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18 Now, that may seem like a very odd Scripture for the second coming of Christ, and--but it's speaking of the second coming of Christ. And this great subject that we have here before us now is one of the most vital subjects in the entire holy Writ. There's nothing so important as the coming of the Lord Jesus. For if He does not come, we have been found false witnesses, our dead that's in the grave are perished, and there is no hope left for us if Jesus doesn't come visibly the second time. And in the very--this light, in the very light of the second coming, was so important, that this holy week that we are now approaching, that Jesus, when He was approaching it at the first time in the very shadows of the cross, He spoke very little of His death, burial, and resurrection. He spoke more on His second coming than He did on His death, burial, and resurrection. So in the light of this, it must be a very important subject.

In the Old Testament there is many times more Scriptures in the Old Testament pertaining to the second coming of Christ than there was to the first coming of Christ. Everything to the human race, now after the atonement has been made, rests solemnly upon the second coming of the Lord.


158 Like we was going to speak the word like "dog." I'd say, "dog," that's English. If I'd say dog in German, Fred, it's "Hund." Is that right? Brother Norman, if I say dog in Spanish, it's "ajo." "Ajo, Hund, and dog" is all dog to us. See, see? It's--it's just so, a expression.

So the Greek word for "clean" is "sanctify." The Hebrew word is "holy." "Holy, clean, and sanctify" is all the same word. So this was not a filthy, dirty church; it was a sanctified, clean church; "ten virgins went out to meet the Bridegroom." What does it mean? All these churches. Not... Now, not down here in the Roman, but down into the denominationals, the Nicolaitanes. Baptists preach on the second coming of Christ; Methodists preach the second coming of Christ; Presbyterian preach the second coming of Christ; Nazarenes preach the second coming of Christ; Pilgrim Holiness preach the second coming of Christ. Is that right? "All of them went out to meet the Bridegroom."


E-27 This towerman, he got up. And then if anything happened, he was supposed to warn the people of any approaching danger. We see our Lord Jesus when He was here on earth, He was the great Watchman of the hour. And we notice that in His earthly journey, He talked more about His second coming than He did His going away. He said more about His second coming, many times more, than He did of His going away. Right in the shadows of the cross, He kept talking about His second coming and warning the people what would take place just before His second coming. He was the Watchman; He was the Chief of the watchmen.

And then, if we see that was so much to Him (just in the shadows of the cross) to dismiss that and to speak of His coming, what kind of a people ought we to be now, when we see those things that He spoke of coming topass. If it was so great, that even His crucifixion and His suffering, and everything meant so much as it did, but yet, His second coming was so much more, till He ignored His crucifixion and warned the people of His coming.


E-21 A strange thing, our Lord, when He was here on earth, He taught more of His second coming than He did of His going away then. Read the Scriptures; find out how much he talked of His second coming. Better than eighty percent of His talk was on His second coming, not what was then, His sacrifice and the going away, but the second coming. He gave the people warnings. He never feared to give them warning. Let's see some of the things that He did.

If Jesus talked so much, eighty percent of His time on the second coming, then it behooves us to listen to see what He said would take place. He said, "You'll hear of nation raising against nation, kingdom against kingdom, you'll hear of all these things. And this temple will be tore down, and not one stone left on the other." He said, "But that's not the end yet." He goes ahead and tells how things would take place. And right down at the end, He said, "But when you see the fig tree putting forth its buds and all the other trees," said, "then you know summer's nigh. Likewise when you see this, know that it's now at the door; and verily, I say, this generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled."


20 Now, we have different religions, and we have different motives and different theologies, but our Christian religion is based solemnly upon death, burial, and resurrection, and the second coming of the Lord. Oh, it's an important question. And as we are now approaching... To my most sincere thoughts we are living in the very shadows of His second coming. There, to my way of seeing it by the light of the Scripture, there is not one hope left for the Church outside the second coming of the Lord. The world in its wild pandemonic conditions has got completely out of control, of every manmade organization in the world. Kings cannot hold their subjects no more; neither can dictators hold their subjects anymore; democracy cannot hold its subjects anymore; and there is no hope left but the second coming of the Lord Jesus.


