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PRINCIPLES.OF.DIVINE.HEALING_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 51-0923, E-33 Now, notice, many has been the trials, heartaches, and hardships; but tonight we're more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. When Christ died at the cross, He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we were healed. That's the unadulterated Word of God. Truly.

Now, then He put in Calvary those great things and every... Here it is; I hope you see it. Look. Every Christian believer has a right to any of those redemptive blessings that Christ Jesus died for. There you go. But it's out of practice. People's afraid to take God at His Word. Do not be afraid. God's under obligation to make it so.

HEBREWS.CHAPTER.7.PT.1_ JEFF.IN HEB SUNDAY_ 57-0915E, 308-114 We're kings and priests tonight. What difference does it make whether we have or whether we haven't? As long as we got God, we're more than conquerors. We are more than conquerors. We set in the Presence of God in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, taking spiritual communion from the hand of Him that testified, "I was He that was dead, and alive again, and I'm alive forevermore." Setting together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, O blessed be His holy Name. What difference does it make?

MIGHTY.CONQUEROR_ MIDDLETOWN.OH SATURDAY_ 58-0329, E-28 He pulled back the curtain so that we could look a past the curtain of time. He pulled back every bluff the devil had, fully paid the price, and tonight He's the Conqueror. And the Bible said that we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us.

MIGHTY.CONQUEROR_ DALLAS.TEXAS TUESDAY_ 58-0610, E-23 He was more than a man; He was God's mighty Conqueror. Oh, how, we should love Him, how we should praise Him, how we should love one another, as He loved us, and gave Hisself for us, that we might be more than conquerors, through Him, Who conquered sickness, death, hell.

WHY.LITTLE.BETHLEHEM_ JEFF.IN V-19 N-13 SUNDAY_ 58-1228, 22 Lord, Thou has been our Refuge and Strength in all generations. Our forefathers before us trusted in Thee and were not confounded. They believed in Thy holy Name, and they were brought forth as shining lights; and we, looking upon them, as the poet has said, "Footprints upon the sands of time; our partings leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time." Then we see that those who trusted in Thee, always, without one time failing, come out right. Though they went through many deep waters and--and great trials and persecutions, but yet in the end Thou did always bring them out more than conquerors, because it is Thy promised Word that You would do this.

LIVING.DYING.BURIED_ JEFF.IN EM 1-14 SUNDAY_ 59-0329S, 1 It's just beyond anything that we could express in human languages of how our hearts feel today as we gather here on this most solemn sacred morning. This morning represents the time that when our religion was made real, because it was the rising up again of Thy precious Child Who came to redeem the whole human race. And we're here this morning in celebration of that great supreme triumph, Lord, that made us more than conquerors of both death, hell, and the grave. And we thank Thee, that after all these years have passed, we still gather early of a morning on this Easter morning to worship Him, because we believe that He shall come again.


50 And He died till the sun got ashamed of itself. He died until nature got ashamed and it failed to operate. The sun went down in the middle of the day, and the stars wouldn't come out. He died until the elements was so black you couldn't see your hand before you in the middle of the day. I'd imagine nature said, "Let me die with Him."

Brother, then the devil sent His precious soul into the bottomless pits of hell. There the gates opened, but He come out on the third day, conquered it. Amen. "His seed shall possess the gate of the enemy." Conquered death, He conquered hell; on that first Easter morning He conquered the grave. And now we stand more than conquerors, through Him Who loved us.

THY.SEED.SHALL.POSSESS.THE.GATE_ SAN.JOSE.CA SATURDAY_ 59-1121, E-26 And we who are dead in Christ are Abraham's seed, and we are more than conquerors through Him Who conquered everything for us. No reason for us to have to come--overcome anything because it's already conquered. The last enemy, sickness, death, temptation, all things are put under His feet. And we are the seed of Abraham. Being dead in Christ we are Abraham's seed, marching on to victory, to victory, to victory, holding God's promise out before us and going on. Abraham's seed with a sworn promise by Jehovah God, that he will possess the gate of every enemy.

THY.SEED.SHALL.POSSESS.THE.GATE_ SAN.JOSE.CA SATURDAY_ 59-1121, E-29 What are we afraid about? Possess the gates. We have God's promise. We have His Word. We have His Holy Spirit. The Angels are encamped about; everything's in order. Every wall can be took down. It's already took down. The Son of God goes before us, His banners a waving, and there's nothing can stand in the way of a saint going to meet a promise of God. Death can't stop it; the grave can't stop it. The devil can't stop it. We are more than conquerors. Sickness is conquered for you, friends. Death is conquered for you. Unbeliever, won't you receive Him? Habits has been conquered for you. Temptation's been conquered. You say, "I got a temper; I can't get over it." It's conquered. He's already conquered it, the great final Seed of Abraham. There's no more conquering to do now; He conquered for us.

SEED.SHALL.POSSESS.THE.GATE_ LONG.BEACH.CA SUNDAY_ 61-0212E, E-49 And tonight, you are more than conquerors. His seed shall possess the gates of the enemy. Yes, sir. He possessed every gate. He conquered every sickness. He conquered every sin, He conquered every temptation. He conquered death, He conquered hell, He conquered the grave. He possessed the gate of all of them. And we in Him are more than conquerors, hallelujah, 'cause He conquered for us. Oh, we would ever know what that true seed of Abraham was, what it really meant to us.

SEED.SHALL.POSSESS.THE.GATE_ LONG.BEACH.CA SUNDAY_ 61-0212E, E-51 He possessed every gate of temptation. Oh, how He did. He was a man. He was a man like you are, like I am. He had a right to be married. He had a right to have a home. He had a right to the things that we have. He had a right to have clothes. He could have done it. A man that could turn water into wine, that could know where a coin was in a fish's mouth, why, He owned the heavens and earth. But yet He abstained from those things.

The sweetest words in the Bible when He said, "Father, I sanctify myself that I might sanctify them." What was He trying to do? Set an example. He was sending twelve man out with a Gospel that would conquer the world, and He's depending on you and I to do it.

REV.CHAP.5.PART.2_ JEFF.IN ROJC 747-793 SUNDAY_ 61-0618, 61 As Joshua quietened the people before Moses and said, "We're more than able to take the land," because he was looking, not at those Amalekites or Amorites, but he was looking at a Divine promise that had been given by God...

And in this day of turmoil and this condition that the world is in, and upon this beautiful sabbath morning, we quieten ourselves before You, and say amidst of all the impersonation, the carnal comparison, in the Presence of all the evil and the misled spirits, how we look to the Word of God and say, "We're more than conquerors." God said that He'd have a church that would be without spot or without a wrinkle in it, and we know that we will see that church someday.

HE.THAT.IS.IN.YOU_ JEFF.IN V-6 N-12 SUNDAY_ 63-1110E, 199 This Christ, this He, He is... He that's in you; He is Christ. As John said, "He that's in you is greater than he that's in the world." That was Christ. He is greater than all of the world because He conquered the world, and is the greater than all those things because He conquered it for us; and we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us and gave Hisself for us, that He might come back and do His works through us to prove to us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


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