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Now, today in this privilege that we have of being together... Some, there's a brother here I believe is from Canada, and from different--Tennessee and this little group is around from every little crevice. And to see us setting in one accord like this, it would just be a time for Pentecost again. See? For a fresh anointing which I feel that the Pentecostal blessing is in here.

Someone has often said to me, "Brother Branham, do you belong to the Pentecostal church?"

I said, "Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience that men receives everywhere. And it--it isn't--it isn't segregated from the rest of the churches. It's--it's a blessing that should be in every heart. And men do hunger for that.


Christianity is a life. Pentecost is--is... I know they've organized it, the word Pentecost, and just capitalized on the name. But Pentecost is an experience, not a denomination. Pentecost belongs with the Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, all of them. Pentecost is an experience.

And it seems to be that some people have such a hard time trying to live a Christian life, when really, it isn't that, it is...


Paul said, "All these things I do, they'll pass away. Our tongues will cease; everything else will go; but when love has come, it will endure forever." Sure, don't take a substitute. No, sir. I want the real one, or I want to leave. I want to be a real Christian, or I don't want to be anything like it. I want the real, nothing but the real. It's here for you.

Pentecostal skies are just loaded right now. Pentecost is not... don't mean Assemblies. Pentecost don't mean all together Foursquare. Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience, experience--experience that constrains you to the love of God.


Now, Pentecost is not at your denomination now. Pentecost is an experience. It's not a denomination. Pentecost is what you receive. That's right. It's for the Methodists, the Baptists, the Lutheran, the Catholic; just as much Pentecost, and sometimes a whole lot more,than those who call themselves Pentecost. That's right. It's an experience, when you can take it. Oh, and when that new life begins to work, and you read in the Bible, said, "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases."

Then the new skin, as that life begins to enter in, stretches it out and says, "Amen, I believe it, Lord."


But it's science; it's man's organization. Man organizes himself. Oh, how good it is to hear... Sometimes the people say, "I am a Presbyterian. I am a Methodist." Not slamming you, my brethren, I'm only trying to show a truth.

But if you had to say you were Pentecostal it would dampen your spirit. And that kind of a spirit ought to be dampened. You say it kills the spirit. Well, any spirit that could be killed by the name of Pentecost, ought to be killed. That's right.

Pentecost is not a organization. Pentecost is an experience that comes to all the borned again children. Oh, I know that man's tried to organize it and has did it. They organized the group of people, but they can't organize Pentecost. Pentecost goes to Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterians, or whoever wants it. But they make an organization out of it.

That's man, the Devil working on his head, something that he has to see. "Our denomination is bigger than the other fellow's." Can't you see that old devil don't die? It lives on. "We are greater than somebody else."

E-70 MARY'S.BELIEF LA.CA 59-0409

Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience. Pentecost is no denomination; Pentecost belongs to everybody. It's an experience you have. You can't organize Pentecost. Pentecost is an experience that God gives to believers. It's for you, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, what-more. I'm a Baptist myself, and I got the Holy Ghost. I'm a Holy Ghost Baptist, and glad of it tonight, that I've got an experience of being borned again of the Spirit of God.


When I come from the Baptist church, I walked away, not because they put me out; I just come out on my own calling. Still have good standing with the Missionary Baptist church. When I come into Pentecostal, I just seen one group. And I thought that's the reason they called it Pentecost. Come to find out, there's just about as many denominations of Pentecost as there is of--of Baptists. There's a...

But I want to say this to my Baptist friends, Presbyterians, and what-more: when Pentecost tries to think or say that it's an organizations, it's wrong. Pentecost is an experience, not an organization. See? We experience Pentecost by the new birth. Pentecost is an experience that a Methodist can have, Baptist, Catholic, whoever will that wants a Pentecostal experience, can have it, because it's for "Whosoever will, let him come." And so, the Lord grant these things.

And when I come in to find, the very thing I'm striving for, it here right by me. You know how it makes me feel. I just--I just dread going home tonight. I do.


Now, to you Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterians: the reason you don't have--do these things in your church; it isn't because you don't have the power; it's because you don't believe it. That's all. Just because you don't believe it. If you'd believe it, the same thing would happen. The Pentecostals don't own this altogether. Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience (See?); it's an experience. The Lutheran Pentecost, the Baptist Pentecost, the Catholic Pentecost; anyone who receives the Holy Ghost is Pentecost. It's a Pentecostal experience. When you receive the experience of Pentecost, the power's within you. That's right.

Now, if you've got faith in what's in you, it'll do anything you ask. Oh, my. Oh, that's it, brethren. That's it. Pentecost is in us. Just don't be afraid.

