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My neighbor, best man, one of the best, one of the best neighbors there is. Catholic to the core. Would kiss the Pope's big toe. We fish all the time, and he has to get in exactly a certain hour so he can go to confession.

But, I can leave my house open, leave my refridgerator open, and if he'd do anything, he'd fill it up. That's the kind of man he is.

I was working out there one day, and I was sweating away. That's not done very often. But, anyways, I was cutting grass, and now I got a riding mower. But we didn't have one then. This is the first one. I'll never forget, it was Lois's birthday.

He looked over across the fence, he said, "Hey neighbor, this is crazy."

I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "We're sweating and carrying on like this, and those Crappies are biting up here at the lake. We need to be at the lake." He said, "After we get through, let's get in the boat and go!"

I said, "Great!"

"Oh, me, It's Lois' birthday," I thought.

So I sneaked in and she says, "How are you doing?"

I said, "I'm doing pretty good."

And she said, "We are not going to be able to go out and eat supper tonight."

I said, "Why?"

She said, "I got a headache, and I just don't feel like it. We'll go tomorrow."...

So, I got all dressed and got that coffee poured out, and he was going to Sawyer's to get some minnows.

And when he come back, he said, "Hey, neighbor, I'm not going to be able to take my boat tonight. It's got a hole right in the front." He said, "I forgot all about it Billy."...He said, "Is it O. K. if we take your boat?"

I said, "Yeah, sure, Bob."

I thought, "Oh, man, he smoked. It wasn't my boat. It was dad's boat. Oh, what was I going to do?"

So, I got on the phone and called Joe. I said, "Hey, bub."

He said, "Yeah."

I said, "Do I have to work tonight?" I was trying to get out of it, you know.

And he said, "Why, no."

I said, "Well, Bob wants to go fishing and I told him I'd go, and he's got a hole in his boat." I said, "I don't know what to do. I can't let him smoke in daddy's boat."

He said, "Go tell him he can't smoke."

He won't understand Joe. He's a Catholic."

He said, "He'll understand."

"No," I said, "I can't do it."

He said, "Then, let him smoke in it."

I said, "Joe, you know I can't let him smoke in daddy's boat."

He said, "Either let him smoke in the boat, or go tell him, but you're not going to work tonight."

That took up that excuse. So I go to him, and said, I said, "Bob."

He said, "Yeah."

I said, "Bob, I'm sorry."

He said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "You know my dad, I talked to you a little about him."

He said,"Yeah."

Bob, "He wouldn't let people smoke in his car, his boat." And I says, "Out of respect, we'll go some other time when you got yours." And I said, "I know you probably wouldn't understand that."

He had that pack of cigarettes in his pocket, I'll never forget that. He said, "Is that all the trouble is Billy?"

And I said, "Yeah."

His wife's name is May Lou. "Mary Lou has been wanting me to quit for a long time, so I'll just lay them here," and he said," we'll just go fishing. I won't smoke in your boat."

So we went fishing that night.

About two months later, he said, "You know what, Billy?"

I said, "What?"

He said, "I ain't smoked since."



I'm going to tell you, there's a little brother setting right here, Bro. Donathan Werts. He's up at Sunset Mountain.

My dad just walked by him, and he saw this place on his ear. Daddy said, "What is that Donathan? You know what it is?"

He said, "I think so, Bro. Branham."

Daddy said, "Why didn't you say something to me?"

But his approach was right. He said, "I didn't want to bother you, Bro. Branham." Daddy just touched his ear. The cancer's gone.

Billy Paul asked, "Which ear was it Bro. Donnie? Is it gone? Stand up." The people could say nothing, because it was in the midst of them.



A little lady come to my dad on the platform. I try to get them worst cases, you know. I give this lady a prayer card, and she stood before daddy...

But she come up to daddy and says. She stood before dad, and we were coming to the prayer line like this.

As he stood before her, he looked at her and he said, "There's nothing wrong with you sister."

Billy Paul thought, "Oh boy, when I get home, he'll get me; giving a prayer card to somebody, there's nothing wrong with them."

"No, Bro. Branham, there's nothing wrong with me. I told your boy I was sick, because I wanted to get before you."

He said, "Why was that sister?"

She said, "I stood before you a year or so ago," she said, "I wanted a baby. I was barren. I wanted a child," and said, "you prayed for me, and said, 'Thus saith the Lord, you'll have a child.'"

"I went home. Told my husband. Told my pastor," she said.

They said, "You're crazy, you can't have no baby. The doctor's done told you that."

She said, "But, he said I would." She said, "I begin to doubt your word," and she says, "In all that carrying on," she says, "I didn't have the baby."

Bro. Branham said, "Sister, that's wonderful."

She says, "I come to apoligise to you and say, I'm sorry."

Daddy said, "That's wonderful sister. I appreciate that. But I don't." He said, "What did He say?"

She said, "He said, 'Thus saith the Lord, I'll have the baby.'"

He said, "I don't care what your husband said, and I don't care what your pastor said. I don't care what your family said. I don't care what your doctor said," said, "if He said it, you'll have the baby!"

Nine months later she sent us a picture of the boy.



But, our pastor at home, Bro. Collins. How many know Bro. Willard Collins? He said first time he saw my daddy, he was down at Macon, Georgia, at the football field. Said he went in there and he said. He was going to the Methodist University, Emory University, to learn how to be a Methodist Preacher. There's forgiveness for that.

But, anyways he said he was, he said he was preaching down there and he went to the football field.

Bro. Collins said, "I never seen so many people in my life!" He said, "Crippled, insane, anything you could think of, cots, wheel-chairs, ambulances." And he said, "I was so sick, because I had ulcers in my stomach. I was eating Zysback, and just milk. That's all I had when I was there, because I was so sick. But I wasn't getting in the prayer line!"

"But, Bro. Branham stood there," he said, "I'll never forget a little black man lying on a cot. It didn't look like he weighed fifty pounds."

Bro. Branham preached one night, and he said, "Brother, if you lay there, you'll die. But if you believe me to be God's Prophet, in the name of Jesus Christ raise up."

Bro. Collins thought, "If that man raises up, he'll break every bone in his body. He only weighed fifty pounds."

Bro. Branham said, "Put that strecher on your back."

Bro. Collins said, "Last thing I saw, that black man was running around that whole football field."

Bro. Collins said, "I never saw no Methodist preacher do that before." He said, "I knew there was something different."


Bro. Branham said, "If you hear me say anything in the name of the Lord, and it's not that away, don't you believe nothing I ever told you."

Bro. Collins said, "I never heard nothing like that in the seminaries."

He said, "And when he did, he come out with another night or two. I got up a little closer, where the tape recorders was. As I got a little closer," he said, "I looked there, and when I did, there was a lady walked up to Bro. Branham, and she says."

Daddy said, "Good evening sister."

She said, "Good evening."

He said, "Your name is so and so, and you live at a certain, certain address."

She says, "That's right."

Bro. Collins said, "Right behind me there's two women."

One said, "Aw, there's something made up about that." Said, "Mary, that's Mary up there."

Said, "Yeah, I know."

Said, "You know she don't live there. She lives on Walnut Street."

Bro. Branham said, "You live at 824 Maple, and she said, yes."

Said, "You know good and well that she has. She's lying. We know where she lives."

Bro. Collins said, "Oh, what did I get into?" he said.

He told me, "If you ever hear me say anything and it's not exactly that-a-way, don't believe nothing I said."

He said, "What is this?"

So he said, "After the service, he got those two woman and got the one that was on the platform, and got them together and he says,"

"Hi Mary." Hi Jane." "So nice to see you. How are you doing?"

