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AT.THY.WORD.LORD_ PHOENIX.AZ FRIDAY_ 48-0305, E-25 There was a man; his baby had died, his little girl, twelve years old. Jesus was on His road to Jairus to heal his daughter. And the message come that the girl's already dead, "Trouble not the Master."

I can see His countenance fall. My. He thought, "My girl is dead." He joined hisself with the unbelievers. But all the time he wanted to believe Jesus.

There's a many one in this city tonight wants to believe the full Gospel, but they're afraid of their position. That's right. They want it. They're hungry to have enough salvation to holler, "Gloria a Dios" That's right. There's a lot of them like that. But the trouble of it is, they think more of their pride and their dignity than they do of the lovely Christ and God. Oh, my.

But He's here. He's still Christ. And He proved Hisself, that He will give those the Holy Ghost that'll come God's provided way to receive. Amen. That's right. Now, He will heal those likewise that'll come God's provided way to receive it.


E-34 Notice. He sent Gabriel again to the meanest city on the earth (Minneapolis has a chance then, don't they? All right.) meanest place on the earth, Nazareth, to a little virgin who lived right before God.

Poor. Not the rich and haughty. God don't look at your money, or the way you dress. He looks at your heart. Hallelujah! I'm glad that this old time salvation will make a pair of overalls, a tuxedo suit hug one another, and call them brother. Will make a calico dress and silk set together, and call each other sister. Takes away pride...

That's what's the matter with the Church today: got too starchy, too much pride. Let down, you're in six foot of dirt anyhow. That's right. Got a soul's got to meet God some day. That's what's the matter with our Pentecost church, and other Holiness churches. They get up too pride. They get a good church and a nice place, and think we want to pattern after the world.

That's where God's people always got in trouble, when they patterned after the rest of them. He's our pattern. Hallelujah. The matching time.

GOD.REVEALING.HIMSELF.TO.HIS.PEOPLE_ CLEVELAND.OH SUNDAY_ 50-0813E, E-38 Our heavenly Father, by Your Spirit, look down through the stream of time. Oh, You're here, dear Jesus. You're so lovely and kind, and we love You with all of our heart. And our sister standing here, has been bound by an oppression of Satan. Foul spirits have tried to put pride upon her. But Thou art here to remove this curse of the enemy. For You said, the last words from Your sacred lips as You were leaving the world, You said, "These signs shall follow them. In My Name they shall cast out devils." Help me, dear God, this duel of faith against the enemy.

ANGEL.OF.GOD_ TOLEDO.OH FRIDAY_ 51-0720, E-5 And our hearts are moved strangely as we see nations rising against nations. Look over there in Jerusalem tonight and see for the first time for twenty-five hundred years, that the old star of David is waving again over Jerusalem, the fig tree putting forth its buds. To see our own beloved nation, like termites, eat the foundation out of it, men, "heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, truce breakers, incontinent, fierce, and despisers of those that are good, having a form of godliness and denying the power thereof: from such turn away," as we hear the Spirit speaking two thousand years ago, to watch this day.

And now, living upon the reputation of our forefathers, when pride and things is eat like termites the foundation of our great civilization, seeing man modernizing things, leaving off the Holy Spirit, adopting reading, writing, and arithmetic for the power of God... Oh, Father, then to see those who still have a living faith... We think of our Master when He said, "When I return will I find the faith?" He did not question about sincerity or Christianity, He said, "Will I find faith when I come?"

CRUELTY.OF.SIN_ JEFF.IN V-25 N-4 FRIDAY_ 53-0403, 180 That same Lamb He provided for blind Bartimaeus' eyes, He provided for you nineteen hundred and something years ago, today, as He climbed Golgotha, yonder, and offered Himself, all bruised and hacked together.

Listen, friend. Remember, Abel went out into his herd and got the lamb, and killed it on the sacrifice block. And []... better catch this now. Abel died on the same rock that his lamb died on.

Are you willing tonight, to die unto yourself? Are you willing to die out to all thoughts of yourself? Just lay on the rock, with your Lamb there, and die out, say, "O God, have mercy." When I think of men and women who think of pride, young men and women who will give their lives over to things. And men of age, too, thinking of their job and of their prestige and of their neighborhood, or something like that.

Oh, why don't you crawl up Calvary yonder tonight? Hallelujah. Let your own life be hacked out, and die yonder on the cross with Him. Throw your arms around the "Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee. While the near, old waters roll, while the tempest still is high, hide me, oh, my Saviour, hide me. Let the world do whatever they want to. Let the theologians do whatever they want to; I don't want their theology. What I want is Jesus Christ in my heart. Let me die with my Lamb."

