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Now, love one another. Above everything that you do, love one another. And as you love one another, you'll love God. See? You love each other and you'll love God. For God is love.

And a man that walks in love, walks in life. And perfect love casteth out all fear. Then if you can take Him at His Word, and not fear a bit about it. Say, "Lord, I love You; I know You're going to answer because You promised me You would, and I just know You're going to do it." See? And it takes away all fear.


"Though I speak with tongue of men and Angels and have not love, it profit me nothing. Though I have give all my goods to feed the poor, it profit me nothing. Though I have power to move mountains, and so forth, it profit me nothing. Where there is prophecies, it'll fail. And where there's tongues, it'll cease. And where there is knowledge, it'll vanish away. But when perfect love has come into the human heart, all demons in hell will never be able to upset it." That's right.


And when he throwed some wood down, a great deadly beast, serpent, bit him right through the hand. And that beast was so deadly, till if it bit a person, they usually dropped dead within a minute or two. And so the natives said, "That man..." Said, "Look, his chains on him. He's a prisoner. He must be a murderer, because he's certainly... He might escape the storm, but he's just not going to escape that--this serpent and he's going to die."

Now, look. A moment, Paul looked and seen it. This, this, and that all agreed. There was not a speck of fear. He said, "They--they'd take up serpents and it'll not harm them." He looked at that deathly bite, no fear. If you fear, then--then Satan steps in. Satan's fear. But perfect love casts out all fear. There you are. "I'm God's man. There hangs the serpent, but there's not one speck of fear here, here, or there." See? It's all in harmony.


And every little cell of blood is a life, and there you are all charged, full of the Holy Ghost. Why, certainly, they walked on water. They done great miracles and so forth. Why? They were so perfectly in harmony with God, that first church. And Christian friend, until we can get back to that...

Now, you... We can't argue and quarrel and fuss with denominations and ever get to it. Denominations won't bring us to it. It's a perfect love and confidence in God, just what brings it. See? There you... See? And you... And we may--we may shout; we may speak with tongues. We may--we may do--be great teachers of theology, we may have D.D.'s hanging on to us, but it'll never work until that, this, and this comes in harmony.


But it's accepting the Person Christ Jesus, and these other things come right on in and they fit together. Let every member in this body this morning, let this little group of people, if we could pull the curtains down along on each side and every person in here receive the Person Christ Jesus, there wouldn't never be a fuss; there would never be no argument. There'd just be a perfect love. Yet you'd still believe this and believe that, but it'd just be so full of love, you'd just... See? That's it.

Now, Jesus said, "By their fruit you shall know them." And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness.

Now, I'm going to... I'll give you my estimation of what I think that the closest thing to an evidence that a man is a Christian, than anything I know of. You know what it is? It's travail of soul, a person that's always so hungering and thirsting for God. They just simply... Day and night they--they just can't stand it. They--they--they got to do something for God.


I'm going to fix it up in a few minutes. God is love, perfect love; but you don't know what love is. That's why today people don't know what faith is. God is love. He has to be in love; He's sovereign to His Word. And He has to keep His Word. He has to love you. And if He loves you, He's got to protect you.

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