Bro. Collins said, "They do know each other."

Bro. Collins said, "I heard you say, that you didn't live at that address."

And she said, "Mary, you know you don't live on no Maple Street. You live on Walnut Street. You lived there for years."

Said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I moved the day before yesterday!"

Yeah, God don't make no mistakes!

YOU DON'T LEAVE HIM, YOU STAY WITH HIM! I'll never forget this. We lived in a trailer...

She said, "Bro. Branham, I moved up here. I left my husband to move up here to be where you're at, because I know you've got the Word of the Lord."

He said, "Thank you sister."

She says, "My husband's not a Christian," she says, "but, I believe everything you say."

He said, "Thank you sister."

Billy Paul thought, "What's he doing?"

Bro. Branham said, "What kind of work does your husband do?"

Billy Paul thought, "What's this got to do with that poor sister?"...

And so she says, "My husband is a construction worker."

He said, "Where at?"

She told him, "About seventy five miles away."

And he says, "What kind of pie does your husband like?"

Billy Paul thought, "Now, where's he going now?"

And she said, "Cherry."

He said, "What time does he get off from work?"

She said, "Four thirty."

He said, "You know what? I thank you for believing in me, but you've got just enough time to get home and bake that cherry pie,

and to greet him at the door. That's the way you win him to Jesus Christ. You don't leave him. You stay with him."

Sis months later, we baptized him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!



One time, there's a brother. How many know Bro. Charlie Cox? It was his daddy, Papa Cox...Bro. Woods father in law.

And Papa come to my dad and said, "Bro. Branham, I want to be baptized so bad!" He said, "But nobody will baptize me."

Daddy said, "Why, Papa?"

He said, "Because I smoke."

And Bro. Branham said, "What's that got to do with you're being baptized?"

"Are we still taking about the same Prophet?" Asked Billy Paul.

Bro. Branham said, "If God's calling you to get baptized, you get baptized."

He said, "Nobody will do it."

Bro. Branham said, "I'll do it."

"Now you talking about things getting tough in that family," said Billy Paul. "It got tough."

Bro. Branham said, "I'll baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ."

He said, "Father, Papa's trying to quit smoking. He's accepted you as his savior. I baptize him in your lovely name. May you deliver him in Jesus name."

About three months later, Papa got sick. He was dying.

Daddy said, "Bro. Woods, how's Papa doing? "

Bro. Banks Woods was daddy's buddy, and he said, "Papa's going to die, Bro. Branham."

Bro. Branham said, "Has he quit smoking?"

Banks said, "No, Bro. Bill, he's still smoking."

Daddy said, "Banks, I can't do this. Would you do something for me?

He said, "Yes."

Bro. Branham said, "Would you go get Papa some cigarettes?"

Billy Paul said, "The same Prophet. We're still talking about Malichi 4."

Bro. Branham said, "How do you buy them, one at a time, a pack or what?"

Bro. Woods said, "Papa smokes so much I buy him a whole carton."

Bro. Branham sais, "Go buy him the whole carton and tell him I sent them for him."

He said, "O.K."

So he walks in the hospital with this carton of Camels. He walked in there, and Papa said, "Oh thanks, Banks, for those cigarettes."

He said, "Papa, them ain't from me. Bro. Bill had me to buy them. And he sent them to you."

Papa said, "Bro. Bill sent me those cigarettes?"

Bro. Banks Woods said, "He sure did."

Papa never smoked another cigarette.



A little sister one time...She got mad at me because I give her a prayer card. And I give her a prayer card and she should be happy.

And she come up to me and said, "I don't want that prayer card."

I said, "Why not?"

She said, "because I don't like the number."

I said, "Sister, I shuffle them up, and give them out. I can't help that."

She said, "I come all the way from overseas." She said, "Your daddy prayed for me years ago. He told me I was going to be a missionary. And I got healed, and I am a Missionary. And I got healed, and got over there, and another disease hit me."

And she said, "Lord, if you can let me get to where Bro. Branham was," said, "his son give me prayer card number three, and I'm the third one in line," and said, "Lord, I'll take that as a sign from you, that if I get that number, and he calls me out, that when he comes up there, and I'm the third one one in line, I'll be healed again."

She said, "God give me transportation to get over here, and you give me card 98."

I said, "I can't help what card I give you, I'm sorry, I can't change it."

Daddy come to the platform, and he preached, and he said, "We're going to start the prayer line tonight." He said, "We're going to do it a little different tonight. We're going to start at 100 and come backwards. 100,99,98."

Billy said, "Number three! Yeah, God don't make no mistakes."


So, I was in the church the other day and they was playing a tape, and so at the end of the tape, Bro. Branham, I think it was called, THE BLUSHING PROPHET, and at the end of the tape, Bro. Branham was preaching.

Someone said,..."I think those tapes, you know, we don't need to hear them."

"But, I believe we do need to hear them," said Billy Paul, "because, I believe that's the voice of God to us. I believe the anointing is on those tapes."..."I believe it's all the Message of God."

And I was setting back there in my office...They was playing a tape called THE BLUSHING PROPHET...And while he was playing a tape like that.

"The Prophet was blushing, not because of the prostitute. Not because of the sin of the mean man, because of the righteous." He said, "The way they conducted themselves." And he said, "The way you talk to your wife. The way you do this."

"And oh, my, he preached you right into conviction," said Billy Paul. "I was getting lower, and lower and lower, you know."

So finally he said on that tape, I believe towards the end like that, he says, he made an altar call, and I heard people up in the audience going to the altar, and I was setting back there in the back listening for the phone and things and I slipped down at my desk and knelt down to pray, I said, "Lord, take everything out of me that's not like you." You know how you do it.

As I set there like that, all at once I felt the Spirit move down there like that. I didn't feel like I got through. Just wasn't enough.

So, Bro. Branham said, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You mean that you haven't got the victory enough to raise your hands and to come up here and let me pray for you."

Up went my hand. I said, "Lord, I just come off my knees."

But he said, "Raise your hand."

So, I raised my hand like that. Bro. Branham said, "God bless you son."

Oh, my! The devil come and said, "He just said that. He was calling everybody son."

He never said son no other time, just that one time. So I know it's for that. Amen! Because we know it's all the Word of God.


Bro. Ed Byskal's been my friend, my buddy. I've known him for many years. And this is the time you're supposed to say nice things.

"Where's Tom Brown? Where's Tom Brown?" asked Billy Paul. "It's time to get even, Bro. Brown."

"Bro. Ed, we was up on a hunting trip out there, with Bro. Bud. I don't mean these things as a joke, but you've got a good Pastor. That's right," said Billy Paul.

"Outside of my dad, my brother, there's very few people I'd rather be in the woods with then Bro. Byskal. He knows his way around," Said Billy Paul.

Anyways, we was up in Canada. I think Bro. Tom was there. I know Bro. Joseph was there. We drove, rode all day long back, to get to camp. How many know Bro. Bud Southwick? Bro. Bud, you know, sometimes he don't get everything all planned out just the way it is...

So, anyways we got back there in camp. We couldn't get across the river that evening, so we just set up on a sand bar. Twelve or one o'clock here comes the awfulest storm, rain, hail, snow, blizardous. All of a sudden our tent went, "Kafooie!"

Here we laid out underneath the heaven, like this here, snowing, and raining. And I was with Bro. Joseph, and rain just pouring in our face like this.

And Rocky Southwick was there and Bro. Bud. And Bro. Tom was over in another tent. I said, "How we going to get this tent up?"

Bro. Rocky said, "Bro. Ed's a sweet brother. He'll help us."

So he hollars over and said, "Bro. Ed!"

Bro. Ed said, "Yeah."