CRUELTY.OF.SIN_ JEFF.IN V-25 N-4 FRIDAY_ 53-0403, 184 Oh, I know how hard it was that night when I walked in that little old colored mission out there, and all the white folks standing around there, said, "There he goes into a colored mission." It was hard. I walked up there with a whole lot of Kentucky pride in me, like that, but God said, "If you want It, walk right on in there." And I walked right in there and knelt down to an altar, and there I stayed until the Lamb... I died to old self, Bill Branham, twenty years ago. Hallelujah.

"I was crucified with Christ. Yet I live; not me, but Christ lives in me." Someday in that glorious resurrection, when He comes, my body may be resting beneath the sod out yonder. But when it does, you'll see the grass move back and I will come forth in His great glorious image, besides a many of them (hallelujah), for I know Him in the power of His resurrection.

I trust that's what every one of you do tonight, crawl right up Golgotha yonder tonight. Let's take a little trip now.

While, you'll give us the key, if you will, sister, of "Nearer, My God, To Thee." While we are...

You say, "That's a funeral." Well, brother, if there ever was a time we needed a funeral, is right now, when men will die to theirself and pride.


93 Mary Magdalene, she'd knew His power. She knew there was something about Him was different from anyone else. She had seven devils cast out of her.

Everybody that's ever been free from the devil by the power of Jesus Christ, knows where they're standing. No one can ever come in His great Divine Presence, and ever be the same person anymore. You're--you're changed. There's something happens to you. Oh, you can stand off, and psychology, and imagine this, and accept this, a certain thing, and some theories, or something like that. But we don't believe in theology. We believe in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And when you come into His Presence, there's something that happens in your life, that changes you. And you're never the same anymore, a man that's ever been in the Presence of Christ.

So she had seven devils cast out of her: pride and envy, and she thought she was so pretty and there was no one like her. But when Jesus spoke and said, "Be thou clean," all that left her. She become a new person. She wasn't so pretty any more in her own sight. But she wrapped herself in the robe of meekness and gentleness, and followed the Master. She loved Him. Then on Easter morning I can see her.

QA.ON.GENESIS_ JEFF.IN COD WEDNESDAY_ 53-0729, 21-63 And two thirds of the earth is in sin, and more than that, which two thirds of the angels was kicked out. And those demon spirits come into people and habitate their body. See what I mean? They're demons that once... They was once existed and they come into the people and give them a nature. Jesus cast seven of them out of Mary Magdalene: Pride, boast (big people, you see?), unclean, filthy, vulgarity, emulations, strife, all these things. See?

Them was spirits that was made up back there when God began to make man off of there in His Own image, created those supernatural beings, those spirits...

TESTIMONY_ CHICAGO.IL WEDNESDAY_ 53-0902, E-32 Those Arkansas people are poor as they can be. But brother, under them old blue shirts beats some real good true Holy Ghost filled hearts. Yes, sir. I'd rather have one of them with me any time, than maybe a slicker with his collar turned around in the back, and I couldn't trust him out of my sight. Yes, indeedy, yes, indeed.

Just... I tell this old time religion, brother, it straightens you up. That's right. It'll make a--a--a silk dress and a calico put their arms around one another and call "sister." Is that right? It'll make a tuxedo suit and a pair of overalls call each other "brother." That's what it'll do, brother.

It'll clean you up. It'll make no difference in you. It tears down that self, and starch, and pride, that we've got.

SEAL.OF.GOD_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-4 FRIDAY_ 54-0514, 296 Thy heavenly Father, let Thy mercies and blessings be upon the people. Let Thy Spirit move. And let Thy Holy Ghost shove down upon this people and give to them, Lord, the baptism of the Spirit. May every man and woman, boy and girl, in here, may they be so carried away tonight by the Holy Spirit, that they'll say, "God, take all I got. Take everything that I am. But let me serve You, my Lord. I'll lay aside everything. I'll give up self. I'll give up pride. I'll give up church. I'll give up everything."

Not that they'd have to come out of their church, Lord, but they have to come out of the condition that they're living in.

