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SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 2 Did you notice, "Gather the tares first and bundle them"? Now, I... Reading this, there was something strange come to me while I was setting up on top of the Catalina Mountains the other night, in prayer. And then I thought, where could I gather a word that I could use for this that I wanted to speak on tonight?

And I went down and found the word of "discrepancy," so I got the dictionary and looked what the word "discrepancy" means. And it means it's "sowing discord," or--or "being contrary," as Webster says, "sowing a discord, something different," or, "being contrary to what's already been." So I thought the text tonight, I'd call it: "The Seed Of Discrepancy." And trust that the Lord will bless His Word now as we approach It.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 19 Notice in verse 41, the two also very close, so close in the last days till He didn't do... He could not depend on some certain church to separate them, say, the Methodist or the Baptist, or the Pentecostals, to separate them. He said, "He sends His angels to separate them." An angel is coming to bring the separation, the segregation between the right and the wrong. And no one can do that but the Angel of the Lord. He's the One that's going to tell which is right and which is wrong. God said He will send His angels at the last times. Not angels down through here, but angels at the last time, and would gather together. We know that this is the coming harvest time now. Now, and angel is actually interpreted a "messenger." And we see that there is seven angels of the seven churches, and now... No, through the church ages...

Notice who He said that the sowers were, and also what the seed was. One, the sower was He, the Son of God, Who went forth sowing Seed. And an enemy came behind Him, which was the devil, and sowed the seed of discrepancy, behind the sowing of the right Seed. Now, friends, that has happened through every age since we've had a world. Exactly. All the way from the beginning, it started the very same thing.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 25 Now, we've lived through Luther's age, Wesley's age (Methodist's age), all down through the ages, and the Pentecostal age, and each age has given a promise of the Word. And the people of that age that manifest that promised Word is the Seed of that age, according to what Jesus said right here, "They are the children of the Kingdom." That's right. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit operating through His children is those Seed of the Kingdom at that age.

Notice, the tares was the one, the enemy, Satan, who sowed discord, or the--or the seed of discrepancy, he was the one guilty of doing this horrible thing. Satan sowed his seed from the beginning, when God placed His first harvest of human beings upon the earth. Adam, of course, as yet knew that there was a--a knowledge of truth, right and wrong, and he had never come to that as yet.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 29 Now, this harvest time. At the beginning, when God sowed His Seed upon the earth and gave it in the hearts of His children, His family to keep that Word, that was their only Defense, keep that Word. Here come the enemy in and broke that Barrier, by sowing the seed of discrepancy, was contrary to the Word of God. If that was discrepancy in the beginning; it's still... Anything that'll add anything to the Word of God is still the seed of discrepancy. I don't care where it comes from, if it's from organization, if it's from military sources, if it's from political powers, anything that's contrary to the Word of God is the seed of discrepancy.

When a man stands and says he's a Gospel preacher, and says that the days of miracles is past, that's the seed of discrepancy. When a man stands and says that he's a minister, a pastor of a church of somewhere, and he does not believe that Jesus Christ is the same in every detail (except the physical body), same yesterday, today, and forever, that's the seed of discrepancy. When he says that miracles and apostolic age passed; that's seed of discrepancy. When they say there's no such a thing as Divine healing, that's seed of discrepancy. And the world is full of it. It's crowds out and chokes out the wheat.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 31 We notice that the first sower of the seed of discrepancy was branded the devil, and we know it was in Genesis 1. There we find out, and over here in--in the Book of Matthew the 13th chapter, Jesus still brands any discrepancy to His Word as being the devil. And this 1956, anything that sows discrepancy, contrary to the written Word of God, or puts any private interpretation to It, is the seed of discrepancy. God will not honor it. He can't. It won't mix. It certainly will not. It's like mustard seed; it won't mix with anything else; you can't hybreed it; it's got to be the genuine thing. Seed of discrepancy...

