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So you see what I mean? It is the Germ that come from the Seed: He is. He's the Word of God made perfectly manifest. That's the reason that in Him was what? That was the thing that He is correctly, the Son from the first Adam was the Son that was promised through Adam continue on the human race, and Eve hybrid it to the serpent and brought forth a generation of bastard children born to death without Life, and Jesus come and was that Seed. He proved it. Everything that Adam lost, Jesus was. See it? He is the correct... Eve would have finally brought that child forth, but she hybrid it, brought the serpent in, listening for wisdom, understanding, knowledge.

36-5 SERPENT'S.SEED JEFF.IN V-2 N-4 58-0928E

The--the serpent was twice as smart. His seed has always been twice as smart. And I'd like to climb up on this pulpit, and grab this microphone in my hand, stick my feet over the pulpit and say this: "And today where is your great intellectuals?" Your pastor that's gone down and got a lot of intellectual knowledge, and he stands up. He's the pastor of the biggest churches there is in the country, and so forth like that... Where does the seed of the serpent stand? In the smart intelligent places like that: smart, shrewd scholar, there's where he is at. That's where he lays. "Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord."

25-1 GOD.CALLED.MAN JEFF.IN V-2 N-27 58-1005E

That was the Jews. The real true and honest Jews believed Him to be the Messiah. The teachers and theologians, what were they? The seed of the serpent, as we went through. He said, "You are of your father, the devil." Yet they were smart, brilliant, holy men. They wouldn't move a straw: holy. They wouldn't break the Sabbath; they wouldn't eat no meat. They were holy man, but they failed to see... See, they had been trained by man. God trains His men rugged. That's right, God called men.


Through Cain come all the smart, educated people down to the antediluvian flood. And behind that come Abel who was killed, and Seth was raised up in his place to represent the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. And from him come the humble people, sheepherders and so forth, but the God-fearing people. And Jesus said the children of this world are wiser, smarter, than the children of the Kingdom. That's right.

We can't compare with them. Don't try to put yourself up to be like them. Humble yourself before God. Don't desire to be smart and wise; just desire to know Jesus and let it alone, for there lays the seed of the serpent today. And people are glorying because scientists, and smart men, and educated, and great scholars belong to their churches. I'd rather have a man that really knowed God if he didn't know his a-b-c's to belong to my church (right) as long as he's the seed of Christ.


The woman's Seed, the woman's Seed which was Christ... Mary brought forth the Christ. And the serpent's seed which was Cain come down to Judas Iscariot. There was both Jesus and Judas incarnate right there: God and the devil. On the cross of Calvary there was four people dying. There was a thief on each side of Jesus, and Judas hung himself on a sycamore tree, which is a cross: "Cursed is he that hangeth on a tree."

There was one thief said, "If Thou be the Son of God, take us down."

The other one said, "Lord, we do justly; we getting punished; You've done nothing. Remember me when You come into Your Kingdom."

Jesus said, "Today shalt thou be with Me in paradise."

There was the--Jesus, the Gospel Preacher, preaching on the cross. There was Satan going back to hell, taking with him the seed of the serpent, the unbeliever. There was God going back to heaven taking with Him a repented sinner, the seed of the woman. Certainly.

It was not the seed of the devil; it was the seed of the serpent. And the serpent had a seed; the Bible said it had a seed. And it still exists today, the seed of the serpent, so much...


The Bread of Life was from the Tree of Life, where they was eating, from the garden of Eden. He was the Tree of Life. Now, if the Tree of Life was a Person, then the tree of knowledge was a person. Now, say the serpent didn't have a seed. If Life come by man, death come by the woman. All right, she was the tree of death.


But, notice. Cain come to worship, but he had the wrong seed in him: serpent's seed. The hiss of the serpent had hissed over him, for he was the seed of the woman. He knew the perfect will of God, but he refused to do it. Did you know that? Satan knows the will of God, but just refuses to do it.

Notice, he had seen God vindicate Abel's message. Now, I want you to think; use your thinking man's Filter now for a minute. Abel's correct message, that God vindicated to be the Truth... Are you drawing now? Uh-huh. Abel's message had been received, and Cain saw it and knowed that God had vindicated that message, right. But he just couldn't do it. His pride kept him from it. That's right, his pride kept him from doing it. He seen God vindicate the message.


Cain was such a person, religious in deed, certainly. But he had the wrong seed in him (See?); and therefore, it brought forth the serpent's seed. Satan had hissed over this seed of Eden, and that's what brought forth a Cain. He put his poison upon it.