Bro. Rocky said, "Bro. Ed. come help us!"

Bro. Ed said, "Don't call me brother!"

"So tonight, if I quit early," said Billy Paul, "don't call me brother."...


Bro. Ed Byskal said, "Bro. Billy, I've got all the letters you ever wrote me."...

"He was truely a friend to my dad," said Billy Paul about Bro. Ed Byskal. "He loved my dad. My dad called him his friend."

"I asked my dad one time," said Billy, "Dad, what does it mean to be a friend of a Prophet?"

Bro. Branham said, "It might just come in handy one time."...

Billy Paul said, "And it's not been an easy thing, It's not been an easy road, but it wasn't easy for Jesus. It wasn't easy for Bro. Branham. It's not easy for you. But aren't you glad you serve a Captain who's never lost a battle? Aren't you glad, you're on the winning team?...

Satan, you know how you can tell when he lies? Every time he opens his mouth...Everything he tells you is a lie and everything Jesus Christ tells you is the truth.

There comes a time you take your stand, and as the little fellow playing on the violin, "I'll take mine with the Lord Jesus."


"I'm a witness to you tonight," said Billy. "I think the greatest little Quote that my dad ever made, so simple, but I believe it says it all."

He said, "The Lord Jesus loves you. And He died that you might be well. Then He sent me, as His Prophet to tell you what's the truth."

How much simpler could it be. The Lord Jesus loves you. Then He sent William Branham.

You say, "How do you know it's William Branham?"

"Because God give me the revelation," said Billy Paul.



This church, this building that we're here in memorial to dedication. Bro. Ed gave a little history of it. I'n sure he'll repeat it to you. It's a testimony of your faith in this Word and in Jesus Christ.

Bro. Branham said in the dedication of the church. He said, "The beauty of the church is the character of the people."

"How blessed we are. The beauty of this church. Look at this church. It's the character of it's people, amd you're part of it," said, Billy Paul.


A brother come to me one time. He said, "You only say these things because Bro. Branham was your father."

I said, "I'll be honest with you. I never really understood until after God had taken him home."...

"If this is my last testimony to you, I want to be as honest with you as I can," said Billy Paul.

My dad told me, "Son, always tell the truth, and you can tell it the same way every time."

God gave me the greatest privilege there was, to be a son of God, to be a son of a Prophet. Then he let me be a brother of a Prophet." (Editor-Bro. Joseph) "How much greater could a man ask for?" said Billy Paul.


I said, one time my boy, he's 25 years old now and got almost two children. His name is David. He's about the size of this little boy here. We was living up in Sellersburg.

He went in to go fishing one day. As he went in, the woman said, "What's your name little boy"

He said, "David."

She said, "What's your last name?"

He said, "Branham."

She said, "Oh, yeah," she said, "Oh, I know who you are." She said, "Your dad is passed away."

He said, "No, no, no, no. My dad is up in Canada hunting."

She said, "Oh, then, your grandpa," said, "your grandfather, he must have been the minister."

He said, "No, no, no, no, no, my grandpa was a Prophet!"


People don't understand. Bro. Branham said like I told you last night. He says, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BELIEVE IT."...

"It's just like when Bro. Byskal and I go hunting, or anybody goes hunting," I said, "We've got a gun. The gun's got a front sight and a back sight. And we look through that gun and look down that barrel."

Bro. Branham said, "You don't deviate that barrel one bit."

Bro. Byskal told us at lunch today. He said, "When I was out hunting with him. Before we went out, he shot his gun in." And he said, "Every shot he called and said where it was going to be. I didn't want a Prophet that didn't know exactly where he was shooting at."

Billy said, "I like that!" And I said, "This is got a front sight, and it's got a back sight."

Bro. Branham said, "Don't you vary from it to the left, or vary from it to the right."


"Aren't you glad you're part of that?" And Billy said, "It's just like this. This right here is the front sight. This right here is the back sight. And all what this is right here, is a interpretation of what this says." And Billy said, "This here is the front, and you hold it right out there. And this is the back. If you move this, you'll miss the target, or if you move this, you'll miss the target. But, if you'll hold steady and say what this says, you'll hit the target every time."...


Now, you've heard what was said, but that wasn't me. That was my voice, but it was Him using it. And it was every bit the truth.

19-2 {105} GOD.IN.SIMPLICITY JEFF.IN 63-0317M

And now, this is just a little service that--it--it'll blend right in with it though, so LISTEN TO EVERY WORD. Catch it. And--and if you're talking it on tapes or anything, then YOU STAY RIGHT WITH THAT TAPE TEACHING. DON'T SAY NOTHING BUT WHAT THAT TAPE SAYS. JUST SAY JUST EXACTLY WHAT THE TAPE SAYS (See?), now because some of those things... We're going to understand a whole lot about this now, WHY IT'S MISUNDERSTOOD. See? And YOU BE SURE TO SAY JUST WHAT THE TAPE SAYS. DON'T SAY NOTHING ELSE (See?), 'cause... I don't say that of my own. It's Him that says it. You see? And... SO MANY TIMES CONFUSION, people will raise up and say, "Well, so-and-so said it meant so-and-so." LET'S JUST LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS.


Many people say, "Bro. Billy, I don't understand it."

I said, "I don't either, but I believe it just the same." I said,"It's like this little Cockney when he was in England. And he started to go out."

The king said, "I've got a message, I want you to deliver." He said, "Take my suplicer. Take my suplicer and go. Whoever gets in your way, move them aside."

Say, "I'm sorry. Get out of my way. I've got the message from the king."...

I said, "God in this day, He come upon the Prophet and He placed a sword in his hand. He said it was the Word of God."

He said, "Satan, get away."

He wasn't scared of Satan, his tactics, or anything. He had Satan's number.

Bro. Branham's secret prayer life is what he lived by. He said, " You just pray and seek the Lord."


A brother said one time," he said, "well, Bro. Branham, you know, he can't even talk plain." He said, "His grammar. His Kentucky Hillbilly."...

The man said, "Well I don't like it, because I can't hardly understand it."

I said, "Well, it's not for everybody."...

"Well, like Billy Andrews preached last night. It's just for the elected any ways. Amen."

The brother said, "Well Bro. Branham's grammar is so poor, his haints, tots, polks, and all these things."

I said, "That's right."

"So one day it kinda worried me. So I looked it up. You know what the word grammar means? It means the ability to make yourself understood: the ability to make yourself understood. Brother, if anybody had the ability to make himself understood, it was the Prophet of God."

"And the common people heard him gladly."


He walked out there in the name of the Lord, because he was a servant of God. He was an ambassador sent from God with the Word of God. He was like Elezer and he had gifts with him.

Rebekah said, "I'll just climb on that camel. Just follow that man."

That's the way I am tonight," said Billy Paul, "I'll just follow what the Prophet had to say."

Someone said to me one time, "When you do the Books at Spoken Word and Voice of God, you people, you know, kinda get carried away."

I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "Well, you say and, and, and. Why do you put all those ands in there like that?"

I said, "Because Bro. Branham said so."

He said, "Why don't you put just one and?"

I said, "Because I believe it's the Voice of God to us!"

Jesus said, "Verily, verily, verily, and the Prophet said, and, and, and. Then I'm going to say, and, and, and, because I believe it's the same Word of God. Amen!"...


I've seen him challenged from one end to the other, but I never seen it defeated. I've seen him stand before tens of thousands and say, "I take every spirit in here under my control, for His honor and glory."

It wasn't Bro. Branham, it was God in Bro. Branham. I don't worship Bro. Branham, but I glorify the God that was in Bro. Branham. He was a humble man. It was a Son of Man revealing THE SON OF MAN.

