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GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCT.TO.DANIEL_ JEFF. DA 1-44 SUNDAY_ 61-0730, 72 Now, the prophet Daniel had been in Babylon for sixty-eight years (You who wants to run references back and save yourself some of the time that I've had to--to looking it up)--sixty-eight years. He went into captivity in B.C. 606. And when the vision came to him was--was B.C. 538; 538 from 606 leaves 68. Sixty-eight years he had been in Babylon amongst heathens and still had the victory. Amen. We can't stay a hour.

But he had been in the very midst with nobody but three companions, and them in different parts of the kingdom. But Daniel standing alone with God held the victory for sixty-eight years. Think of it. (I don't want to start preaching, because this is supposed to be a teaching message.) But sixty-eight years he had kept the victory and was undefiled before God without the baptism of the Holy Ghost, without the Blood of Jesus Christ to make intercessions for him, with only the blood of bulls and goats and heifers which he had to offer secretly, because of the heathen traditions of that land. They'd been taken down there. Jeremiah prophesied of them that they were going down.

GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCT.TO.DANIEL_ JEFF.IN DA 1-44 SUNDAY_ 61-0730M, 78 And I want you to notice how Daniel, yet an alien, yet ousted from his people, ousted from his church, without one church service, without any church to go to, without any hymns to be sang but what he sang hisself, in the midst of all of this, still held onto what that prophet said. Amen. Amen.

No church to go to, nobody to fellowship with; everybody went to heathen temples; everybody worshipped their idols. No Christian songs, nobody believed the same thing he did, and in sixty-eight years, from a young man of about twelve, fourteen years old when he was taken down there, he held true to God and understood by Jeremiah's prophet that the days were almost accomplished. How that would warn the heart of any true prophet of God today, that we look back and see what this true prophet said, and know that we're at the end time.

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