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18 Then He went right up to the wilderness into the spring of Marah, "bitter" water. Isn't it strange that God would lead His children through bitter waters? But them all goes along the road. But when He was there, the remedy for the bitter waters was standing on the bank. Moses cut down a tree and throwed it in the water, and turned sweet again.

Some through the waters, some through the flood,

Some through deep trials, but all through the Blood.

That's the way God leads His children: God's path, God's provided way. If the children of Israel would have to try to by-pass, and go around, down this way, they'd have got in trouble. They had to follow the Cloud of Fire, the Pillar of Fire that led them. They followed That.

And if the Church tonight, will only follow the Pillar of Fire, the Holy Spirit, you'll make Canaan as sure as anything. God has a way, a provided way.

MY.ANGEL.SHALL.GO.BEFORE.THEE_ TALLAHASSEE.FL FRIDAY_ 53-0213 E-4 And God always has had someone He could put His hands on. Now, Moses was borned a proper child. And God ordained that he should bring the--Israel out under his leadership. And before he went down into Egypt after he was called when he was on the desert that morning herding Jethro's sheep, his father-in-law, he saw a bush a burning. Now, I believe that was the first appearance of the Angel of the Lord. He was in this burning bush. And then when He commissioned Moses and told him what he was to do, He went before Him down into Egypt. And when they came out, He was in a form of a Fire again, a Pillar of Fire. And this Pillar of Fire led the children of Israel, which was the same Angel that was in the burning bush; that was the same Pillar of Fire that was in that burning bush.

MY.ANGEL.SHALL.GO.BEFORE.THEE_ TALLAHASSEE.FL FRIDAY_ 53-0213 , E-5 And that Pillar of Fire, or the Angel, was the Angel was the covenant. I believe all ministers would agree with that, that that was the Angel of the covenant. If it was the Angel of the covenant, then it was the Lord Jesus; It was God the Holy Spirit. For Moses chose to--to suffer the reproach of Christ, and counted it greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. You see? Of Christ... That was Christ the Logos, the Angel of the covenant that led the children of Israel out of Egypt to the promised land which was just a foreshadow. As He did in the natural then, He does in the spiritual today.

Now, He promised to supply all their needs. When they needed water, they got it from the rock. When they needed food, God rained it down out of heaven, blowed it in by the wind. And when the waters was bitter, they made it sweet. And He provided everything they had need of.


68 I'm still banking the same thing tonight: what God told Abraham, "I'll save you and your Seed." I believe it.

"Someday you're going out of here," and they believed it. And one day old Joseph's bones...

Moses started out, the Holy Spirit spoke to him, said, "You're forgetting something, Moses. Go down and get the--the bones of Joseph." Moses wrapped them up, and here he come, the Pillar of Fire leading him on to the promised land, and buried them by the side of Isaac and Jacob. Why? They knowed there was coming the firstfruits of them that slept. They knowed there was coming a resurrection one of them days. They knowed that Just One, that Job said, "I know my Redeemer liveth, and at the last day He stand upon the earth." And they knowed that Job had an idea where He was going to stand, so he said, "Bury me here." They wanted to be with Joseph, or with Job, and they buried right around there in Palestine, because that was the promised land. And they knowed the resurrection wasn't going to be in Egypt; it wasn't going to be in Europe; it wasn't going to be somewhere else. It was going to be in Palestine, so they buried them there.


166 "I've come down to deliver them. I'm declaring My Name. Tell them that'll be a memorial through all generations, that I AM THE I AM. Not the 'I was' or 'I will be.' I AM."

The same God was there that night is here tonight.

"Now, I'm going before you. I'm going to send My Angel, and He's going to be in a Pillar of Fire. And I'm going to send Him before you now, as a Pillar of Fire, and He will lead you." A Pillar of Fire, so big, like a pillar. "A Pillar of Fire shall go before you, to lead you. The I AM will be in that Pillar of Fire."


168 Now, to the Branham Tabernacle, and to you who are associated and know these truths. Did you know that same Pillar of Fire is with us tonight? You remember having His picture taken down yonder, and how It's swept across the world now, the same Pillar of Fire that followed Moses back there in the burning bush. What is it? Any scholar here daresn't... If I have been slopping along here with these words and things, I do know where I'm standing. I got my head screwed on right, I believe, by the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you, any scholar here knows that that Angel Who followed the children of Israel through the wilderness was the Angel of the Covenant. And the Angel of the Covenant was Jesus Christ. Moses esteemed the riches of Christ greater treasures than all of Egypt. Is that right? Sure, the Angel of the Covenant. Then what is It here with us? They may say we got, lost our mind, we're this, that, or the other, a bunch of holy-rollers, or something. Maybe they might say it. But God Himself has a-vindicated Himself in the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, is leading us right on today. Hallelujah. Glory to God. The same One was with Jesus Christ back yonder when He stood and He said to them Pharisees, they was standing there, told the woman at the well where her secret sins was, and so forth. It's operating in our midst now. "He that Was, Which Is, and Will Come." Hallelujah. I'm looking for Him, are you? Glory to God. Hallelujah. All the guessing is gone. Oh, my.heaping up with that Pillar of Fire to lead them,


