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A woman come to him one time. She says, "Can I see your daddy?"

I said, "Sister, he's not here."

She said, "I'm dying." She said, "That's O.K."

She says, "Can you take me to his church?"

I said, "Sure."

She said, "If you just let me walk and put my foot where he walked, I'll be healed!"


"Healings, I could tell you all night," said Billy Paul. "I seen. I seen people with goiters like this, stick out like that. Hung, you seen them in the early days, I know, Bro. McHughes. Hung like that!"

Daddy just lay his hand on them, said, "Jesus, you sent me to pray for them. Swallow, sister."

I seen cancers like that, hanging on people's face. He'd walk up, like Bro. McConda, and touch them like that, and they'd fall off, and roll on the floor.

You're sent to pray for sick people...

Listen careful, "The angel said, if you can get the people to believe...Get the people to believe YOU! Nothing will stand before your prayer, not even cancer."

But they had to believe him first. You've got to believe this first...


I told some one the other day. I said. I won't get into that. I said, "I've seen legs that would be, used to having those little old shoes on. I don't know if they still make them or not, them old wooden shoes, about that tall. People's legs be that much shorter than the other."

He'd just reach up, pray for them, put a little chair out there. He'd take one leg, and hold it out, and this other leg would be that much shorter. He just walked up. He just take that leg, and he'd take that leg, and he'd hold it out, pulled this leg back up.

He'd take this leg, like this here, and he's say, "Do you believe?"

Said, "Yes."

"In the name of Jesus, let this leg come forth."

Them legs would be perfect!


I've seen him bring little crossed-eyed babies to the platform...I always watched daddy. I don't know if I ever told this or not, but I just feel I'm going to tell it tonight.

I've seen him put his hands like this when he prayed for that child. Then he'd take his hands and say, "Be well, in Jesus Name."

I said, "Daddy, I noticed you crossing your hands when you pray for cross-eyed children." I said, "Why do you do that?"

He said, "I'm glad you're observant, Billy." He said, "When your little sister was dying. Her little eyes crossed. I couldn't stand that Paul."

He said, "But he told me, "If I get the people to believe me, nothing will stand before my prayer." He said, "When I cross my arms, that represents the crossed-eyes." "And," he said, "when I uncross them, their eyes come open."


I'm trying to tell you, He's the same God today!

I seen daddy pray for them. He said, "Go get me a string."He's take a string.

"You can believe me or not," said Billy Paul.

"He's take and wrap it around the baby's head."...

I've seen them that big around, but we'll just use it like this tonight. This is the baby's head. We'll put a string around it. We'll cut it off. That string would be that tall.

He's say, "Tomorrow, at nine O'Clock, measure that baby's head again with that same string. Cut off what's swollen has gone down and lay it on the platform."

Next night, that much would be gone. Next night that much would be gone. The next night that much would be gone. The next night that child would be setting there perfectly well.

Why? Jesus Christ the same yesterday to day, and for ever," said Billy Paul.



"In India, I was with my dad. I'll never forget when he stepped off the plane, Bro. Pearry," said Billy Paul. "I was right behind him. I was just sixteen then."

When his foot touched the ground, I'll never forget what he said, not to me, but to his Father, "Lord I claim every one that you sent me here for."


That afternoon, he was entertained by seventeen different religions, Seeks, Budah's, Gens, Hindus, Mohamadan's. They all talk about their god's and what they could do, and all this. Daddy just set there. They talked about cows, grasshoppers, bees, anything. They worshipped everything. Daddy just set there.

Billy Paul thought, "Boy, when my daddy gets up, he's going to tear your hide to pieces." I was 16 years old. I knew my dad could whip anybody. I knew he could whip the devil. I knew he was in the trouble. Poor devil.

So anyways, come my dad's turn. He stepped up. I thought, "This is it! Got it all figured out."

Bro. Branham said, "Thank you gentlemen for inviting me to India. I'm happy to hear about your religions, the different ones you believe in."...

He said, "I invite you tonight."...

"Who, Elijah!" said Billy Paul.

Bro. Branham said, "I invite you tonight to come to the meetings, and see the God that I come to serve, that I come to represent in demonstration."

He didn't want to argue, say, "Your religion, no that's not right. Come see my God that I come to represent in demonstration."...


That night tens of thousands of people gathered in that big field out there. Daddy preached that right there what you're looking at, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to day and for ever."

Bro. Branham said, "If He's still God, if he ever was God, He's still God." He said, "If God sent me as His Prophet," he said, "He's duty bound to back up what I come to represent."

He said, "I was entertained today, by these different brethern."...

He said, "How many of you people out there belong to those religions?" Thousands of hands went up.

He said, "Billy, go get me somebody and bring him up here."

"I went and looked for the worst I could find."..."So I found the worst there was. I knew if dad prayed, it was over anyways," said Billy Paul. "There's a man. He was blind. I never seen no blindness like this, just crust, just like you take a match, you know how you burn your skin & it turns white. That's the way his eye balls was. I brought him up to my dad."

And Bro. Branham said, "Sir," he says, "You wasn't born blind. You went blind by worshipping the sun. You belong to one of these ministers back here, that worships the sun."

