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E-11 I said, "When you come home, buy her a box of candy. Give it to her when you come in at the door. Put your arms around her." I said, "That's the way you cast out a devil." Love casts out fear, doesn't it? Love...

Friends, the whole world is dying for love. That's one of the great things that we leave out of our Pentecostal blessing too much of it, is love that mixes it together, the mortar that makes gifts and all the things of God operate perfectly is love one for the other. "This will all men know that you're My disciples."

WHATEVER.HE.SAYS.TO.YOU.DO.IT_ CONNERSVILLE.IN MONDAY_ 53-0601, E-11 Now, perfect faith, just like perfect love, casts out all fear, all doubting. If you believe it, no matter what the symptoms are, what the results, you believe it just the same. Do you ever have something you just knew was going to happen? No matter what the--looked like it might not happen, but it's going to happen anyhow because you believe it that way.

Now, when Jesus says anything, His Word is a Seed. And every seed will bring forth of its kind. If it's a seed of promise for your salvation, it'll work salvation. If it's for healing, it'll work for healing. If it's for joy, peace, anything that you have need of, all them redemptive blessings is in Christ. And He's setting tonight as a High Priest of your confession (Hebrews 3:1), setting at the right hand of His majesty in heaven, to make intercessions upon your confession.

BEGINNING.OF.JESUS.FAME_ CONNERSVILLE.IN FRIDAY_ 53-0605, E-5 And in the book, probably some of you read of that night when the maniac run to the platform out there in Oregon--was going to take my life. Someone said, "Brother Branham, was you scared?"

I said, "No, sir, not a bit." As long as Jesus is there, as long as He told me to do this, and I'm in His will, there's nothing to fear. See? As long as you're doing what He says do, and you know you're directly led, well then there's nothing to fear. Perfect love casts out all fear. There's no fear in God. Love takes away fear.

And I know, tonight, I believe in Divine healing. I believe that--that Divine healing, that some day the great churches now, who are refusing this great work of God, will see someday, that the power of God to heal the sick is just the same as it's been all down through the ages. You see? It's just the people has been taught different. That's the reason they don't have faith for Divine healing. They're taught that those things are past.


E-24 And when he throwed some wood down, a great deadly beast, serpent, bit him right through the hand. And that beast was so deadly, till if it bit a person, they usually dropped dead within a minute or two. And so the natives said, "That man..." Said, "Look, his chains on him. He's a prisoner. He must be a murderer, because he's certainly... He might escape the storm, but he's just not going to escape that--this serpent and he's going to die."

Now, look. A moment, Paul looked and seen it. This, this, and that all agreed. There was not a speck of fear. He said, "They--they'd take up serpents and it'll not harm them." He looked at that deathly bite, no fear. If you fear, then--then Satan steps in. Satan's fear. But perfect love casts out all fear. There you are. "I'm God's man. There hangs the serpent, but there's not one speck of fear here, here, or there." See? It's all in harmony.

EXPLAINING.HEALING.AND.JAIRUS_ WOOD.RIVER.IL TUESDAY_ 54-0216, E-48 Electricity will light up, if you'll work according to the law of electricity. Is that right? If you had an artisan well on this side of the hill putting out thousands of gallons of water per minute, and over on that side of the hill, another hill, you've got a crop burning up needing that water. Now, no matter how much you screamed to water, "Go up on the hill and water that crop," it'll never do it. But if you work according to the way of gravitation and run that water over on the hill, it'll water the crop. Is that right? But you've got to work according to the law of gravitation.

Well now, if God is here all in this building, right now. Do you believe that? We're all conscious--we're--wished I--you can't get it all in in one night. You see? You're conscious that God is here. Now, the only thing that we can do is work according to the law of God for our healing. Is that right? What is the law of God? His love. "Perfect love cast out all fear." Love and faith is the same thing. See? Love, perfect love casts out all fear which gives faith. You see?

EXPECTATIONS.AND.WHAT.LOVE.IS_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 54-0228A, E-46 And you can't do that until you have love. Perfect love casts out all fear. If I want to contribute anything to my success in the ministry amongst people, is this: I'll admit I've had to butcher up meetings because I just couldn't set it and--and... routine, like ministers do.

And many times I've had to promise this, and take this back, and do this, and do that. Because God will make me do it. But if there's one thing, is because that I have loved people. And people knows that.


E-48 If He's Almighty God, He does all things. If He can't do all things, He's not Almighty God. So I believe Him to be Almighty God. So I commit myself to Him, my soul to Him, my body to Him, my living to Him, my breathing to Him, my dying to Him, my resurrection to Him, and some glorious day, He will come.

[]... But while He's in the coming, and His Church is in the making, I want to stand in the breach with my arms out and claim his resurrected power, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and His power has never ceased, and never will fail. He's the same all the way around. Amen.