He, Cain, knew the perfect will of God. He knew the perfect will of God. Cain knew it. Why? But he refused to do it; he proved then to be the serpent's seed. When he seen the perfect will of God, he refused it. He had seen God vindicate Abel's message. He knowed that was the will of God. See? He seen God vindicate Abel's

message. And what did God say to him? And He just, He said, "Do the same, do... Worship like your brother, and--and you'll do well." But did he... He seen the perfect will of God, but he didn't want it. See, he wanted to add something to it.


And these theologians see this Bible, they read It, but they don't want to do It. See? It shows the serpent's seed. They had seen It vindicated, and--and so simply before the people, but it seems like it's so hard for people to humble themselves to the Word of God.

Don't you all find, when you're talking, you women to girls, about wearing long hair, and they say, "Why you got your hair long?" See? "Why do you wear your skirts down long?" You go to talking to them, they kind of give you the shoulder. Isn't that right? See, they know that's right, if there--if there's any lady in them. See? They know that's right. But, you see, they can't humble themselves to That. See, that's what...

See how Cain did? He couldn't humble himself to the vindicated Word of God. He couldn't do it.


Oh, even the Pentecostal say, "Well, glory to God. Hallelujah. I cut my hair and speak in tongues." Huh. That shows right there there's something wrong (See?); the seed is bringing forth something different.

A Seed cannot... A Seed of God cannot bring forth a bob-haired woman. It cannot do it. Just can't do it, 'cause the Bible said so. It can't do it. No, sir.

Now, it seems so hard to humble to God's Word.


Notice it in Genesis 4:6 and 7, just reading off some Scripture here. "Do as Abel did." He said, "If you--you see what your brother..." Said, "Go ahead and do what Abel did; do the same kind of a service that he did, and--and I'll bless you. If you don't, sin layeth at the door." Now, "sin" is "unbelief." "If you don't do as Abel did... You seen I vindicated him, and made him right. Now, if you don't do that, then it shows that--that sin, unbelief, lays at the door." See?

And today they see what God vindicates. They see what God is a-doing. They see all these things happening. They know about it. God's showing His signs in the heaven above and on earth below, and all these things like that, and they see what's taking place. But they won't do it. See, Satan, serpent's seed; smart, come out of seminaries, educated to the spot, every word, every everything, stand in the pulpit just as correct, and every word has to be exactly, the grammar has to be right, and everything like that. See? Sure, they can't humble themselves down, a guy like that. See, they just can't do it. They don't. They just can't do it.


Now, "If not, sin lies at the door; unbelief lays," then he become willfully disobedient. And when you know to do good, and do it not, to you it's sin, if you know what's right and you don't do it. See? Then he become willfully disobedient after the Word had been vindicated, then he crossed the separating line; then he was ousted from Eden when he crossed. There's a line to where you just go so far, and if you would go any further over on the other side, you're out. You know that, don't you? There's a line. If you don't believe it, you read Hebrews 10:26. That's the Scripture I was referring to there. See?

_ For if we sin willfully after... we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin,


That's the New Testament. Is that right? "If we sin willfully after we receive the knowledge, it's been preached to you, read to you, proved to you; after we see the knowledge of the truth, and you go ahead and unbelieve, willfully, there's no more sacrifice for sin. But a fearful looking to the fiery indignation, who shall devour the adversary."

Is that right? See, you can cross that line. Like the children of Israel did in their journey, coming through the wilderness, Israel did the same. After they'd heard Moses' message and seen it vindicated; listened to a false prophet that said, "Oh, now look, children, we're all the same. We should marry among one another, and we should do this." And Moses had told them different, and seen God vindicate it. Because Balaam seemed to be a more instructive man than Moses was. See? He come from a great nation where there was great people, and was all organized together, the land of Moab, great armies, and great things that the people in them days would've feared. And here come a prophet down, a prophet, anointed one, false anointed one (See?), come down to an anointed one (Look how close.), and taught the people, and many of them went after that (Don't you never forget that.), went after the thing that wasn't the Word, the vindicated proven Word.


Don't let someone come in here and tell you something different. Watch what God is vindicating and proving.

Now, if them people looked back, and say, "Moses... God appeared in the skies. And the man spoke into existence fleas, flies, frogs; took out of existence, boils and diseases, opened up the Red Sea, and we come... And fed us manna out of heaven. Oh, that's our prophet."

But here come another prophet down, "Glory to God. I'm a prophet too." Say, "Now, you all, I'll tell you. Now--now you understand, I use better grammar than Moses. And I am this way and that way (See?)," and so forth.