"A Word Prophet," Bro. Branham said, "is the revealer of the Word of God. The divine interpretation only comes to that."

Bro. Branham said, "When God sends a Message and a Messenger," he said, "to misconscrew that Prophet's Word, or doubt one Word was total annilation and separation from God."

To misconscrew that Prophet's Word. So how important it is for us to say, "Only what the tapes say."...

Billy Paul said, "I wish I had the ability to say what's on my heart. He not only preached a Message, but he lived you a Message. He pointed you to one. That was Jesus Christ. He didn't compromise on sin for nobody. He stood for the Word of God."

He wasn't a big man, five foot nine, about 150 pounds, but I seen him stand ten foot tall. I've seen him stand before devils, witch doctors, what have you?

I've seen him stand before 400 preachers, and he said, "It's not me you're scared of. It's this Word that you're scared of." He said, "If I'm wrong, bring your Bible and stand by my side."

My, it was awful quiet. He knew where he stood. He knew who he was."...


You know, we just common. Dad washed his car, cut the grass, you know. Mom, she cooked the meals. She washed the clothes. We're just like you are.

Joe, he always tells me, he says, "Bub, remember when dad told you about when you was a little boy, he got you everything?"

I said, "Yes."

And he says, and Bro. Branham says, "The next ones I have, I won't do that."

And Joe said, "I never did forgive you for that. I wished you'd have gotten something besides a spoon in the back yard," said Joe. "I never did forgive you for that."


Sarah, you know we were just family. I remember one time at the table. I don't mean this as a joke, but we were setting there.

Just like you are. I kinda like to to let you know what it was like to be at home. Is that O.K.?

Sarah was setting at the table one day and,

Any of you have to eat left overs? Oh, ain't that awful? Man, I don't like them left overs, you know. So, we was setting there and Sarah was setting there at the table like this.

Dad, you know, he always asked us Bible questions. Oh my, you know. That's right. He'd take us for a ride, Bible questions. You might get by the first time not knowing the answer, but I'll tell you, but the second time you was in trouble.

He's setting there and so he always asked the children to pray. It was Sarah's turn, you know. I'll never forget this.

He said, "Sarah, pray."

She just set there and looked.

He said, "Sarah, ask the blessing."

She said, "Daddy, I prayed over this yesterday!"


I remember as a little boy, I walked out in the yard and and I wanted to play basketball some. O.K? I go out there and get up in the morning, like you all, and wanted to go out there to shoot a few hoops or something, you know.

I'd look out there and there'd be ambulances. There'd be people setting in the driveway. Maybe go to the counter to get a doughnut or something at the kitchen table. There'd be airplane tickets from everywhere around the world. I didn't really understand all of that.

See those ambulances out there and maybe an old dad in there with a crippled baby. He knew that God had a Prophet in the land. If he could get to that Prophet, everything would be all right.

I might want to go fishing. I might want to go out, like I said, and play basketball. We didn't have all those things together, because he had a mission from God...

He wasn't a rich man, but he was a humble servant of Jesus Christ. I said he was so poor, that he had to borrow a suit to preach in. He was so poor, 'till he had to sleep in a corn field, and press his pants beneath the seat of his car, and drink hydrant water, and eat stale rolls, to go get the Message to bring it to you and I.

Bro. Branham said, "Because my savior was so poor," he said, "He had to borrow a womb to be born in, and a grave to be burried in. But He was King of kings and Lord of lords."

You understand what I'm trying to say to you? I'm trying to lay a background for the testimony. Just what kind of a person he was.

Billy Paul said, "I often thought, I'd like to take a service sometime and just let the people ask questions, how Bro. Branham was. How he done this. Not Message questions. Just questions on his life."



Look. In a few years from now, I will say within the space of five years, maybe a little longer, maybe a little less, your money won't be worth the paper it's wrote on. It won't be worth nothing.

Over in Russia today, they have their houses papered with thousand dollar bills. It ain't worth nothing. Confederacy... That's right. And we're coming to the same thing.

A missionary here in Miami the other day was talking to me. He walked down the streets of London, England, where we're going to there at the London Hall. He said, "I had six hundred pounds in my pocket," which was dollars. And said, "My little girl wanted a little cookie. And those six hundred dollars would not buy that little cookie. I had to have a stamp first. It's rationed."

Mark of the beast... No man can buy or sell except he that had the mark. And it's coming right here. You listen to it. You're probably be at seeing 'fore I get back here again. It's right at the door, and we're near the end.


Someone said, 'Well," says, "It was kinda hard to figure out."

Billy Paul said, "You don't figure out a Prophet. You just take him, what he says. But, you'd better approach that Word right."

I saw a man walk in one time. And this is one of our own people in our church in the tabernacle. He walked in. My dad was having interviews.

This man walked in, he said, "Bro. Branham, I want to ask you a question."

Bro. Branham said, "Sure."

He asked, "What do I do about birth control?"

He said, "What's you problem, brother?"

He told him. This is a man in our church now. Do you follow me? He told him.

Bro. Branham said, "You should." He told him what to do.

The brother said, "Thank you." He went out.

Probably five or six people later, another brother from our church, he come in.

He said, "Bro. Branham, what about birth control?"

Bro. Branham said, "What's your problem?"

He told him and daddy said, "Don't you do it!"...

I thought, "What?"

So after that, daddy said, "What troubled you?"

I said, "Nothing." Like I told you last night.

He said, "What?"

I said, "You told brother so and so, "Yes." And you told brother so and so, "no," And I said, "They both told you the same thing."

He said, "But Brother so and so was lying to me."


You say, "I can't figure it out!"

You don't have to figure it out. Just believe it.



A man loved him so much that his boy died...The boy got killed in a car wreck. And a man loved him so much that when they went to enbalm him, he said, "Don't you enbalm him till I call the Prophet."

We was in Phoenix. His name was Bro. Welch Evans. He called dad and he says, "Jimmy just got killed in a car wreck. He's just sisteen years old. I don't know whether to enbalm his body, but if you'll pray, I believe God will send him back to me."

Daddy said, "I'll go pray."

He called all of us in the room at the motel. He said, "Jimmy just got killed."

And he was one of our little boys at the church. And man, we was all grieved and begin to cry.

And he said, "You all pray with me that God will show me what to do."

I'll never forget, about eight to ten hours later he come in. He said, "Paul, get Bro. Evans on the phone for me." I got Bro. Welch on the phone.

He said, "Bro. Welch,"

Billy Paul said, "I hope you understand this I'm telling you. This is my testimony."

Bro. Branham said, "I searched for him and searched for him." He said, "I looked everywhere. Finally I found him," and he said, "He was standing in the presence of that light." He said, "Welch, if you want him, I can pray and ask God to give him to you, but if he was my boy, I'd leave him right where he is."

Bro. Welch said, "That's good enough for me."...

Man so loved him, that he wouldn't even bury his son until he asked God's Prophet.


I've got a cousin. His name is Charlie Conley. I'll never forget this! Old Carlie, he was rough as a cob, mean as a snake. He'd fight anything that could walk. Just one of those kind of guys, you know, but he had a heart this big. But he just wouldn't give it to Jesus Christ.

He's down at the filling station one day...He's down at the filling station one day, and he said he had a dollar, Bro. Fulcher. And back in those days, it was kinda tough, you know. So he said he had a dollar...

He said he was going to get a dollar's worth of gas, and he looked up, and here come dad.

And he said, "Oh, here comes Bro. Bill. I don't want him to see me put this dollar's worth of gas in my car." So he stuck it in his pocket. He just stand there whistling around.

Bro. Branham said, "Hello Charlie."

