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"I came out from a oneness denomination. With me nearly 25 brothers and sisters also came out by knowing and accepting this End Time Message. It is totally the love of God on me, because nobody told about this Message to me. A brother used to send me the Message Books. By reading these, God touched me and gave me the inspiration about this End Time Message.

After coming out of the denomination, by God's grace I now have the ministry to feed some of the sheep of God.

I came to know about your service for God and your burden for the Word of God through Pastor Thomas (in my own city), that you are interested in sending the Quote Books on Prayer, Love, and Soul Winning, etc.

As you have quoted Acts 6:4 in the Prayer Quotes: 'But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.' But our prayer part is not good. This I personally feel for myself and these Quotes really makes me to pray more.

From Bro. Paul Gopi (India).


Bro. Tayactac, from the Philippines sends this testimony.

There was a young man, 22 years old years old, who was a drug addict victim. He was completely healed after hands were laid on him and he was baptized. God can deliver the drug addict and make him a new creation in Christ.


Bro. Jacob from Nigeria gives us this testimony of a young girl who was kidnapped by some cult members. The parents disclosed the situation with a brother of the Message Assembly who felt this girl was in the hands of evil men, but that she was not dead. This brother and his wife got to praying for the girl that God would deliver her from the hands of these evil men.

These evil men were killing the young people. But when they came to her, the leader said, "Who brought this one here?"

He immediately ordered them to release this girl. So, they dropped her off somewhere, and she managed to find her way home.

5-4 CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE L.A.CA V-2 N-28 65-0429E

Now, choosing a bride... In many things of life we are given a choice. The way of life itself is a choice. We have a right to make our own way, choose our own way that we want to live. Education is a choice. We can choose whether we are going to be educated, or whether we are not going to be educated. That's a choice that we have. Right and wrong is a choice. Every man, every woman, boy, and girl has to choose whether they are going to try to live right or not live right. It's a choice. Choice is a great thing.

Your eternal destination is a choice, and maybe tonight some of you will make that--that choice of where you'll spend eternity, before this service ends tonight. There'll be one time that... If you turn God down many times, there'll be one time you'll turn Him down the last time. There is a line between mercy and judgment, and it's a dangerous thing for a man or a woman, boy or girl, to step across that line, for there's no return when you step across that deadline. So tonight it might be the time that many will make their--their decision where they will spend the endless eternity.




My dad told me, said, "Billy, I'd like for you to be a preacher." He said, "If God didn't call you, you can't be one."

Bro. Branham said, "Don't be man made, you be God sent."

Then he said, "If you can't be a preacher, be a doctor."

(I couldn't do that either, thought Billy.)

"But whatever you do son, be the best." He said, "Son, if you're gonna be a bum, be a good one. Don't work a day in your life."


I remember in California with Florence Shekarian singing that song. Bro. Branham told us that she was going to be with the Lord. She raised her hands, and begin to sing.

About a year later there, daddy told her, "Florence, you're going to go. Get ready."

The people said, "When?"

Bro. Branham said, "I don't know when, but she's going to go. I saw her laid out."

Then he said, "Demas, I don't want to tell her."

Demas said, "Yeh, I want you to tell her, Bro. Branham."

So, daddy called her in the room and told her.

Bro. Branham said, "If you got anything to get ready, get ready, because God's going to take you."

Bro. Branham told us about four or five months before that. He called her at Phoenix up here at the Ramada Inn, and told her that. Then in California, at the Full Gospel Business Men, and she was singing that song, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" And the Holy Spirit fell in that meeting and daddy just preached a real powerful sermon.

And when Bro. Branham got through, he's setting on the platform, the Holy Spirit begin to move down. And when It did, a brother stood up and said, "Thus saith the Lord, my daughter, you will not die, but you are healed. You will not die."

I didn't understand that. After the service was over, and we was walking down the street, daddy turned to me and said, "What's wrong Paul?"

I said, "Daddy, you told me to always respect tongues and interpretations and prophecies."

He said, "That's right."

I said, "That brother said that. I just don't understand that."

He said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "You told us that she was going to die."

Bro. Branham said, " She is."

I said, "That man said, 'Thus saith the Lord, she is not going to die.' "You didn't say a word."

Bro. Branham said, "I done said what God told me to say." He said, "But don't you always, always respect tongues and interpretations."

I said, "Yes, sir."

And he said, "Son, is it because you don't want to go to Africa with me?"

I said, "No, you have David."

He said, "What is it?"

I said, "It troubled me daddy."

Bro. Branham said, "Son, where are we at?"

I said, "Los Angeles."

He said, "Be more specific then that."

I said, "Down town Los Angeles."

He said, "Be more specific then that."

I didn't know what he was talking about. So I looked around and there was a sign on the building, said, "The May Company."

I said, "We are standing in front of The May Company, and Reo Grand."

Bro. Branham said, "You remember this. I may not be here, but you won't be an old man to where the sharks will be swimming where you are standing today. The same God that told me to tell you Florence, told me to tell you that today!"

Billy Paul said, "Florence has gone to be in glory, and I'm not an old man. So if God thought it. Bro. Branham spoke it. I believe it, and that settles it!"


Bro. Branham said, "That's what's the problem with the Church today. You're scared to death you're going to make a failure. How can you fail when you're in Christ? You can't fail. You have Everlasting Life. All the demons in Hell can't shake you. You have Everlasting Life. Jesus said so, so don't you be scared of failure."


Bro. Branham said, "God has so arranged it, that His program can not move without you and I. As long as you're not doing what God leads you to do, you're paralizing His program. But when the Church moves by the anointing of the Holy Ghost, then we're in God's will, doing His program."


