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"I saw God do miraculous things. I had encountered the thing one time brother. I lost 95% of this arm, use of this arm, and it was in this shoulder right here, Bro. Paul. We got to where I couldn't even pick up a glass of Coke, or a glass of water. Couldn't hold it, it was just, just, everything was just- five nights, just set on a couch. I couldn't even lay down on the bed and go to sleep, with the pain and.

I went to four doctors. Two were major doctors, out of Marietta down there. And they couldn't do anything. I went to one Chiropractor, and two other local doctors there. And they did everything they knowed to do, according to Medical Science and all they could do, you know and help. Amen to God.

And I set there five nights suffering with that thing, so severely, Bro. Joel. I didn't know what was going to happen.

I told my wife and she said, "Do this."

And I tried everything, and nothing helped. No pain, seemed like pain relievers, there was nothing to take it away. It just hurt so bad, amen. I was setting there the fifth night, setting on the couch, about three o'clock in the morning. They went out, and all the family had done laid down and went to bed, and trying to get some rest that night.

I was setting there, and the Lord got to dealing with my heart. You know, strange, God usually deals with you in times like this. When you're real quiet and still awake, amen, just setting there. Nobody but just you and the Lord.

All of a sudden, there was just a love dropped over me, and just something you can't express from your mortal tongue. And I started weeping and crying. And I, oh I, just felt like I just could lay my hand down in His lap, and just cry all night. And just, was just a refreshing.

And I was setting there and weeping and crying, and I said, "Lord, I said, What you ever heal me again or not. If you never touch my body, never; never heal this shoulder, never heal my body, never do anything, Lord, I want to you to know one thing, I love you. I love you with everything that's in my heart, amen."

And you know God started reversing that thing right there that very moment, amen. In a few days, that pain left. I regained strength in my arm. I don't know whether it's stonger tonight, Bro. A.D. than it was before it happened, praise God, amen.

So God brings us to a place, amen, to try our faith, praise the Lord. You can't waver, brother, when you stand there and say, "I believe you Lord." You've got to stand like a rock of Gibralter, amen, and never move from that, praise God, amen. God wants to do something, Amen." (From Bro. John T. Padgett, McCaysville, Georgia, U.S.A.)


"Last month, on the seventh of January, my wife's delivery time came in the late hours of the night. The membrane had burst. This being on the fifth living baby, by experience we know the time of delievery was right then- but alas! She bled so much, but no sign of the baby being fixed in the birth canal.

After prayer, the bleeding completely stopped, and on the advise of a village nurse, who checked her, I rushed her to the hospital, with her sitting on the motorcycle through the rough roads of the jungle. The hospital was 32 kilometers away! She never bled again.

At the hospital, I was told that she'd be operated upon. I signed, then they informed me that the baby was already dead, and that I only pray for the life of my wife, by both the midwives and the doctor. I told them that I had a vision a day before that I had seen my wife with a smiling baby boy- and for that matter, I am positive for it's being alive yet. They left calling me crazy!

In the operation room- I heard the baby cry very loud and clear, then a nurse rushed to open the door to me, "So you are a preacher of which denomination?"

I replied, "The Word."

Then she said, "Go and serve your God twice as much. I believe He has just put into that baby it's breath of life once again, other wise it was dead."

I shouted, "Hallelujah!"

In short, both my wife and baby are doing well. They were discharged on the 15th. of January, 2000 from the hospital. May God be praised! Amen!" (From Bro. Mairah M. Abraham, Uganda, East Africa).


One Minister said, "If you have been praying for loved ones to be saved, with no results, pray this prayer. (But, you'd better mean it, because God will surely answer it!)

He prayed, "Lord save my loved ones, whatever it takes."

My wife and I agreed and we prayed that prayer. Soon my sister and my dad found out that they had Tuberculosis, a dreaded disease affecting the lungs. Because of this, my dad accepted the Lord as his savior and healer. (From Bro. Winters, Louisiana, USA.)


My neighbor, (my brother-in-law), one evening, after work, he was in my house. I was building a fire in my fireplace when he pulled out a drawer with my papers in it, and dumped it in the fire.

I told him that it had my income tax papers in it. I was more than a little upset about it, and went to pray later in that condition. I was wanting God to punish him for being so ornery, but God's presence came down and He was angry with me!

I repented quickly, realizing I was wrong. This Scripture come to me: "Vengence is mine, Saith the Lord."

Within two days, his house caught on fire while he was gone. A friend of his came down (next door) to tell me and he needed help to put it out, which we did.

God keeps us straightened out. (From Bro. Winters, Louisiana, USA)


My wife, Georgia, and I lived at that time in Brooksville, Florida. Georgia's Uncle Harold lived in South Florida near Lake Okeechobee. His son Junior, 12 years old at that time, was riding his bike, when a car hit him. It knocked him 15 feet and put him in a coma for two weeks.