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 32 Now, we find, when God sowed His Seed in the garden of Eden, we find out that it brought forth an Abel. But when Satan sowed his seed of discrepancy, it brought forth a Cain. One brought forth a righteous one; one brought forth an unrighteous one. Because that Eve listened to the word of discrepancy, contrary to the Word of God, and it started the ball of sin rolling right there, and has rolled ever since. And we'll never get it all out until the angels comes and segregates the thing, and God takes His children to the Kingdom, and the tares will be burned. Notice those two vines.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 34 Notice, their seeds grew together just exactly like God said over here also in the 13th chapter of our text tonight, of Matthew, "Let them grow together." Now, Cain went to the land of Nod, found himself a wife, and married; and Abel was slewn, and God raised up Seth to take his place. And the generations started moving on, between right and wrong. Now, we notice they gathered, each one of them, time after time, and God had to... It got so wicked till God had to destroy it.

But they finally came forth until both of those seeds, the seed of discrepancy and the Seed of God put forth their genuine heads, and that wound up in Judas Iscariot and in Jesus Christ. For He was the Seed of God; He was the beginning of the creation of God, He was nothing less than God. And Judas Iscariot was borned the son of perdition, come from hell, returned to hell. Jesus Christ was the Son of God, the Word of God made manifest. Judas Iscariot in his discrepancy was the seed of the devil, come to the world, and for deceit, just like he was at the beginning, Cain, his former father.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 36 Judas only played church. He wasn't really sincere; he didn't actually have faith: he'd have never betrayed Jesus. But he--you see, he sowed that seed of discrepancy. He thought that he could make friends with the world, mammon, and also have friendship with Jesus, but it was too late for him to do anything about it. When the dead hour came, when he did this evil thing, he crossed the separating line between going forward and returning back. He had to go on in the way that he went as a deceiver. He sowed the seed of discrepancy; he tried to find favor with those great organizations of that day, with the Pharisees and Sadducees, and thought he'd make hisself a piece of money, and would be popular among the people. If that doesn't cause so many people to get in that discrepancy, trying to find favor with men. Let's find favor with God, not with men. But that's what Judas done when this discrepancies headed up in him.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 61, Abel by revelation knowed that was wrong; it was the blood that brought them out, and he offered a lamb. And God testified his offering was right.

Then he got jealous and tried to kill his brother. And as he killed his brother upon the same altar that his sacrifice died on, the lamb died upon the altar, so did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus Christ upon the altar of God, and killed Him just as Cain killed Abel. Because Cain was the seed of discrepancy.

And so was Balaam, the hireling prophet, a man who ought to knowed better. And God warned him through signs and wonders, and even a mule speaking in unknown tongues, and still he went right on just the same. He was borned to be a--a sower of the discrepancy.

SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY_ PHOENIX.AZ V-12 N-5 MONDAY_ 65-0118, 65, Now, notice, as they did. Then, as the Bible said, and--and John spoke to his children, and said, "Little children, you have heard of the antichrist which was to come into the world," said, "which already is in the world, and it working in the children of disobedience." Now, that was along about thirty years after the coming of the Holy Ghost. We find, when the Holy Ghost come, the real Seed, the real Life-Giver to the Seed, then here comes that discrepancy in again. And notice, on it went. It had...

The real Word had been vindicated; them prophets of old had vindicated the Word of God to be the Truth as they went down. If anybody ever read the Nicaea Council, or the Pre-Nicaea Council, them fifteen days of bloody politics, when them bunch of Romans down there wanted to bring in and make a denomination out of that church, prophets came in, wrapped in sheepskin, eating herbs, and stood for that Word. But what did it do? It had to be like Cain; it had to be like Abel; one had to die. Certainly, it did. And the Word lost Its influence amongst the people, and they all voted out the true Word and took in dogmas of discrepancy of the early Catholic church. They added a pope; they added a bishop; they added this, that, the other. They taken away the real true meaning of Peter, and of--of--of Mary, and--and all the rest of it, and made idols, and made nothing but just a pagan ceremony out of so-called Christian religion. What was it? Seed of discrepancy. And organized, organized, for the first time on earth, a church... What was it? That seed of discrepancy which started sowing, something adding to, taking away.

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