Charlie said, "Yeah."

Daddy said, "I want you to do something for me."

He said, "Do what?"

Daddy said, "I want you to do something for me."

He said, "Sure."

Daddy said, "I'm on my way to a meeting on California, or something."... He said, "When I'm going, I want you to go down and see Uncle Andy, and Aunt Etta, that I said to tell Uncle Andy to get baptized this afternoon."

Charlie said, "You want me to tell them something from you?"

Daddy said, "Charlie, I'd go myself, but I haven't got time, but Uncle Andy has to get baptized today." He said, "God just met me in the room up there, and told me to tell Uncle Andy to get baptized, and if he doesn't, you tell Aunt Etta, that the undertaker will be there at seven o'clock to get him."

Now, here's a man that's not even a Christian, going down to tell his uncle. And everybody knew how Charlie was...

Bro. Branham said, "Do it for me Charlie, will you? I've done things for you."

Charlie said, "Sure will, Bro. Bill."

So, Bro. Branham told the filling station man, "Fill this boy's car up. He's going to do something."

Charlie said, "Oh, no, no, no, I've got money."

Daddy said, "No, fill this boy's car up."

He said, "No, I've got money, Bro. Bill."

Daddy said, "Keep that dollar you got in your pocket, and do what I said."...

"God even knows how much money you got. Yes, sir. God knows doesn't He?" said Billy Paul...

So Charlie went down and he said, "Well, Aunt Etta, you ain't going to believe this. Uncle Andy, you ain't going to believe this. But, I just met Bro. Bill and he told me to tell you to get baptized today in the name of Jesus Christ."

Uncle Andy said, "I ain't going."

He said, "I'm going to tell you what else he said. He said, 'If you don't Tuck Kootz, the undertaker will be here at seven o'clock to get you.'"

Uncle Andy said, "I don't care. I don't feel to be baptized, and I'm not going to."

Charlie said, "I just set down." He said, "Seven o'clock the undertaker come and got him!"



One time, I was up here in Canada. My Uncle Donny, I'll never forget this. He was standing there. I think I told this over in Bro. Hilderbrand's Church. I'm sure I did.

You know, he was daddy. He was brother. But, he was more than daddy, and he was more than a brother.

My uncle was helping in the prayer lines. A little girl come up all crippled. I'll never forget this. She had this little braces. She walked up like this. She stood before my daddy.

Daddy said, "Hi sweetheart."

She spoke to him.

He said,..."What's you got there under your arm?"

And she says, "A pair of shoes."

(Put that faith to work a little bit.)

He said, "So what you got honey?"

"A pair of shoes," she said. "I never walked in my life, but I seen others that you prayed for did." And said, "I want to walk and be normal like other kids."

Daddy said, "That's sweet, sweetheart." He said,"Sweetheart," he said, "go over and set down in that little chair, "he says, "and let your faith build up when you see the others being healed."...

"Let your faith build up, and I believe Jesus will let you walk."

So, the little girl got her chair and she set over there real quietly."

The prayer line, back in those days, you know, hundreds and hundreds and they kept coming through like that. Daddy begin to set there. Pretty soon getting close to the end of the prayer line.

My uncle begin to think in his mind. You know, sometimes we begin to think it's too late. God don't keep His Word. That's one of them lies of satan Bro. Billy told you about.

He begin to open his mouth in my uncle's ear. That was his brother in the flesh. And he said, he just begin to reason in his mind.

He said, "If that ain't something." He said, "There, that little girl with all that faith, even brought her little box of shoes under her arm, and wanted Bill to pray for her, and he sets her over to the side, because she's so crippled, that she can't walk. Now, it's been an hour."...

He said, "Now she's setting there doing what he said. Bill done forgot about her. The people's forgot about her, and that's how he got out of it."

Said about that time, daddy turned and said, "Oh, no Donny."...He said, "I ain't forgotten and neither is God. Go get her!"

She come, little box.

He said,. "Sweetheart," he said, "is your faith ready?"

She said, "Yes, they is."

He said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, give me those crutches."

Out of there she went. She put those shoes on and walked all over that auditorium!

He's the same Jesus Christ here in Vancouver, here tonight. He's the same God in Africa. He's the same God in India. He's the same God in Munsfreeboro. HE'S THE SAME YESTERDAY, TO DAY AND FOR EVER.


One time, in Fort Wayne, I'll never forget this. We got up one morning to go to eat. My dad eats real light. He spent all of his time in prayer. Three o'clock every day, my dad would go to prayer. He wouldn't come out at all until I come and knocked on the door. We kept the people from, you know, in that way.

He said, "I stood before God, waiting to tell me what to do."

"Like I try to you in my testimony," said Billy Paul. "He lived the words he brought to you."

That morning he got up and he said, "Mom."... We always ate at a little place called Dobbs House.

He said, "Let's go to Miller's Cafeteria this morning, just for a little something different."

She said, "O.K."

He said, "I just feel led to go down there."

I'll never forget this. We walked in there and the kids. Just as we started to walk in the door, there was a sister standing there.

She said, "Thank you Jesus!"

Daddy turned and said, "Excuse me."

She said, "I was just praising Jesus." She said, "Ain't you Bro. Branham?"

He said, 'Yes, man."

She said, "I've been here at your meetings. I've been trying to get to see you. I got cancer on my breast." She said, "I'm just dying. I bought my brother here. This is my brother." She said, "He's dying. We've been here all week and we can't get in." Said, "I was praying in my room, 'Lord, what can I do?'"

"GOD WORKS ON BOTH ENDS AT THE SAME TIME," said Billy Paul. She said, "The Lord spoke to me and said, 'Go down to Miller's Cafeteria.' And said, 'Be there at ten minutes to nine. I'll send my Prophet by.'"

"That morning he didn't want to go to Dobbs House, He wanted to go to Miller's Cafeteria," said Billy Paul.

He said, "Bring your brother here."

He prayed for that boy and that boy screamed. He said, "I ain't felt this good since I was sixteen years old!"

We went in the cafeteria, and we got through there and we started to walk outside.

"Mom," he said, "I feel the presence of the Lord. Let's just walk down the street."

Just as we got outside, there was a little sister. She said, "Thank you Jesus."

He said, "Yes, mam."

She said, "Bro. Branham, I got a tumor on the brain."...She said, "I've been trying to get to you." She said, "And God come to me in a dream last night, and told me to stand outside at ten minutes after nine and you'd be coming out the door."

He prayed for her and she begin to rejoice."


He went on down the street and said, "Mom, take the kids and go on back to the room. I still feel the presence of the Lord."

"I still feel him a little tonight too," said Billy Paul. "Don't you?"

He said he walked down there and as he said, he stood on the corner and the light changed, this changed, and that changed. The policeman looked at him. He went next door and started looking at fishing equipment. He went through all these things.

God said, "Just wait."

"God don't tell his Prophets everything. His Prophets don't tell his people everything, but they know how to stand in the presence of God," said Billy Paul.

He said, he stood there. He said, "Lord, what do you want me to do?"

The Lord said, "Wait."

Bro. Branham said, "How long?"

The Lord said, "Wait."

He said, the people begin to look at him. He was standing on the corner. He said the policeman looked at him. The light changed. He just stood there.

The Lord said, "Wait."

"O.K. Lord, I'll wait," said Bro. Branmham.

Pretty soon he seen a little woman coming. Said she was walking like this. She had on a little old hat like this. She just walked like this. And when she got by like that, she just turned around, and said, "Ain't you Bro. Branham?"

He said, "Yes."

