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Now Paul said that the Word came in power as well as voice. The Word preached actually demonstrated itself. Like a flaming, cutting sword it went to the consciences of men, and like a surgeon's knife it cut out the diseases and set captives free. Everywhere those early believers went, "they went preaching the Gospel (Word) and God confirmed that Word with signs following." The sick were healed, devils were cast out, and they spoke in new tongues. That was the Word in action. That Word has never failed in the mouths of believing Christians. And in this last age it is here stronger and greater than ever in the true Word bride. Oh, little flock, you little minority, hold on to the Word, fill your mouth and heart with it, and some day God will give you the kingdom.

DEMONOLOGY.2.RELIGIOUS_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A, 71 And before that man or that prophecy can be given to the church, it has to be judged before two or three spiritual judges. Is that right according... Now, Paul said, "You all may prophesy one by one." If something be revealed to this one, let that one hold his peace. Well, that would make the whole bunch prophets then according to the teaching of today. No, Pentecostal church, we've got things all scrupled up. And that's the reason God can't come in, till we get the thing straightened out and on the Bible. That's right. You got to get the right path. How you going to build a house without looking at the blueprint? See? You got to start right.


E-12, And I trust that this little meeting will never die, that it'll live on, and on, and on. Now, there's been seeds planted. Now, Paul said "One plants; another waters; God takes the increase." And I pray that God will pour out the water, and the Holy Spirit will take the increase.


E-71 Some dear person, a Nazarene brother, very dear sweet brother, he said, "Brother Branham, I just... We just won't let people come in our church that speaks with tongues."

I said, "Then Jesus couldn't come, 'cause He died speaking in tongues." It's true. And He taught speaking in tongues. The Bible teaches speaking in tongues. All the apostles, all the saints, and everything believed it, taught it, and received it.

Well now, Paul said, "If you all speak with tongues and there be no interpretation for edification of the church, some unlearned person would say, 'Now, aren't you all mad?' But if one is a prophet and will reveal the things that's in the person's heart, then they'll fall down and say, 'God's with you.'" Is that right?


187 Now, Paul said, "That was under the Moses' law. He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses that caught him in the act. How much more will it be when a man lays his head on the Lamb of God, the Son of God?"

And His torn heart. He was bruised. And His tears running from His cheeks; the thorns on His crown, and the blood running over His face mingled with salty tears into His striped body. And a man will come and say, "Yes, I'm convinced that that's the Son of God," and then will turn around and disbelieve His grace and His mercy and His Word...

Paul said, "He that does that wilfully, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin, but a fearful looking for the judgment and the fiery indignation which shall devour the adversary." My brother, when truth is presented to you...


E-80 Now, did you hear those people speaking in tongues awhile ago? Now, Paul said that was to be done. Keep quiet, and see what It says. Let it be by courses of three. That's just what there was, three. All right. Now, he said then, "If one speak and no one interprets," said, so forth, and he allowed tongues. But he said, "If there be one prophet that prophesies and makes known the secret of the heart, then they'll all fall down and say God is in your midst." Is that true? Is that the Scripture?


E-56, Now, let's bow our heads just a moment, and hum it in the Spirit. Now, Paul said, "If I sing, I sing in the Spirit. If I worship, I worship in the Spirit." Now, just let everything be gone; the good Holy Spirit, His Word, scours out our soul. The sharp, rebuking message is over. Our... We have no condemnation. Then let's just raise our hands while we sing it.


E-7, Now, Paul said it in I Corinthians 13, the next, he said now, that, "Though I speak with tongues of men and angels (that's both kinds) and have not love, I'm nothing. Though I have wisdom..." Now, he's talking about these gifts up here in the body (See, see?), having gifts without the Giver (See?), Love. See? Though I have wisdom and understand all knowledge of God, all the Scripture, can put them together like any great theologian, and have not love, which is the Holy Spirit, I'm nothing."

Now, we know that the Holy Spirit is God. We have to admit that.


80 Just like when on the platform, like today, you'll notice when the discernments come. There's many people in here, I never seen in my life. Watch the Holy Spirit when It comes down, will begin to go out through the audience and tell those people who they are, or where they come from, what happened, and what disease they got. All that (See?), what is it? "It's the Word of God, sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing to the marrow of the bone, and even a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart and mind." See, see? It's the Word of God.

Now, Paul said, "If you all speak with tongues, and there be no interpreter; unlearned come in and say they're crazy, mad." The word "mad" means "crazy." And now say, "They are mad. But if there be one who can prophesy and reveal the secrets of the hearts, then everybody will fall down and say God is among you."

REV.CHAP.4.PT.3.THRONE.MERCY_ JEFF.IN ROJC 645-716 SUNDAY_ 61-0108, 288 And the LORD... said, Behold, the man is become... one of us,... (Now, He never said the woman has become one, the man has become one...)... and knows good and evil:... (The woman didn't; she was deceived. Do you see it?)

Now, Paul said, "I suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp any authority, but--for Adam was first formed and then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived." So she didn't become one of God. She didn't know no difference; she was deceived. You get it? If you do, say "Amen," so I..


36-3 Now, here, no matter how much you are right, here's one thing that we fail and miss, my brothers. Now, I'm closing in saying this. No matter how right I am, and how Scriptural I am, and how much I know about God's Bible, if I haven't got the Spirit of God of love in my heart for the whole human race and all, then I'm wrong to begin with.

Now, Paul said in I Corinthians 13, "Though I have knowledge, (See?) and understand all the mysteries of God (See?), under--understand, and have not charity, I'm nothing. And though I speak with tongue of men and of angels," that's those who you speak to God and always the ones can it be interpreted. "Though I speak with tongues (genuine tongues) of men and angels and have not charity (love), it profits me nothing." So if I know all the mysteries of God and can unroll them and--and make them all hit together, and I don't have love, what good does it do?

FAITH_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 61-0813, E-7 The Philippian jailer, being a centurion (which to lose his, his prisoners was to be... His own life would have to pay for the prisoner's.), he pulled his sword and was going to commit suicide, when Paul run forth and said, "Do yourself no harm; we're all here!"

And this centurion ha... They'd--some impression they'd had about Paul and them. They might have sung hymns; they might have testified or done something. But whatever it was, they knowed that they were holy men. They knowed there was something different about those men, because quickly he asked, "What must I do to be saved? What must I do to be saved?"

Now, Paul said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved."


E-10 How do you do, sister? And I believe this is a... Wasn't that mother just come in back there? The Lord bless you. I'm glad to see you again tonight. And I believe this is Brother Willie's wife, isn't that right? And that's the boss of the family right there, as I understand, that... Or that's the way it goes at our house.

And to have your house. Now, Paul said here to--to this Roman centurion, when he was... We find out that Paul had been beaten the evening before, commanded by the magistrates and had been beaten, because that he had done nothing evil: He'd been up there preaching the Gospel. And the clergy there had it against Paul, 'cause he'd preached the Gospel. And they said that he was turning the world up-side-down.

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