The man said, "That's correct," through the interpreter.

And Bro. Branham said, "Today, I was entertained by these men and their gods, and you people out there, you belong to those gods, those churches. " He said, "Now gentlemen, I listened to you today, and heard what you had to say."

"Oh, Elijah," said Billy Paul, "He knows right where he stood, Bro. Earl."

Bro. Branham said, "Now, if any of your gods, or all of your gods, can come and give this man his sight, I will worship your god."

"You could hear a pin drop four blocks away," said Billy Paul.

And Bro. Branham said, "Come forth."..."I'll wait just a minute." Nothing happened. "Come forth brother. One of your gods or all of your gods." Nothing happened.

"Elijah knew where he stood," said Billy Paul.

And Bro. Branham said, "And neither can I, but the God I come to represent, if He doesn't give this man his sight, and now, I'll

put a sign on my back, 'A False Prophet,' and you can march me through Bombay. But, if my God will give this man his sight, will you forsake those gods that you are serving, that can't give him his sight, and serve the one and only, the Lord Jesus Christ?" Them little hands went up everywhere!

He said, "Father, I thank you. You already showed me. In the name of Jesus Christ, let his eyes come open!"

That man begin to scream, picked up the Bible and begin to read from the Koran. Tens of thousands of people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Why? He's the same, yesterday, to day and for ever.


I seen a little blind girl in Germany...She walked up there in A Messa Hollow. I'll never forget that, with some 15 to 18,000 pewople there. And I borrow from my dad, she's a little bitty thing, and she's about like this, and she had her eyes shut like this.

Daddy said, "Hi sweetheart."

I noticed she didn't open her eyes, and they were just little draws up things like that!

"I'm sorry sweetheart, and he saw, "Sweetheart, I'm sorry, I didn't. You're blind."

She said, "Yes, Sir," through her interpreter.

He said, "Sweetheart," he said, "do you believe that Bro. Branham was sent over here to pray for you?" through the interpreter.

She said, "Yes I do."

He said, "When Bro. Branham prays for you, do you believe Jesus will heal you?"

She shook her head, "Yes."

He grabbed that little thing, and I hope I can say this right. Nobody was as humble, except the Lord Jesus, like he was.

He pulled her up to, he said, "Father, I left my little Rebekah,"...he said, "to come over here to pray for this one." He said, "Satan, you leave this child." "Jesus heal her."

That little thing, she screamed. She grabbed my daddy's tie. She looked at it. Through the interpreter, she said, "Sir, what color is that?"

Daddy said, "Red."

About that time, a woman in the back screamed. Here she come running to the platform. She run up the to where that little girl was. I'll never forget this as long as I live. When she run up there, that little girl grabbed that lady. She begin to stroke her on the cheeks.

Then she said, "Oh, my," she said, "you're so beautiful!" She said, "You are my mother. I've never seen you, but I know you by the sound of your voice."

Bro. Branham says, "We might not have ever seen Him, but we know the sound of His voice!"

He's the same yesterday, to day and for ever!


I've seen him in...Little Rock, Arkansas, the deaf school. He emptied the school. The Holy Spirit, our God, amazing grace, emptied that complete deaf and dumb school. Every one of them was healed by the power of Jesus Christ in that meeting.


I was in Africa with dad...I was in Africa with him, and all of a sudden, after the meeting in Durban, there was a great disturbance, and I didn't know what was going on...And it really troubled daddy too. There's people just milling around, milling around, and policeman, they was running all around.

Daddy said, "Go see what's wrong. Go see what's wrong."

So, he sent one of the runners out there like that, and he said, "What's wrong?"

He said, "Nothing's wrong, Bro. Branham. There's seventeen ambulances come for the people from the T.B. Sanitarian, and they can't find one of them. They all went home well with their relatives."

Why? He's the same yesterday to day and for ever!


Remember Bro. Branham talking about Louise, the little girl up in the Indian, the Indian girl?

Bro. Pearry and I and dad was up there and Bro. Bud. I don't know how it was. Brought the horse over for Oscar, showed him, you know, where God had found the horse, etc.

"I got a letter from her the other day," said Billy Paul.

She said, "Bro. Billy, I want to tell you, about a great husband, God gave me."

She said, "You remember when you and Bro. Branham and Bro. Pearry come through there in our camp?" And said, "When you did," said, "we stopped you." And said, "I heard my mother was dying."And said, "You, Bro. Branham went in a prayed for her?"

Come back out, I said, "Bro. Branham, I'm on my way yo college."

Daddy said, "What for Louise?"

She said, "Because I want to get me a husband."...

He said, "You don't have to go to college to get you a husband." Said, "Stay with your mom and day. They're old, and help them, and God will give you a good husband, Louise."

She said, "Bro. Branham," she said, "I don't think that could be."

He said, "Why?"

She said, "Because of my past life."

Daddy said, "You do what I say, and God will give you a good husband."

She said, "Bro. Billy, I've got a good husband."

She said, "You remember, when you got back on the horse, and started to ride away, I never forget, your pastor, Bro. Pearry."

...He said, "Bro. Branham, "What about Louise's past life? What does that mean?"

Daddy said, "What's under the blood of Jesus, He don't even show His Prophet."

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