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E-27 I was a young man; I--I seen the way women lived. I never did like girls, never did like women, 'cause I--I got enough to see the way they would live. If anything I respect in a woman, is being true. I don't care if she's any--colored, white, or whatever she is; if she's a real lady, she deserves the highest of respects. God knows that. And I purposed in my heart when I was a little boy, that I'd never have nothing to do with women. I'd be a hunter all my life. And that's what I did, friend. And I'd live in the woods, hunt all night. And that's why... That's where I learned God, was by nature.


E-4 Not that I have anything against any denomination, because that I see that God's no respect of person. He heals the Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Pentecost and all. God don't respect your church affiliation; He expects your faith, respects your faith in Him. He doesn't even... and healing, you don't even have to be a Christian to be healed. But in order to stay healed, you have to become a Christian. "Go ye and sin no more, or worse thing than this will come upon you."


E-33, Why can't we have that simple faith? See? If we wouldn't be so trying to figure things out, it'd happen right here the same way. See? God's no respect of person; He just respects faith. See? God doesn't heal you on the merits of your salvation; He heals you on the merits of your faith. See?

MAKE.THE.VALLEY.FULL.OF.DITCHES_ CONNERSVILLE.IN TUESDAY_ 53-0609E, E-5, His Presence was there when she was taking up for what was right. See? His Presence was there, and He--He found her. So He come and told me what she had said--what she said to these women, and said... And He had respect to her because she had respect unto what was representing God. So God will do the same thing for you. Not to respect to me, but to respect to Him, to Christ, the One Who died for your healing. If you'll just give respects to Him and His Word, God will do the work for you. Amen. That is right.

SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.IT'LL.SATISFY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN WEDNESDAY_ 53-0610, E-78, My mother-in-law said that we were too good to be with such people, said they were nothing but a bunch of backwash. And I come to find out what she called backwash is the cream of the crop. And I say that with respect. That's exactly right. I will say that with respects now to other churches. But I will tell you, brother, well, I--I will save that for some other time. But let me tell you, that's true.

SEAL.OF.GOD_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-4 FRIDAY_ 54-051413, And there's not a church that names the Name of the Lord Jesus but what I love. That's not a person that could His Name, or have any respect for Him, but what I'd go to my death to do anything for them. That's right. No matter what brand of religion they're wearing, whether it's Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, whatever it may be, that wouldn't matter a ounce to me. That's right. As long as they got respects to my Lord.

WHATEVER.HE.SAITH.UNTO.YOU.DO.IT_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 54-0722, E-41 I want to talk to the woman. How many here for your first time, you've never been in one of my meeting before? Let's see your hands. Anywhere? Why, there's quite a number. And I--I appreciate you being here. And you've heard of it, perhaps, how it by vision now. And I going to ask you one thing, while this is going on, will you try to be reverent? Just have respects for the Lord Jesus Christ. Just respect. Just keep your seat. They don't let me stay too long, 'cause it's in a--a subconscious condition. You see? And it--I can't stay too long. The manager and them gets me. So be reverent.


219 We're sent here on this earth for different things. Some are sent to preach the Gospel. Some are sent to prophesy. Some are sent to pray the prayer of faith. Some has gifts of healing.

And the same God that spoke yonder in our room that night, or down here on the--driving in that vision, and told me Brother Bosworth was laying yonder at the point of death, in South Africa... And the Holy Ghost beat the telegram here, twenty-four hours. That same God, the same God that was for respects of loyalty... O God, bless your heart.

Loyalty: I'd give the last drop of my blood for the blackest or yellowest woman in this world, that would want to live true to her husband. I'd die for her, like I would my own wife. I respect, as a lady.

JESUS.CHRIST.THE.SAME_ CAMPBELLSVILLE.KY SATURDAY_ 55-0806, E-28, When John riding his horse, and he'd fell off of it, horse fell and broke its leg. And he got out, took his anointing oil from his pocket, and anointed the horse with oil, got on it and rode away. Why, you Methodist surely ought to believe in Divine healing, the power of God.

Sure, it's too bad we get away from it. You Baptists too, Presbyterians, Pilgrim Holiness, and what all we have, Pentecostals and all... Notice. God don't respect denominations; God respects the individual. That's right.

ARROW.OF.GOD'S.DELIVERANCE_ SHREVEPORT.LA FRIDAY_ 56-0801, E-34, I say tonight, though Elijah was considered a holy-roller, a fanatic by the modern world, yet his presence in that nation was worth more than all of the horses and chariots they had. And I'll say tonight, that a good old fashion Holy Ghost tent meeting is more to protect us than all the atomic bombs that we could create in a million years. Amen.

Respects... He didn't go and say, "Now, hey, holy-roller. You know what my pastor just told me about you?" Aw, he didn't do that. He walked down with respect, and he wept over him. And because he come and approached it reverently, God had respect to him.

God said, "Now," to Elijah, "rise up." And Elijah rose up, and they was just about ready in their backslidden condition to be besieged by another country, the Syrians. They were coming to get them, and Elijah knew that. But because this one man humbled himself, and come down before God, and said, "Oh, my father, how we need you," God respected it. And he respected Elijah, and God respected him. And if you'll respect God's Bible and God's Holy Spirit, He will respect you. Amen. Don't try to contradict It or say it isn't so. Just believe it. That's all.

WORKINGS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT_ PRINCE.ALBERT.SK THURSDAY_ 56-0816, E-5, I come with a heart full of love and respects for every person that names the Name of the Lord Jesus. And for those who do not name the Name of the Lord Jesus, I still love and respect them. And if I said that just from my lips, or it just come from above my eyes, but it must come from my heart. And I really mean it from my heart. That is true.


She called him the man of God, for she seen God working in him. And she knew that God was in this prophet, and she wanted to give respects to God. And the only way she could give respects to God was to respect the servant of God. Now, friends, that's the way you do it, is when you respect God's order. That's true.


E-52 There's the failure. I'm not saying this arrogant. I'm saying this in brotherly love to absolutely make a point straight and to show a truth. That's what I'm trying to get to you, is a Truth. There's not a denomination in the world that I wouldn't take off my hat, let it be Jehovah Witness or Roman Catholic, that I wouldn't take off my hat. Anybody that names the Name of Jesus Christ in respects, how I respect that brother and stay behind him as long as breath stays in my body. But I'm saying, we're segregating our people and making differences, when we shouldn't do that. We should be together. They were all in one accord in Acts 2.

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