I've been at your meeting, and I live in Canada."..."I only had one nickle left. I've been waiting to get prayed for," and she said, "I never got in the prayer line." And she said, "I was on the highway hitch hiking, going back to Canada." She said, "I had one nickle left," and she said, "I was coming into town to buy me a cup of coffee, so I could hitch hike home." And she says, "I went down the street and the Holy Spirit said, 'Turn and go across that corner.'"

He said, "I've been standing here, waiting for you for thirty minutes."

Billy Paul said, "I like the way you worship the Lord, in the freedom of the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the at.

"I didn't know I was going to be here tonight...I haven't been feeling good in my body, but because of Calvary," said Billy...

Billy prays, "Lord, I count it an honor to stand before this portion of the Bride of Christ tonight, to greet them, to speak to them, to testify to them, for the things I've seen and heard. Father, I know that this meeting is ordained of you, and I know Lord, that you're going to do great and mighty works."...

"As you lead, so we will do. And I know that you're here. I feel you. Lord, I know you're here! Your Word said you'd be here.

Father, I thank you for it. Bless us and be with us now, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

"I'm not a minister, but I have a testimony," said Billy. Bro. Branham said, "A Christian prays and reads his Bible every day." "How many prayed today? How many read your Bible today?" asked Billy Paul...Billy reads:



To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, [which were] of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, [and that] a mighty voice.

Bro. Branham said, "He will speak out." (He's talking about Mal. 4). "He will speak out, and those who receive that prophet in his own name will receive the beneficent effect of that prophet's ministry. And they that hear him will be blessed and become part of that bride of the last day who are mentioned in Revelation 22:17."

...Bro.Branham said, "And here's a point that I want to drive home. May the Holy Spirit take it to every heart of you believers. Just because you are a believer... Certainly you have Everlasting Life. God said so. But would you want to just get in as Job said, `by the skin of your teeth?' Would you just want to come before the Father and THE TALENT THAT HE'S GIVE EVERY ONE OF YOU, AS BEING NEGLIGENT, YOU JUST DIDN'T USE IT, or you let something else stand in your way? You let little PETTY THINGS that meant nothing to you, after all little FUSSES, and STEWS, and ARGUMENTS and CHURCH DIFFERENCES take the MEEKNESS and GENTLENESS from your life. Would you want to stand before the Father like that? I don't believe you would. I don't believe that you would do it, neither would I."

"How I want Him to say, 'It was well done.' Not by the skin of my teeth, but, 'It was well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord, for you did well with what you had to do.'"



Billy testifying, "I was coming down here. I got into a little situation. Don't ever fly with me, because it's going to be a shaky experience to be on my plane that I'm in. So, I got to Atlanta. So, I got to the airport and they didn't have no seat assigned."

And I said, "Lord, I know that you want me to go." And I get in there and I said, "How come I don't have any seat assigned?"

"Oh, we just didn't assign. You'll pick it up in Atlanta," he said.

I got in Atlanta. I stood in line, and got up there and took my ticket out, and the lady said, "You don't have a seat?"

"No," I said, "Give me an isle seat."

She said, "O.K." She said, "We don't have an isle seat."

I said, "Give me a window."

She said, "We don't have no window."

I said, "Give me a middle seat."

She said, "Sir, I gotta be honest with you."

I said, "Yes, mam."

She said, "We're 36 seats over booked."

"I know why I didn't get no seat assignment," thought Billy.

She said, "Sir, you're way down on the list." She said, "I doubt you're going to go. I doubt if you're going to Jacksonville today."

"Yes, mam, I'm going to Jacksonville," said Billy.

And she said, "Well, I don't know sir. I'll have to keep your ticket, and we'll put you on 'stand by.'"

"No, I don't want to be on 'stand-by,' I want to be on 'confirmed,'" said, Billy.

"I know you're on 'confirmed,' but we over sold you. It's not your fault, but we're not going to have those people get off that airplane," she said.

Billy said, "I'm still going to Jacksonville."

So that went on. Thirty minutes passed by. They got on the announcement, he said, "Everybody in first class."

"I wasn't in first class," said Billy.

"Everybody in first class, that's got any tickets, that want to give up you seat," he announced.

Fifteen minutes came by and he said, "We've got one ticket open in first class."

So any way, this went on for a little bit. Then he started down through, calling off names. They called off about three names.

The flight was already five minutes late. I go up to the counter and I looked and my name was that far down the list.

I heard a little phone ringing and they picked up a little red phone and he said, "I'll get the plane off as soon as I can."

And she said, "We've got thirty something people."

He said, "We are just about filled up in here."

So they kept calling out a couple more names and I think I was about twelve or fourteen to go before it was my name.

I said, "Lord, if you want me to go, open up the gate." I said, "Lord, I'm writing my check. I write my check. I need a seat to go to Jacksonville, now!"

People were getting madder by the minute. "I was trying to be a Christian," said Billy Paul. "I didn't say I was. I was trying to be."..."My faith was beginning to weaken a bit."

Then they just turned around out of a clear blue sky and he said, "Billy Branham."

I said, "Right here." That's not all of the story.

He said, "Give me your ticket. I believe I can get you on there. There's one more seat left and we ain't got time to go through everybody's name."...

I said, "I don't have my ticket. That lady over there took it."

He said, "I ain't got time, the planes pulling out now. If you want to go, go get on it."

Billy said, "I don't have no ticket."

And I don't think, she's a Christian. She says, "Where's your ticket?"

I said, "I ain't got none. It's up at the counter."

She said, "You've got to have it."

I said, "That man, told me to get on that plane! I'll see you later."

So down the ramp I went. I knew she's going to be coming after me...

She said, "Where you setting?"

I said, "The only seat I can find."

She said, "That guy in first class didn't show."

My God. My God. My God. My, God, He can do anything!


"Like I said, don't ever fly with me. If anything happens, it happens when I'm on the plane," said, Billy Paul.

But before the Lord, I've never seen such a storm in my life.

The storm come up and I've never been so scared in my life. There was two pilots there...They literally stood up in the isles and was looking out at the storm, and that planes was going in any direction you could think of...My heart was going bump, bump, bump. The storm kept on and on and on. I was trying to smile.

The pilot said, "I'm sorry, we can't land in Greenville." ...Anyways, we left Charlotte and he said, "We can't land, it's just too severe" He said, "We are going to circle for a little bit." The more we circled, the worst it got.

Then he come back in. He said, "We don't have enough gas to get back"..."So what we're going to do is circle one more time, then we're going to try to make it to Atlanta."

"I didn't want to go to Atlanta. I had a service in Greenville, in Anderson," thought Billy Paul.

The pilot come back in, put that plane down through that storm and landed. When I got off the plane, the people stood and applauded...Not a person left that plane until the pilot got off...We got off that plane...

The next day, I was scared to death. I said, "I'm walking home!"

The next day, they come to pick me up. I don't mean this jokingly...And the Pastor there, he come to pick me up the next morning at the motel. And when he did, his Mother-in-law was in the back. Bless her heart, I don't believe she had a tooth in her head. She said, "How do you do ya?" She said, "Are you Billy Paul?"

I said, "Yes, mam."

She said, "I live up in a."...She said, "I'm brother so and so's Mother-in-law. I heard you were going to be here, and I wanted to see ya."

I said, "Thank you, sister."

And she says, "Can I ask you a question?'

"Why sure," said Billy.

She said, "Was you in that storm?'

I said, "Yes, sir."...

She said, "I never saw such a storm!"...She said, "Honey, I never saw nothing like that! And the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and said, 'My Prophet's son is on that plane.'" She said, "I went to my knees and asked God to deliver you safe."

That's why I like to testify. MY GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!



