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E-27 Now, that's the way I've tried to stay, little. I don't have nothing. We got some books, but they don't belong to me. They belong to Brother Gordon Lindsay. We just buy them on forty percent that we can... And I have to give the men money to get back home on, since they come up the west coast with these books. And many of them got ruined; give them to people, anybody wants them, they ain't got any money, why, they can have them anyhow. See?

So I've tried to shun money. I never took a offering in my life. And I thought, "What would I do if I had to sponsor something big?" I--I couldn't do it. Just, I just couldn't do it. That's all. So the great, infinite God knew that.

ATTITUDE.AND.WHO.IS.GOD?_ CLEVELAND.OH TUESDAY_ 50-0815, E-34 Now, the thing that men ought to do, if you got any heart, if they're not wild about money, and afraid they're going to lose a few pennies, if you'll just come together and say, "Brother, ministers, and all together, let's work together with this thing, and try to help our fellow man," it'll be better off, the world will be. God would bless us then. That's true.


4 That, I have always tried to keep, as you know, a reputation about money. We don't do that. And if there's not enough to take care of the things, then I'll take it out of my love-offering. And the love-offering, I wouldn't even take that, if I wasn't a poor man and had to live like the rest of us does. If I could work, and still run these meetings across the nation, I'd never mention a love-offering for myself. Just expenses to be paid is all we require. And that's not only been in Louisville; that's been around the world. And as long as I live, and God will help me, it'll remain that way.


E-65 Now, the boys have here with tapes, and the books, and things. Now, we... This is just...?... what we get for them, just... We don't get a lot radio programs to sponsor.

I'm not here for money. You know that. You heard that made... One thing the critics can't say is about money, 'cause I've never--never took a offering in my life. And I've been a minister twenty-six years. Never took an offering in my life.


E-17 Now, here it is, just mentioned going to Germany--or to--to Africa, and some millionaire woman, just the time that the Spirit put it upon me go to Africa, she said, "I will sponsor the trip and pay every bit of it." See? That's all. Why should I worry about money and things, when my father owns all of it. See? He could just speak to this rich man, or that rich man, or this people, or that people, and no need of me have to worry about it.


E-36 I know a Holiness church, a great Pentecostal church, one of the greatest in the United States. And I know a friend of mine at that... A man going to this church found a woman, a young girl in there he loved better than he did his wife, and he had a sweet little girl. And he left his wife, married this girl of the church, and they made him a deacon after that. Brother, yeah, he went off without Him; that's all I know, brethren. Yes. Because he paid heavy on the plate... People are beginning to look too much about money and dressing and fine things.

You better look up, better get away from that stuff, 'cause remember, that's the leading to Laodicea, which the church age will go out in. Make God sick at His stomach, He just spews you from his mouth, He said. Just acting like Christians... He wants real borned again Christians with real genuine faith to believe every Word God writes. Now, I don't want to get started on those things because I keep you here too long.

WHO.DO.YOU.SAY.THIS.IS?_ PHOENIX.AZ V-6 N-9 SUNDAY_ 64-1227, 137 Notice Him now, as we travel on. We find out that Joshua and Caleb... And then here comes Balaam in, the hireling prophet. What did he do? He walked right over every Word of God, after God showed it to him. (He represents the denomination today. We'll show that just in a few minutes: Dathan, what he was, and what the rest of them was.) Now, Balaam represented the denomination. A person who ought not--ought to know better. He knowed that was wrong. But what did he do after that? God gave him a warning, and still he walked right across that warning. He was so crazy about money and popularity that he could belong to them. And so is the churches doing today, walking right into that World Council of Churches. And every warning is blasting across the country, and signs and wonders in this last days. They walk right into it anyhow, because they love the praise of men more that they love the Word of God.


E-48 Now, He told Balaam to go on down there. Of course, we know on the road, the Angel of the Lord met him. And he could--he was so blind, so money crazy till he couldn't find--even see the--the Angel standing before him. And then the--the mule that he was riding on, turned aside out into the field. The mule (Oh, my.), the mule had more spiritual discernment than the man did when he got his mind off of God.

