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E-28 For my Angel shall go before thee...

Moses did nothing. It was the Angel of God. Is that right? What did It look like that led Israel? A Pillar of Fire by night, and a Cloud by day. I believe He's still leading on. We know that was Angel of the covenant. Is that right? It was the Logos or the Christ. He's still the same, leading the people today as He was then.

OBEY.THE.VOICE.OF.THE.ANGEL_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN THURSDAY_ 50-0713 E-9 Not Moses, Moses never performed one miracle. It was the Angel of God that went before Moses. It was a Pillar of Fire at night, a cloud by day. And when you see the picture that we're going to show you, shortly, if we haven't. I believe you'll feel that it's the same Pillar of Fire that's leading the people today, the Angel of God. Which we know the Angel that led Moses was the Angel of the covenant, which was Christ, the Son of God. And now... Or, the Logos that came out of God, was the Son of God.

GOD.REVEALING.HIMSELF.TO.HIS.PEOPLE_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813E, E-3, We can't seem to realize that It's the Holy Spirit is our Leader, come to us to lead us, to lead us... []... appeared to him in a flame of fire, an Angel that went before him. That was the One that was upon the rod that smote the land, that opened the Red Sea, that hung over them like a Pillar of Fire, that guided them. And where the Fire went, they went. The Cloud by day and the Fire by night...

GOD.REVEALING.HIMSELF.TO.HIS.PEOPLE_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813E, E-28 And just then, the Light begin to gather up. And It gathered up to the Angel, and It got into the Angel. The Angel went up into that little Light, Pillar of Fire that you seen tonight. And It went out of the room. I didn't know what to do.

BELIEVE.YE.THAT.I.AM.ABLE.TO.DO.THIS_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0820E, E-55 . And down from the heavens came that green, whirling down like a big star in the distance. When It got close, It was that Light, a Pillar of Fire. I think It's the same One that led the children of Israel in the days that went before Moses. And It's in the church today. It's here tonight, the same Pillar of Fire.


E-10 But Moses went down there and smote the Rock. He got anger. He forgot all of his--lost control of himself. He got all worked up, and excited, because the people... And he just smote the rock again, and it didn't bring its water. But he smote it again. Is that right?

Now, he was a Divine prophet sent from the Presence of God, borned in this world to be a prophet, a vindicated prophet by signs and wonders, the Pillar of Fire followed him. And we know that he was a prophet sent from God.


E-12 Now, Angels has always been ministering spirits that's sent to the church. Is that right? All through the apostolic age, or apostolic age, they had ministering Angels that went with the apostles, the disciples. Is that right? And most always, they appeared to them in a form of Light. Is that right? A Light shined down upon Paul (Is that true?), blinded him.

Peter was in the prison, and a Light shined in, the Angel of the Lord, and told him. Many different places in the Scriptures refers to Them as a Light through the Pillar of Fire that followed the children of Israel: a Pillar of Fire. And this...

Any Bible teacher knows that the Angel that led Israel was the Angel of the Covenant (Is that right?), which was Christ. Amen.


E-13 Notice. Now, as Jesus, or the Christ... Moses suffered the loss of his--the throne that he would've had in Egypt, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. He chose to follow a Pillar of Fire (An Angel of God appeared to him in a burning bush), rather, than to be king of Egypt.

Now, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that true? And if He appeared to Moses in a form of a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel... As He led them in the natural, so could He lead His church in the spiritual today.


E-28 It comes in the meetings, many times while we're having the meetings, just like this right here now. And so this time, when It came, I just seen a Light shining on the floor, and It come across the floor walking to me, a Man some two hundred pounds, dressed in a white robe, had dark hair to His shoulder, very pleasant sort of a Man, and I could not move; I was just shaking so. And He...

I heard His voice, oh, ever since I was a little boy, but I'd never seen nothing but a whirlwind and different--and a--a Pillar of Fire like. And now, when He got real close to me, the Man then when He spoke, He said, "Do not fear."

I knew It was the same Man, that same Voice that talked to me since I was a little boy. And He said, "I am sent from the Presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and life has been to indicate that you're to pray for sick people to take this to all the world." And said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray, and will get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer. For this cause you was born."


E-42 And grant, Lord, that You'll send tonight, Your great Divine Angel, Your healing Spirit; maybe it's the same Angel that was on the pool of Bethesda; we do not know. I do not know Him, Father in that way, His Name. Maybe it's the same Angel that followed the children of Israel, that led them, rather, in a sign of a Pillar of Fire. Maybe that's the same Pillar of Fire that we're looking at. Maybe He's here tonight. I trust that He will be and will show great signs and wonders. And may there come a stirring among the people quickly, for we realize Lord that we just have a few days to be here.


E-24 And notice. Then Moses taken unto himself Zipporah, a wife... []... So one morning there, the Pillar of Fire came out of the heavens and dropped down into a bush. And Moses looked, and the bush was on fire, but the bush would not burn up.


E-26 All right. Notice now, that... Then when God spoke to him, attracted his attention by a Pillar of Fire that fell into a bush and begin to burn and pop, and burn.

Now, looks like if it was fire, it would've scorched the bush or burned it. But it was a supernatural Fire Who could burn the bush, and yet it would still be there. Amen.


E-29 All right. "Take off your shoes, come in respects; you're on holy ground." He seen this Pillar of Fire.


E-32 One of these mornings, She'll go up in the air to meet the Lord after She's went through these hard tests. That's right. Great picture, persecuted, laughed at. But God's bringing Her out. She's held right on.

You cried for deliverance. Sickness broke out among you; diseases, cancers, blindness. That's the thing that's been harming the Church. Then the Church begin to cry, "O God, send the restoration of the gifts."

Oh, my. I hope you pardon this personal expression, but about a few years ago... I believe with all my heart, the same Pillar of Fire that came down in the burning bush, swept to this earth again. I believe It's in our midst tonight.

If God could do that, and bring deliverance in the days gone by in the church natural, so will He in Church spiritual. And I believe tonight, that the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel is here tonight leading the Church spiritual now, delivering them. You can only be di--delivered by faith.


E-33 God went down there and told Moses, "Set yourself. Go down there and tell the people. I'll harden Pharaoh's heart, 'cause he don't believe."

And do--could you imagine, that how a man that rejects Light... When God went down there with Moses, it wasn't Moses; It was God. And God said, "I will send an Angel before thee to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee to the place that I have prepared." Is that right? And when the children of Israel seen this Angel, He was a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? Amen.

I'm just old fashion enough to believe that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That the same God, with the same power...


E-48 Brother, sister, if I don't come here tomorrow night, and you never see me again 'less I'm in a casket somewhere, I still say that God has testified that I've told the truth. The Church knows it by signs and wonders; the scientist knows it by scientific research. And this same... I believe that's the same Pillar of Fire that followed the children of Israel. It's not me; it's Him. He can fail to come tonight. I have--have nothing to do with it. It's your faith that believes that it brings It down here to this present tense. Hallelujah.


E-51 Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, oh, my heart gets warm, real warm... []... great faith that'll just make the people be ready for the great translation.

Now, there's sick in here tonight, Lord. They're needy. Help. May that great Pillar of Fire that's showed there in the picture... Lord... That that I feel moving in my soul now, quietening these nerves from... I--I believe, Lord, that You're here to make manifest that what I've said. Grant tonight that Your people will be caught away on the wings of faith, flying beyond this faltery sense bound world, bound to their senses. Grant tonight that they'll break out into that realm of faith beyond the senses, and accept You, and believe, and walk from this building, and be made well. Grant it, Lord. For we ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.

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