POSITION.OF.A.BELIEVER.IN.CHRIST_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 55-0227A, E-59 Who was you? A little sinner out here. And old stooped up yonder, and passed by a good Holy Ghost meeting, say, "That bunch of holy rollers." That's who you was. Are you so aristocratic in your blue Cadillac, running down the street like that? thought you was too good to eat with the rest of the people, or something, 'cause you was just a little bit better than somebody else, all alienated from God? belonged to some of these big churches, and hiding behind churches where you're trying to hide your sins?

God, by sovereign election, called you into this wonderful fellowship. You lost all your pride, everything. You lost all your dances, and big parties, and come lovely into the Lord Jesus. Oh, but God predestinated you before the foundation of the world to be a fellow citizen of the Kingdom of God.

SEAL.OF.THE.ANTICHRIST_ LA.CA FRIDAY_ 55-0311, E-17 If you'll notice, just about the time that Jesus came on the scene, Judas came on the scene, the antichrist, the one was against Christ. I want you to notice the natures of these spirits now. Judas, was a religious man. He was not an infidel. And all of us know that he was the antichrist. He worked the very closest hand to Christ, His right hand man.

Did you know that in heaven, that the Devil was God's right hand man in the beginning, that Lucifer, the son of the morning, was given power? And the reason that he brought sin into the world, he was able to take something that God had created, and pervert it back into an evil thing, which started all this trouble in the beginning. Then God, back before the foundation of the world was ever laid, when He seen what Satan done... In his pride went over in the north, and set up a kingdom, and fought against Michael and his Angels... Do you see it?

TRUE.VINE.AND.THE.FALSE.VINE_ MACON.GA TUESDAY_ 55-0607, E-25 And John Smith, the founder of the Baptist church, my own church, why he prayed so much at nighttime, till his wife had to lead him to the table; his eyes would be swollen shut from crying. You can't even get a tear out of a Baptist eye no more. What's the matter? Something went wrong, because that... I ain't nothing against the Methodist or Baptist churches; them are my brethren. But the thing of it is, brother, a few round of apostles like it was in the beginning, you begin let down the bars, let down the bars, this one come in with a lot of theology, a lot of education, and run God out the door. It'll never substitute for the power of God.

Pride, big something, make a big church building, have a big name, that's what's the matter with our churches today. We're trying to get more members. Every church, trying fuss for the organization, pull for this. They're all right. I know this is a little sparky, but it's good. You see? That's right. It's good.

But the Assemblies wants their big one of the... The Oneness wants their big--theirs to be the biggest, every one. How can you do any thing for God when you got... We're trying to find honor--seek honor one from another. Brother, the thing of it is, we're all six foot of dirt, and God might take us at any time. Seek God with all your heart. Let the... The churches are all right, every one; I have nothing against none of them. They're all fine. But what we need is Christ in them churches. You're leaving out the main thing. That's right.

TRUE.VINE.AND.THE.FALSE.VINE_ MACON.GA TUESDAY_ 55-0607, E-26 Now, look at Cain; he come with sincerity. But look, in the background, his daddy, the devil. Who he is... He was influenced by his daddy. The reason in heaven... When he was up there, he set up a kingdom more beautiful, more elaborate, pretty, then what Michael's was. He tried to get a greater kingdom. That's why he was kicked out: pride, beauty, stuck-up. And when he come here, there was a nature of him right in his boy. And it hasn't died yet. That's right. Oh, big church, say, "I belong to the biggest church in town." That don't mean a thing, not a thing.

What it is: How is your heart with God tonight? That's the next thing. That's the question.

PRIDE_ CAMPBELLSVILLE.KY SUNDAY_ 55-0807A, E-17 In a little place in the Scripture, found over here in the book of Saint Luke, of all my preaching in all my life, I have never approached this text before in my life. It's a new text that I have never tried from. But setting in my hotel room awhile ago, something seemed to draw me to this place. Shall we read it in the Gospel of Saint Luke, and we will begin at the 7th chapter and the 36th verse:

And one of the Pharisees... Him that he would--would come to his place for a dinner.

Jesus wanted--or the Pharisee wanted Jesus to come to his place for meal. Now, the--the case of it is, after you read the whole chapter on through, you are pretty well acquainted with the--with the manner of Scripture and how it speaks. But now, as we turn our thoughts to this, there's something wrong here. There is... Just a that much of Scripture to the period will be enough to give us the idea that I want to speak on. And my subject would be "Pride."