Harold called and told us. We had a burden to go down and pray for him. When we got there, we went to the hospital with Harold to see Junior. Junior was in a big baby bed, with his hands strapped to the sides, and a tube running through a hole in his throat.

Harold asked, "Dolph, do you think God can heal him?"

I said, "I know He can, and I believe He will, if you repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. You pray and I'll pray with you."

As I stood at the bed, looking at Junior unconscious, these thoughts ran through my mind, I resent these straps holding his hands. I resent this tube in his throat.

In a little while, Harold said, "Let's go to the rest room."

While waiting, I noticed he got down by the commode, repented and got saved, then asked God to heal his son, Junior.

I thought, I believe God heard his prayers.

After this, we went to Harold's house and visited for a little while. As we left to go home, a voice whispered, "I'll be with you in this manner where ever you go." I thought, My what a blessing!

At home, the next day, Harold called and told us that the nurse went in to check Junior, and found his hands loosed, and the tube pulled out of his throat. It scared her. She thought he was dead. She ran and told the doctor.

It scared him and he cussed and asked, "Who did this?"

He checked Junior, and found out that he was sleeping and seemingly all right. He told Harold that he could take him home.

"But, be careful, he has a blood clot near his brain," the doctor said, "I can do nothing more for him."

At home, Harold was worried about Junior, because Junior had always been active. One day, Junior asked to go out back and play, for there was nobody around to bump him or hurt him. So he went out.

In a little while some kids came out, next door, and hit a golf ball, which hit Junior in the forehead. Blood gushed out of Junior's nose, so they rushed him to the hospital, all of them were scared that Junior might die.

The doctor checked Junior and said, "It's a miracle that he's all right. The blood clot came out."

I am still amazed and believe that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." (From Bro. Dolph Winters, Louisiana, USA).


Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions,


Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.


"One day while going along the road, headed to work, running late as usual, I was between the state of being asleep and waking up, when a voice spoke to me.

'Be Alert!' the voice admonished.

Immediately I got a surge of energy and began to ask myself, Now why did I get that thought?

I figured if I should hear a Message from above, it would be more likely to hear, 'Slow down and drive more safely.'

About that time a large piece of wood, in the shape of a fence post, blew off a large 18 wheeler truck and landed on the white line in the fence post up position. I swerved to the left, and the car beside me swerved to the right and we both missed it. God is ever in our midst. This is just one example of how the angels are encamped about them that fear Him." (From Bro. Shawn Wells, Bradenton Florida USA).

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And the doctor put him under a electrical cardiogram, and he said, "I don't understand it!" Said, "Go on back to work."


"Four weeks ago, during a Sunday Service, I was preaching on the subject, 'And the Word became Flesh'. While I was finishing the sermon, in my heart came the desire to pray for the sick.

Then I said to the people,"The Holy Ghost is here to set you free. If you can only believe, ye shall see the power of God. I'll pray for you, and if God doesn't heal you, then I'll stop to preach this Message, because it is a false messaage."

You know, a dear sister came with a little girl.

I asked, "Sister, what's wrong with the girl?"

She said, "Bro. Armel, my baby is suffering in her throat. She's got a disease and the doctor wants to operate her throat. But, brother, I don't want it. They said she must be operated. It's the only thing to be done."

I asked her, "Sister, do you believe that the Lord Jesus is able to heal your baby?"

"Yes, I believe," she replied.

Then I reminded what God has made for people, especially for Sister Meda when the Prophet said for her. Then I asked the Lord to do the same for the child.

When the day for the operation came, the doctor made an X-Ray before starting. You know what did happen? The disease disappeared totally and the doctor couldn't understand what did happen!

Today the baby is as normal as can be. Praise the Lord for His kindness!" (From Bro. Holouali Armel Simon, Cote D' Ivoire, West Africa).


Jesus said in Matthew 6:25, "Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not life more than meet, and the body than raiment?"

"It was the first day of the communal riots in Bombay, India. I have never seen so much violence and destruction of property in my life. I was returning from work to my room where I was staying. It was situated in a volatile and turbulent area. I did not know that a curfew was clamped on the city, and that the armed police had, 'shoot-at-sight' orders on anyone found loitering.

There was no food in my room and I was very hungry. Every place was closed. The streets were deserted. I wanted to go to a particular restaurant a few miles from my place. I asked the Lord to keep that place opened.

As I walked through the streets, the roads were littered with glass from the shattered windscreens of cars. Some buses were burning, and a bus depot was burning too.

It was late at night, as I neared the restaurant. I found it was closed. The shutters were all pulled down and locked.

I heard a voice of a person in the dark alley asking me, 'What do you want?' I told him, 'Food.' He said, 'Follow me.'

He took me through the dark alley to the rear portion of the restaurant, which was kept open. I had a stupendous meal!

