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E-12 As soon as Satan... You know the old--the argument is: why couldn't God have by-passed all this, and not had any of it? But God putting Satan almost coequal with Him, Satan taking the things of God and perverted them into the evil thoughts, and through there began to pervert things into evil instead of good. And God, as soon as the first thing was done, out of His great treasure chest of love, He had a plan of redemption, that quick.

HAVING.CONFERENCES_ CHATAUQUA.OH WEDNESDAY_ 60-0608, E-9 Now, you just drive down the stob tonight. Say, "Satan, from right here's where I'm going to stay at this stob until--till God gives me the Holy Ghost. You ain't going to take it away from me any more, and... Or take my thoughts away from me, make me think I'm too tired or I ought to do something else."

As long as you got those thoughts, you'll never receive It. You've got to go in there saying, "This is the time I'm going to receive It. This is my hour." And--and you'll get It.

You real--real business with God, and God will be real business with you. That's right. "Draw nigh unto Me, and I'll draw nigh unto you, saith the Lord."

CONVINCED.THEN.CONCERNED_ TEMPE.AZ THURSDAY_ 62-0118, E-123 One precious soul there said that the enemy was... She was just trying to get saved and get right, and the enemy kept making her say bad words against God, or bad thoughts against Him. I pray, Father, now as Your servant, I rebuke that devil. Go off of that woman. Leave her alone. May God of heaven fill her with the Holy Spirit. And, Satan, you can't bind her any longer. Turn her loose; let her go. In the Name of Jesus Christ, this church, the holy Church of God, prays in one accord that that devil shall never return to her again. May she go now in the peace of God through Jesus Christ's Name. We consecrate this to You, Father, for your glory. Amen.

LOOKING.TO.THE.UNSEEN_ CLEVELAND.OH WEDNESDAY_ 50-0816, E-36 Satan is always near to try to get something fumbled up in your mind. But tonight, set your affections on things above, where Christ sets at the right hand of God. And remember, the Bible said, "He's the same, yesterday, today, and forever." And if His Spirit be here, He reveals things today as He did in the days gone by. Heavens and earth will pass, but His Words shall not pass. Have faith in God. Do not doubt.

GOD.HAS.A.PROVIDED.WAY_ LVL.KY V-25 N-9 SUNDAY_ 54-0404, 59 Now, here sets a group of people here tonight, setting, waiting under great anticipation. And Satan, if he can interrupt your mind, that's all he has to do. But let's go in now for the great kill, just now, to drive Satan and all of his powers plumb out of the building, that God can have the right-a-way and heal every sick person, for the glory of God.


519-50 Like someone said to me not long ago, said, "The Lord called me to preach."

I said, "Well, then preach." See? And so he--he... I really think it's so... Satan, if he can just get somebody as to act like that and then deceive them, that's just what he wants to do. Then the whole world points their finger right there. Somebody thinks they have a gift of speaking in tongues and interpretation; some has the gift of Divine healing; some has these things like... Sometimes they're mistaken in those things. See? And sometimes they think they haven't got it when they have. So it's very tricky.

JESUS.CHRIST.THE.SAME_ SIOUX.FALLS.SD SATURDAY_ 56-0225, E-69 Now, the only thing that any man can do towards your healing... If he's a doctor, he might set your bone, but he can't heal it. What if you went to the doctors office, say, "Hey, doc, I was cranking my car, and I broke my arm. Say, heal it for me right quick; I got to go out and finish cranking that car."

I thought you said the doctor was a healer. He isn't. There's only one Healer; that's God. The devil's no healer; the devil can't heal at all. Shows mental weakness when you think that. Jesus said, "How can Satan cast out Satan?" If he could, his kingdom would to be divided; and he couldn't stand. He firmly said that Satan could not cast out Satan. So he can't do it. Satan can't heal.

THREE.KINDS.OF.BELIEVERS_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-6 SUNDAY_ 63-1124E, 23-3 Satan's the one that dwells in beauty. That's exactly what the Scripture says. That's the reason, sometimes a pretty woman is a bait for Satan. If he can just get ahold of her, he can twist more men into hell than he could with all the barrooms in the country, That's right. See? Or handsome--some great handsome man that would--wouldn't stand up in his trueness of manhood (See?), again, he can swing them women to the devil and to send them to hell. Yes, sir.

HIDDEN.LIFE.WITH.CHRIST_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN MONDAY_ 56-0213, E-37 In the heart the soul lives in the heart, and you believe from your heart. People don't get religion in their head by a book knowledge; you get religion in the heart by an experience in the heart. And the heart will always agree with the Bible, but the head will reason. And the Bible said we got to cast down reasoning. You can't go with your mind; that's... The devil work in that; you got to go with your heart.