Oh, pride's such a cursed thing, so awful, so evil is pride. But there seems to be something wrong as we enter our little scene. And we want to look at it now, not from a doctrinal stand-point, but from an instant of Jesus' life, not for doctrine. But there, surely, is something wrong here, a Pharisee wanting to see Jesus, and having to eat with Him for fellowship. That's altogether contrary. The Pharisees hated Jesus. They had no use for Him at all. He was a--a Beelzebub to them, a devil, a deceiver. And no Pharisee had anything to do with Jesus.

PRIDE_ CAMPBELLSVILLE.KY SUNDAY_ 55-0807A, E-33 Why, this Pharisee was a rich man, he could really put a big dinner on like that. Let the the poor stand and gape on if they wanted to. That's the group that would tear up the world to make one proselyte out of a Gentile, and make him a twofold more child of hell than he was when he began.

Pride, pomp, there he is, Jesus setting forsaken. I imagine He felt uncomfortable, for He had dirty feet. When people are traveling in Palestine; in those days they didn't have pavements, and roads, and oiled roads like we have now. Setting there with His feet and legs all dirty, His head unanointed, no kiss on His cheek, and His legs with that old dust of dung and stuff off the road, the dust where horses, caravans, beast of burdens go along pulling, and carrying loads, and the animal droppings on the road, the birds come down and scatter it and peck around it, and after while it becomes into the dust.


187 There he is, "What could I... Oh, won't everybody in town come around now? Ha. You know, them poor people down there, they believe in such stuff as that. Say, all around my house, oh, the newspapers will pack it. I will tell you; I'm going to have a blow-out." Yeah.

You know, that kind of spirit still exists. Oh, sure. Pride, oh, it's a cursed thing, pride. "Oh, I will put on my very best ecclesiastical robe. And I will... my servants."

Oh, you ought to see how they dress them servants. My, they--they... Sometimes they bring the Indians in there, and they're really dressers. They put little bells on the toes of their shoes and their fine robes. Even when they walk, it--it plays music. And they have their platters full of fine spiced lambs, and things. And they bring it out like this, one hand behind them like that. And their toes a-moving like that, playing music. And they come out and serve it in such a way, why, if you wasn't hungry, you'd be hungry anyhow. Oooh, it smells wonderful. How they can cook and fix it up.


239 He will bless your heart. And you'll set and choke it down. You won't make Him welcome. He wants to be praised, but you won't praise Him. But you'll holler, "Hello, Mr. President, how do you? I ain't seen you for a long time." And Jesus comes, you push Him over in the corner, unwelcomed.

You pray, and pray, and pray for a revival, and when the revival begins to break out somewhere, you say, "Huh, not in my church. Have nothing to do with that over there." Oh, you actor: pride, head up in the air, hypocrite. Shame on you.


307 Well, then, the first thing you know, old Pharisee said, "See, I told you He wasn't a prophet. He would've known." Said, "Look, that woman will even ruin His reputation." Oh, how blind. Oh, my. Oh, pride is such an evil thing. Listen. She... He thought that woman would ruin His reputation.

Why, brother, Jesus' reputation was made in the presence of sinners. That's where His reputation is made, not amongst the starch and stiff, but amongst sinners who's willing to repent. That's where Jesus' reputation was made, when sinners will come to Him.

WORST.SINNER.IN.THE.CITY_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SATURDAY_ 56-0218E, E-94 "I will give You all that I am, all that I've got, all my pride; everything I have, I surrender here at the altar to You. Just be merciful to me, dear God. I want my tears to wash away the stain. I want Your Blood to wash away my stain." What will do it? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. Won't you come while we wait just a little longer 'cause I feel constrained. You know I'm not a fanatic. You know that. But I do feel that there's more people in here ought to be standing around this altar right now.

MIGHTY.CONQUEROR_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0401, E-57 Today we're a happy bunch of believers, Father. We are Your servants. We're so happy to know. Yet poor, yet here in a little humble church, You just come in here the same as You did with Cleopas and them on their road to Emmaus. The place cannot be too humble, too little for You to come, and yet You fill all space and time.

And I wonder today, Heavenly Father, after them hearing You have raised from the dead, and knowing that in a few moments a challenge will be made... I pray, heavenly Father, that if there be men and women in here today, boys or girls, who has never received You as personal Saviour, that this they will do now, saying, "Lord, I now forsake all my earthly pride. I turn aside everything and give to Thee myself. I have nothing to give but myself, but if You can use me, O God, here I am. And use me, and from this day henceforth may the Holy Spirit lead me, and guide me, and make me a Christian." O God, may that be the prayer of many people here today.

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