As I walked back to my room, miles away, I saw armed policemen, but I feel God blinded their eyes, and nobody even stopped to question me. I reached home safely." (From Brother, Sujendra Premaka, India).


I was driving home from my job, and the sun was nearly setting. I came upon a Moma Quail Bird and about eight babies, two inches tall. I pulled over, hoping I could catch some.

As I looked for them, the mother was doing all kinds of things to distract me. She'd fly at me, and then act crippled (poor thing, a real Moma).

I tried to find the babies, but they seemed to disappear. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I got down real close to the ground, low in the grass and the leaves. As I looked real close, they were squatting down real flat and looked like or blended with the leaves. It's amazing!

Then the Lord said, "Don't take them."

But, I wanted them so bad, (I'm ashamed).

I said, "I just want two or three."

I took three, little bitty things, couldn't even fly. I took them home and put them in a little pen, by my three baby turkeys. But when I came home the next evening, they were all dead, quails and turkeys. Boy, disobedience is bad!

About a month later, I went back to this job to do a little something, and on the way home, there was the sun, same position, about 1/2 hour before setting. Was I shocked! As I came to the same spot, there was the Moma Quail and her five babies. They were nearly the same size as her. I felt like I'd gotten another whipping that I needed! (From Bro. Winters, Louisiana, USA).


"We are living in a dying world, brothers and sisters. You've got one time thru here. That's it...

I went to bed last night and I felt like I was getting stung in the back with bees. Sometimes, it's kind of how this old body will be. Then, this morning I felt like I had to whole bee hive in my back.

You know, I'm thankful to be able to walk. This, to you that don't know me, two years ago, in January, I fell three stories, off of a house, 40 feet, and landed on concrete. And, I landed on my back side, which is a miracle of God that I didn't land on my feet, because of the compaction on my feet. If I'd landed on them it would have killed me, because of the lick I took. Anyways, I fell on my back, and they rushed me to the biggest hospital in our area. I was wanting to go to another one. A nice hospital that they had, and they told me that, which they taken every part of my body and stripped every bit of my clothes off of me. I was kind of humiliated, by all of it. I was down trying to give them orders. Finally the paramedic doctor said, 'You're in no position to be giving me orders.' He said,' We're going to take you where you've got to go.'

Well anyway, when they got me there, on the way, the paramedics told me, 'You've got spinal injuries.'

I didn't need nobody tell me that. I knew what was going on. Because I had no feelings from the waist down, and they had me taped all over. You know, I was in the ambulance. Those paramedics came back in thru the ambulance, they'd stop every once in awhile and check my vital signs, and all those kind of things. They were afraid I'd go into shock.

The paramedics said, 'This don't mean nothing to us, but it might mean something to you. We just got it across on the radio, that Billy Andrews is praying for you.'

And so, we got to the hospital, those surgeons there was getting ready to put the rods in my back. You have to be upright to set in the wheel chair and all these kind of things.

The doctor looked down at me and he said, 'You know, don't get no ideas. You'll probably never walk again in your life.'

And I said, 'You don't know who I am.' I said, 'You let my daddy come in here and pray for me, before you all do anything.'

I said, 'Even before you X-Ray me, I want you to have him come in here.'

So, he came in and prayed, and he, back there in that trama unit, he bowed on his knees and he called on God. To be perfectly honest with you, I could feel nothing but pain from my waist up, like I never felt in my life.

So they took me on back in the X-Ray room. For about an hour and a half, they X-Rayed me. A big old black boy was working on me, and he was working the boards, and all those kind of things, X-Raying my toes, and making sure what bones were broken. And you know what? He rolled me up, he rolled the board up for a second to put a pad under it. When he rolled it up, I felt pain shoot to my feet. I screamed.

He said, 'What's the matter?'

I said, 'Thank God, I felt pain in my feet.'

He said, 'You shouldn't be feeling that."

You know what, they rolled me back in the trama unit again, and I told that nurse, 'I believe if you'll give me a shot. This pain up my back, if I get it calmed down, I believe, I'll be on my feet.'

She said, 'You're nuts.'

Finally I talked them into giving me a shot. Within five minutes I was up putting my clothes on. I got off of there.

I grabbed that old paper sheet they had waiting on me, I said, 'I'm ready to go home.'

God is the healer! Yes, sir. I went to a chiropractor, about four months ago. He was getting ready to work on my back. Like most of us, I put on my tie and shoes wrong and popped a disc in my back. Then the.

He said, 'I don't know where you've been or what's happened to you, but every vertebra in your back, from the bottom of your neck, plum down to your back end, is completely busted.' And he said, 'How are you walking?'

I said, 'That's something I need to tell you.'

Before I left his office, I prayed for him.

He said, 'I got oil in my ear. You pray for me. I need it.'

He's a healer. I feel good this morning. A lot better than I did twenty minutes ago." (From Bro. Ron Spencer, Virginia USA).

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