So I've been making my prayer grounds up around Mount Rainier, up here, going back into the bush. And there's something about getting out where nature is, you find God. Just--just get alone by yourself. And I had little Joseph with me, my little boy, and something said, "Pull off the the side of the road here and stop, because it's a... Why don't you let the little boy watch the fisherman?" Well, they fished for about ten minutes and left, so Joseph, I was setting there. Well, I thought, "Well, we'll drive on up then to the prayer grounds, and then I'll let Joseph play around while I read and pray, then we'll come back down." I eat that, once a day, so...

Something wouldn't let me go. And I thought, "Well, Joseph, I got a rag beneath the seat, let's just wash the--the mats in the church's car. I'm driving their car." So I thought, "I'd just want to take care of it." And I... Washing the floor mats, and I thought, "That's fine."

And I had the door open. Joseph, he was doing his on the wheel down there, you know, that little fellow kindy entertaining hisself. And all at once, a car stopped, started backing up. Someone thought that somebody in need. And then, when I come to find out, in this car was a woman dying with cancer, a minister's wife. And they had led very strangely. They had went to the place where I stay, and I was gone. They left a handkerchief to be prayed for, and started over another pass that they was supposed to go, and something told them, "Turn and go back."

And they went around this a way, was going down, said, "Isn't this strange why we would be coming this a way?" And just then, said, "Wonder if them people's--something's wrong with them, there in the car?"

And at the same time, I was on the inside of the car, head down, scrubbing up-and-down, like that. And I was going to leave within a couple of more minutes; I'd been pulling on out to the prayer place, and there laid a woman in the back of the car, dying with cancer. How God poured His Spirit out in there.

Isn't it wonderful how He works, how mysteriously He will lead us from place to place, just make every corner meet just as... it... That's just not coincidental; that's spiritually led. You believe that, don't you? Sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God.


I started traveling with dad. Oh, the mighty meetings, you know what I mean...

I remember up in Canada, I forgot where it was at, being in Calgary or somewhere down there...I saw a woman with just her face was plain. I don't know how to explain it to you. I don't know what to say. But, I seen her. She didn't have no eyeballs. She just had slits like that.

I saw Brother Branham pray for her, and ask in the name of Jesus Christ. And I was just a little boy, and I set there and watched them eyeballs form in those sockets.

That's the one that I'm giving witness to tonight. God was in His Prophet. Brother, he knew where he stood. He wasn't ascared of nothing...

One time, in Shreveport, Louisiana, I'll never forget. There was a woman up there. I know this sounds jokingly, but I saw the power of God come upon that woman. She had a tumor out like this. Brother Branham laid his hands upon her and asked that demon to leave. And that woman raised her hands and praised God. She had a belt that fell off and the tumor was completely gone.

That's the God I'm talking about tonight. HE'S THE SAME YESTERDAY, AND TO DAY AND FOR EVER...



Brother Ogu, I was over in Africa, and all those different interpreters...

They said his grammar was so poor, but yet he was a man of God. He knew where he stood. I saw him stand before hundreds of thousands of people. He stood there one night, and there was nine different interpreters...

And as he began to speak, he said. I don't know what the word was, but he told something about the word of God. And it went through this interpreter, and it went through that interpreter, and it went through that interpreter.

They said Brother Branham's grammar was so poor, he didn't know between his and haint. But brother, I saw him before a hundred thousand people, and he turned to that interpreter and he said, "What did you say?"

He said, "I said what you said."

Brother Branham said, "No you didn't. " He said, "No you didn't."

He said, "Why?" He said, "Brother Branham, you don't know the language."

Brother Branham said, "But the Holy Spirit told me you didn't say it like I said it."

"You don't need an education. You need to be led of the Spirit," said Billy Paul.

That man looked at there, and said, "Brother Branham, what did you say?"

Brother Branham said, "Tell me what you said." And he told him.

Brother Branham said, "That ain't what I said."



I remember one time, we were on the mail. My boy, Paul, he was just a little bitty thing, Sister Byskal, just a little bitty thing. My dad just, I don't mean worshipped him, but, you know he said, "Those grandchildren don't have no sins." You know.

And he just loved him so much, and he'd come over. And every time dad would come into the house, and we had a little office in there. And we were trying to work on mail, oh, and it was so hard!

Paul would run up and say, "Daddy this, and daddy that. Pappa, papa, papa."

Daddy'd pat him and he'd say, "Now go away now. Your daddy and I are working on the mail. Pretty soon grandpa will be finished and he'll play with you."

About two minutes he'd come back and say, "Papa, papa, papa." You know...

Dad said, "Now go on away Paul."

About the third time, you know, my patience was gone. You know how you do. So he had on his little old diaper, and when he walked by I whopped him, you know. When I whopped him, I scooted him about that far.

So when he did, dad just got through and he picked up that mail and laid it aside and said, "Come here son."

And that was very unusual for dad to do anything like that, and I said, "What do you mean?"

Dad said, "Bring that baby here." He set him on his lap and he said, "Now you heard what grandpa said and you heard what your daddy said, Now go away and grandpa will play with you." So Paul cries and he goes on in the room with mom, like that, with Lois.

So when he got in there like that, Daddy said, "I want to tell you something, Paul, you've got to correct that child, but you done it wrong."

Billy said, "What do you mean daddy?"

He said, "When you struck that child you was mad."

I said, "I sure was."

He said, "That was wrong." He said, "You do it in love." He said, "That child has a guardian angel with him. And he says, "All through his life, "and he said, "that's to protect that child." And he says, "When you struct that child in anger, you struck that guardian angel." He said, "Don't you never do that again. You do it the right way. You've got to correct him, but you do it the right way."

Billy said, "I've tried to watch that from then on."


(Editor: Do you remember the brother that went to the meetings in Jeffersonville, and had his car stolen? Bro. Branham prayed and the thief brought the car back with nothing stolen, only a 1/2 tank of gas was gone. Here's a testimony that I just got from Don Bablitz, of Evening Light Tabernacle, Canada, that is similar.)



Here is a testimony from Nigeria. "A certain brother was robbed by a group of robbers. The robbers took all that the brother had with him. He was planning on using the money for a special purpose. He prayed that God would undertake in this situation. A few days later, these same robbers brought back the full amount that they had stolen from him. To God be the glory!"


I was called on a sick case about two days later in St. Louis, Missouri. I didn't have a coat to wear. Someone gave me a coat to wear over. And I went over to a man that had a little girl that Saint Vitus' Dance. All the doc--all--a--St. Louis is the head of medical association. And they--and many doctors had been trying to cure this child. She was the daughter of a famous minister. How he ever knowed about this, I don't know yet today.

I went to the home. The little girl was like an animal, scratching her face, chewing on her tongue, shaking all over. So I went in, knelt down with many other Christians, offered prayer, started out, and the Holy Spirit said, "Wait here until you have orders." Oh, praise the Lord. "Wait, here."

I ask the reverend if he would let... Let's go down to his church. We'll go for his church, had prayer, go back to the house. All day passed, all night.

The next day, I was waiting, and I was setting in his car. And as I looked across the hood of the car, I saw a vision coming in. I waited to see what He would say. After I had the vision, I got out of the car, went to the house, and I said to the old--to the minister, "Sir, I have THUS SAITH THE LORD, bring in your father. And we went to the bed, I said to the lady, the minister's wife, "Two days ago, you were down in the city, you bought a little white vessel." (Or a vessel, you know, like a little bucket.) "It has never had water in it. It's located in your pantry beneath the sink. (Sink)"

She said, "That is true."

"Go get it. Put water in it, get a white cloth and bring it here, and ask nothing. Just do as I say."

