easiest way out. They want to take the way that's not persecuted. They want to take the road of ease. They're just a lukewarm believer.

But Abraham, the man of God, gave Lot his choice and taken what was left. Oh, I just love that. A real believer will give you your choice; he's willing to take what's left. There's no selfishness in a real believer, not at all.


E-9 Now, we want to read a--just one verse of Scripture, found in the Book of Genesis the 22nd chapter and the 14th verse.

And Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh: as it is said to this day, in the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

Jehovah-jireh... Now, last night we left our brother in--getting in contact with God, one of His Angels just before the destruction of Sodom.

And Lot, remember, had took his choice and had went down into Sodom to live in sin, and luxury, and pleasure. But yet, he was a believer.


98 That's where the church made its mistake. I say this with reverence, brethren. The Pentecostal church would be better off with a tambourine, out there on the corner, with the old fashion men and women, with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, than they would in these great big shrines and morgues they're living in today under all this tommyrot and stuff. That's right? They want to act like the rest of them. That's where we got it. Why didn't you stay the way you were, the way God started you out? The very thing you fussed about, you turned around and done the same thing.

That's the way Lot did, went down into Egypt, and the first thing you know, he got his eyes on Egypt. And then he looked over and he seen Sodom, luxury, take it easy. And he went eastward toward... Remember, went east instead of going west with Abraham. He went east because it was the way of luxury. He went on towards the east.


101 But Lot went back because it was easy, luxury. Look at Mrs. Lot when she got back there. Why, she must've become the queen of the societies of the city. Lot became the mayor. Oh, brother, they had it made, why, I mean to say.


150 What makes these inspired ministers preach the Gospel? What makes them? Perhaps one time drunkards; one time gamblers; one time bad men; all of a sudden something changed. And here they stand, preaching the Gospel and giving their lives out. And some of them, nearly, living just as poor as they can. When they were businessman and could be rich, ride in big cars and have luxury, but they sacrificed it and give it away. Why? God's in His people reconciling the world to Himself. God's in His people.


21-1 Now, she's beautiful so she can deceive. The world is beautiful so it can deceive. I mean cosmos, the order of the world. It's beautiful so it can deceive--great fine places and luxury.


But have men heeded this truth? Have they esteemed His Person Who alone has the full sovereign authority over His church? I say, "NO". For in every age the church has been governed by a hierarchy--a priesthood--an apostolic succession--closing the door of mercy and grace to whom it will, and instead of assuming the love and responsibility of the church it has with mercenary lust preyed upon her and destroyed her. The clergy lived in luxury while the poor church fed on the husks of abuse. And not one age did any different. Each bound itself to organization and put the government upon men and committed the church to that government. Dare let the people rise up, and they were brutally suppressed or cast out. Every denomination has the same spirit.


32 And we would pray, Lord, that You would restore to us that faith that once moved that first church. Not asking for flower beds of ease, but asking only for mercy of God, and for His Presence, and His blessings to go with us. Whether it be in this field or a field across the sea, whether it is on luxury, or beds of ease, or whether it is at the battle front, no matter where it might be, Lord, Your slightest will is our extreme desire to serve You. Just make it plain to us, O Lord, that we'll not miss the way, for we walk in a dark and blinded world, amongst sinful blinded people. So clear our way, Father, and lead us as You would sheep of Your pasture.


57 Now he... Demas come out of a rich family, and he was wealthy, and money sometimes means religion to people. Like they say in California, "If you haven't got three Cadillacs, you're not spiritual." So it means, if you're not successful, if you don't have the finest church there is in the city, the people won't go. It's almost that way here. Proves to you--you've got to have the finest church in the country or they say, "You, oh, you mean you joined up with a little bunch like that?"

Did you know our Lord didn't have a place to lay His head? Did you know He only owned one coat? See? And He had it, He was just kind of a Person was pushed about. And He didn't have no place to lay His head. But they could've thought the same thing, and did, about Him.


53-4 God planted this Tree to bear spiritual fruit, and man has always tried to make it a artificial form, having a form of godliness, the largest buildings in the city (sure); millions of dollars. My goodness, and people preaching Jesus is coming, and spend six and eight million dollars on a building somewhere. And missionaries, I know missionaries on the field that's preaching the Gospel without a pair of shoes on, eating two meals a week.


