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E-17 Satan took Jesus up and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, said, "These are mine, I can do with them whatever I want to." Jesus knew that, but He knew He'd fall heir to them. Said, "If You'll bow down and worship me, I'll give them to You."

Jesus said, "It's written, 'Thou shall worship the Lord Thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.'"

Over in Revelations it's written, "Rejoice you heavens, and ye holy prophets, for the kingdoms of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord, and His Christ; and He will rule and reign forever." There'll be no more war then. Leaders, selfishness everywhere. But in the midst of all of this, the Church of God is being pulled out by the Holy Spirit.


E-4 Just late, Doctor Dewitt, when he was dying, he was standing before his congregation; he was trying to represent Jesus Christ, "Isn't He the greatest of all, He was God, He was Emmanuel," and how His power should be in the Church and would make them quit their selfishness. He was a pastor of a great church. And his congregation even was against him. They were waiting here for conference so they could vote him out, and so forth, and send him away.

But his heart was a bleeding. And so then while he was preaching his heart out one day, he had a heart attack, fell forward. There happened to a physician in the church, come to him and said, "Doctor Dewitt, you just have a few minutes longer to live. You can't make it."

He called for two faithful deacons who held up his hands. And he got his hands up and stood him to his feet, and said, "Let me stand on my feet, as long as there is breath in my body."


E-5 Behind him was the cross that represented the cross--the cross of Christ, back there, by his baptistery. And he stood up like that; he said, "If I have one word I want to say, is this: All hail the power of Jesus' Name, let angels prostrate fall. Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all." He started staggering backwards like that, when he went backwards, he throwed one arm around one side of the cross, and one, the other, and throwed his head down, and went to meet the Lord. Hallelujah. That's the way to go.


E-58 He's provided a way like the brass serpent. He provided Jesus to meet all that we have need for while we're in this journey between heaven and earth. That's... He provided Jesus Christ and He's God's all-sufficient sacrifice. Everything you have need of tonight is not in your church; it's in Christ. There it is. It's not in your education; it's not in your theology, what your creed is, what your... It's in Jesus Christ.

Look to Him with simple, humble loving faith, and say, "God, cleanse me from all selfishness and take all impurities from me, and let me from this day be wholly Thine." See what God will do for you. May He bless you is my prayer while we bow our heads.


E-34 May the Lord bless the reading of His Word. Shall we bow our heads while we talk to the Author of this Word.

Now, kind heavenly Father, we come to Thee with all the humility of--of human life, to present ourselves to Thee as believing children of God. And we ask that You forgive us of every sin, cleanse us from all unrighteousness and selfishness. And may the Holy Spirit come this afternoon and rest His blessings upon each and every one of us. Grant it, Lord.


67 But it's fool's gold, hasn't got no value to it. And now, they cook that,

and they skim it all off, and just keep cooking it and cooking it, until it's pure

gold, boiled down to nothing but one hundred percent gold.

And that's the way God does in His Church: pours the Holy Spirit on It, and cooks down in there till He throws out all the worldliness, and the differences, and the selfishness, and all this, till He just boils it out of every individual that will come to Him. Amen.


226 You just come with a pure heart, believing that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, and you've accepted Him, and you believe God will keep His Word, and you're looking to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and He will give It to you. Say, "Lord, I'll... Just any way You pour It into me, just so I get the Holy Ghost. That's all I want is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Give me Something that will take this selfishness away. Give me Something will take all this fear and doubting away.


All these other little old things that keeps you... And you have a little box of selfishness; you have to hang that on too. You have to hang on a little tattling, a little backbiting, a little of this, that, hang it on the camel. And the first thing you know, he jumps up, astraddle the old camel, say, "Come on now. Let's go." The old camel can't hardly move. He's mashed down so hard till he is bowlegged almost.


If they'd ever forget their selfishness and their difference, and join their hands together, their hearts together as one, the Millennium would set in. That's what we need tonight, friend, get together. That's what Branham Tabernacle needs to do. That's what all the churches need to do, is get together as one fellowship, as one individual in Christ Jesus, a newborn babe, and walk this straight narrow path looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.


