Directions: Get a piece of bond or yellow paper and answer the following questions very briefly.

NAME:_________________________ BLOCK:_______ SCORE:_______

     1.     What is the difference between using the programs Adobe PageMaker and Adobe
            Photoshop? Cite at least five (5) major differences.

2.     Define “Desktop Publishing”.

3.     Explain what is “Text Wrap” and how it is achieved in PageMaker.

4.     What is a “Drop Cap”? Discuss where this tool is found under the menus of PageMaker.

5.     How do you change the thickness of a line or frame border in Pagemaker?

6.     How do you rearrange two overlapping images in PageMaker? What menus or command do you use?

7.     What is the extension file name of a PageMaker Publication?

8.     What command is used in inserting a picture file in PageMaker?

9.     What command is used when you want to add more pages in PageMaker?

10. What have you learned in PageMaker, so far, that have helped you become a better Multimedia designer?

Submit your papers to Mr. Millevo, once finished.