The dentist said, "Can I ask you something?

I said, "Sure."

He said,"Did I ever do anything to hurt you Billy?"

I said, "Just what you're fixing to do."

He said, "No, I ain't talking about that. We've been friends for a long time. Have I ever did anything to hurt you?"....

...And he took his big hands to my eyes, and when he did he had a...Twentieth Century Prophet Book about that far from my eyes.

He said, "Why didn't you ever tell me about him?" He said, "We talked about all the fast cars, but never one time did you tell me about him!"

He could have filled every tooth in my head, I was numb from the top of my head. I couldn't say nothing. I'll never forget what he said, Bro. Larry.

He said, "If I had a daddy like that," he said, "I'd tell the world about it."


Joe took a book one time, after he got saved. He took it up to his boss. You know how you like to witness to people.

Joe said, "Boss, I want you to read this. This is the greatest thing you ever read." Joe said, "Tell me what you think of it."

So the boss read it. A few says later, he come back and said, "Don't you ever give me something like that again!"

Joe said, "Why?"

The boss said, "That man in that book called me a buzzard!"

Joe said, "Well, boss, that man in that book called me an eagle."


Someone said, "Would you believe that Message is the same today?"

Billy said, "I certainly do. I believe it's just as more powerful today as the day he spoke it."

Billy said, "We got a letter the other day from a brother over in Africa. Now you can believe this, or you don't want to believe it. I wasn't there, but I believe it."

"A brother was taking a load of books from one place in Kenya, I think it was Kenya, anyway to another place."...

..."200 miles, on bicycles, to go to church. And sometimes we won't walk across the street. But this Message was burning in their heart."

This little brother had these books, and he came to a river, and it was the rainy season. The water was probably that far above the bridge. There's no way they could cross.

He said, "Lord, I'm supposed to deliever these books to my people." And there was people waiting there for days for the water to go down. It kept going up and up.

He said, "Lord, I know, underneath that water there's a bridge. I believe you're the same God today." And he said, "Elijah struck the water, and it happened."He said, "Now, where is the God of Elijah today?" He said, "It's not for me, but to take Your Word to my people." He said, "Bro. Joseph sent me these books to take to the people. I promised him, I'd take them." He said, "Lord, you do the rest."

Took off his shirt. Took off his coat. This is his testimony. And laid it on the water, and the water says, "Whoosh!" There's the bridge. He stepped over, got his books, and walked out. The people on the bank saw it.

When he got over on the other side, the water goes, "Whoosh!" comes right back up. He said, they was beating their clothes and everything in that water. He just walked on through the jungle.



Billy Paul said, "I believe we live too far below our privileges today. I don't know if you know Bro. Kenneth Copeland. I like the statement he said at one of his seminars."

Kenneth said, "You know this Message of Bro. Branham's is correct." He said, "It's right," he said, "but it's too strict." He said, "Nobody can live it."

A brother in the audience raised his hand.

Kenneth said, "Yeah, brother, what you want?"

The brother said, "The Bride can live it!"

Billy Paul said, "AMEN! The Bride can live that Message!"


Someone said, "I don't understand that."

Billy Paul said, "You don't have to understand that. You have to believe it. You have to live it. You have to obey it."

My dad come out of church one time. And I had a hard time too, and, daddy preached, Future Home of the Bride. That was pretty simple, 1500 miles side, you know and I heard that one. So I come out of the back. People just rejoicing and praising God.

I said, "Daddy, that was a wonderful Message."

He said, "Thanks, Paul." He said, "Did you understand?"

Oh, I wanted him to say that so bad, 'cause I finally did. You know.

I said, "Yes, Sir!"

How many of you know him? How many seen Him? You know how he could look at you.

He said, "Paul."

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "Did you understand?"

Oh, my faith was gone, Bro. Garcia.

I said, "No, Sir," I said, "But, they did!"

And he said, "I can count them on my hand, those who really understood what I said."

Then my faith was down again. We got in the car and I started to take him home.

We got up the alley, and he stopped me, and said, "Paul, stop the car."

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "Daddy hurt your feelings, didn't he?"

I said, "No, sir."

He said, "Daddy, hurt your feelings didn't I."

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "From what I said to you, didn't I?"

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "Paul."

I wouldn't take a million dollars for this, said, Billy Paul.

He said, "Paul, It's not important that you understand all daddy said, but it's mighty important that you believe all that daddy said."

Billy Paul said, So, if there's something in that Message you don't understand, say, 'God, that's your Prophet. I might not understand it, but I believe it anyhow.'"

Bro. Branham said, (This is the truth) "When I preach," he said, "Sometimes it's contrary to what I believe the Word says."

He said, "But, I know Who's speaking to me, and I know what He's saying, and I say it, and I get the revelation, while I'm saying it myself."

Billy Paul said, "Brother, if the Prophet can do it, so shall we do it."

Bro. Billy Paul was recently in Germany testifying of what he saw in the meetings with Bro. Branham. He just sent me this testimony, which proves the above statement!


Billy Paul said, "I would like to relate a testimony that touched my heart. There was a young man that sat across the aisle from me each night. He had arm braces and crutches, and the day I gave testimony, I spoke of a man that the Lord healed when I saw Brother Branham pray for him. He was like this brother.

I went to sit down, and while the Pastor was making the altar call, and calling a prayer line, I reached across the aisle, and just held this brother's hand. I whispered a word of prayer for him, and I heard him say, 'Thank you, Jesus for healing me.'

After service, he came to my car as I was leaving. He had no crutches, and was completely healed!

Truely He is still Hebrews 13-8. Amen! Praise His wonderful Name!"

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