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SECOND.MIRACLE_ ERIE.PA SUNDAY_ 51-0729E, E-35 Now, say, some of you ladies tomorrow, what if the express agent would come down to your house and say, "How do you do, are you Miss John Doe?"


"Well, I have something here for you."

And you looked at it, it'd be a great big box full of rattlesnakes. Well, what a present. There's your name tacked on them. "These are yours."

Are they? In one sense they're yours, in another sense they're not. Now, you say, "I don't want them."

"Well, they're yours; your name's on them."

Well, that's one way it's yours, but still it isn't yours till you sign for it. And if you don't sign for it, he will have to take it back. You might see all your symptoms, the devil says, "Here it is; here's your cancer; here's your heart trouble; here's your crippled condition."

SECOND.MIRACLE_ ERIE.PA SUNDAY_ 51-0729E, E-36 Refuse to sign for anything the devil brings. He will have to take it back. Say, "I refuse to have it. I just won't have it, no, sir." He will have to take it back in the Name of the Lord. If you believe it, and confess it, and say, "I've accept Jesus Christ as my Healer," there's no affliction or disease can stay on you. Stay right with it.

But the first time that you get weak and say, "Well, yes, I've still got it." Then you drop right down to where you was at. You signed for it, then took it back. Say, "Yes, Mr. Devil, I--I'll have it back." Oh, brother.

You stand right there as--as long as there's a breath in your body, say, "I refuse to have it. I refuse to have it." How do you feeling? "Wonderful, hallelujah." That's it. That's right. Show the devil what you're made out of; you're borned again by the Spirit of God, and you don't have to bow down to his images. Stay right there, say, "I don't want your stuff."

"Why, here's your name on it, the doctor said..."

"I don't care what he said. I know what God said. Get away from here with it."

That's right, that's the way to treat him; hand it back. He was the one give it to you, he will have to be the one take it back.

WORKS.I.DO.BEAR.WITNESS_ TALLAHASSEE.FL MONDAY_ 53-0216, E-13 Jonah said, "They are lying vanities." He said, "Once more will I look to Your holy temple," told God.

Because when Solomon dedicated that temple, he said, "If Thy people be in trouble anywhere and look to this holy place and pray, then You hear from heaven."

And he believed, Jonah believed that God heard Solomon's prayer. And he started saying, "I'll not look at this whale's belly. I'll not think about my backslidden condition. I'm looking towards Your holy temple and making confession." And God sent oxygen down there, and kept him alive for three days and nights, and delivered him right in Nineveh where he belonged.

Well, if Solomon prayed that prayer, and if... There's no one here that's in the condition or half way like Jonah was. You ain't got nothing like the symptoms he had. Well, if he, in that condition, could look to a temple where it was built by hands of a man, and a earthly being, a man, Solomon, sitting and praying, and could have faith in Solomon's prayer, how much more ought you and I, tonight, setting here, look to the throne of God where Jesus stands at His right hand with His Blood there to make intercessions on your confession. Just refuse to have the symptoms.

WORKS.I.DO.BEAR.WITNESS_ TALLAHASSEE.FL MONDAY_ 53-0216, E-14 Symptoms is something like, say tomorrow, when you go home now, to your place, the express agent will come up and say, "Are you Mrs. Joe?"


"I have a present for you."

"All right. What is it?" He hands over a--a basket, or box, and you hear something hitting in that box. You look in it. It's a big box of snakes, rattlesnakes. Well, you don't want them things.

Well, you say, "I don't want them."

"Oh, but they're yours. Somebody sent them to you. Here's your name. Here's the name. It's somebody sent these snakes to you; they're yours. You have to take them."

Now, in one sense of the word they're yours, in another sense they're not. Somebody sent them to you, but they're not yours until you sign for them that you've received them. And when you sign you received them, then they're yours. But if you refuse to sign for them, he has to take them back to the express company. The express company has to send them to the one that sent them to you. Is that right?

Well, don't sign for nothing the devil brought. No, sir. Just refuse to have it. No, sir. Say, "I just haven't got it. Devil, you take it all back. That's all. I won't have it." Refuse to have your sickness, your arthritis, whatever it is, "I just haven't got it. By His stripes I'm healed." Stand right on your ground. Confess it. Believe it. Stay there. God will bring it to pass. No matter what it is, just believe Him.


E-25 And he believed that God heard Solomon's prayer. And if Jonah under those circumstances could believe that God heard Solomon's prayer, how much more ought we, when we look once more to Thy holy temple, where Jesus sets at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven, with a bleeding... His Own body as a sacrifice. "Once more will I look to Thy holy temple, Lord." Yes, sir. God kept him alive for three days and nights, and delivered him over in Nineveh where he belonged.

Notice, how marvelous. Symptoms is just like... In the morning some of you women here, what if the--the postal man in the morning, or say the railroad express agent would come up to your house and say, "Miss John Doe?"


"I have something here was sent to you." And you look at it.

And you say, "What is that?" And you look into it, it's a big box. And in there's a big box of rattlesnakes. "Why," you say, "I don't want those things."

"But they're yours; somebody sent them to you."

"Why," you say, "I don't want them."


E-26 "But now, Miss Doe, here's your name on it. Somebody sent them to you; they're yours." And he will do everything he can to make you take them. Now, in one sense they're yours, in another sense they're not. They're not yours till you sign for them. But if you refuse to sign for them, he have to take them back to express agent; he has to send them back to the one that sent them.

Don't you sign for nothing the devil brought; refuse to have it. Don't have it. No, sir. The devil put that affliction. The devil put that disease there; just refuse to see it. Just say, "No, sir. I won't sign. I won't testify for nothing you said. I will testify by His stripes I am healed." Brother, he will take it back.


E-27 "Oh," you say, "yeah, but I know. But here it is." Oh, sure, the snakes are there too. Your name is penned unto it. He might've marked you for a death with a cancer, with anything else. But refuse to see it. No, sir. "By His stripes I'm healed."

"Testify" means "say the same thing." If I testify in court, something another, I got the say the thing that I seen. And "testify" means "say the same thing God said." And I've got to say what He said. He said, "By His stripes I'm healed." And I believe it. Amen. Then I will tell you. Listen to this children. The Word of God will--will defeat Satan anywhere, any place, on any conditions, anytime.

When Jesus was here He was God. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, but He never used any of His gifts. When He met Satan, He brought the Kingdom of God so low, till the weakest of Christian can use it. When Satan come to Him and said, "If Thou be the Son of God, command these stones..."

He said, "It is written." The Word. He took Him up, tried to whitewash the Word for Him. And Jesus said, "And it is also written."

He took Him up to the top of the mountain, said, he had to look all these kingdoms, "I will give them to you if You'll worship me."

He said, "It is written." There it is.


E-28 And it is written, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it; you shall have it." Then defeat Satan with the Word of God. Just say, "It's written. God promised me. I go to church and the pastor anointed me with oil, prayed for me, and I was prayed for. That's exactly what God said would happen. And it's written." Just go right on refuse to have it. God will bring it to pass.

Now, in the days, a moment before the reading or closing here, a little service... Then we're going to have the prayer. Look in the days now when Simeon just before the coming of the Lord, it was just about like a day like this: cold, indifferent.

We're talking about America has got a great revival. I don't know where it's at. I've never seen it yet.

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