When a Christian gets saved, God gives him a checkbook. And on the checkbook is wrote out, "Anything you have need of, lay it on My account, the Son of God, Jesus Christ." Are you afraid to--to put your name on it and send it in? Now, don't be afraid. Just anything that He promised, just remember, it's yours.


And then if that child (that son) did not obey and was not obedient child, it never was no more than a son; it remained a son, but yet it had no inheritance.

Now, we don't want to stay in that place. The church ought to be a thousand miles up the road farther than it is tonight. The Pentecostal blessings has been falling on the people here in America for fifty years; and if anything, we're dwindling instead of going on. "What are you preaching such as this for, Brother Branham?" I want to see the church of God in deep sincerity; I want to see the old fashioned prayer meetings. I want to see them times when they can't leave church; they just stay all night, and pray, and fast, and call out till God answers. Instead of that, it seem like love has dwindled away from us. The love of God... just love...

Why, a real Christian can hardly wait: when the bell rings, he's got the front seat, and there ready with the song book in his hand. But now, we say, "Oh, my, I don't know."

...That's the way real Christianity is a living experience. Pentecost is not a denomination; Pentecost is an experience that anybody can have if they'll wish to have it. It's something that you experience, the Holy Spirit.


I want you Pentecostal people to get this out of your heart. Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience. It's the Holy Ghost. It's not a organization. You couldn't organize the Holy Ghost. He won't stand for it. Now, you've got an organization that you call that, but the Holy Ghost moves right out and let's you set right where you're at, and just keeps on going. See, see? Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience.


Little old Methodist preacher friend of mine I've brought up here, laid in that room the other night till three o'clock in the morning. My son went to see him; he was down on the river somewhere, praying. He had to get to work; his wife had done got the Holy Ghost. Last night he come through. He like to tore up the place, run out and got his brother and his sister-in-law, and they got the Holy Ghost. I'm telling you, the Methodists are going to get a shaking down in Kentucky in a few days. It's real, God's Holy Spirit. And It's for Methodists, for Baptists.

Let me tell you denominational people here, of Methodist, Presbyterian. When these people here call themselves Pentecost, that don't mean it's a organization. You can't organize Pentecost. You can have a denomination, but Pentecost is an experience for whosoever will let him come, whether he's Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, black, yellow, brown, or white. Don't make any difference what color he is, how big he is, how little he is, how low he is, how bad she is, doesn't make a bit of difference; it's for whosoever will. It's God's cleansing process for His Church. You don't have to be smart; you don't have to be educated.


Now, sometimes I rake hard on denomination; it's because of their selfish attitude, when they pull themselves up in a little shell and say, "We got it. None of the rest of you can have it." You cannot organize Pentecost. And when we try to make an organization out of Pentecost, we displease God. We call ourself the Pentecostal this organization, the Pentecostal that, but that's wrong. Pentecost is an experience, and it's no organization. And so... But sometimes different groups to make their groups big and... It's just a worldly expression. But in every group that I've ever come into in my life, I've found genuine Holy Ghost filled men and women. Yes, sir, of all of them.


He said, "If you can't believe Me, being a Man, believe the works that I do. Believe Me. If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe Me." See, there's works goes with this faith. "Show me your works by your--without your faith, and I'll show you my works by my faith," said Paul. See?

Now, what was in Samson? He wouldn't surrender his heart.

Today, man think more of their creeds, than they--and people think more of their creeds. Well, now, I ain't saying nothing against churches.

I'm talking about Pentecostal. Which, this church leans towards Pentecost. It is not a Pentecostal organization. We don't belong to any organization, never intend to. We belong to Christ. That's right. And now, Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience that people receive. Methodists receive it. Catholic receive it. Baptists receive it. Anybody can receive it, but it's an experience.


Well, Pentecost... I've never... I've been... I was a Baptist minister, you know. I'm just as much Baptist as I ever was. Pentecost is not a denomination; Pentecost is an experience. It's an experience that Methodist, Baptist, Catholic... Anybody that wants to receive It is welcome to come and receive It. It's an experience, and you cannot organize an experience. It's a--it's a--something that God has done to the human being. See? And He will do it to any one, no matter what church you belong to.

Now, in the... Now, of course, we have fellowships and organizations; that's exactly fine. 'Cause those brethren congregate together and--and make their organization, which is just exactly right. Sure. But I mean, we... You can't say, "You have to come to the Pentecostal church before you get the experience." You can get it out in the field if you want it, up there in the woods, down on the street corner. Wherever it is, whatever church you're in, if you're still hungering and thirsting for Christ, Christ is here to fill you with the Fulness of His power of His Spirit. That's right. No matter where you are or what you church you belong to, it's for you.