171 Thirty thousand people, critics standing there, I said, "I don't claim to be a healer. You know I don't. I only speak of the truth. When I was born in a little Kentucky cabin up there, the Angel of the Lord come in the window and stood there. There was a Pillar of Fire." And I said, "God has proved that. And if I tell the truth, God will a-vindicate the truth. And if I'm a liar, God will have nothing to do with me." And about that time, she went "Whoosh," here He come. The American Photographer Association, all them there, "Look," "Life," "Times," "Collier," and all of them. The American Photographer Association shot the picture of It. Said, "I believe it's psychology. We've seen It before, but I believe..." And they took it home. And there the Light struck the lens. They took it to George J. Lacy. They put it under everything they could. And now it hangs in Washington, D.C., in the hall of fame. Hallelujah. What is it? Jesus Christ with that bunch that they call holy-rollers. God bless your heart.


137 Here they go, moving down there. One of the writers said that God was in that Pillar of Fire, "And He looked down through with angry eyes." And said, "When He did, the Red Sea got scared and begin to move back, and Israel passed through on dry land." Never even got their feet muddy.


214 Our heavenly Father, that beautiful church moving on in full armor, and their clothes never got threadbare, their shoes never come off of their feet. Forty years in the wilderness, and there wasn't a feeble one among them: no doctor, earthly doctors; just the Great Physician. No millineries, no nothing to make clothes with; but the great Creator was there who kept their clothes from getting threadbare. They had to go through deep waters and burning sand, pushed through briar patches and thick mountains. Everything was in the way, but that great Pillar of Fire was leading the way.


40 Now, and there you mark that in your Bible. He has never told me anything, never since I was a baby. And that Pillar of Fire... And my own mother setting back there now, that fifteen years old when I was born, she opened up the little window, and the Angel of the Lord come in and stood there. That, from that time, since I can remember, He's never told me one thing that's wrong. And here I am in the city right where I was born and raised. Some of you all, strangers, seek around through the city, and ask any persons if ever one thing was told in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass just exactly like It said. So I know It's all right (See?); It's God.


76 Look in the old days back there, they, they put up their tents. There was a Pillar of Fire that led them. And every time that Pillar of Fire would move, they'd move with It. It stayed over the tents. And if it was ten o'clock at night, two o'clock in the afternoon, there was a thousand trumpets blasted at once; every Israelite took down his tent, pulled up his stakes, and wound up everything, and they followed the Pillar of Fire.

Oh, that would be a good thing today. They followed the Pillar of Fire. And then where the Pillar of Fire stopped, they built under. That become lost to the church.


78 And in the days of Martin Luther, after five--fifteen hundred years of dark ages, Martin Luther saw the Pillar of Fire move, and he come out of the Catholic church, and he followed the Pillar of Fire and brought tens of thousands of them out.

And then Martin Luther built under the Pillar of Fire. And when he got down there, the first thing you know, he made a great organization called the Lutheran church. But one day the Pillar of Fire begin to move again, but Martin Luther couldn't move because he was organized. He had to stay there. That's right.

And a little fellow over in England, by the name of John Wesley, saw It. (And Martin Luther said, "The just shall live by faith.") And now, and John Wesley said that, "Jesus suffered without the gates, that He might sanctify the people with His Own Blood." He seen sanctification. The Pillar of Fire moved on, but Luther couldn't move, because he was organized.


82 Then they couldn't move, so John Wesley saw the Pillar of Fire and he moved after It. And he pulled a great... He saved the nations. About three or four nations was in moral decay, and John Wesley saw the Pillar of Fire and started the Wesley revival that swept around the world, and come over here, him and Asbury and them, and saved the day. That's right.

And then the first thing you know, John Wesley organized so tight, the Pillar of Fire begin to move again. Wesley couldn't move because he was organized. And the Pentecostal people saw It, and away they went. That's right, left Wesley setting in the shade; God laid him up on the shelf with Luther. All right. Now, the first thing you know, they had a great revival, a Pentecostal revival, restoration of the gifts and so forth.

And now, the first thing you know, the Pillar of Fire has begin to move again. But Pentecost is so organized, it can't go...?... when pure...?... It was so organized, crystallized until it can't go. That's right. That's true. But the Pillar of Fire is moving out, brother, and there's people that's going with It. Hallelujah. We're bound for the promised land. Yes, sir.

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