So her mind would tell her, "Now, it's reasonable, if these women can do that, why can't I? They're called Christians; they have good standing in the church; they good standing in the community, so why can't I? I'm a Christian like they are, and if they can do that, then it's reasonable that I should do it to, 'cause I'll be one of them. If I don't, they'll think I'm an old fogy, and I don't--I won't do this, I'm better than they are."

See, that's reasoning. It'll get you in bad every time. No matter what your intellectual knowledge tells you, don't you believe it if it's contrary to the Word of God. Take THUS SAITH THE LORD first. Stay right with that, no matter--and your soul will always agree with that Word. That's right.

UNITED.UNDER.ONE.HEAD_ MIDDLETOWN.OH WEDNESDAY_ 58-0326, E-17 A little girl, she looks like, she was an alcoholic. And she was in one of the greatest Protestant churches in the states the other day giving a testimony. And the people wept when she told them how that she'd been brought from a drunkard's grave, where five of the best doctors in the nation said, "She's hopeless." The A. A., Alcoholics Anonymous give her up as a hopeless case.

And when she come to the platform, the Holy Spirit said, "Rosella Griffith, you are an alcoholic and so-and-so and such a things has happened. But THUS SAITH THE LORD..." And she was delivered. She gave her testimony. The people wept. And after while somebody said, "Oh, she was a darling child, but she's Pentecostal."

Don't you see that old manmade green-eyed devil? Oh, you can't polish it up. It's still sin and unbelief. I don't care if it was a Jehovah Witness, or any other kind of a witness, as long as God's there I'll be with it. Correct. When God moves in the Spirit, His children moves with It...

She said, "It's good to look at." See that same Devil, if he can get you to stop just for a minute, he can make you reason it out. He can make you think with your mind. But God doesn't use a man's head. God uses his heart. God works on his heart while the Devil works on his head. God chose the heart. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."


515-Q-107 Now, I have about four questions here that's on the... It's on one; it's on one piece of paper, and I numbered them: one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, ten, and down like that. And as soon as I get through this, then I'll jump into those there. Says:

107. Brother Branham, if these questions are out of line then just disregard them, and I won't feel bad about it, for I will know it was not the hand of the Lord.

Question number one: Brother Branham, I have heard you... that it should--should be back in the... I--I--I have heard you say I should be back in the ministry, and I have thought upon it myself, but have waited upon some definitely word from Him about it. Up to date it hasn't come. Now, since I know the end is so near, should I still wait for the Lord Jesus to--to speak to me? Or, would He be pleased to tell you what to tell me, since I know you are His spokesman for this day?

Well now, brother, I'd... I got wrote down here my answer to it. God calling this brother, a call in life... Now, there's one great thing we could just take that as a text and preach all night on it (See?), that one thing, "a calling." "Make your calling and election sure." See? We don't want to be just wondering if we're called. You must be called or you'll be defeated; we're fighting a battle. See? And if you are positive sure, brother, that your calling is of God, and you've been called of God to do a work...

Now, there's a great trick there that the enemy can play on you. He can make you think you're not called when you are called, then he turn right back around make you think you're not called; or make you think you're--you are called when you're not called, vice versa, either way. And you have to watch it.

DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-9 SUNDAY_ 65-0418E, 5 The devil will punch at you, and he'll say everything to you and accuse you, and--and try to make you think that you're not, but don't you listen to him.

Now, you know you've passed from death unto Life; you know the things that you once loved, you don't love no more. You know that you have believed every Word of God; you seen God working right among us without--infallible proofs that He is the great I AM. You've notice that ever what has been said in His Name, never has one thing been prophesied in His Name but what happened just exactly the way it did, even to science, newspaper, picture, cameras, writers; everything else has to recognize it. See? Regardless of whether they want to or not, God makes them do it anyhow (See?), to make it known.


184-2 {50} But then when the real true servant comes on, with all the impersonation to it, it's to upset the peoples' mind. Satan does that. And those who can't discern right from wrong, they just tumble over; but the elected won't do it. The Bible said he wouldn't be able to deceive the elected.


E-23 Think of it, the world as it turns in its cycle, eternity. Just eternity is like a perfect circle; it has no corners or no end. If I started with a perfect circle here tonight going around and around on this desk, it might cut through the desk, through the floor, through the earth, the billions of years and eons of time to come it would still be going on, a perfect circle, endless. That's the way that God was in eternity at the beginning.