The Angel of the Lord moved out. Well, the Methodists couldn't go with it. And the Pentecostals saw it. The baptism of the Holy Ghost, the restoration of the gifts, here they went just as hard as they could go, left the Methodists right in the shade. Pilgrim's Holiness, Nazarenes, and them who wouldn't go on, went right on with it. And when the... First thing you know, now what's happened to Pentecost? It's built it a little club.

But the Pillar of Fire moved right out. Let's follow it. Take our churches, take our brethren, let's take Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist. Pentecost, I've said, is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience. I was a Baptist, and I got the Pentecostal blessing. There's Methodist, Lutheran, and all sorts here that's getting the Holy Ghost, Catholics, Jews, infidels, anything that'll come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him in the fullness of His power.


Pentecost is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience that anyone can have. It's a called out, a church, a elected group, small. Look in the days of Sodom as we preached this week. There was a great preachers went in into Sodom and begin to preach. They preached the message down there. But One stayed back and performed the signs in this little, bitty church, a minority. Watch the sign's It done, and Jesus said that same thing would repeat to the Gentiles in this last day. And here it is.

Now, notice. Getting late... Oh, it was about getting dark. And they was talking and this went on. Said, "We better row, brethren."


There's too much world in our church. If we're pentecost, let's be Pentecost. Let's act like Pentecost. Let's live like Pentecost. Let's stand for the Pentecostal blessing, and do the things that Pentecost promised us. We don't need the... Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience. That's when you become a lamb, and the Dove gets a hold of you and starts leading you. That's when we are--are Pentecost. That's what's happened up there, when God sent up His Lamb, and He--He died for our sins, and--and then the Dove came back down on the day of Pentecost, and led the church, the same Holy Spirit that come on the first Lamb at Jordan. That's the same One that leads today.

Well now, when you go to snorting, and saying, "I'm so-and-so; I belong to this denomination. We don't believe in no such thing as that." Now, how is the gentle Holy Spirit going to ever feed you then? Then there's--there's something wrong, the... If... A goat would stand for that, but not a sheep. A sheep, a lamb is God's child. The Holy Spirit leads God's children.


But we had to have a denomination. We had to have an exodus. You know. We had to have a 20th chapter of--of Exodus I believe where they'd give a law. We had to have something that we could do to show that we were Dr. Ph.D., L.L.D., double L.D. So-and-so (You see?), make them look like the rest of the world. Like Israel made her fatal mistake again when she refused Samuel, the prophet and wanted Saul, the king. Samuel pulled them up. He said, "Have I ever taken any of your money? Have I ever spoke anything to you in the Name of the Lord but what God backed it up?" They could not say a word.

Said, "Yes. You haven't taken our food and our money, and everything you said is right, but we still want the king. We want to be like the rest of the world, like the Gentile nations." They got it.

That's the way we do. We can't leave the blessing alone just the way it is... [Blank spot on tape--Ed.]...?... it's for everybody. We have to say, "Now, we belong to this church. We belong to this church." To act like the rest of them. Pentecost is not an organization. Neither can it be organized. Pentecost is an experience for whosoever will let him come that he might drink of the waters of the Lord. It's an experience. It's the Holy Spirit living in Methodists, Baptists, Jews, and what all--proselytes, and Catholics, and whatever more. It's an experience that we experience when we have a conference with God. Talk it over with Him.


But how much more dangerous is it to pour out the balm of God--God's remedy. Make fun of it and call if fanaticism, blaspheme the Holy Ghost. There'll be no excuses when you're asked why. It's a dangerous thing to do that, dangerous to neglect your body. Well, the medicine if the doctor's got it for your ailment... More dangerous to neglect the balm for your soul, 'cause God's got it.

Now, you can't lay it on say, "Well, it ain't... It's the doctor's fault." No. "They haven't got the medicine." They got it. You can't say... It isn't God's fault. It's your fault if you don't get it. It's here for you and an invitation to whosoever will: Methodist, Baptists, Presbyterian.

Pentecost is not an organization. I know they try to organize it, but you can't. Pentecost is an experience that goes to Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Catholic, whosoever will let him come. Black, white, yellow, brown, whoever he is. It's God's remedy. It's His balm for sin. There is a Balm in Gilead. Some day we're going to ask why we didn't take it.