And I told the minister to stand with me, at the foot of the bed, the minister on the right, his father on the left, the mother standing by the side of the child. The little fellow couldn't even make hardly noise any more; it was so far gone. I said, "Take the little rag, squeeze the water from it. And when I start with a model prayer, 'Our Father Who art in heaven,' wipe the rag across its face. Don't let your hand leave its face. When I get to the middle of prayer, this--'give us the day, our daily bread,' let the handkerchief be about the middle of the child. And when I say, 'Amen,' let the hand go across the feet. And we started. That was exactly what I'd seen in the vision. And she started with the rag coming down, and when I said, 'Amen,' then she took here hand off. I said, 'Great God of heaven, Who met me out there in the cabin, sent His Angel to declare this, I speak for that child's life; let the child live."

And the little girl jumped up in the floor. I took her by the hand, with the doctor standing in the next room, we walked out of the house down to the soda fountain, and had a malted milk together. Three nights later the Keel Auditorium that seats nineteen thousand, was packed out. It went from there around the world.


(These testimonies are not to glorify me, or any certain person, but to show that God is real in the lives of anyone that has his mind constantly stayed on the Lord.)



A minister brother, in Ghana, West Africa, was walking along, with another brother, and there on the ground was my address. He wrote me and asked to get on my mailing list.


This happened two years ago. A pastor, in Kenya, East Africa, was praying in desperation. He wanted to learn more of the Message and to get on fire for God.

The Lord spoke in an audible voice and said, "Get the Book titled, 'QUOTES OF THE BIBLE AND THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANHAM,' by Bro. Paul Smarse."

He had never heard of me before, nor of that Quotes Book, so he kept praying and asking the Lord to show him where to get it.

The next Sunday, while he was preaching, his eyes fixed on a large white book in the hands of a visiting minister in the congregation. After the service, he rushed down to shake the brother's hand and there in the visiting brother's hand was the Quotes Book titled, 'QUOTES OF THE BIBLE AND THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANHAM,' by Bro. Paul Smarse.

He asked the minister where he had gotten that book and the minister pointed to my name and address on the cover. He quickly wrote down my name and address. Then he wrote me, and I sent him a copy of the Quotes Book he wanted.


Bro. Tony was visiting Bro. Tommy Millsaps in McCaysville, Georgia. As they were talking my name came up.

Bro. Tony asked, "Do you know, Bro. Paul Smarse?"

Bro. Tommy said, "Why, yes, he lives just 50 miles from here."

Bro. Tony said, "I'd like to meet him. Everywhere I go I find Quotes Books by him."

But, it was late at night, too late to come to see me. Bro. Tony was just passing through, and had to leave early in the morning.


If a person is rich, he looks to his money to fullfill his needs. But when a person is poor, like I am, and he lives alone, and has crutches, he must look to God for all his needs. God meets these needs in some of the most amazing ways. Here is one of them.

I had washed three large batches of clothes in my old washing machine. Now, this old washer won't work unless I pray. I have to pray to get the washer to start. No matter what I do, it won't start without prayer.

I took my clothes down to the Landromat and was using four different driers to dry my clothes, because I had to separate the cotton from the permanent press clothes. In each drier, I put in twenty five cents and this gives me 10 minutes of drying time. When it stops, I have to put in another twenty five cents for another ten minutes.

Remember, God is supernatural. So when I put twenty five cents in one dryer, instead of showing that I had ten minutes left, it showed that I had ninety minutes left! I knew that had to be God! See, those machines are set to give you only ten minutes!

This saved me some money, so I added all my white clothes to that dryer because it was just drying towels.

See, God was showing me that He was with me and that He can do the supernatural anywhere. I just love it when the Lord does little things like that! Praise be the name of the Lord! If you walk with God, He will reveal Himself, in many little things, during the day!


Years ago, out in Hardy, Arkansas, Billy Paul gave each of us ministers a tie of Bro. Branham. He gave me one. For years, I've kept it, and even wore it a time or two. But the other day, I felt led to cut it up and send it to special people as a prayer cloth. I sent a small piece to a brother in Florida.

His son, has always been nervous, constantly chewing his finger nails and acting up, even in church. So, this brother put the prayer cloth under the pillow of his son. The next day was Sunday, and his son was calm, didn't bite his finger nails and even behaved real well in church, so that many marveled.


Bro. TO-OK, from the Philippines, sent this testimony. Thank you for the two letters and the two Quotes Books, "Demonstrate the Gospel," and "The Battle of the Mind."

The ministers here in our area process these Quotes Books into Xerox, and I delivered it to them. This is what I have to do Bro. Paul, in order to each minister could really have a copy of Quotes Books.


From India, Robert sends this testimony. I am facing lots of trials, and temptations. It is because of God, that I am surviving in this world.

A few days back, I had to leave home in the early morning. It was still dark, and it was raining heavily. It was the monsoon season, the rainy season. I have to go to the office early in the morning. In Goa, the electric wires are not underground, but we have overhead wires.

The ground was soft, and one electric pole collapsed and fell down, and the wires were hanging just five feet above the road. The pole fell, but the wires were hanging, and the tube light was burning, and the current was on in the wires.

As I was going with my scooter, early in the morning (still dark), my scooter automatically started to turn right. So I stopped, not knowing why.

Something inside me told me, "Look up!"

There were the wires hanging. Had I not stopped, and moved in the same direction, I would have been caught in the live wires, which would have probably electrocuted me.

How good our God is to save us from distruction. He takes such care of us!




Our sister in the local assembly had a tumor in her body and the doctors were going to operate to take it out. But they would have to remove the female organs to do this operation.

Our sister trusted in God and when the doctors took an ultrasound, there was not a tumor there. God had removed the tumor. Praise be the name of the Lord!


From Togo, West Africa. There was a young student who had aids and was sent to many places, but could not get healing. Even two pastors had prophesied that he would die.

The local pastor, in this Message, was called to pray for him. When he got there, the boy was dying. The pastor drove everybody out of the room, and knelt down and prayed until the Spirit of God told him that the boy would live.

He told the mother that the boy would live. She reminded him that two pastors had prophesied that the young man would die.

By the grace of God, this boy is living and coming to the Message Church. This is the second time that they had seen the Lord Jesus heal an aids patient.


From the Philippine Islands: A group of believers were on the shore of the ocean, when a big wave came and took one of the brothers into the ocean. This is an area where many had lost their lives by these big waves.

The brothers tried to rescue him, but the storm was too bad and dangerous. Then they tried to rent a boat, but the man did not want to rent his boat. Finally for a large price, the owner of the boat would take his boat into the ocean.

Two hours had passed since the brother was taken into the ocean. The unbelievers gave up any hope that he would be alive, but the believers had just heard a Message on the Third Pull.

They believed that He is the same God today. They prayed and the local pastor spoke to the wave, and commanded the wave to bring our brother back. Immediately, a big wave brought the brother onto the shore. He stood up, alive, with no water in his stomach or lungs. To God be the glory!


Brother Ravi's daughter, from India, had a testimony of the Third Pull. She was confronted by a hugh Cobra Snake and was not afraid.

The Lord led her to pray and say, "I will kill that snake."

Immeadiately the snake ran into a crevice, and was ferocious. She killed it with a walking stick.


A sister, in the Philippines, delivered a baby on her seventh month, and the baby was already dead. The dead baby had caused her blood poisoning, and made her heart to be enlarged, and her kidney to collapse, because of the complications.

She became pale and yellowish in color, very weak, and could not even talk right. The doctor advised that she be taken to the hospital in Manila. She was in very serious condition.

She wanted to go home and believe God for her healing. She believed that she was already healed. God miraculously healed her without any medication or dialysis. He is the same God of His Word today!

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