Now, we can't credit Satan to be a creator; he just perverts what God has already created. God created you to be perfect, and Satan perverted you to imperfect. God allowed you to be a--to your wife--a sweetheart, legally married. But to love someone else is to pervert that true love, that you should have for your own wife. Satan does that.

ANOINTED.ONES.AT.END.TIME_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-3 SUNDAY_ 65-0725M, 179 And notice how bold these unbelievers are--or these make-believers and unbelievers. My, they're bold. Look, even as Satan stood right up in the presence of the true Word and said, "It's written." Is that right? Why did Satan do that? It's because he didn't know the Word for that... He knew the Word was for that hour, but he doubted this humble little Man being that Word. "If thou be the Son of God. I know the Son of God's coming, 'cause it said He would do that. And it's written, 'He will give His Angels charge over thee.'" See? "Prove it to me. Do a miracle. Let me see you do it." See, see? See the unbeliever, make-believer, impersonator? Look at Judas right among them the same time: make-believer. See? Notice. And there was the true Word.


THREE.KINDS.OF.BELIEVERS_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-6 SUNDAY_ 63-1124E, 16-2 Same thing today. He'll try to tell you these trials and thing is your God trying to put punishment upon you. It isn't so. No, sir. It's Satan doing that, and God permitting it to temper you to make you see if you're--you're tied to this earth by the earth cares or whether your treasure's in heaven. For wherever your treasures is, there you are also. Yes, sir. Your heart is where your treasures are.


E-67 Heavenly Father, it's real late now. But You promised there would be Light in the evening. Let the voice of our Gospel sink deep into the hearts of the people as they meditate on it and study it by the Word. Bless this community, Lord. Bless these people. See them setting here hungry, poor children been kicked about, and pressed about, and this, knowing that Satan did that just to blind them from the thing when it got there.


E-24 And we see Satan then, tell Him, said, "Now, if You be the Son of God, let's see You do a miracle for me now. I'll give You something to do, and if You'll do it, I'll believe You're the Son of God." in so many words. "Now, here--here You're--You're hungry, now, You can turn these stones into bread, nothing bad about. You make them bread, and eat, set down there and eat. And turn them stones to bread, and I'll believe You."

Why, Jesus could have done that, I believe. But He said, "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone." He just found out, Satan did, that he wasn't meeting Moses that time.

He said, "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

So Satan said, "Now, that's a Bible scholar; He knows where He's standing, so I better give Him some Scripture." So he took Him up on top of the pinnacle of the temple, said, "Now, look I'm going to quote Scripture to You, correctly. It is written, 'He shall give the Angels charge concerning you, lest at any time you dash your foot against a stone, they bear thee up.'" Said, "Now, that's Scripture." Said, "Now, You just jump off of here, and before You get to the ground, just come right back up like that, and I'll believe You're the Son of God."

All right. Jesus said, "Yes, that's written sure enough, but it's also written, 'Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.'" See?

So he found out that he had met a little more of a student than he was. And so finally, he taken Him on the pinnacle of the temple, and out onto the mountain, and tried to tempt Him in every way through the Word. But Jesus would not clown for Satan, and He doesn't yet.


981-Q-274 274. Dear Brother Branham: My wife and I were separated. She is suing me for a divorce. She is not a Christian, and I believe the Message and want her to be saved (Isn't that nice? That's real Christian spirit. See?) and believe. What must I do? We also have two boys. (Signed their name.)

Brother, look, let me tell you, she's going to sue you for a divorce; that's Satan. See? You shouldn't do that, but if you're a Christian and done nothing in the world to hinder that woman, then it's Satan doing that. He's only trying to tear you up.

Now, if she is one of God's elected, she will come to Him. If she's not, she's not worth worrying about. Then if it does... If you worry, it'll break your health down, and that's what Satan wants to do. He's working, I know, at you. So you just commit the whole thing to God and go right on serving God just as happy as you can be. God will take care of the rest of it. "All that the Father has given Me will come to me." Get down on your knees; I'll pray with you or anything. I'll pray over the matter. Just say, "Lord God, I love her; she's the mother of my children," (if she is) and say, "I--I--I just commit the whole thing to You, Lord. I want them saved; You know I do; but I can't go no further. She's going to divorce me anyhow. I haven't done nothing; if I have, reveal it to me; I'll go make it right. I will do anything." Then commit it to the Lord and just let it alone then, just let it alone. Go right on living just the same as--as nothing had ever happened. And God will take care of the rest of it.

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