106 Notice the Scripture so accurately gives it. Watch what this... to show the... them who wants to believe, them who wants to see. Remember Jesus stopped in the middle of a Scripture, 'cause part of it was fulfilled then, the rest for His Second Coming? "To preach the acceptable year of the Lord, bind up the brokenhearted," and stopped; not "bring judgment to the Gentile" until His Second Coming.


E-11 Now, this afternoon I was going to speak on the second coming of the Lord Jesus. I said maybe I would. I may have to postpone it till Monday or Tuesday, for what I want--was trying to do, in talking on this subject, is to prove that the scientific world--the scientific second coming of Jesus in this age, the days that we're living in. When, I don't know. But I believe... Now, this is not the Lord that telling me, just to take the science plus the Scripture--or the Scripture plus science, rather, and in proving that this generation, or the age that we're now living, looks to me like they're going to see the second coming of the Lord Jesus right at hand. And I just haven't got enough information yet on the scientific side to produce this today.


E-28 Now, we could take a lengthy time on this, and we could take it from many different angles. Truly, the right angle to take this from is by the way of the second coming of the Lord.

And perhaps, maybe, your pastor has taught you this many times, on how that the order of the Scripture, how perfect It is, the second coming of the Lord. First: the Moses and Elijah, and then they looked and saw just Jesus only, all foreshadowing or picturing the coming of the Lord the second time. But tonight we want to approach it from another angle.


E-59 So he got--went and got the bishop and brought him down. So he come out there and he said, "Now, I'll tell what I want you to do." Look how orthodox he was. Said, "I want you to make me seven altars." That's just exactly what God required, seven altars.

Said, "I want you to kill me seven sacrifices, clean bullocks." That's what God required. See how fundamental he was in the Word?

He said, "I want you to put seven rams on it." Not ewes, rams, speaking of the coming of Jesus, second coming--or the first coming of Christ. Now, you know you maybe orthodox; you may believe in the virgin birth; you may believe death, resurrection, the ascension, the second coming, but, brother, there's a little something goes besides that.


571-384 Listen, brethren, I adjure you before Christ that you--you--you hold this part of your peace, but if you were spiritual you'd understand. See? Don't you know what the very first thing He said down there on the river? Don't you remember what He said? "As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the first coming of Christ, your message..." It's the message that will forerun the second coming of Christ. That's what the Angel of the Lord said.

Now, now notice. Now, "As John the Baptist..." Now, all of you has heard that. You've read it in books, and heard people that standing there hearing It, and everything else, when that Angel Itself spoke that message, "As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the first coming of Christ, you're sent with this message, will forerun the second coming of Christ." Now, "the message."


E-7 The Old Testament looked for two great events. One of them was the coming of the Messiah, and the coming of the Holy Ghost. We look for two events: the outpouring in the last day, and the second coming of the Lord. And we are now having the outpouring, and the second coming is at hand. Oh, how it thrills the heart of a believer to know that this great day we are living in.


E-12 Now, on this great subject of the mark of the beast and the seal of God. We've heard so much about it. It's been... I've seen charts that'd reach across this platform here about mark of the beast and the seal of God. But to me, it's so simple, it's just such a--a simple thing to look in the Word and see it, till I don't think... Well, I've got about three or four pages of different Scriptures I want to--wrote out here, that I want to refer to for you tonight. While I was thinking on it this afternoon, I put down Scriptures here, and different pages, so I could find out and you could write it down if you want to.

Now, it's a great subject, and I think that it is a--and one of a--an essential subject that should be taught on. Now, we've had Gospel sermons; we've had Divine healing. And now, this ought to be the--on based like, the second coming of Christ, on His second coming.


E-83 What about you in the audience? You believe with all your heart? He is Christ, the Son of God. Be real reverent. Do you realize Who that Person is among us now? Sirs, we would see Jesus.

Well now, you'll not see His corporal body until His second coming. And He will never come to the earth on His second coming. We'll be caught up in the air to meet Him in the air. We'll meet Him in the air. Is that right, brothers? Meet Him in the air...


