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85 When Moses fail, Joshua saw that Pillar of Fire move, said, "Come on, children, we're on our road." He brought them up there to the side of Jordan. Oh, when I think of that, how beautiful... He said, "Now, before we cross over, we'll let a couple of spies slim--swim over."

You know the case of harlot, the Rahab, Rahab the harlot, rather, how she let the scarlet clothes down and saved her house. By faith she saved the day; she saved her and her household. All the walls fell but her part, because there was a red streak on her door.


E-41 Now, God put them here. They do their work. That's what they're supposed to do. But they can set a bone, take out a tooth, or whatevermore. But that don't heal you. That only sets the bone. God has to make it grow. Pull a tooth, but who's going to heal the socket. Take out an appendix, but who'll heal the tissue that's cut? God has to. Medicine doesn't build tissue; it only keeps clean while God heals.

Now, as a minister, I'm only His representative to pray for you. And by a Divine gift, and of the anointing of the Holy Spirit you seen the picture of It in the book tonight... I wished I'd have brought lots of those pictures. I got them. I just have to buy the books, and have to buy the pictures myself. They're not mine. And I give them out to the peoples. And if you could see that same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. He's here now. He's the Angel of the covenant, which was Christ Jesus. And He's here now.


E-54 Now, you're subject... You know that's something is going on. But now, That won't hurt you. See? Now, That's just the Holy Spirit coming near here. It's a... You seen the picture of It awhile ago, that Pillar of Fire. Did you ever see It?

A lady here has got a book. Bring me that yellow book, will you, sister there? Wished I would've brought some of those pictures. How many ever--never did see It, let's see your hand, never even seen a picture of the Angel? Here It is. This is by the American Photographer Association, hangs in the religious hall of art in New York City, the only supernatural Being that was ever taken in all the world's history. You can see the Pillar of Fire.

Here's George J. Lacy the head of the FBI. There's his signed signature that It was a supernatural Being there, when It was taken before thirty thousand people. And you see that, it said, "It looked like a yellow... []

GOD.COMMISSIONING.MOSES.THE.PROPHET_ JONESBORO.AR FRIDAY_ 53-0508, E-8 And what if Moses said, "I will just take off my hat, Lord, that'll be just as good." But God didn't tell him his hat, He said, his shoes. I believe we must do just what the Scripture says do, no matter how hard it seems, and how indifferent from our teaching, we've got to do what God said do. He said, shoes, He meant shoes.

Moses slipped off his shoes, and started walking up in the... That was the--the Angel of the Lord, Jesus Christ, setting in that bush, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through the wilderness. And any teacher knows that the--the Angel of the covenant was Jesus Christ. He was the Rock that was in the wilderness. He was in the brass serpent. He was in all the patriarchs. He was in David. He was down through the New Testament. And He's in His Church tonight. Just the same Jesus the yesterday, today, and forever: changes not.

GOD.COMMISSIONING.MOSES.THE.PROPHET_ JONESBORO.AR FRIDAY_ 53-0508, E-10, So He done another miracle with a stick, turned it to a serpent. And then picked it up again, it become a snake. Then after a snake, become a stick. Then he said, that was God's glory. And signs, wonders, and Divine healing... And as God was then, that same burning bush, the same Pillar of Fire, is the same Jesus Christ, tonight doing the same things among His people. There's always been signs and wonders to vindicate His Presence, no matter what. They bypass this, and explain this away, and explain that away, still the Bible remains the same, just the same. God remains the same.


E-56 He said, "I will go pray for your sinful soul." And he went out, the one Reform minister, Dutch Reform, and knelt down under a peach tree. And the man had never heard my story. He'd only heard me stand there about ten minutes time that night, and what the Lord had done. He never heard nothing about the Angel of the Lord. And while he was praying, well, here come a Pillar of Fire, whirling down, stood before him. And It parted from one side to the other, and he described that Angel to a perfect. And said, "It walked it over, and he laid down. And the Angel laid his left hand upon his back," and he run back in to tell his friend.

He said, "I tell you, that He stood there." And his friend looked like that, and here was a scorched place, just the size of a man's hand, all five fingers laying right on his white shirt. They wear a white shirt and white tie, across his shirt. And the next day, a picture that big, on the front page, and the minister with his eyes like that, at that the Angel of the Lord. They sent and got me. It made my--just exactly my hand like that, across his shirt. And there it went throughout all South Africa, the Angel of the Lord. Oh, my.

PILLAR.OF.FIRE_ JONESBORO.AR SATURDAY_ 53-0509, E-20 Now, when He brought the children of Israel out of the wilderness, out into the wilderness, He led them by a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? The Bible said He did, and He went before them. That was the Anointing, the Holy Spirit, Christ, that went before the children of Israel.

Well, if He's the same as He was then, He's the same Man, the same Person; He's everything that He was then, He--He is now. And as He led the Church then in the natural, He's leading the Church today in the spiritual. Is that right? Do you believe that we're in the wilderness? We are. Are we on a road to the promised land?


E-47 Now, it's not nothing in them... We don't... Nothing in the picture, 'cause if Jesus Christ thought enough of me to come down and have His picture taken beside of me for the first time in all the world's history, I love Him too much to commercialize His picture. You know that. That's right. See?

Now, there it is. I just borrowed this one from Mr. Shebley and them, the Reverend here and--and I give it to him the other day, and I want you to see it. Look at It, It's a milling Fire. Now, what is that? A Pillar of Fire led the children of Israel. And the same Pillar of Fire was among those people is among this people now: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right?


E-60, "Me and My Word in you, you can ask what you will and it'll be given unto you." These are Your promises, Lord.

And just stand here tonight before this audience of people. I thank Thee, O God I thank Thee, that Thou hast seen fit to take the low things of this world, poor men, unworthy, guilty sinners and wash them in the Blood of that Holy One. Set them out here as a purchase of Your Blood. Give us the Morning Star, the Pillar of Fire to lead us, though we be outcast, though we be called fanatics. "And all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." We're happy tonight that we can be considered that way for the Kingdom of God's sake.


E-66 I wish this audience could see this. The whole room's becoming milky, just like milk. Oh, friends, I'm--I'm telling you the truth. God vindicates it with His Spirit. And this is the same Angel of God, the same Pillar of Fire Who stood upon the Lord Jesus Christ in His Person and knew the thoughts of the people and done the things. Here it is, the same Jesus Christ. Have faith tonight.


E-74 Is this the patient? Is this the patient? How do you do, sister? [Brother Branham clears his throat--Ed.] Excuse me. I--I just want to talk to you. Do you--do you believe these things that you see done comes from God? You do. They can't come from man. Nowhere else but God. The Lord bless thee and reward you for your faith.

Now, if I be God's prophet and Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, that same Pillar of Fire that led the children through the wilderness came upon the Son of God and led Him and He claimed He could do nothing but what the Father showed Him, then He's the same One today. Is that right? If I know you not, and He be here and you and I talking, it'll be just like the woman at the well and the Master talking to her. He couldn't heal her, but He found how... where her trouble was. Is that right?

Well, I claim that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that He brought me into this world for a purpose, raised up to bless the people in a manner of the Divine gift which was ministered to me by an Angel. You believe that true? You believe that to be true. 

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