E-18 When I first seen the Full Gospel people, and I seen a girl, one night get up on the floor when the music was playing, begin dancing up and down the floor. I never danced in my life, wasn't on a dance floor, and didn't believe nothing in dancing.

Well, selfishness here, not out loud, but in my heart I criticized the girl. I said, "There's nothing about God about that." Just a young Baptist preacher setting there, and I said, "There can't be nothing to that, that woman out there on the floor. She's only just making a--a show. She just wants somebody to see her." I wouldn't say it out loud for nothing, but in my heart I was thinking it.


E-11 "We know that Thou art a Teacher come from God, for no man can do the things that You do, the miracles that You do, except God be with Him." They knew that that was Him, but for prejudice, selfishness, not ready to have self-denial to renounce your old surrounding and accept Him. Yet they recognized that it was of God.


132 And little old things--little old tempers and everything else that keeps you down. Say, "God, I don't want that thing no more. I'm sick and tired of it. I'm ready today to discard it. I'm coming now, Lord, and I want to get away from all my selfishness. If my brother doesn't treat me right, I'll pray for him anyhow. If my daddy doesn't treat me right, I'll love him anyhow. If my wife doesn't treat me right, or my husband, I'll go about humble before God. Lord, I look only to Your Kingdom. I want my mind straight. I want my heart full of joys. I want to go about... When trouble is really buzzing around me, I still want to stay with my hands up and my heart pure before You, Lord, knowing this: that someday I'll meet You. I want that kind of experience. Lord, make me that from this day."


144 Jesus in His prayers said, "Father, I sanctify Myself." Jesus become sanctified to the church. He could've got married but He didn't do it. He become sanctified. He said, "Sanctify them, Father, to the truth; Thy Word is the Truth."

Now, let's lay aside every weight. If you got a temper, you got something about you that you talk when you ought not to talk, oh, God, lay it there now. Lay it there. Watch the fire of the altar come down and take it away. Watch the love of God lick it up. Watch all that old selfishness, the way you've been talking to your wife, the way you been talking to your husband, the way you been talking to your neighbor, the way you've talked about the people in the church; lay it on the altar this morning and the fire of God will come down and take it right away and Divine love will burn in its place.

If you got sickness, lay it on the altar. Say, "Lord, here it is. Create in me a clean spirit. Create in me a healing power." See what God will do. God will do it this morning.


96 And then, in the hour of her death, when she gets ready to die, she is laying on the bed. And all at once, she wakes up and hollers, "Oh, my God. I'm lost."

The pastor will say, "Give her a hypo. She is delirious." And he will shoot a hypo in it. And she will try to speak. She can't speak. She will murmur. What is it? Her soul has caught up with her, before death. Not only women, men, also, who spurned the love of Jesus Christ, who's turned Him down, made fun of It. It'll catch up with you someday, as certain as I'm standing here this morning. You grieved it so far, till you can't feel it no more. But it'll catch you sometime again. It'll all come back to you, the dirty things, the bad things, the tattling, the babbling, the back-biting, the selfishness, and things that you've done. That'll all come back to you someday, laying on the deathbed.


222 What do you think Jesus Christ did? And why can't--can't you be loyal to Him, and to forsake your selfishness, and your indifference? Can't you 'sake your church, petty things, and come to Him, and be loyal?


E-44 When you cross Jordan, it's death; you go into that veil I was talking about last night, inside the holiest of holies, where your Light is no more of the world. You'll walk in fellowship side by side with Christ in you, the hope of glory, the Holy Ghost moving and living in the mortal being.

And if maybe I told you tonight, that the spirit of some great artist was in me, you would expect me to paint a picture like the artist. If I told you the spirit of John Dillinger was in me, you'd look for me to have big guns, and be a desperado. And If I've told you the Spirit of Christ was in me, I have to do the works of Christ. And if you profess to be a Christian, depart from sin and selfishness and tempers, and live like Christ did, a peaceful, humble, God-blessed life. Amen. That's right.

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