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Won't you come up now? Won't you come up, you who know better? The Bible said, "If you know to do good, and do it not, to you it's more than sin." Won't you come? You know you're wrong. Make your way up and kneel around the altar, and tell God you're sorry for the way you've treated Him. Let the Holy Spirit come back and make you meek and gentle and quiet again. Won't you? Remember, if you die, and He's gone for you, there be nobody to plead your case. He's wanting you to stand for Him this morning. God bless you, my brother.


That's what's the matter people don't receive the Holy Ghost when they're baptized, they just don't thoroughly repent. God's trying to give them the Holy Ghost. He wants you to be meek and gentle, quiet. That's the reason you get up with that same selfishness in your heart. Oh, you might get up, shouting, speaking in tongues, or any, that wouldn't make you have the Holy Ghost. You got to get up from there a different person. You got to get up from there, gentle, quiet and meek, humble, and God's Spirit dwelling with you. Next year, look back down the trail and see how far you've come, see you're gaining ground all the time. That's the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, meekness, gentleness, patience, faith. Now, just repent and tell God you want that right now, be real good.


Then notice and go back to the lamb. Now, he's so meek and so gentle. And the day that when a lamb comes into the earth, he be--he's borned meek and gentle. He's a lamb to begin with. And when a Christian is borned into the Kingdom, he takes the nature of the Lamb.

Now, the--the lamb is not, as I said, he can't take care of himself. And a lamb cannot be--find his way around. A lamb has to be led by the shepherd.

And how beautiful to see the dove leading the lamb to Calvary. Amen. God leading, just like Abraham led Isaac to the--his death that would have been at the sacrifice block, God led Christ to the sacrifice, being led.


If there's anything that makes Christians lazy, it's when they're on a flowered bed of ease. We don't have it persecution enough. We don't have it hard enough. Always at the chain is the strongest at its weakest link.

And a man under pressure is what he is when he's under pressure. His real to--true characteristics will show when he's under pressure. Get him all riled, stirred up, then you'll see the real man come out. If he's got temper, it'll show itself. If he's meek and gentle, it'll show itself. Put him under pressure once. And God puts all His children under tests to see whether there's any flaws in them.


Keep us healthy, and happy, and full of zeal. We do not ask for money. We do not ask for easy things. We just ask to be like Jesus. We want to be identified with Him, with the kind of Spirit that was in Him, meek, and gentle, always about the Father's business.


Now, if you notice, of all the creatures that roam the earth, there's nothing as meek and gentle as a lamb. There's nothing so innocent as a lamb, meek, gentle. And of the dove, there's no fowl that flies the air of the heavens, as meek and as gentle as the dove. It's the most sensitive bird of all the birds. And the lamb is the most sensitive of all the animals.

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Now, it showed It was not a natural beast, lamb, because It took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon the throne; the lamb couldn't do that. See? He was--He was--He was a... Lamb was Christ. In other words, in His attributes He was meek and gentle like a lamb.


Get out there a stuffed shirt, "Glory to God, hallelujah," and then tell me that that's Christ? Christ was humble, meek and gentle. Go into a town and, my, you have to be just brushed off the shoulders, you know, and everything has to be just right, not a wrinkle in your suit, and you have to have the very best or you won't even come at all, guaranteed so much money--can't have a meeting. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my! All the denominations, they have to pat you on the back. There wasn't a one of them patted Him on the back, for He was the Word. Right.

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Now, they had all drawed up (oh man.) He will have a spear that'll reach a mile long. He will stand back over here in Palestine, just stand up there in His--on one of these white clouds, and pick up all these Romans, like this, and cast them into hell, just keep on doing like that (See?), till He gets them all over. Why, they had that all fixed up. And what it was--a little Lamb come moving out among them, meek and gentle, pushed around this way and that way.

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Noah preached his last sermon. The door closed behind him. That was all. They laughed at it and made fun of it. Think. The people can go right on preaching. The Ecumenical Council can join up with the Catholic church just as they promised to. All the organizations can come on. But the mark of the beast is already there. They've take in then. And they say, "Oh, hallelujah, bless God. There were so many got saved last night." They did?

"They danced in the Spirit; they spoke in tongues." That don't mean one thing. See?

"Oh, they're meek and gentle and humble. Yes, sir. They got the fruit of the Spirit." That's no sign, not a bit. Let me give you the fruit of the Spirit between Jesus and the Pharisees: See which one had the fruit of the Spirit. What if I stood, as I started to say awhile ago, against Christ now for a minute? God forgive me for even saying it (See?), but just to show you something.

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