And the first thing you know, they fell for it. And every one of them perished right in the wilderness. Not a one of them lived. They never did. They won't be in heaven, not one of them. Jesus said.

They said, "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness." See, Pentecostal's right; they'd really come through all the experiences. They... "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness."

He said, "And they're, every one, dead." Death is "eternal separation." They'll never rise again, although they'd been through all these experiences. Figurative speaking, they'd spoke in tongues, and danced in the Spirit, and everything.


But when it come to the showdown between the Word between two prophets, one of them on the Word, and the other one off the Word; both of them, prophets... You understand? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] One on the Word, and the other one off the Word; both of them prophets, proven to be prophets. But one was with the Word. See? False anointed ones in the last days. See? One prophet... Both of them, prophets; one on the Word and one (one) vindicated by the Word, and the other one was not vindicated by the Word: Cain and Abel again. See the two, false--false and true? All right.


But every one of them rottened in the wilderness, and perished. Their souls are dead and gone. And they are right in the path of duty, going to church and the very things that God ordained them to do, but accepted a false teacher, who wasn't vindicated by the Word to be proven to be right. Yet, he was the doctor of divinity, and whatever more you want to call about a real prophet, but wasn't proved spiritually by the Word and by the signs of God. And they perished in the wilderness; righteous, honorable, religious people, died, and will never be in heaven.


But he was right, because he was a vindicated prophet. And then, at the end time, his message was truly vindicated. What would he do? He transformed from the earth to glory by a ark of the Word that he was preaching. He was transformed.

... What are people trying to do today, in this great scientific age of education, the Eden church, restored again to its Eden, scientific condition, instead of the Word--Word? Are they exalting the Word of God? Is people trying to exalt the Word of God, or are they trying to exalt themselves? Which is it, wonder? The church...


His deformed seed, knowledge program, has caused the whole race again, by scientific to be scientifically ignorant of the Word of God: scientifically ignorant of the Word of God. That's a big mouthful, isn't it? But they are.

Say, "It can't be."

It was when Jesus came. The day that Jesus came, them--them men knowed that Word of God just by letter. Didn't they? Sure. But they were ignorant of Who He was, when they seen God on the wings of a dove, perform and do just exactly what He had said He would do. And when He done just what the Word said. "If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe Me." But He did just as the Word said He would do. And they were scientific men in them days, but scientifically ignorant to willfully sin.


Lust had blinded. They need God's Word to show her--to show her nakedness. In Revelations 3 it said, "I counsel of thee to buy from Me salve, that your eyes might be opened, that you might see your nakedness."

The salve is God's Word, the healing of the eyes that brings you from natural things of the world, and transforms you by the power of God into His Presence. Then you see. You say, "I once was lost, now I'm found. I was blind, but now I see." See, it would be different.

That's what the church's call is today, is, "I counsel thee to come buy of Me salve for your eyes, that you might be anointed with My salve, and then you'll see."


Let the Holy Spirit come upon any person that's truly got something down there to... A healing comes from the inside. Let that healing come from the Spirit that's in you. If it's a genuine Spirit anointing the genuine Seed, It can't do nothing but bear a son or daughter of God. But the genuine Spirit can come upon a--a cocklebur seed, the rain can fall upon a cocklebur, and it will make it live just the same as it falls upon a wheat and makes it live. "But by their fruits you know them." See? And we're a fruit tree of God, bearing His Word.

Jesus said, "Let a man deny himself, and follow Me. Let him deny his education, deny his knowledge, deny his degrees; take up his cross and follow Me."


People has lost their common thoughts of decency. I'm running little Scriptures down here, just for... I was going to give myself about five minutes on it, ten, maybe. See? People has lost their common decency among one another. They are--they're not like they used to be: men of age of brothers and I here know, and women. People don't act like they used to be. They've lost their common understanding. The--the--the mental--the mental effect it's had upon the people of these modern scientific day that we're living in, has caused people to lose their natural reasonings. They can't regard somebody, a woman as a sister and a brother. It's something filthy. As soon as they...


And the women have to dress themself so immoral to get out amongst people. And they say, "I'm a good woman." Well, what's she putting herself out there like that for? She's blinded. "Well, if--if your... If one of these sisters here of--of little age, if your mother or my mother would've walked out on the street, the way one of these women, they'd have put her in the insane institution; she didn't even have enough mind to know to put on her clothes. Well, if it was insanity then, it's insanity now. It's still the same type of woman. See? But they've lost all their decency, all their understanding. They've lost their... And with modern understanding, with culture and education, "It's healthier to be it." It's sinful and death. Notice. They are, oh, not like they used to be.

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