That little church has been always in the minority, the Pentecostal. Now, I am not meaning the denominational Pentecostals; I'm not meaning... And--but the people with the Pentecostal experience... Pentecost is not an organization, Pentecost is an experience that goes to whosoever will: Catholic, Jew, Proselyte, Methodists, Baptists, "whosoever will, let him come." It's an experience that the individual... God doesn't deal with a denomination, neither does He deal in the Gentiles as a--a race or a people; He deals with individuals. "Whosoever will," let him be white, black, yellow, brown, Methodist, Baptist, Protestant, Catholic, whatever he is, "let him come," whosoever. I'm so glad He made it that way. I...

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Pentecostal is not a denomination. They tried to do that, but you can't denominate God. Pentecost is an experience that any believer can have. See? It's for Baptists, for Catholics, for Jews; for black, for white, for brown, for yellow, for red; for any color, creed, or anything; whether you are poor or rich, got nothing, got plenty; whether you're the in-between or whoever you are. You, It's for you!

And it's God's love and mercy measured out to you to take It. Don't cost you one thing. Only thing It costs you, is just to surrender your life to Him, and receive It. How simple! Just get all... Just forget all you ever knowed, and just surrender yourself to Him. And that's how It comes, is just receive, receiving It that way.


You say, "Where is He? Is He with the Methodists? Is He with the Baptists," or even, "Is He with the Pentecostal?" No, sir. Go back to the... not Pentecostal organization, Pentecostal denominations, that's a name. Who can organize Pentecost? Tell me. Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience to any believer, that's who receive it. Back to the experience, not back to an organization, but back to an experience. Pentecost is an experience.

Let me tell you something. You look at the fruit the Pentecostal churches are bearing today, you'll find out they're not started from the beginning: arguing, fussing, stewing, up-side-down, pulling for this, and pulling for that. Jesus said in John 14, or John 15, "I am the Vine; ye are the branches." Is that right?


"Oh," said, "in the wrong nest, huh, mama? Is that what happened?"


"You're my mama?"

"Yes, I'm your both father and mother, sister, brother. I'm all in all to you."

"That sounds good, mama. Now, mama, what must do?"

Said, "I tell you, honey. The way you got to do, you got to jump. You got to jump and get your feet off the ground. And then just go to flapping them little wings of yours. Just flap them as hard as you can. You can rise, 'cause you're an eagle. See, you got long feathers. Fly. Just jump off the ground, and start flapping your wings real hard. I'll get you."

And he jumped up, this little eagle coming out of them denominations, and give a great big flap four or five times, and lit right on a barnyard post, right in the middle of a Pentecostal denomination.

You can't organize Pentecost. You can't denominate. Pentecost is an experience, not an organization. It's for you Methodists, you Baptists, you Presbyterians. They try to draw fences around it, but it's not so. Eagles will fly right over it. Sure they do. Don't pay no attention to it.


I've always made this statement. Everyone knows that I was a Missionary Baptist, and I'm a Missionary Baptist that received the Holy Ghost. So then in that, I do not believe that Pentecost is an organization. I believe Pentecost is an experience that whosoever will might come and receive. We cannot draw a fence around it, because isn't, it spreads beyond our fences, you see.

So I believe that a person is saved--if he's a Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, or whatever he may be--if he's solemnly trusting Jesus Christ for His grace. But if he's a Catholic and believing the church saves him, then he's lost. If he's a pentecost and believes that the church saves him, he's lost. But no matter what he is, what church he goes to, if he, if solemnly depending on the blood and merits of Jesus Christ, he's saved, I don't care what church he's in. For it's by faith are we saved, that by grace.


Now, if He will come into our midst tonight... Now, if you're a stranger you might not understand this, but I want you just to pull the sideboards down, and set still for the--for the rest of the meeting, and listen close to these words, promises I'm going to read to you, wrote out here on this paper, out of the Bible. And I--I want to read you some promises and find out whether He's still alive or not, to see if our Christian religion is the true religion, and if our Pentecostal conception of it is true, or whether it's wrong.

Even I believe in... Now, even in all its error, I still choose it to be the church, now, not because that they're Pentecostal. Pentecost is not an organization. Now, you Baptists and Methodists remember that, Catholics and Presbyterian. You can't organize God. You don't organize God. Pentecost is an experience that Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Catholics, and all receive.


We're building--we're building our--our--our things upon our--our denomination. "Don't associate with them over there. Don't have this over here. We're the denomination. We got all the truth." Remember, brother, the blanket stretch all the way. See? It goes over the other fellow too. See?