E-21 And every prophecy, everything that I know of that I can see in the Scripture has been fulfilled, already waiting for the coming of the Lord. And as I said last night, I believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus, second coming, is past due, already past due. And like it was in the days of Noah, the long-suffering, God waited not willing any should perish. And He's just waiting, waiting now with His long-suffering that His coming already past due, waiting to get the Church in order so the second coming can take place. What about that friend?


E-18 Now, I believe that down in my heart, it just seems like for the last few weeks to preach on "The Second Coming" of the Lord Jesus. Then I tried it in Chatauqua; I tried it according to His teaching that He taught...?... Thought I would do the other night at Shreveport. I believe I'm going to take this meeting...?... So, on the second coming...


E-124 Pulling back here, just don't... Pray, just pray for me. See? Maybe out here. Our time will be tonight. Sets right in quick. I like that. Oh, you don't know how I feel. By the way, have you bought your picture of it yet? How many ever seen the picture of that Angel of the Lord? They've got it back there. You can get it. It was taken over here; it's in Washington, D.C. in the Religious Hall of Arts: only supernatural Being ever photographed, a Pillar of Fire.

Years ago, as a little boy, when I was baptizing down on the river that day, just my first message in the Missionary Baptist church... I was baptizing five hundred. And that afternoon, on June, 1933, on June, about the 15th, here come that Pillar of Fire whirling out of the skies, like thepretty, sunshiny afternoon, and go right down in that voice and shook the whole country round there, said, "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, your Message will forerun the second coming." Now, it's started a revival immediately after that. And there it's went across the nation, around the world, Pentecost reviving. And that's what has taken place, the second coming of Christ.


E-37 This priest standing there making his sacrifices, or while they was offering pray, waiting, and oh, a righteous man, godly man... And over to his right side appeared this great Gabriel, the Archangel.

God always sends minor Angels, but Gabriel announced the first coming of Christ, and Gabriel will announce the second coming of Christ. Right. The Archangel of God will announce the second coming of Christ.


E-7 And one night I was having teaching on a chart, the second coming of Christ. And from Louisville, Kentucky, come a group of people over, and there was some young ladies, and they had, one of them was a piano player, and the other one had cymbals and a washboard. And my, they was making as much music out of that as a brass band, almost. And they was...

So I was teaching on the second coming and... So then a few days before that I'd been up to Salem, Indiana, where there were some Pentecostal people, just getting acquainted with them, and they were dancing, and going on. And I got to running a reference. I found out then that dancing, the first time I noticed it, Miriam begin to dance. I thought, "Well, that must be from God and the Devil just patterned it off of it." You see? Well, then the next, I noticed that David danced when he saw the ark coming down the road. See?


19-6 Hybreeding first started in Eden, started in Genesis. It's the beginning. That's where... And it ends up over here in Revelations at the second coming of Christ. Now, remember. Correctly: that's why each generation has its own revival; it gets a chance at the Word. Then they hybreed it; instead of taking on, they go somewhere else.


E-3 And so tonight would be a good time to preach on the second coming of Christ, after the earthquake shaking like it has today. But it's just a reminder that Jesus still lives and His Word is still true. There will be earthquakes in divers places. And He still--His Word is still just as forceful and just as true as it was when He said it.


104 But then when that body dies and goes back to the earth, dust of the earth, then God will take the immortal spirit out of it to the Kingdom of God, or to His throne, paradise, and then on the second coming of Jesus, my mother setting there and my daddy that's gone on will never have to give this another body, but God will mold one that's perfect and immortal and can't die.


8 As I give out, the first night was The second coming, and--of the Lord Jesus, being Wednesday. And Thursday night was on the All-Sufficient Sacrifice. And Friday night was on The All- Sufficient Atonement: The Perfect. Did you get it last night? Perfect, how we can be absolutely blameless and perfect in the sight of God. And tonight is on "The Entombment." And tomorrow, "The Resurrection," just as the days follow.


E-41 How can we this afternoon, when the Morning Star of His blessing has descended from the heaven with the signs and the wonders of His second coming, and how can we ever sit and let it pass by us without opening up our hearts and everything within them and worshipping Him as our King? We surely should be as thankful as the Magis. Let us bow our heads just a moment while you think on those things.

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