199 They may not mean to do this and be wrong. They don't mean... I don't believe men mean to do that. I find fine people out in those big denominational churches. I find fine men. But it's as the lawyer said on the radio, coming down here, "The strange thing, that how clergymen could stand in the pulpit, and see these times come, and not get the righteous indignation stirred up, of the sins of the world." And when a lawyer has to stand up and say that... "And how the laity could use their money on all kinds of zoos and parks, and things, and not sponsor the program of missionaries, to take the world the Gospel."

When hungry missionaries, not shoes on their feet... Hallelujah. No denomination to back them up, because their stand for the Word of God. Nothing to back them up. You get them with something to back them up over there, then what have they got? A big bunch of dogma. A real, true missionary, signs following, have to depend on some washwoman to save them a few pennies. Notice, there it is.

They may not mean to do well... But what's the matter with them? They're blind. Jesus said so. Remember, remember, Jesus said that same thing. And it seems like, today...


72 And here Demas saw Paul, a man that had a ministry like that, and yet was so poor that he only owned one coat, and wanted Timothy to bring it to him: one coat. But Paul set the example like Christ was; He had one coat. Then why does riches and lots of money and things mean so much to people today? Notice now. And he had power till anybody that was contrary to what he preached, he turned around and said, "You'll be blind for a season." And the man was blind.


66 Oh, you know, that spirit don't leave the world; they still have it that way. Money ain't God. There's only one God. See? But people think because you have a big ministry you ought to own all this and all this, and all these great big things, and big schools, and big so-and-so. God doesn't deal in them things. Or at least, that's been my opinion. God deals with an individual. He never did ordain us to go do such things.


12-3 He didn't care how he looked, and how much fashion he was dressed like, whether his hair was combed right, or whether anybody looked at him or not. He had the Word of the Lord and that was his full objective: bring that Word of the Lord. Who was this fellow? Yep, it was Amos the prophet: rugged individual, but he knowed where he was standing; he knowed what he was doing; he was a true prophet of the Word.

And the reason he had come to this city, was because the Word had come to him. And when the Word of the Lord comes to a true servant, he must go; regardless of circumstances or regardless of difficulties, he must go anyhow. Whether he's prepared, whether he feels like it, whether he wants to, whether whatevermore; he must go anyhow.


57 And so he couldn't stop nowhere. He was a fugitive. He didn't know what to do, and he was on the run. A very type of today, I think that's what's causing so much pressure; we're on the run. That's what's the matter with the world: knowing they're wrong, knowing the coming of the Lord is at hand, and the pressure's building up; and they're on the run. Roadhouse, gambling den, luxury, sin, immoral decay, anything to give vent; listen at television, dirty jokes, anything, give vent. They're on the run. There's something fixing to happen; they know it; and they're drinking themselves to death with pleasures and everything else: on the run.


38-6 He sees the diseases. He seen that they'd got away from the Word. He saw the Word, and he knew the results, what was coming. He seen the luxury they was living in; he seen the way them women was acting. He seen the way them priests was doing, how they got away from the true worship of God and things like that. There's... He had to--he had the answer; he said, "That God that you claim you'll serve will destroy you."


"You've not kept My commandments." And yet they thought he had. Didn't I just read it here? Second verse, 4th--2nd chapter, 4th verse: "Because I chose you to be the... Of all the families of the earth I chose you, and yet you refuse to walk in My commandments."


38-5 Oh, sure the doctor diagnoses the case; he sees where it's at. A true prophet diagnoses the case by the Word. He what? A doctor diagnoses his case by the symptoms. Is that right? He looks at the symptoms, and he sees what's the matter with the patient. He sees how far it's advanced and say, "There's nothing could be done." And a true prophet takes the Word of God and diagnoses the cases, throws the medicine into it, and the people throws it back in his face. What's going to happen? Perish, that's all. Pleasure loving, world-streaked bunch of so-called hypocrisy... But that's the way of a true prophet. See? Oh, my.

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