But we've drawed boundaries and separated ourselves just like the Baptist, and Methodists, and the rest of them did. You used to talk about the cold, formal Baptists. Now it's the cold, formal Pentecostals. Baptists are warming up.

Notice how... Now, it's true. We've hatched out denominational children. We've hatched out educational children. We've had it form Bible schools, perfectly all right. But what we went to telling them, give them the Bachelor of Art, and the Ph.D., and the L.L.D... And even some of our great denominations, before they send a missionary--a Pentecostal now--before they send a Pentecostal missionary overseas, he has to be examined by a psychiatrist to see if his IQ is high enough.

That is a stain on the name of Pentecost. Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience. All people can have it: Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, or what more.


Just the word "Pentecost" won't save you. Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience to "Whosoever will let him come and drink from the fountain of the water of life." Amen. Now, that's true, friend. That's sassafras as it... Do you have sassafras up here? All right, you know what I mean.

I said that one time, someone said... somebody wrote me some letters, said, "What's sassafras?" All right. But you know what it is up here. Yes, sir.

Oh, but brother, I'll tell you, it--it'll straighten you out. It'll--it'll make you live right. That's true. Just get down there, and stay till it's over, and get straightened out with God. Yes.


And when you say to people, "Are you a Christian?" Well, quickly they'll tell you they belong to a certain denomination or organization, See? And they're--they're satisfied with that. They seem to think that that's all that suffices, that's all that has to be... If they belong to a--a certain organization, that's all they have to do. Well, that used to be. We called them people the cold formal Baptists, and Methodists, but now it's the cold formal Pentecostals got that way too. It--it--it's in the Pentecostal church. Each one wants to say, "I belong to this or I..." And that's all right; I'm not condemning that. That's fine. But what you want to be, if you profess Pentecost, Pentecost is an experience where a man or a woman, boy or girl that's borned again with a Pentecostal experience of the Holy Ghost.

And as soon as you receive that, the whole world seems to weight you down. Oh, you've yoked yourself up with Christ. And it brought tears to His eyes and grief, even death to His body, when the world in that day was so sinful. What do you think it does today?

187 TRUE.EASTER.SEAL JEFF.IN V-14 N-3 61-0402

And the people are forced; they're forced now. The thing's operating, and they're forced to either receive it or condemn it. And what are they doing? Condemning it.

But he couldn't do it back there at the age of Pentecost, because Pentecost is going right back and organize, coming, organizing themselves into the same thing that they just pulled out of. Pentecost come out. Pentecost is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience that comes to a believer. But they made an organization out of it, and has done the same thing that they fought so hard to get out of.


Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience that comes to Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Catholic; "Whosoever will, let him come." Pentecost is not an organization. You cannot organize blessings of God. It's free to anybody that will come and receive it. And they come from all different walks of life and all different churches.

But Eve tried to take some of the things that Satan told her, some of the things that God told her, and acted on that very act. And there's where she lost. That's where she become hybrid. Then the seed of Satan come on; it's still going; the seed of Satan. That thing is such a... Hybrid is such an evil thing in the sight of God.


Now, but Pentecost is not a--an organization. Pentecost is an experience that goes to any believer. Pentecostal cannot be organized. Pentecost is an experience.

It goes to the Anglican church, and to the United church and to the Methodist, and the Baptist, and the Presbyterians. "Whosoever will may come." It's a restoration back to the apostolic message, which the Catholic church itself started one time.

The Catholic church, the early Catholic church was a pentecostal church. And then, 'course it made it's organization in the third hundred years after the... at the--at the Nicaea Council, it formed in what they call the organization of the great universal Christian church.

And from there then came Martin Luther, and John Wesley, and oh, on, so forth on down, till we're nine hundred and something different organizations now. But the background of all Christianity is Pentecost. And if that was God's idea of a Church first, God is infallible and cannot change. It's His idea of the Church today.


But we begin to go out with the world, drift with the tide. Our church has. We don't have to talk about the Methodists and Baptists no more. It's ourselves. It's in our own ranks. That's the reason the Holy Spirit cannot move. That's the reason I say that God cannot put His sanction upon any organization tonight, because the Gentiles was not taken out as a nation; they were a people out of the Gentiles for His Name's sake. God will take individuals.

Now, I think our organizations does a good work. That's all right. But you can't depend on that, say, "I'm Pentecostal, 'cause I belong to a Pentecostal organization." You're Pentecostal when you get a Pentecostal experience. I don't care if you belong to the Catholic church, you are Pentecostal. You can't organize Pentecost. Pentecost is an experience, not an organization. And that's right.


