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And I'm asking your support, as we together put our hearts and shoulders together to press this battle on. For God is with us, then who can be against us? The great Morning Star is over us, the banner of Christ, and we're bound to conquer.

So there's sickness here tonight, and sin, people who are oppressed of the devil. And it's... We are His, the soldiers of the cross. Let's press the battle now as we pray and study His Word.

24 SUPER.SIGN JEFF.IN V-15 N-7 59-1227M

And being home for this week, to pray and to seek the face of the Lord. For, in this coming year, by the help of God, if He'll only help me, I want to press the battle harder than I ever did in all my life. And perhaps a great deal of this year will be spent in the foreign fields, and Haiti's, and in the islands, and South America, and Africa, and Asia, and India, and--and up in the Scandinavia. And all those is to be decided this week, if the Lord will permit. Therefore when I feel led to do anything or to go anywhere, the Lord has sent me to do so.

Then when I step off the plane, on the soil, and seem like here comes one, and said, "Oh, this certain denomination dropped out, this did this, or this went wrong, or we couldn't do this, or the authority says we cannot have the meeting."

Then I like to stand, "But I come in the Name of the Lord!" Then I know that's the Devil then; see, it isn't did I make a mistake. I'm led. And then you can stand with your shoulders to the wheel, and press the battle.

3-4 REJECTED.KING JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M

Now, I believe if the Lord is willing, I want to press the battle harder than ever before in my life, 'cause I find out now as--of course, I could die today. That's... You don't know. Electrical cardiograms and everything,

20-2 REJECTED.KING JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M

And I looked, and I heard something kept saying, "You're just starting. Press the battle. Just keep pressing."

I shook my head a minute and then I thought, "Well, I probably just thinking like this, you know, a person can get some imaginations." and I said, "I just probably imagined that."

It said, "Press the battle. Keep going. Keep going."

23-6 REJECTED.KING JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M

All fear of death... I say this with my Bible before me this morning. I've got a little boy there four years old, to be raised. I've got a nine year old girl and a teen-ager that I'm thankful for, that's turned the way of the Lord. God, let me live to bring them up in the admonition of God. Above that, the whole world seems to scream to me. Ninety year old women and men and all kinds, "If you hadn't have went, we wouldn't been here." And, God, let me press the battle. But if it comes to dying, I am no more... It would be a joy; it would be a pleasure to enter from this corruption and disgrace.

If I could make up yonder, one hundred billion miles high, a square block, and that's perfect love. Each step this way, it narrows until we get down to where we are now. It would be just merely a shadow of corruption.

Oh, my precious friend, my beloved, my darlings of the Gospel, my begotten children unto God, listen to me, your pastor. You... I wish there was some way I could explain it to you. There's no words. I couldn't find it. It's not found anywhere. But just beyond this last breath is the most glorious thing that you ever... There is no way to explain it. There's no way; I just can't do it. But whatever you do, friends, lay aside everything else till you get perfect love. Get to a spot that you can love everybody, every enemy, everything else. That one visit there to me has made me a different man. I can never, never, never be the same Brother Branham that I was.

24-2 REJECTED.KING JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M

Whether the planes are rocking, whether lightning's a-flashing, whether the spies has a gun on me, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. I'm going to press the battle by the grace of God while I preach the Gospel to every creature and every person that I can, persuading them to that beautiful land yonder. It may seem hard; it may take a lot of strength.

I don't know how much longer. We don't know.


[Paragraphs 17 through 25 is Brother Neville reading the following article of Brother Branham's printed in the Full Gospel Business Men's Voice:]

 The other morning I was lying on my bed. I had just awoke from sleep, and I placed my hands behind my head, and relaxed with my head on the pillow. Then I began to wonder what it will be like on the other side. I realized that I have lived more than half my life, if I live to be as old as my people. And I wanted to do more for the Lord, before I left this life.

 I heard a Voice, saying, "You're just starting. Press the battle. Keep pressing." As I lay these pondering... they there pondering these words, I thought, that I just imagined that I heard a voice.

 Again the Voice said, "Press the battle. Keep going. Keep going."

33 CONTEST.THE JEFF.IN V-10 N-7 62-1231

Let's go in the power of His resurrection. Let's go in the Name of Jesus Christ, with a banner lifted high, and with faith in His Word to handle the two-edged Sword, with the shield and the full armor of God on to meet the enemy, because he's getting stronger and more powerful every day. As the--as the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against him. If we have come to the end of these things that we--and the mysteries of God has been completed with us, we are looking for more strength, a rapturing strength to meet a worse force, that'll rapture the Church and take it into glory. We must have it. Let's meet '63 with a challenge, that we are the servants of the living God. And like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego of old, we'll not bow to the devils of this world and take back this thing that what we've talked about, but let's press the battle.

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