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E-16, But the main thing, they were friends to Jesus. And Jesus' ministry had grown so great, until He was called out of the country at this time to be away on missions elsewhere, to preach the Gospel, to heal the sick, and do His earthly mission as He was ordained of the Father to do so.


E-2 I've always worked and--and made my living. When I come to a place this way, they give me a love offering. This is what I thrive on. I have a family, and I have--have to make some way to make a living for them. And all the money... My wife which is setting present, knows, that every penny that I don't use for our own living, just what we... We don't live luxurious; we just try to live just as, just what we can--can get by with. And what's left over out of the love offering, we put back straight in foreign missions, to go into the work of the Lord. It's not worldly things that we desire; it's heavenly things that we look forward to.


E-3, Every penny of it will be used for the cause of Jesus Christ. What little... Maybe I might have to pay a little food bill or something at home, my grocery bill and so forth, but every cent I get goes right straight into foreign missions. Then outside of that,I go myself to be sure that I--that I'm getting it over there right and use it. The Lord bless you is my prayer.


E-9 What I do with money, the reason that I don't own a big tent, or have places like that. I spend every penny of money, God Who is my solemn Judge knows that everything that I don't have to have to live on, I put it in foreign missions, and go over to the heathen lands to preach the Gospel to the heathen, to bring them the same type of ministry that you see right here.

I.PERCEIVE.YOU.ARE.A.PROPHET_ CONNERSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-0614E, E-1c, Every penny that I don't have to eat with (and I usually wear clothes that people give me), goes straight in to foreign missions.

I.PERCEIVE.YOU.ARE.A.PROPHET_ CONNERSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-0614E, E-1e And every penny that we didn't use for expenses and so forth, went straight for overseas missions. And tonight, they took a love offering for me. And everything that I don't have to have for my... will go straight overseas for missions to carry out the Gospel: the general orders of Jesus Christ, preach the Gospel to all the world.


45-206 And your Sudan Missions said, "We have no place for a man that would speak in tongues."

And he come to me and said, "Somebody speaking in tongues?"

"Why, why," I said, "they have no place for Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ spoke in unknown tongues, and died, speaking in unknown tongues."

They couldn't accept Paul's teaching; Paul spoke with tongues more than all of them.

One said to me yesterday, said, "I'd rather speak five words with understanding."

But Paul's teaching said, "Covet prophecy, and forbid not to speak with tongues." And they are forbidden to speak with tongues.


E-70 Brother, I've went through everything for this. I love our Lord. I--I love Him with all my heart. I don't care what the world said. They turn me out of the church. They say, "Why, Billy, you're crazy, you had a nightmare. What'd you eat for supper?"

I had the pleasure of telling Doctor Davis the other day, what he called fanaticism...

In South Africa where I made one day's altar call and thirty thousand received Jesus Christ. That's more than all the missions put together has won to Christ in the past hundred years. The general orders of a missionary is, "Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem," not down in some cemetery or seminary, or whatever you want: both dead places. All right.

"Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until you're endued with (an education? No. Until you learn theology? No.), until you're endued with power from on high. After this the Holy Ghost is come upon you, then you'll be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, in Judaea, in Samaria, in Chicago, Illinois, or to the uttermost parts of the earth." That's right. That's the truth. Oh, God, bless Your heart.


E-35 That's the way friends. You've got to show God your appreciation. You know, if I would do something for somebody and I'd say... I'd have to make a great sacrifice like God did for us. And then, and somebody... I'd have my little check wrote out here to someone, and I--I'd say, "Here you are, brother, for your missions in the foreign fields or something." He'd reach over, "Uh-huh."

I--I--I'd feel kind of bad, wouldn't you? Oh, I'd expect him to say, "Thank you, Brother Branham. I--I know that really is taking what you got. You see? But I sure appreciate it, Brother Branham."


E-6 And we're just afraid to make a move anywhere, 'cause I--I know that overseas is coming up, and I--I must go. So I'm just afraid to make any too much of a itinerary, 'cause He might call me at any time, just go at any time. I've got my shots and everything I have to have and ready to go when the Lord will call for me to go.

That's the way I want to be ready to go to heaven too: everything all ready just when He calls.

And I appreciate this very much. God bless you in everything, if it's enough and more to pay my initial expenses, then I--I'll put it into foreign missions.


E-1 Thank you, Brother Bosworth. Thank you. Good evening, friends. With a great heart of--of God's love, I come this closing night of this revival of Owensboro, Kentucky, to thank each and every one of you for your--your kindness, and all that you have did for us here. We deeply appreciate--appreciate the great fellowship of the ministers, the cooperation of every person. For all the finance that you've helped us too, we appreciate it. We don't ask--just for our bills to be paid and--and the little love offerings you take for the brother and I, the... What's we have, if we have fifty cents left over, it would go into foreign missions. So therefore, that you'd know that what your money is to try to bring peace, the Gospel to the heathens' lands of the world. I'm sure you could never invest anything any better than that, to try to do that.

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