Jesus so much as said, before the time come that that elected church, that Pentecostal group... Now, Pentecost is not an organization. Now, you brothers that's got the Pentecostal Assemblies, the Pentecostal Oneness, the Pentecostal Church of God, the Pentecostal Foursquare, and all that, you're fooling yourself. That's an organization which is all right. I have nothing against it. But you're not the group. Pentecost is an experience that Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, that--that the Assemblies, and the Foursquare, and the Church of God, and the--why, the Jesus' Name, and all the rest of them can have it, if they'll just obey the Word of God and follow after Him. They'll see the miracle of God will change their live and the things will fall away and they'll become... The Methodist can have it; the Catholic can have it; the Presbyterian can have it. How many Catholics, was once Catholic, raise up your hand. Can't the Catholic have it? How... [Blank spot on tape.--Ed.]

124 PERSEVERANCE JEFF.IN V-10 N-3 62-0218

Mean to tell me that bunch of uncircumcised Philistines stand out here and defy the armies of the living God? We back up such a thing as that. What the church needs today is going back to God, back to His Word, back to the power, back to Pentecost; not to Pentecostal organization, back to the experience of Pentecost. Them guys are out of the wheel when they talk about Pentecostal organization. Pentecost is an experience, it comes to Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterians, or whoever wants It. That's right. God don't deal with a nation, with a people, with a denomination, He deals with an individual. Always, with the Gentiles, taking a people out of the Gentiles for His Name's sake. See? That's the way He deals with them. Now, quickly, I must hurry.


But there you are. They presume that that's all they have to do, because that's what they're taught. They just go join church. They say, "Are you a Christian?"

"I'm a Methodist."

"Are you a Christian?"

"I'm Presbyterian." Then they join that.

And now, you say, "Are you a believer?"

"I'm Pentecost."

Let me straighten that out for you. There is no such a thing as Pentecostal organization. Pentecost is an experience, not an organization. Catholics has got it. Baptists have it. Presbyterians have it. Anybody can have it. It's an experience, not... You can't organize it. You've got your organization; you've got away from Pentecost then. They never did organize. God never did have an organization, never one time.


When the Pillar of Fire moved, Israel moved with It. And in the New Testament, when It begin to move, just exactly like It did in the Old Testament, moved the same way... Israel had to follow that Pillar of Fire, and set the tent up under It. And when It begin to move in this last, at the reformation, Martin Luther saw It.

And then, as soon as Luther was over, they built an organization around Luther's work. God moved right out from under it. And Wesley saw It, and away he went. After Wesley, and Asbury, and many of the others, when... after their time, then what happened? They built an organization under It. God moved right out from under it, went right on. See?

And now, we Pentecostals are doing the same thing. You can't organize the Holy Spirit. You can't do it. We believe in organizations to keep brotherhood and so forth. It serves a good purpose. But always stretch the blanket out to get the other brother (See?), and hold your heart open to get what God is ready to send down upon us. That's the way to do it. That's real brotherhood. And so I like that. When... If I could ever see a time that the Pentecostal church...

Now, Pentecost is not an organization, Pentecost is an experience. I know almost as many Lutheran and Baptist and Presbyterian that's got the Pentecostal experience as Pentecostal people who call themselves Pentecostal. So Pentecost is a--an experience.


He scooted back his plate and got up. He said... looked down to his associates, all the students, and so forth, and the deans. and the body, and he said, "We here at Bethany are hungry for the Holy Ghost." Said, "Brother Branham, what shall we do to receive it?"

I said, "Turn your face from the table, go over against the wall, and kneel down against the wall, and be real sincere."

Went down and laid hands on them. Forty some-odd received the Holy Ghost right then. And now they got better than four hundred in that school doing all kinds of signs, miracles. What is it? That's Lutheran Pentecost. See? Everywhere, everywhere the Holy Ghost... We cannot bind this down and say, "We Pentecostals has got it." God's broke that boundary and went on out in there, and got everything that there was. "Whosoever will, let him come." See? It's for the people.

Pentecost is an experience. Roman Catholic, Jewish orthodox, whatever they might be, Chinese, Buddha, everything: the Gospel is for whosoever will, he may come.


And so I believe this sponsorship is Pentecostal brethren. I am one too. But we want you to know that Pentecost, to you Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian, we believe you Pentecostal too. See, Pentecost is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience that we all can have. See? Whether you're a Catholic, or Baptist, or Presbyterian, whatever you are, Pentecost is an experience, and it's for whosoever wants it. That's right. And it's everyone. I have so many...