I love Him, and I want you to love Him. I want you to believe Him. Perfect love casts out all fear. If you love Him with the right kind of a heart, you won't have one speck of fear whether you can keep His Word or not.

WAY.TO.HAVE.FELLOWSHIP_ CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-1009, E-27 "Well," you say, "what good would it do to have faith?" Faith can sign my pardon, sure; there's value in faith. Don't be weary; don't be scared; don't be upset; just have faith and believe. And the only way you can have faith, you have to have love first, for love produces faith. For perfect love... Get it. Perfect love casts out all fear.


E-5 Now, we have great things that we can do in the--the realm of faith. Faith works great things for us, and if you brethren here getting your... And you can't have faith till you have love. That's just all there is to it. You just... Perfect love casts out all fear, and you... As long as you got fear you can't have faith. So you got to have love first. It drives all fear out, and then--then faith comes in, takes the place of fear. So when you have that you're coming right along.


E-33 Peter said, "Repent, every one of you and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. You shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Promise is to you, and your children, to them afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call."

"Amen, Lord, that means me." That settles it all. Anything God says, you love Him so much you believe it. Oh, I feel real religious right now. To think, that perfect love casts out all fear. You're not scared about nothing; you're just resting. You're not, "Oh, I may backslide tomorrow. I may backslide next week." I won't worry about that. I'm not trying to hold on. I--I... He held on for me. And He put a love in my heart that holds there. It's Him holding me, not me holding Him. If it was me holding Him, I'd probably turn loose. But as long as He's holding me, He will never turn loose. He promised He wouldn't.

"I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee." Amen. Oh. "He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life, and shall not come into condemnation, but's passed from death unto Life."


E-35 And I thought, "That animal... Oh, I'm so sorry that I disturbed you." I said, "I don't want you to kill me. I'm the servant of God. And I'm on my road to pray for some sick people. And I forgot about those signs." I was talking just as I am now. But there was something another had happened. I wasn't scared of him. I was no more afraid of that bull, then I would be my brother.

That's where the church is. You're always scared it's not going to happen. That's the reason it don't happen. When that fear... Love casts out fear. When you got love, fear is gone. But as long as you got fear, love cannot operate.

GOD.PROJECTING.HIS.LOVE_ EDMONTON.ALBERTA TUESDAY_ 57-0806, E-14 Love is a powerful force. It'll run a woman, a mother, right into the flames of fire after her baby, if she knows she's plunging herself to death. There's nothing more strong than love. Love will make you trust. You might go and know that you belong to the greatest church in all the provinces of Canada. You might know that you're the charter member of the greatest church in the nation. And then you would do things that you would not do if you belonged to a little mission somewhere in some corner and had the love of God in your heart.

Love has no fear. Love casts out fear. And I notice in my meetings, so much that when I come into the people... One of the great things I find among them is fear. And what makes fear is lack of confidence. If you lack confidence it'll make you fear. But if you love, it casts away that fear. And that's the way God wants His Church, not so many as charter members; He wants members that's loyal, and loves, and believes, and has confidence in Him.


E-20 And as he rushed out on the platform, I didn't know him. And he let out a great big scream, and he set his teeth together, and his eyes pushed back. And he started walking towards me. And he said, "You hypocrite. You snake in the grass," he said, "upon this platform, posing yourself as a servant of God. You're nothing but a hypocrite."

Everyone kept still. About that time, two little policemen that I had led to Christ back in the dressing room run out to grab him. And I motioned to them. I said, "This is not a flesh and blood affair." But the strange thing was, that when the man went up there, I wasn't afraid. Now, perfect love casts out fear, and that's the reason people won't take God at His Word for healing. They don't love Him well enough, because you're scared He won't keep His Word. That's the reason that people fear somebody else will say something against them if they receive the Holy Spirit. They're afraid somebody will laugh and make fun. But when love comes in...

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER_ DAWSON.CREEK.BC SUNDAY_ 61-0521, E-56 I watched him. I thought, "There You are God. I see You now, because he's not afraid." God hates a coward. Love casts out fear. So if you've got love, you don't have any fear. There's nothing... Fear don't have one bit of value about it. There's not one thing... It'll hinder you.

You say, "Well, what if you are going to be shot in the morning? Wouldn't you be scared?" No, sir. Fear couldn't help me. Fear could only make me worse. Well, what could faith do for you if they're already assigned that you're going to die in the morning? Faith can sign my pardon. Amen.

TAKING.SIDES.WITH.JESUS_ JEFF.IN COD FRIDAY_ 62-0601, 775-150 Now, those who believed the Word, they knowed that the very things that Jesus was doing and the things was of His life, they knew Who He was. So they couldn't put nothing blight on Him, because they couldn't see it. And you know, love is blind anyhow to them things; love covers up a multitude of sin, you know. Perfect love casts out fear, and sin, all discord; love does.


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