ISRAEL.IN.THE.HOMELAND_ JEFF.IN IC 129-147 SUNDAY_ 53-0329 71 But listen, he showed him just so much of Israel, then he took him back and showed him so much here. But when he come to a place... And Balaam, he thought, "Surely if Israel had done wrong..." They did do wrong. They'd done everything in God's calendar, wrong, nearly. But what, and Balaam thought that a holy God would surely curse a people that had done that much wrong. He thought, "Surely God will do it." So when he got down there, he was so money crazy until he couldn't see what the reason that God wasn't cursing them. And every time he'd try to curse them, he would bless them. He'd throw out his prophecy like that, and go forth and take up his mantle and his parable; and instead of cursing, it would be a blessing fall back to them, "How righteous are thy tents, O Israel," how great they was. Instead of cursing, it was a blessing.

EARNESTLY.CONTENDING.FOR.THE.FAITH_ CONNERSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-0614A, E-41 Now, here come Israel up. Talk about bad things, look what Israel had. Every ungodly thing could be thought of was right among them. Here they come journeying.

Now, here come the prophet Balaam, coming down to curse Israel for Balak. What a type of today, the hireling prophet trying to curse what God's blessed. You couldn't do it if you had to.

Here he comes, and... Why, he was--why, he was so money crazy, till he couldn't see the Holy Spirit standing in the road with a drawed sword. The mule knowed more about it than he did. That's right. If people just had some good mule sense today, I believe they could see it. That's right.


E-47 Notice. Now, we go a little farther. Let's bring them two. Look at this now. Here's one on this side, just as fundamental as this one on this side.

Let's bring them on down through to the journey of the children of Israel. Here comes these lines on up. Here comes Israel coming up out of Egypt. And when they come up out of Egypt on their road to the promised land, they had to pass through Moab. And Moab come from Lot's daughters. They went over that...

They wasn't infidels now. They had some priests up there. They had some preachers. They had a prophet. And that prophet was money crazy. And when Israel had to pass through, Balak the King of Moab, rejected him. Now, get ready, here it is. Notice, he rejected Israel which was actually his brother. Right. And they both served the same God. Truly.

And this prophet when he started down, Balaam, on his road down to curse this people, the Holy Ghost spoke in unknown tongues through a mule. Ha, surely you got sense of a mule. Look. Here he come and rebuked the blinded prophet. Good way to turn some of them prophets around, isn't it?


E-39 And here was Moab, a great denomination, fundamental in doctrine. Yes, sir. They had a prophet over there by the name of Balaam. They was all fixed up right. And so, when Israel, their brother, the little interdenominational was going to pass through the land, they said, "Never, we'll not let that bunch of holy-rollers come through here. We'll stop that. Yes, sir. We'll put a stop to that."

So they went down and got that prophet, and him half mad to begin with, and God spoke in tongues to him through a mule, to stop him. Surely, we got as much gumption as a mule's got. That's right. So here the mule turned around and rebuked that prophet. And still he said, "I don't care about your speaking in tongues." He was going on anyhow, money crazy. He wanted to get down there and get hooked up with the big fellows.


61 I'd say this, respects. We got men today on the field, young men, and middle-aged men, and old men, who started out on a good run, and tried, and made a good showing to God. But we find them today, out yonder, alcoholics, and broke up, out there in--in the other, away from us. Some of them backslid altogether. Some of them have went money crazy, and some went woman crazy and married other women that wasn't their wives. And--and all the things and disgrace that's been brought on every denomination. We, one can't call the other one bad, because we're all guilty, the whole, or every denomination. We've found men like that, that's once been influenced by God and had a great influence to the people. And yet when they felt self-sufficient... When a man gets a place where he can influence for God, he ought to humble himself all the time, constantly.

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