I come out of a Baptist church. Still have fellowship, wonderful meetings for them, and I have Episcopalian, Presbyterian, formerly background Catholic in my family. I'm Irishman. And so through there God has never questioned anybody on the platform, praying for them, "Now, you'll have to change from Methodist to Baptist." That isn't the idea.

You know, I'm an old man. I'm fifty-three years old. I've been with the Branham family all these years. And you know, they've never asked me to join the family. Yeah. Strange, but I believe I was borned a Branham. And so that's the way we believe we're Christians. You see? We--we--we think we ought to join some church and have fellowship. But really, to be a Christian is to be borned a Christian, a borned again experience to being a Christian.


And I wonder, brethren, if our churches hasn't done the same thing. In the excitement of the revival, we're trying to find who can have the biggest church, and the best dressed organization, the best dressed congregation, rather, and the biggest organization, more members. I wonder if we ain't kinda slipped off in all this without Him (See?), leaving Him back, laying... Just 'cause we got a--a better crowd, and a bigger church, and...

And that's where my fear comes for my Pentecostal church that I'm zealous of, that it'll miss that real kernel, that real Kingdom of God. Remember, brother, sister, Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience: Methodists, Baptists, Anglican, whoever will. Pentecost, you can't organize Pentecost, 'cause that's the Holy Spirit. See? And you cannot. It's an experience that comes to all people.


And now, we believe that Christianity is convincing, and then we come not representing any certain denomination, but representing all of them. And the way of... We believe that Christ is the Head of the church, which He has purchased with His own Blood, and by one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body. We--we believe that we join our different organizations, but we're baptized in one body, Christ, by the Holy Spirit: One Lord, one faith, and one baptism.

I've always made a little remark (oh, not always, but several times), saying, "You know, I belonged to the Branham family for fifty-three years, and they never did ask me to join the family. I was borned a Branham. And that's the way I think that we are Christians. We are born Christian.

Now, we have our organizations. And many times the, oh, the Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, and so forth, try to say that we are a Pentecostal organization. That's a error. We... You cannot organize Pentecost. Pentecost is an experience for all believers. See? It's an experience.

I have many Anglican friends who has the Holy Ghost. I have many Methodists... I just helped lead four hundred Lutherans to the baptism of the Holy Ghost. See? And so there's a whole Bethany College received the Holy Ghost at one time. So, see, it--it's not a--an organization, it's an experience for anybody that wishes it.


Now, what has it done for us? It done that for them. It made them remain in the wilderness. It's brought us right back into the same vomit that we come out of. We organized ourself and put us right back in the same mess that we come out of.

Can't you understand that God never had an organization, never did ordain one, and never spoke one, but always against it. God wants to lead men. Men just can't lead themselves. They say, "Well, in the multitude of counsel."

That proved a great fake one time when Jehoshaphat went down and meet Ahab, and they said, "We got... Let's consult the Lord." It sound very Scriptural. It said, "There's Ramoth-Gilead; it belongs to us. God gave it to us. Hebrew children ought to be eating that wheat up there, but instead the enemy's eating it. Don't you think we should go up?"

And Jehoshaphat said, a good man in wrong company... That's the way the Pentecostal groups are tonight: fine people, Methodists, Baptists, and so forth. Pentecost is not an organization, Pentecost is an experience. See? Many good people got in the wrong company, listening to those dogmas and rejected the Word. That's exactly.


I remember Jack Schuller... This would be good for you Methodist folks. When I come in here one time at the Madison Square Garden, Jack was out here at the high school. And I called him up. And I said, "Brother Jack?"

He said, "Yes. Is this Brother Branham?"

I said, "Yes." I said, "I running right in here on you."

He said, "No." Said, "No, I stayed over too long and got in your time."

And I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Brother Jack." I said, "I didn't..."

"Aw," he said... "that's all right, Brother Branham." Said, "They just wanted me to stay over."

I said, "Oh, my group won't bother you out there anyhow, Jack," I said, "'cause most all mine's Pentecostal."

And he said, "'Course mine is too."

I said, "Yeah?"

"Why," he said, "sure." He said, "I'm Pentecostal."

I said, "Now, you better not let your... Bob know." That's his dad you know. And he's Methodist too, dyed in the wool, you know.

"Well," he said, "Brother Branham, don't you know what a Pentecostal is?"

I said, "I think so."

He said, "It's a Orthodox Methodist."

That's just about right, Orthodox Methodist. That's right. If the Methodist church would have continued on with its message, it would have went right on into Pentecost. The real church did. No disregards to your denomination now brother, see, because Pentecost is not a organization. They tried to do that, but they sure have failed. See? It's an experience. Pentecost is for Catholics, or Jews, or anybody that gets... Pentecost is an experience, not an organization.


Yes, blinded to spiritual things and the Word of God, went back to the very same hole they was pulled from. Pentecostals was born out of organization, and man took them back in organization. Pentecost is an experience that organization can't stand, because it's a personal experience with each individual. That's right. Now look at them standing, defeated, whole group. Ministers, can't have them in their church 'less they got a seminary experience.


Just because we bear the name of Pentecost, that don't mean nothing to God. No, sir. Pentecost is not an organization. Pentecost is an experience. It's a reflection of Christ, where He started on the day of Pentecost to reflecting Himself to the people. And then the people begin to add worldliness. What happened? They went into the Nicaea Council and rejected the plain promises of God and put dogma into it. And she broke the Christian experience all to pieces, and she went off into Catholicism.

Luther started the reform. And he projected, and it broke the thing up again. Methodists come along with sanctification. And he started projecting, and he done the same thing. And the Pentecostals are doing the very same thing. Oh. Why, you look at it, you can see it.


Luther never organized nothing. Moody never organized nothing. It was that group of Ricky's after him is what done the organization took the husk. John Smith organized nothing. None of the rest of them organized, It was the Light of the hour. Luther, Wesley, or none of the rest of them, it was that group afterwards come by that made the organization.

The Holy Ghost never organized nothing in Pentecost. Pentecost is an experience, not a denomination. It never organized nothing. Oh, no! But the man who claimed to be Pentecost organized it. That's the husk yonder dying. Instead of pressing it into the paper to make the full image of Jesus Christ come forth, no, they pulled themselves out. So they're nothing to do into it. Just let them alone.

186 TOKEN.THE BAKF.CA V-22 N-8 64-0208

Now, He did promise, in the last days that what God did in human flesh, just before Sodom, the end of the Gentile world, it would be repeated again. He promised that. Now, will He keep that promise?

He promised Malachi 4, that He would do this, and manifest his Word to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers again, back to the original Pentecostal word, the real Bible Word. Not the...

The Pentecostal, they claim the Pentecostal organization there is no such thing.

Pentecost is an experience; not an organization. They tried to organize it, but you can't. See? It doesn't organize. Pentecost is an experience. It's seal of God, the Holy Spirit that come on the day of Pentecost.


Come on up, you that's church members, Methodists, Baptists. We're not asking you to... Listen, friends, I know they say, "Pentecost, they organized Pentecost." That's wrong. Pentecost is an experience. The Methodists get it; the Baptists get it; all of them get it. Pentecost is not organized; it's an experience. And if you haven't had the experience of Pentecost, come, receive it now.

Remember, if you believe me to be His servant, His prophet, remember, there is a genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost. Right in the midst of all the fanaticism, there's still a genuine Holy Ghost, a genuine One of God. You come, believe it right now. Won't you come, while we sing just one or two more verses of this song, so I can be sure that my soul is clean. When I leave this city now, the blood won't be upon...

14-1 BIRTH.PAINS PHOENIX.AZ V-3 N-4 65-0124

You're always called crazy, but it's like Paul said when he rotted out of what he once claimed; he said, "In the way that's called heresy, that's the way I worship the God of our fathers"--in the way that's called heresy. See, he'd accepted the new Life that the Old Testament had give birth to the New, and he had to rot away from the Old (just make it a shadow) in order to be...

That's just where we are at now. Now, bear with me, but that's my idea. The churches has got so systematically till you can't get into one unless you belong to one. You've got to have a fellowship card or some kind of a identification. And by believing this, the only door I nearly have open is these Business Men. And as long as they're not a organization, I can go in with them, but--and get to bring the Message that I feel that's on my heart to the people. But it's got so systematically--and I love you Pentecostal people. And Pentecost is not an organization anyhow. You just call yourself that. Pentecost is an experience and not a denomination.

But you see, the thing of it is that's so hard for many man--when they look at it and believe it, and see it so identified by God in the Word, yet it's so hard to rot away from that thing you've been in. "What would I do? Where would I get my meal? What... ? " God is your meal! God is the thing for you to hold on! "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." I'll leave it lay at that; you know what I'm talking about!


Pentecost! Now, remember, let me straighten it; Pentecost is not an organization, Pentecost is an experience that you receive. You Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, and all, can experience Pentecost. You can't join Pentecost, 'cause there is no way to join it.

I've been in the Branham family for fifty-five years. You know, they never did ask me to become a Branham. I was born, a Branham.

And that's how you're a Christian, you are born a Christian. That's right, now.

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